It’s Lonely to Be Invincible Chapter 1160

Wan Zhongtian is no longer the competitive Wan Zhongtian before.

With a daughter-in-law and a child, everything in life is moved towards a better direction.

He naturally knew the reason why the other Peak Masters of the sect did not come back.

Like him before, isn’t it all for pressing Senior Brother Lin to the ground?

But ideals are beautiful, but reality is extremely cruel.

It’s not that you can do what you want.

During this period of time, he has become accustomed to his current life.



There is a human touch everywhere.

Now that Senior Brother is back, he is naturally very happy. The family has to be neat and tidy together.

How could he not understand, or even be familiar with, the thoughts in the heart of Senior Brother.

Because he used to be like this.

But in the current situation, not everyone can come forward.

“Fighting Senior Brother, come down quickly, stop making trouble, leave this to Senior Brother Lin, you can’t hold it.” Wan Zhongtian said anxiously.

Even if you are dissatisfied with Senior Brother, it is useless. It is the case. If you recognize it early, you will live a lot happier than anyone else.


Di Zhan Hong was dissatisfied, thinking that Junior Brother Wan was on his side, but didn’t expect to underestimate him.

He didn’t reply any more, but looked towards Lin Fan.

The boiling fighting intent in his eyes has not dissipated, but is getting stronger.

“Lin Fan, I did not come back to get anything, but to prove that I did not lose to you in the battle against Hongdi, and even stronger than you.”Zhan Hongdi said.

Strong self-confidence hangs in my heart.

He doesn’t think he will lose.

Although the power is not his own, after this period of time, he has long suppressed this boiling power.

To thoroughly integrate this power into within the body.

From now on, we will not distinguish each other.

Lin Fan sat there calmly and composed with his palm resting on his chin, taking nothing seriously.

For Emperor Zhan Hong’s words, he just showed a slight smile.

“Fight with Junior Brother, just come back.”

“Senior Brother doesn’t want to hurt you, you should go and avoid it. If you have anything to do, I will explain to you afterwards.”


Lin Fan’s vision has improved.

I’m all from my own family, and I’m arguing about what I want, so you just, it’s boring.

His goal now is this day.

The rest are small things.

“hahahaha…” At this moment, Emperor Zhan Hong laughed, “Lin Fan, you are really crazy, you haven’t changed in so long, are you looking down on someone, or you From the very beginning, he didn’t put me in his eyes.”

Lin Fan looked at Emperor Zhan Hong as if watching a young child lose his temper.

“Junior Brother, stop making trouble, be obedient, behave, go down first, and wait until Senior Brother is done with things, then come to have a good chat with you, okay.” Lin Fan calmly comforted.

After all, he is an own junior brother, not an outsider. It is not good to speak harsh words.

It’s not good to take a lesson.

After all, Junior Brother is also big and needs face.

“You…” Zhan Hong’s lungs exploded.

What does this mean?

How do you feel that this nasty guy is like treating him as a younger brother who has not grown up.

“Fight Senior Brother, listen to Senior Brother Lin’s words, come down quickly.” Wan Zhongtian shouted.

The Taoist King held the child and shouted: “Yes, come down quickly.”

Emperor Zhan Hong gritted his teeth and creaked, “Shut up, give it all I shut up.”

He was not convinced.

Aren’t everyone optimistic about him?

I think he is not as good as this guy?

Damn it.

It is really hateful.

During his absence, this guy actually bought all the sect disciples.

Even those who were Peak Masters once stood on the front of this guy, and completely underestimated him.

Lin Fan touched his head. This Junior Brother is a bit disobedient. It seems that he is a strong and unlearned person outside. He has broken Junior Brother. If you want to bring him back to the right path, you still need Some time.

At this moment.

Zhan Hongdis gaze looked towards those who have surrounded the sect, and there is a firmness on their faces, “Forget it, let me just use my strength to prove everything Alright.”

“Those who dare to come to the sect to make trouble must die.”

The voice fell.

Zhan Hongdi moved towards those people rushed, a battle halberd emerged in his hand, with the momentum of total annihilation, moved towards the opponent swept away.

Lin Fan shook his head, forget it, forget it, there is fire in his heart, so let’s vent it.

A little bit less points is still acceptable.

However, he didn’t think that Emperor Zhan Hong could behead these people.

After all, I got the divine object, and I thought I was invincible, and I was too big.

“Senior Brother, Hongdi this kid is a bit irritable.” Huo Rong said.

But it is also comforting, and a little helpless.

These juniors are so strong one by one, and they are not given room for these Old Guys to live.

“The boy Hongdi hasn’t come back from the sect for too long, and he doesn’t know about some things, so there is excuse.” Tianxu said.

hong long!

At this time.

The earth is shaking.

Emperor Zhan Hong needs self-expression too much. Once he makes a move, he opens his big move.

The strength is very strong, the intense fighting intent, and the void of direct shock are bursting.

Those powerhouses that arrived early are not weak either.

If there is no Lin Fan.

Flameflower Sect disciple’s eyesight is not so high yet, it will definitely cheer.

But no way.

Now the taste of the discipline has been improved by Lin Fan.

They didn’t know how many times they had watched this battle, and they were already numb.

It feels like nothing at worst.

Emperor Zhan Hong always pays attention to the movement of the sect.

“Well, maybe I am not strong enough, why don’t I have a voice.”

He was puzzled.

I am even a little unwilling.

Damn it.


The anger flames in my heart became more vigorous and shot more fiercely.

However, he also found that these guys are very strong, and in a short period of time, they didn’t even take advantage of them.

Damn it.

But I got a divine object, and my strength was raised to a very high level. How could I not be able to deal with these guys.

If you let him know that the group of people who fought with him, every one of them got the existence of a divine object, I am afraid that he would not think so.

Lin Fan is still calm.

No shot.

There is no rush.

Everyone hasnt come together yet. If youre too cruel, and youre scared of beating them, the people behind you know that they dare not come. Wouldnt it be a pitfall?

So, it’s better to get together and the others.

In the distance.

“Have you done it?” They came on a donkey old man. They didn’t show up, they hid in the depths of the void, looking at the situation in the distance.

“The one who did it is what you call Lin Fan?” Di Cang looked at it intently and found that one person was fighting against a group of people.

Putisha shook his head, “No, that’s not Lin Fan, it’s the one sitting there.”

It’s been a long time since I saw Lin Peak Master, Putisha is a little missed.


There was also a cooperation.

“Who is this person? The strength is very strong.” Di Cang asked, but found that Emperor Zhan Hong’s strength was good. He was young. Although he got the divine object, the power that radiated, It turns the power of the divine object into one’s own, without relying on this power ignorantly.

I dont know the old man riding a donkey.

No one else knows.

Putisha pondered for a moment and remembered, “That person should be the Flameflower Sect Hongdifeng Peak Master.”

When there was a conflict between their Great Sects, Those who have investigated this are very familiar.

See you now.

But didn’t expect Zhan Hongdi’s strength to rise to this level.

It’s really amazing.

When I saw Lin Fan, I was not convinced.

He still remembers the last time.

At that time, seeing the opponent’s strength was much weaker than him, I wanted to take a good lesson.

But Teacher said that he is not his opponent.

For young people, this is a bit damaging.

riding a donkey old man opened the mouth and said: “The old man feels that there are many tyrannical auras coming from all directions, and there are only a few people who arrive here now. I am afraid it will happen. It’s a big battle.”

“Fighting against that many people who got the divine object, even the old man thinks he is invincible. How tyrannical is he, so confident?”

This is telling the truth.

The strength of the old man riding a donkey is not weak.

Very powerful.

Cultivation has been so long to this point, it can be said to be very difficult.

But even if it’s not easy, I can’t hold back those who get the divine object. Their strength has improved so fast, they instantly become Peak powerhouse, and they embrace him. Even if he is, he can only be beaten up.

Di Cang and the others looked towards Lin Fan.

That is the object of their discussion.

A person who makes Heaven take the initiative to deal with.

The ten two beasts gods are solemn.

“I smell a familiar smell.” Greedy Dog said solemnly.

“Doozi, what do you mean?” Immortal Dragon asked.

Among their ten two beasts gods, the greedy dog is the most sensitive to smell.

Peak time.

Just a sniff, the smell of the entire realm can’t escape his nose. It’s easy to find anyone.

“I smelled the scent of the sky, the sky is in this sect.” In an instant, the expression of the greedy dog changed greatly, and it seemed very shocked.

Damn it.

It’s really hell.

“How is it possible.” Ping heavenly demon Ox King said intently.

But I have never doubted the smell of a greedy dog.

As long as you say yes, there must be.

For them.

Nothing in the world is terrifying. The most terrifying thing is that Heaven has Seven Emotions and Six Desires.

That is the time to destroy the world.

The destruction of an era will lead to a new era.

The sky with Seven Emotions and Six Desires is the most terrifying.

That is destroying all the evidence in the world.

From then on, Cangtian is no longer observing the observe order, but instead is in charge of the sky.

submit to me and prosper oppose me and perish.

Master God looked towards the distance, his eyes fixed on Huo Rong.

A smile appeared on his face.

“Didn’t expect old age so fast.” The teacher recognized Huo Rong at first sight.

For Huo Rong, his cultivation base is not strong, so naturally he can’t feel the existence of Master God.



At this moment.

The void splits, the storm is surging, and countless thunderbolts are densely packed in the void.

all directions are squeezed by terrorist forces.

The whole world is affected.

They are here.

With the cultivation base of these people, it shouldn’t take so long to get here, but coming with a bunch of small points naturally slows down.

Lin Fan moved towards Void look.

Emperor Zhan Hong is still fighting with a group of people.

There are scars on each body.

“How can these hateful guys be so strong.” Emperor Zhan Hong was out of anger.

What he wants is to take all these people with the strongest strength.

But now.

There is no result.

Now that there are so many disciplines in the sect, looking at him, where is his face.

“Which bastard is Lin Fan, dare to humiliate Lao Tzu, get out of me and die.”

People haven’t arrived yet.

The sound of cursing has come.

The momentum is very strong, and the shock wave formed oscillates. It seems that they want to burst out of their own strength and make some people timid.

“What is it called, wait, everyone is not here yet.” Lin Fan didn’t look up, too lazy to reason.

These people are now points.

Since you take the initiative to come to your door, there is no reason not to accept it.

If it was before, he might be interested in these people.

But now.

Just so-so.

If it wasn’t for the points to bring him motivation, I’m afraid I wouldn’t bother to care about these people.

“Damn it.” The powerhouse that came, heard this remark, suddenly burst into anger.

I have never seen such an arrogant guy.

Even if he got the divine object himself, his heart exploded long ago, and he has never been so rampant.


He saw Emperor Zhan Hong who was fighting with a group of people.

“Good fellow, it turns out that there is a helper.”

Zhanhongdi battle halberd swung out and forced a group of people around. Although he was unwilling, the fighting intent was full and burning. .


He felt the crisis.

Raised the battle halberd moved towards the side.

hong long!

The two forces collided together, and a huge force struck. The Zhen Zhan Hong Emperor kept retreating, and his mouth was splitting.

“really strong.”

Emperor Zhan Hong was horrified, but when he saw the target, he was taken aback.

Why there are so many people.

“Lin Fan, do you think that if you have this helper, you can respectless of the law and of natural morality? In that case, I will kill your helper first to see how arrogant you are. “

Lin Fan ignored him, still waiting there.

So slow.

This speed is too slow.

No way.

Can only continue to wait.

“Damn it.” The powerhouse was furious and was ignored by others. He let out a low growl, “Kill him for me.”

His goal is Emperor Hongdi.

Zhan Hongdi clasped battle halberd with both hands, and wanted to curse.

What’s the situation?

How come there are so many people.

He is conceited that he is strong, but he is not strong enough to be able to single out such a large group, and there are several strong in it, and he will not lose at all.

There is even more powerful than him.

in the sky.

“What the hell does he want to do?” Di Cang asked, unable to understand Lin Fan’s thoughts, and just sat there waiting?

Who is waiting for?

It is still said that there will be helpers coming.

It’s just this helper, how much is suitable?

Even if they join the battle, their top battle strength may just be flat.

But that many Primordial Chaos Realm’s early and mid-term, it’s no joke.

Mixing together is also an amazing force.

The old man riding a donkey didn’t understand it either.

It’s already this time, and still so calm, what is the confidence?

At this time, Putisa opened the mouth and said: “I think he is waiting for everyone to arrive, and then to catch everything in one net.”

“What did you say The old man riding a donkey changed his face in shock, staring at Putisa in disbelief.

“Disciple, are you sure?” Di Cang also didn’t believe it.

Putisha pondered for a moment, “As far as I know him, his temperament is like this.”

Although he has not communicated with Master Lin Peak for a long time.

But the past experience is vivid, it is a real tiger.

Most people really can’t afford to offend.

At this moment.

Di Cang and the others were silent.

If this is the case.

They can’t imagine.

What will happen in the end.

to catch everything in one net?

A person?

In their opinion, this is really too mysterious.

At this time.

The ancestors of Ten Thousand Caves are here.

She witnessed the situation here, and at the same time fixed her eyes on Lin Fan.

I can’t see the strength of the opponent anymore.

Is the gap really so big?

For some reason, Wanku is a little tired.


An angry shout came.

Zhan Hongdi’s complexion was crimson, battle halberd swung out and split a powerhouse in half, and he was also injured.

Being beaten by the crowd, in this brief moment, I can still fight back. I have to say that I have good strength.

Emperor Zhan Hong was floating in the air, the long halberd in his hand was rolling with blood

The fighting intent was boiling and laughing.

“Come on, just rely on you, but you think you can kill me, you can’t.”

Domineering side leakage.

“pa pa!”

There was applause.

Emperor Zhan Hong is overjoyed. It seems that the disciplines are finally infected by him.

When I looked back, I found that Lin Fan was applauding, and I couldn’t help but feel proud

It seemed that I was finally convinced.

“Yes, yes, I have been out of school for so long, and I have been able to improve my strength to this level. Junior Brother, it’s okay, let’s go on. The next thing is beyond your control. “Lin Fan said.

Emperor Zhan Hong seemed to have misheard.

“What did you say?”

“When I go down, I can’t control, I tell you, I can continue to fight, these people, dont want to beat me, you I want to take the opportunity to be simple, let me tell you, daydream.”

He will never give Lin Fan a chance to perform.

Emperor Zhan Hong raised his hand and pointed at the people who had arrived early, “These people, I didn’t put any of them…”

The words wandered in his mouth. With.

Just now, between Heaven and Earth is full of silhouettes.

Among them, six imposing manners are monstrous, and the cultivation base of Primordial Chaos Realm Peak broke out completely.

Zhan Hongdi’s complexion changed in shock.

It’s like hell.

“Lin Fan, you are crazy, how can you attract so many enemies to the sect? Are you trying to kill the sect?”

Zhan Hongdi roar.

Even if he thinks he has become extremely strong, he is impossible to be an opponent to so many people.

Maybe the first wave of fights can be swallowed by the opponent.

Lin Fan got up and came to Emperor Zhan Hong, “Be obedient, stop making trouble, you just proved yourself just now, yes, Senior Brother is very pleased, but the next thing is not that you can resist That’s it.”

Zhan Hongdi stood there dumbly.

In his opinion, this remark is really hurtful.

“You look down on me.” Emperor Zhan Hong gnashing teeth, said word by word.

Lin Fan shook his head, exerted a little force, and with a bang, Emperor Zhan Hong retreated fiercely and landed directly on Celestial Court.

“Buddha, help watch, dont let my Junior Brother get in the way.”

The Emperor Zhan Hong who fell below, wanted to rush up, but I dont know when, A hand fell on his shoulder, and a voice came in his ear.

Amitabha, the donor don’t be impatient, there is nothing you can do about it. “The Buddha said the Buddha’s name.

Emperor Zhan Hong stared at the Buddha in horror, “You…”

He felt a terrifying breath from this guy. , The hand resting on his shoulder is like a huge mountain, suppressed on him, unable to move even a little bit.

Lin Fan twisted his neck and looked at the Celestial Court. The powerhouses, with a smile on their faces, “Okay, it’s all here, then we can start. “

At this time, one of the Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouse angrily said: “You are the Lin Fan who abused me on Robin. Do you know who I am? Do you dare to…”

Lin Fan raised his hand and interrupted the other party.

“Dont tell me who you are, I have a bad memory, and you will just wait It’s over, it’s useless to remember. “

For Lin Fan, this is a normal operation.

But when others hear it.

This is a bit arrogant.

Di Cang sighed, “This person is really rampant. “

Putissa smiled.

Where is this.

There are so many rampant things.

Lin Fan took a deep breath, the strength is constantly improving, and I will start to do it later, I feel really a little excited.

And at this moment.

Ping heavenly demon Ox King rushing Came out, “Everyone, don’t do it, listen to me. “

“My God, Old Ox, what is this going to do.” Cang Huangshu was stunned with two big fangs canthus.

Hunshi Demon Monkey solemnly said: “Old Ox, this does not want a fight to happen, and fights against the sky with vigorous power.” “

Lin Fan looked at Old Ox, “I said you are a cow, just watch them, I won’t say anything, what do you mean by coming out?” “

“If you help me, then don’t use it. “

“Lin Peak Master, let me say a few words. “Old Ox said, and then looked towards people full of voids. The leaders here are all powerhouses that get divine objects. “Everyone, you can’t fight. Your enemy is not Peak Master Lin, but this sky. You are all Was used. “

“The power of the divine object is eroding your heart. You are here under the control of heaven. “

Heavenly demon Ox King tried his best to stop it.

But he knows that the probability is extremely low.

But how can it be done without a try.


“Fart, I wait to control my own destiny, how can I control it, it seems that you and this guy are also in the same group. “There is powerhouse angrily said.

Ping heavenly demon Ox King just wanted to continue to persuade.

But suddenly.

He found a hand holding him Arm, then there is a force of power transmitted.

“You get out of the way, don’t get in the way. “Lin Fan threw Old Ox down. Why? This Old Ox is too troublesome.

If he doesn’t fight anymore.

Then where does his points go?



The heavenly demon Ox King banged on the ground, there was no major event, and he stood up immediately.

“Lin Peak Master, you cant… “

He wanted to persuade Lin Fan not to do this.

But I cant say this directly.

Because Lin Fan has already started.


“Since they are all here, let’s start. No one wants to leave today. “

Lin Fan raised his hands, then clenched his fingers into fists, and the originally not surprising imposing manner burst out.

“Let me lie down first. “

tone barely fell.

The fist fell.

Pu chi!

The void was crushed and shattered directly.

“What? “

Those who came to the powerhouse’s complexion changed in shock, and they felt an unstoppable force erupting from each other.

Lin Fans strength breakthrough came to the ruler of the first life, his own The power has long surpassed Primordial Chaos Realm.

A slightly more serious punch, you will have an unstoppable terrifying power.


Anywhere you look, there are cracks, and they continue to spread.


In the blink of an eye.

Power covers a group of people, Kill 1/4 people directly.

There is no chance of even reacting.

“too weak. “Lin Fan shook his head.

However, Emperor Zhan Hong, who was originally struggling, was dumbfounded, as if the whole person was stupid, staring at the scene in disbelief.

How is this possible.

There are two powerhouses in the direction of Lin Fans attack are Primordial Chaos Realm Peak.

But they are floating in the void at this time and their clothes are disheveled.

< p>There are a lot of injuries on the body.

In that blow, the force of horror penetrated directly, and simply came over without a reaction and was covered.


The bodies of these two powerhouses gradually split, and a lot of blood sprayed out.

Lin Fan calmly opened the mouth and said slowly.

“With me The current strength has long been invincible in the world. “

“Maybe only the heavens can fight me. “

“You have become too weak. “

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