Huang Xiaolong entered the imperial environment and walked into the Basilica of the Imperial Palace in Zhu Xitian. He came to Zhu Ji, Zhu Yao and Zhu Xitian in front of the Expert.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhu Yao, who was full of blood. When he touched his hand, he saw that Zhu Yao flew up automatically and came to Huang Xiaolong.

“Who are you? What do you want to do?!” Zhu Ji was shocked and angry: “You dare to hurt my second brother, my Lord Father is coming back, I will not let you go!”

“Zhu Chen doesn’t let me go?” Huang Xiaolong smiled lightly: “Do you think your father is my opponent?”

Zhu Jiyi.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhu Yao: “Let me roll back to drink milk? You just decided that I can’t break your Zhu Xitian Imperial Palace big array?”

Zhu Yao’s face was pale and bloodless. Just now, he really thought that Huang Xiaolong couldn’t break the Imperial Palace’s Imperial Palace. He knew the power of their Zhu Xi Imperial Palace and his father Zhu Chen. I have also said that it is a god of death, and even Longba personally came over, but also wants to break this big bang.

Who thought, Zhu Xi’s big array was actually broken by Huang Xiaolong!

Zhu Yao panicked and forced himself to calm down: “You just rely on the power of your hands and three gods to break our big bangs. Otherwise, do you think you can break it? You rely on the universe to treasure, what kind of thing!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and said: “I don’t count on the treasure of the universe. Then you rely on Zhu Xi’s big battle to calculate the skill?”

Zhu Yaoyi.

“What else do you want to say?” Huang Xiaolong said.

Zhu Yao ate and couldn’t think of anything to say.

When Huang Xiaolong tightened his hand, he pinched it into Blood Mist. Even if Zhu Yao wore best quality Creation Artifact armor, even if his flesh body was strong, many of the Half-Step universe gods were still pinched by Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong took his Dao Soul and threw it into Sun and Moon Pill Furnace.

Zhu Family Experts See even Zhu Yao has been pinched into a Blood Mist by Huang Xiaolong, and does not show up the color of panic.

“You!” Zhu Ji looked at Huang Xiaolong with anger.

Huang Xiaolong pressed the hand and directly pressed Zhu Ji, the great Emperor of Zhu Xitian, into the underground of the hall.


A few days later.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the empty Imperial Palace and looked down at Zhu Xi Tiancheng.

In the past few days, he has completely controlled the Zhu Xitian.

Including Zhu Ji and all the Experts in Zhu Xitian City have been controlled by Huang Xiaolong.

After a while, Zhu Ji respectfully came to Huang Xiao Dragon Body: “Adult.”

“Can you have your father’s message?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Returning to adults, still not.” Zhu Ji respectfully replied.

Huang Xiaolong brows, these two days, he always remembers Zhu Ji to contact Zhu Chen, but Zhu Chen has not returned to Talisman, as for Zhu Chen to go to the green ghost land, what do you know, Zhu Ji does not know, only know Zhu Chen to go to the capital The city is looking for something.

However, Zhu Chen is looking for something in the capital city. Seeing Zhu Ji’s Talisman, it should be back, and there is no echo.

Huang Xiaolong asked Zhu Ji a lot of things. After a while, Zhu Ji retired.

After Zhu Ji retired, the ghost waiter, the sword was unparalleled, the endless master No Xin, the king of Sea Clan, and Yu Xiaohong walked over.

“Adult, there is no news of Zhu Chen?” asked the sword.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“Or, do we go to the capital city with the adults?”

Ghost waiter grinned: “Well, I am most familiar with the Green Earth.”

Huang Xiaolong hesitated, and finally decided: “Not going temporarily.”

Now, his movements in the unknown Space are getting bigger and bigger, and the possibility of his exposure is greater. Therefore, he wants to smash the evil spirits, the green ghosts, and the dragon tyrants before they first increase their own strength.

Therefore, Zhu Chen’s business will be put aside.

Dang Ran, he can practice on the side of the Imperial Palace in Zhu Xitian and wait for Zhu Chen to come back.

However, Huang Xiaolong still makes the sword unparalleled, Zhu Ji and others continue to pay attention to Zhu Chen news.

As for the endless Lord No Xin, Sea Clan’s King Nightingale, Huang Xiaolong let the two people return to the endless land, even the ghost service, Huang Xiaolong also sent him back to the green ghost land, lest they stay here for too long will let The green ghost is skeptical.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yu Xiaohong around him and smiled. “You go back.”

Yu Xiaohong lowered his head and said: “I want to accompany the grown-up.”

“Xiaohong Tianchao is not yet stable. You should go back and deal with the Xiaohongtian dynasty. If you can handle it, you can come back again. I will retreat at the Imperial Palace in Zhuxi this time, at least a million years.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Previously, he had more than 800 cosmos Essence Spirit Vein, plus now Treasury of Zhu Xitian, and many families Treasury in Zhu Xitiancheng. His current Essence Spirit Vein is more than a thousand.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong roughly estimated that this retreat, to completely refining these universe Essence Spirit Vein, at least a million years.

Yu Xiaohong listened to Huang Xiaolong and said that he would retreat for a million years at the Imperial Palace in Zhu Xi, this was nodded, and then returned to Xiaohong Tianchao.

Dang night, moonlight is like water.

The depths of the Imperial Palace in Zhu Xi.

Huang Xiaolong sat in the 2nd-layer of the universe, with the the array, selected ten best quality universe Essence Spirit Vein, transformed it into a cosmic gas through the 2nd-layer of the universe, and then ran Rising Dragon Art. Dragon Law, Pangu Heaven Splitting Art, began to engulf the cosmic atmosphere and study and understand its universe.

When Huang Xiaolong closed the practice in the boat of the universe, the green man was somewhere inside Space, and a young man who looked like Zhu Ji was hesitantly looking at the blood bridge in front of him.

This young man is the Zhu Family ancestor Zhu Chen.

In front of the blood bridge, the bridge face, squirming a bloody thing, if you look closely, you will find that these blood is not a real thing, but a blood color condensed.

The blood bridge always leads to the other end of the bloody abyss, as if there is no end, and there is no end.

Occasionally, the sound of sorrow and laughter came from the depths of the blood bridge.

“Naihe Bridge.” Zhu Chen looked at the blood bridge in front of him, talking to himself.

If anyone is here, I heard the bridge of Zhu Chen’s mouth, and it will be eclipsed. It is said that the bridge is the most horrible thing about Space. Nobody knows when the bridge leads to, but once you enter the bridge, think of it. It is almost impossible. In the year of Dang, the green ghost once entered the bridge. After coming out, it will not enter the bridge again after the blunt statement. The green ghosts are so afraid of this bridge, which shows the horror of the bridge.

“Don’t enter the tiger’s den, you won’t get a tiger!” Zhu Chen suddenly looked firm, then walked into the Naihe Bridge, and entered the bridge, and saw the infinite blood coming from the sky, the back was completely invisible, Zhu Chen around Heaven and earth, only the infinite bloody prison, and a bloody condensed blood rushed over.

Zhu Chen The ray of light of the whole body, blocking these bloody, bloody waves, and then moving on.

These bloody, bloody waves continue to erode the Great Strength of The World around Zhu Chen’s body, and the deeper the blood, the stronger the blood and corrosion.

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