Chen Bi was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

He is not shocked by the strength of the ghost, but the was shocked ghosts will actually kill Zhu Ding as the Zhu Family Inner Sect Disciple! He never thought about it, in the land of Zhu Xi, there are people who dare to kill Zhu Family Inner Sect Disciple!

What’s more, where is this? !

This is in Zhu Xi Tiancheng!

Chen Bi, Du Chengjiang, Xu Fei three saw the ghost family Zhu Family Inner Sect Disciple Zhu Dingyi slap the slap, and even more scared, the name of the ghost of the ghost, is not known in the unknown Space.

Before the sword unparalleled to break the 20 billion fighting power, the reputation of the ghost waiter, even the sword is unparalleled, and the first is because the ghost waiter is the right arm of the green ghost, and the second is because the ghost waiter kills the sex, and the ghost waiter There are countless Experts. Someone once said that the unknown Space kills the most, and if the ghost waiter says the second, no one dares to recognize the first.

“This kid and his neighbors are not human, ghosts are not ghosts of slavery, it is crazy! Even dare to kill Zhu Family Inner Sect Disciple in Zhu Xitiancheng!” At this time, the Chen Family disciples looked at Huang Xiaolong with amazement And the ghost of the little Dragon Body.

Chen Family disciple’s words, scared Chen Bi, Du Chengjiang, Xu Fei three almost stunned.

That Chen Family disciple said that ghosts are not human beings, ghosts are not slaves? !

Unknown Space All God of Creation powerhouse knows that the most annoying thing about ghost shops is that others use his appearance to say things.

However, Chen Bi, Du Chengjiang, and Xu Fei were scared at the same time, and they were all surprised. Isn’t the ghost guard the right arm of the Green Ghost? When did you follow someone else?

They all look to Huang Xiaolong.

This is the yellow dragon that Chen Bi said before?

They have never heard of this Huang Xiaolong, but now, not only the ghosts, but also the swords of their great family, the great man of Yu Xiaohong, and the endless master of Xinxin, the Queen of Sea Clan’s nightingales are all following this. The little yellow body is unknown!

Zhu Yuan looked at Zhu Ding’s body deadly and couldn’t believe it. He was shocked and angry. He looked at Huang Xiaolong with sorrow, and his face was stunned: “You, you are dead!”

The ghost waiter is taking action, and the Zhu Family disciple Zhu Yuan is pinched to death. Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and stopped the ghost.

“Are we dead?” Huang Xiaolong looked at the Zhu Family disciple Zhu Yuan indifferently, laughing.

Zhu Yuan heard Huang Xiaolong’s words smirk, his face was gloomy, and a very angry killing intent made him both eyes crimson.

At this time, Zhu Family disciple next to Zhu Yuan said: “Zhu Yuan Big Brother, Zhu Chenlong is coming!”

Zhu Yuanxin was overjoyed and turned to look at it. I saw a group of Zhu Family Experts flying in the distance. The person who led the head, who is not Zhu Chenlong?

Zhu Yuan and Zhu Family disciple hurried to welcome.

“See Zhu Chenlong adults!” Zhu Yuan and Zhu Family disciple quickly glimpsed Zhu Chenlong.

Zhu Chenlong nodded: “What about Zhu Ding?”

“Zhu Chenlong adults, Zhu Ding was killed by them!” Zhu Yuan smashed his head and said with indignation: “Also ask Zhu Chenlong to revenge for Zhu Ding!”

“What?! Zhu Ding, was killed?” Zhu Chenlong was wrong.

Behind him, the Zhu Family Experts listened and suddenly killed intent.

“It is them, that person is not human, ghosts do not ghost things to kill Zhu Ding!” Zhu Yuan anger refers to Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiao Dragon Body side of the ghost waiter.

Zhu Chenlong looked in the direction and saw the ghost waiter! I saw the ghostly waiter’s face that was unforgettable for a lifetime. Zhu Chenlong, who was originally angry, disappeared with anger and was shocked.

When he just wanted to make a sound, he saw the ghost guards waving a hand, and countless evil spirits rose into the sky. Suddenly, Zhu Xitiancheng turned into a evil ghost Hell, and countless evil spirits swarmed and picked up the Zhu Family disciple Zhu Yuan.

Zhu Yuan screamed.

Zhu Chen Dragon Body After the Zhu Family, the Expert is shocked to take action.

“Give me a hand!” Zhu Chenlong was so scared that he hurriedly yelled at the Zhu Family.

Zhu Family, a group of Experts, looked at Zhu Chenlong unidentified.

Zhu Chenlong did not pay attention to the Zhu Family Experts. He went to Huang Xiaolong, a few ghosts, and came to Huang Xiaolong. After a few ghosts, Zhu Chenlong suddenly bowed to the ghosts and said: “Zhu Family Zhu Chenlong has seen ghosts and adults! “And then the sword is unparalleled in the salute: “I have seen the sword unparalleled adults!”

Then there is the endless Lord No Xin.

“I have seen the Lord of the Endless!”

“I have seen the King of Sea Clan!”

When Yu Xiaohong was the last turn, Zhu Chenlong still stood: “I have seen Yu Xiaohong!”

Zhu Family Public Expert opened his mouth.

Chen Bi and Chen Family disciple are stunned.

Zhu Chenlong, Zhu Family Senior Elder, Perfection God of Creation, even gave the slave of the yellow Dragon Body a tribute to a respectful ritual!

and many more! What did Zhu Chenlong say?

“Ghost, ghost-serving adult!” Chen Bi’s tongue is stiff: “Sword, sword is unparalleled!”

Also, the endless Lord!

King of Sea Clan!

That, the girl he used to call is Yu Xiaohong? !

He stood there and his sweat on his forehead continued to rise.

As for the Chen Family disciple around him, he was scared.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong looked over, Chen Bi was so frightened that he slammed the ground, posted there, pale as a dead man, just broke through the Creation of World and the prestige and smug disappeared.

Chen Family Zu Chenbi, Du Jiazu Du Chengjiang, Xu Jiazu Xu Fei three people, also scared to crouch down, although Huang Xiao Dragon Body is unknown, but anyone knows that Huang Xiaolong is definitely a horrible existence, and they are the most unknown Space The most terrible kind.

Imagine that even the presence of the ghost waiter and the sword unparalleled, all followed in Huang Xiaolong, how could Huang Xiaolong be Chen Di’s previous third-rate family of disciplines? !

The other family powerhouses around are also crouching.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhu Chenlong. At this time, Zhu Family Inner Sect Disciple Zhu Yuan was still screaming.

Zhu Chenlong felt the eyes of Huang Xiaolong, his heart shrank, and his body tightened nervously.

Suddenly, a horrible horror of blood began to surge from the Yellow Dragon Body. The entire Zhu Xitian City slammed like a terrorist attack. All the big bans of Zhu Xi Tiancheng automatically triggered, one time, Zhu Xi Sky City rays of light flashing.

Under the horror of Huang Xiaolong’s horror, Zhu Chenlong was smashed by the cosmic mountains, and instantly smashed the ground. He couldn’t get up at all, and his face was eclipsed.

Just now, his heart was secretly guessing the yellow Dragon Body and estimating the strength of Huang Xiaolong, but despite his repeated overestimation of the strength of Huang Xiaolong, he still did not expect Huang Xiaolong to imagine his horror.

Such a terrible pressure, count them as Zhu Family ancestors Zhu Chen Chen did not have it!

Doesn’t this mean that this young man, their Zhu Family ancestor, Zhu Chen, is still horrible? !

“I don’t know which adult is coming to my Zhu Xi Tiancheng, Zhu Ji has a long way to meet, but also ask the adults to forgive me!” A voice rang from the Imperial Palace in Zhu Xi Tiancheng, and it resounded through Zhu Xi Tiancheng. All the Experts in Zhu Xi Tiancheng heard one. Clear two Chu.

Zhu Ji!

Zhu Family owner, the Great Emperor of Zhu Xitian.

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