On the surface, Zhu Qiming’s son Zhu Qiming is the second best natural talent of Zhu Family. The best and strongest, but a lot of God of Creation knows that the second generation of Zhu Family is the strongest, Zhu Xi Great Emperor Zhu Ji.

It’s just that Zhu Ji has never been exposed to the mountains.

Zhu Ji may not be Mei Jie, but it is not far behind.

Huang Xiaolong saw Zhu Ji still hiding in the Imperial Palace of Zhu Xi, and said: “Give me a speech.” Huang Xiaolong’s voice has an unbearable resistance.

In the Imperial Palace of Zhu Xi, Zhu Xitian was a marshal, and Great General was not angry.

A Zhu Family Expert couldn’t help but anger: “Don’t dare to order us Your Majesty, what are you?! There is a kind of you coming in to see us Your Majesty!”

This Zhu Xi Imperial Palace has a large array of Zhu Chen and Zhu Family’s numerous Experts. He believes that Huang Xiaolong will not come in, so he has no fear to let Huang Xiaolong come in.

Huang Xiaolong heard the words, his face indifferent, and the empty hand reached out and directly explored the Imperial Palace.

When Dang Huang Xiaolong explored the Imperial Palace in the palm of his hand, the numerous imperial battles of the Imperial Palace of Zhu Xi suddenly rose to the sky, and the rays of light swayed Wan Shi, which surprised countless heavy Space-Time.

The strength and pressure of the monks, and the Huang Xiaolong and the sword unparalleled others rolled over.

I have to say that Zhu Chen and Zhu Family have spent a lot of effort on these big arrays. The power is really amazing, the sword is unparalleled, and the ghost waiters don’t change color.

When Huang Xiaolong saw it, he screamed coldly, and the dragon God tree on the top of the head, the light of countless stars and dragons fell, and suddenly blocked these large arrays of strength.

Then, Huang Xiaolong’s palm directly held the imperial concubine of the Imperial Palace. The hand was tight, and the large array of ray-of-rays flashed. Like a piece of cloth, it was to be flung by Huang Xiaolong.

When Zhu Ji saw it, his face changed greatly and shouted: “Star Dragon God Tree! All Zhu Family Expert, all Zhu Xitian dynasty Expert listen orders, bless the big array, give me all strength, withstand!”

All Zhu Family Expert, all the Experts of Zhu Xitian, and all the Experts within the Imperial Palace of Zhu Xi, spurred the Great Strength of The World, and suddenly, the Strength of The World poured into the Imperial Palace Great within the array.

With all the Zhu Family Experts, all the Zhu Jintian’s Expert’s Great Strength of The World was injected, and the original array of yellow dragons flew, suddenly the rays of light surged, and Huang Xiaolong’s palms were shaken.

Huang Xiaolong was amazed.

Zhu Ji and Zhu Xitian saw all the Experts, and their hearts were loose.

The previous one who sneaked at Huang Xiaolong and said that Huang Xiaolong had something to do, let Zhu Xiaolong, who came in from Huang Xiaolong, see it, and his heart was determined.

He laughed happily: “Tell you, this Zhu Xi’s big squad is arranged by our father Zhu Chen. It is made up of the force of the entire Zhu Xi Tian dynasty. It is integrated with the surrounding world, and it is a dragon tyrant. , may not be able to break this big array, by you?!”

“Go back and drink your milk!”

“When our father Zhu Chen is back, it is your death!”

The Zhu Family Expert is none other than Zhu Chen’s second son, Zhu Ji’s second brother Zhu Yao, and also the fifth expert of Zhu Xitian.

Zhu Yao’s words made Zhu Xitian’s Imperial Palace all Experts smile.

The sword has no wrinkles, and before taking action, Huang Xiaolong reached out and said: “You retreat.” The sword is unparalleled, the ghost waiter and other people heard the words, respectfully retreated to the yellow little Dragon Body.

Huang Xiaolong broke into space and came to the sky, standing in the air, and the hands of the three gods appeared. Under the infusion of Huang Xiaolong’s 23 billion Strength of The World, the Three Gods shot the golden light, like the golden gold leaking from the universe. The light, the whole sky, is golden, the golden is filled with the heavens and the earth, and the golden color obscures everyone’s sight.

“Three gods!” Zhu Ji was shocked.

This young man of unknown origin has a star Dragon God tree, and the three gods are two universes!

It is a fierce demon, a green ghost, a dragon tyrant, a dragon god, a god of death, and their ancestors Zhu Chen five adults, and only one person is a universe treasure.

Huang Xiaolong did not pay attention to the shock of Zhu Ji and others. When Dang Sanshen’s rays of light were the most embarrassing, Huang Xiaolong’s three gods suddenly slammed out and directly threw them out.

The three gods turned into a golden streamer, with a terrible strength, with a horrible strength, directly bombarded the Imperial Palace of Zhu Xitian.

From a distance, the Three Gods are like a falling golden sun, and it is a restless, mad, like a golden sun to blast.

Where the Three Gods passed, all Space was torn apart.

The entire Zhu Xi Tiancheng is shaking, like shaking.

Zhu Ji’s face changed greatly, the whole body rays of light rises, no longer retain strength, the whole body of Strength of The World madly propped up, while holding Zhu Xi Broadsword, shouted: “Full force blessing big array, withstand!”

His hand, Zhu Xi, Broadsword suddenly swayed out, and turned into a knives without a heavy knife. A sharp and sturdy knife smashed the world and greeted the Three Gods.

Feel the amazing knife of Zhu Ji, the sword unparalleled is himself shock shocked, Zhu Ji so knife, it is his Sword Intent, it can not be too much, in time, I am afraid that Zhu Ji’s knife will catch him.


I saw Zhu Jidao and Knife slammed the Three Gods, but it was useless. The Three Gods smashed their swords and knives in an instant, and the Three Gods continued to smash and continued to blast to Zhu Xi Imperial. Palace.

The Three Gods have not arrived yet, and all the Zhu Xitian expeditions in the Imperial Palace of the Zhu Xi feel the pressure of terror. Everyone feels the strength of the Three Gods destroying the land.

In fear, all the Experts of the Imperial Palace of the Zhu Xitian dynasty are desperately urging the Great Strength of The World to bless the big squad.


The three gods bombarded the great heart of Zhu Xi.

It sounded loud.

Zhu Xi Tiancheng issued a cracking sound, and a strip of Rift Valley continued to linger in the land of Zhu Xi Tiancheng.

With this loud noise, Zhu Xitian all the experts such as Dao Soul, the heart was hit by giants, all the Zhu Xitian dynasty Expert can not help but spurt blood, the weaker God of Creation and even the seven scorpions are spurting blood.

Even Zhu Ji himself, and Zhu Yao also has a bloody mouth.

The three gods broke through the bursts of Zhu Xi’s heart and inserted them into a palace of the Imperial Palace of Zhu Xitian. The palace and surrounding buildings were all gone.

The ray of the ray of the Zhu Xi burst in the burst, began to dim down.

Zhu Chenlong, who was lying there, was horrified, panicked, and upset. Their Zhu Xitian Imperial Palace burst was broken!

Chen Family Great Young Master Chen Bi, who has seen such a strength, has passed away early, and I don’t know if it was stunned by the bombing of the sky.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, and the dragon Dragon tree became a giant giant, and there were countless roots. Countless branches fell down, shrouded Zhu Xitiancheng, and blocked Zhu Xitiancheng. Then, when Huang Xiaolong stepped, he came to Zhu Xi. The Imperial Palace was empty, then slowly treads the sky and walked down.

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