It’s Lonely to Be Invincible Chapter 1161



An amazing cheer came.

This is totally exciting.

The disciples opened their mouths, then raised their arms and shouted.

“Senior Brother is great.”

Can it be great?

I saw the Senior Brother hammer down with both hands, and the silhouette of the void in front of him disappeared instantly, it was amazingly terrifying.

Emperor Zhan Hong opened his eyes wide.

He originally came back to save the sect from fire and water.

At the same time, let Lin Fan understand that it was because of you that caused such a big trouble to the sect, but I took action to solve it for you. I should know how big the gap between you and me is.

But what is happening now.

But let him understand.

This is not how far Lin Fan is from him.

It’s the gap between him and Lin Fan, which has grown to the point of horror.

Emperor Zhan Hong dropped his hands and raised his head. He was weak. Even if he was unwilling, he could not catch up.


Wan Zhongtian stretched out his hand and put it on the shoulder of Emperor Zhan Hong.

“Junior Brother Wan, you don’t need to be comforted, I already understand.” Zhan Hongdi said solemnly.

This is something he cannot bear.

“Senior Brother, as long as you can understand, return to the sect is to go home. Don’t always think about unrealistic things. Senior Brother Lin is really good, and you will understand in the future. “Wan Zhongtian said.

Though his words are comforting.

But when I heard from Emperor Hongdi, I always felt something was wrong.

Are these words used to comfort people?

Unrealistic things.

It sounds weird.

“How can it be so scary.”

The powerhouses standing in the sky were so shocked that their eyes were about to burst.

too terrifying.

The power of that punch is really amazing. If strikes are on them, even they will not be able to resist it.

“Has he become so horrible?” Relieved the whole person in a daze.

He feels that the gap between himself and the other party is like a chasm, which can never be crossed.

Di Cang and the others are silent.

I feel blind.

The power that the opponent burst out is beyond imagination, even if they are in the hands of the opponent, they can’t support it.

“Disciple, I only understand now as a teacher, what do you mean by these words.” Di Cang said to Putisa.

Putisa did not speak either.

He was overwhelmed and was shocked long ago.

I know that Peak Master Lin is very strong, but I didn’t expect to become so strong.

“Don’t worry, it will be your turn in a while.” Lin Fan took out the Space God Pillar. This weapon is very good. The feeling of brushing it up is very vigorous.

I dont know how many powerhouses have just been punched to death.

Points soared.

But the only pity is that the shot is a bit fierce, no one can bear it, and he just hangs up without getting double points.

Even the two Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouses.

It’s not his enemy.

Lin Fan grasped the pillar of space, with a smile on his face, the brilliance in his eyes was dazzling, “I’m here.”

tone barely fell.

Instantly disappeared in place.

“Where did the others go?”

“Really strong, so scary, we are not opponents at all.”


The void burst, a god pillar split open space, swept directly one by one, turning a group of powerhouses dry.

Pu chi!

When it touches the space god pillar, a terrifying force rushes out.

They couldn’t resist at all, they just felt like they were about to explode.

“It’s a beautiful scene.” Lin Fan watched the rain of blood falling in the air and exclaimed. Those tiny silhouettes fell like hail, crash-bang, and then strikes to the ground.

Some are already dead.

And some are not dead.

Double points are obtained.

In an uproar!

“Run away, run away.”

“The opponent is too strong, we are not opponents at all.

“How can his strength be so terrifying? degree. “

The group of powerhouses that came in a hurry, when they saw these two waves, they were shocked a long time ago.

Simply didn’t have any strength to fight back.

In the eyes of the other party, they may be like ants that are arbitrary and pinchable.

Many people have obtained divine object, their strength has been improved to a very high level, and they are extremely confident in their own strength.


Believe that you are the strongest person in the world.

No one is his opponent.

But now.

They have clear comprehension. .

“Don’t leave when you come. “Lin Fan is completely motionless. For these guys who want to run, he is not in a hurry, his colored eyes are open.

There is a Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouse, and he slips away.

The speed is very fast. It is not flying fast, but crossing the boundary between space and time.


This Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouse trembled fiercely. His impetuous heart became even more violent.

Looking back.

The eyes stared at Lin Fan, revealing endless anger.

< p>“I want to kill you. “

This feeling appeared in everyone’s hearts.

The old man riding a donkey was horrified, “Strange, these people obviously want to run, why do they suddenly look back? “

Di Cang pondered for a moment, and said something that everyone could not believe. “He can control the anger in the hearts of others. The anger of these people who look back has reached the extreme. It is strange that they will Have this ability. “

The surrounding people are very surprised.

Obviously they are a little bit incredulous.

But its useless if you dont believe it. The facts are in front of you.

Lin Fan holds the pillar of space and smiles.

This may be the most refreshing moment in his life.

The screen is full of points.

< p>Harvest everything, Primordial Chaos Realm is not a problem.

“Be restless. “Lin Fan picked up the space god pillar and moved towards these guys.

His current strength has been tyrannical to a certain extent.

Don’t talk about the ruler of the first life, even Primordial Chaos What can Realm do.

It’s a dead end in his hands.



The rumbling sound keeps on .

Every time you swipe, there are large corpses falling from the air, directly hitting the ground, agitating large amounts of dust.

There is Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouse close to Lin Fan. .

Lin Fan extend the hand grab the opponents head and apply a little force.


“Little brother, there are too many people, your double Just forget it. “

Its like a watermelon bursting, splashing red and spattering in the air.

This is the flesh and blood of the Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouse. It contains amazing energy, which can be seen by others. They are all extremely precious treasures.

If someone can get some flesh and blood and directly refining, it will be of great benefit to themselves.

But at this moment, these flesh and blood are cheaper It looks like a commodity and can be seen everywhere.

“Horror! “

“Too terrifying! “

Those onlookers are dumbfounded.

The old man riding a donkey and the others are Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouse, which has long been offended by countless big scenes.

But seeing this kind of scene, I am shocked and speechless, and I dont even know what to say.

“Hehe, I understand now, why should I go down? This is from The very beginning, I look like a clown in his eyes. “Di Zhan Hong clenched his fists and was very unwilling.

Looking at it, he had never seen the excitement on the faces of Junior Brothers and Sisters.

This feeling should be what he wants to see most.


This kind of excitement can only be enjoyed by Lin Fan.


The Primordial Chaos Realm Peak powerhouse was dried to death, and a divine object flew out. The speed was very fast. This is to run, but Lin Fan will give the divine object a chance.

Five fingers grabbed it, it was so plain and unremarkable, but the divine object had nowhere to go in the void and was directly caught back.

Many divine objects flew out of the corpse.

But Lin Fan will not give the divine object a chance to escape.

Basically, its grabbing and all confiscated.

“divine object, these are all Ah divine object. “The old man riding a donkey straightened his eyes. He didn’t get the divine object, but those weak Little Brat got the divine object soaring into the sky.

It’s a bit annoying.

Relieving oneself is also showing greed.

If he gets a divine object, it will not be a problem to dominate in the first life. Even Primordial Chaos Realm is a safe thing.

But he dare not. Move.

I didnt see the person holding the divine object, how terrible is it?

With one blow, heaven falls and earth rends are all gone, and the sky is torn apart. That chaotic and violent power is simply not something people can resist.

After a long time.

Where Lin Fans eyes pass, no one can stand.

Take back the Space God Pillar.

“Hey, it’s too simple. I haven’t played to the fullest, people are gone. “Lin Fan is floating in the void, carrying his hands on his back, shaking his head and sighing.

For this wave.

He is not very interested.

But the points are In front of me, it is a pity to miss it.

If the points are not the motivation to support him, maybe I would be lazy to pay attention to these guys.

“Is it over? “

Those onlookers all have this idea in their hearts.

It’s too fast too.

It’s too fast for people to react.

The gods of the ten two beasts are stunned.

For some reason, they fully understand why the sky should take the initiative to take the Lin Fan action.

Im afraid I know, this It is an unstable factor that can threaten oneself.

Flameflower Sect disciples cheers.

“Long live Senior Brother. “

“Senior Brother is invincible. “

They are all flowers that live in a greenhouse.

If it was before.

They might feel that this is not good and it is easy for people to fall. Lost yourself in the greenhouse, unable to achieve extremely high achievements.

But now.

They are going to lick their faces and shout.

We are The young shoots protected by Senior Brother, you have no envy and jealousy. There is also a Senior Brother like this.

For a long time, the sect disciple are very dependent on Lin Fan.

And Lin Fan doesnt matter.

Definitely have to rely on.

If Junior Brothers and Sisters do not rely on Senior Brother, then Senior Brother is so boring.

“Junior Brothers and Sisters, don’t be impatient, no need to cheer, just normal operation, no difficulty. “Lin Fan raised his hand to calm the discipline.

There is nothing to cheer about.

In the eyes of others, this is a disaster for Flameflower Sect.

But in Lin Fan’s opinion, this is a welfare.

The welfare comes suddenly, and the kind that cannot be collected.

“I want to share with the sect life and death. “

Just then.

A silhouette came through the air, roaring from afar.

I was afraid that others would not hear it.

The clouds are far away, only to see a lot of silhouettes on the ground in the distance.

Suffocation in my heart.

“How could this happen, I I’m late. “

He thought everyone in the sect was wiped out.

It was burning with anger.

But when he arrived at the scene and saw the situation clearly, Yunxiao I was stunned.

“Yi! What day is this today? I’m back. “Lin Fan was slightly surprised when he saw Yunxiao. Yunxiao was the first batch to go out. I haven’t seen it for a long time.

When Yunxiao saw Lin Fan, his expression was stunned, and then he saw the densely packed ones below. When someone is wailing constantly.

He knows.

The matter has been solved.

Simply dont need his help.

Suddenly , Yun Xiao immediately turned around and ran away, he was leaving here, and it is not the time to come back.

“Senior Brother Yun, you stop. “Wang Shengkang and Xuan Qing flew out of the crowd and shouted.

Stop Senior Brother Yun.

“Senior Brother, how long do you have to go out, come back.” , Yunxiaofeng everyone is missing you. “Wang Shengkang shouted.

It’s already this time, what else are you going out to do.

They used to believe that Senior Brother can catch up with Lin Fan with their own efforts.


But later, as things happened.

They changed their hearts and felt that Senior Brother could not surpass it.

After todays event.


They can pat their chests to make sure, Yun Senior Brother Xiao is not even sure.

This is already a qualitative change.


Yunxiao stands inside the Void, heads down, fingers clenched, and his voice hoarse: “Junior Brothers, when I come back, I promise you will be done. Now, if I cant do it, I wont come back. Dont worry, wait until I come back. “

This remark is Yunxiaos true word.

He is an ambitious person.

“Senior Brother, Xiaofan is the Peak Master of our sect There is a lot of pressure. “Huo Rong said.

What else can Tianxu say.

This can’t be blamed on his own discipline, but I can only blame them for being too serious and having to compare.

He is a Teacher, and he is much weaker than his own discipline, and he didn’t say anything.


Xuanqing opened the mouth and said: “Senior Brother, Are you going to never come back forever? “

Yun Xiao shook his head, “How can I not come back, as long as I do what I promised you, I will definitely come back.” “

“How is it possible, you just can’t come back, what promised us is to catch up with Senior Brother Lin, then how could it be possible to catch up, there is no hope for a lifetime, Senior Brother Stop thinking about this, come back. “

Xuanqings this remark is really hurtful.

It was originally a sensational scene, because of Xuanqings remark, it suddenly changed.

Yun Xiao clutched her chest and held her breath there.

Junior Brother, how can you say such a thing, it hurts too much.

“cough cough! “

Lin Fan gave a light cough. Although Xuanqing is telling the truth, sometimes the truth is the most hurtful.

Wang Shengkang took Xuanqing a stare, and said something. Well.

This is not to let Senior Brother Yun ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

Yun Xiao kept his head down, and then said solemnly: “I will be back. “

After finishing talking, I have to leave.

However, Lin Fan wants to leave wherever he can let him go, and he wants to leave when he comes back. This is not a dream.

You Xuanqing is telling the truth. If she really wants to leave, she will be wanted to come back in this life.


Lin Fans hand is on Yunxiaos shoulder, “Junior Brother, stop making trouble and go back. “

“I won’t go back. “Yunxiao struggled and lost his temper.

If others and Lin Fan were so angry, they would have slapped them.

If it werent because of the own junior brother. He doesnt have the time to talk such nonsense.

“What a little temper, its a bit unbehaved. Look at the Hongdi Junior Brother. They all came back obediently. What can’t you come back? “Lin Fan said.

Yunxiao looked towards the distance, and I saw Emperor Zhanhong standing there at a glance.

I struggled a bit.

To be honest.

He was miserable outside. If he was not supported by a strong will, he would have been lying outside.

Look at the environment of the sect now.

Really very good.

The buildings floating in the air are so gorgeous that they are almost blinding.

He is a little envious of the disciples staying in the sect.

But, he can’t show it.

Otherwise, where is this face left.

“Yunxiao, come back, don’t play tricks. “Tiansu opened the mouth and said.

Yunxiao cup one fist in the other hand,” pay respects to Tiansu Elder. “

“Well, you Senior Brother asked you to come back. What else can you not come back? Is it fun to be outside?” Listen to me, don’t leave when you come back. “How can Tianxu fail to see through this kid’s thoughts.

I just want to find a step.

that’s all.

old man gives you this Opportunity.

Yun Xiao sighed, “Elder’s order, if the discipline dare not violate it, just listen to Elder. “


He is also relaxed in his heart.

I dont feel any shame.

This time but Elder wants him Its not what he wants to stay here.

Lin Fan touched the back of Yunxiaos head and said with satisfaction: Yes, yes, Junior Brother is still very obedient. Go and talk to them. Talk, Junior Brother Wang and Xuan Junior Brother, but they have been waiting for you. “

Yunxiao feels a bit uncomfortable.

This movement of touching the back of the head is a bit unacceptable. How does it feel like touching a pet.

Yun Xiao still wants to say a few words to Lin Fan, but at this time, I dont know what to say.

That feels.


that’s all.

Yun Xiao pulled his head and said nothing, returning to the sect, he really didnt know what to say.

Wang Shengkang and Xuanqing met Senior Brother I came back, it was very excited.

They thought about it day and night, they hoped that Senior Brother could come back. Last time Senior Brother came back, they asked Senior Brother to stay, dont leave.

But the Senior Brother wanted to go out, and they couldn’t stop them. They could only give all the good medicine pills they had to Senior Brother, hoping that Senior Brother could live a little more chic outside, and not be so bitter.


Senior Brother really wont go out.

Then Yunxiaofeng has the backbone.

Lin Fan looks at the void “Come out all, dont dress up as God, playing the devil, you all know youre here, and when you want to pretend to be. “

At the same time.

The wailing below keeps on.

Those living powerhouses were beaten very badly, and at the same time in panic, they couldnt help themselves. , Afraid of Lin Fan, even more afraid of Lin Fan’s breath.

“Shut up all of you. “Lin Fan moved towards these scum roars.


There is no sound below.

Everyone hugs their bodies and endures howling, but I was trembling because I was afraid.

“Junior Brothers and Sisters have worked, stripping everything on them, don’t be afraid, they dare not fight back. “Lin Fan said.

“Yes, Senior Brother. “

The disciples are boiling, and immediately moved towards the guys who have been beaten up by the Senior Brother.

Huo Rong can’t sit still, “Xiaofan is doing this. Its beautiful, I have to help, and I cant get tired of watching the disciplines. “

The sky must be watching Huorong.

This Junior Brother is really hopeless.

Can’t watch the disciplines get affected yet?

< p>simply want to get something.


But forget it, it’s already this level, so let him do it.


Emperor Cang and the others appear.

In addition to the heavenly demon Ox King, the ten two beasts also appear in the sky.

The teacher god When it appears.

Huo Rong trembles with Yun Xiao, and looks up.


Huo Rong has forgotten to harvest wealth. , But raised his hand and pointed at that silhouette in the sky.

several decades have passed.

Other things can be forgotten.

But this woman Ill never forget it.

The torture was terrible enough.

Three years are long, not long or long. That kind of crime is not something ordinary people can bear. Yes.

“Huo Rong, didn’t expect you to remember me. “Master God asked with a smile.

The smile in the eyes of Huo Rong and Yun Xiao, just like the smile of a devil.

It looks like a little girl.

But it is much scarier than the little girl.

Huo Rong shook his head and sighed, “How could I forget. “

Tiansu took a look, opened the mouth and said: “Huo Rong, is this the woman you think about day and night?” “

“Senior Brother, what nonsense, how is it possible. “Huo Rong immediately shook his head, as if he had done something with a guilty conscience.

For Huo Rong’s contrived behavior, Tianxu can only smile and pretend to behave. He knows what shit he usually pulls. Its clear.

However, he is also very curious about this woman.

The origin of the time is indeed amazing.

recover one’s youthful vigor, let the body be different The quality has reached the Peak period.

At that time, he was still thinking, how could there be such a terrifying existence in the original ancestor domain, even possessing the origin of time, now it seems that this woman is obviously not from the original ancestor domain People.

Its just that I didnt know why they appeared in the original ancestral domain.

When Yunxiao saw the woman, her soul was scared.

After all, this woman In his hand, he is also tortured.

“Wanku, you old lady is still hiding when you come, come out quickly, rest assured, I won’t beat you. “Lin Fan said to the void.


Void vibration.

The ancestor of Wanku appeared.

Her The expression is extremely complicated.

Maybe I didnt expect that this guy would grow up to this level.

Think about the past.

Excuse me.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Wanku, do you feel that I am strong now? I regretted not mingling with me? “

The ancestor of the Ten Thousand Caves did not speak.

This guy speaks irritatingly and likes to expose peoples scars.

When she saw Lin Fan so arrogant, That was a lot of harsh words, such as thinking too much, too late to regret, etc. Now it seems that this is like an invisible slap, crackle on the face.

“Forget it, don’t talk about it, you don’t need to ask to know, the expression in your eyes means regret, but regret is useless. “

Lin Fan regrets it.

The ancestor of Wanku sighed, if it werent for the current strength difference, he would really slap this guy to death.

Its too mad.

“Lin Peak Master, I have something to tell you. “Hunshi Mohou stood up, “The smell of heaven is in your sect. “

Lin Fan is teasing the old lady in Wanku. He heard the words of Hunshi Mohou, frowns saying: “What do you mean by this?” Does it mean that someone in my sect is from heaven? “

“No, it’s not necessarily the heaven, but it definitely has something to do with the heaven. Said the magic monkey.

“Okay, leave it alone. “Lin Fan raised his hand, letting the other party leave it alone, but thought about it.

The other party said that there is a heavenly atmosphere in the sect.

Who would it be?

The biggest suspicion is not the serene Sect Master.

“Lin Peak Master, you can’t ignore it at this time. The greedy dog smells this smell and must find it and solve it, otherwise it will cause no end of trouble. “The magic monkey said seriously.

Lin Fan squinted, “Resolve? Do you mean you want me to kill the people of the sect myself? Are you dreaming, okay, dont talk nonsense with me, no matter who has the scent of heaven, they are all from the sect, and it is resolved, I am the first to kill you. “

“Go ahead, don’t tell me these things. “

The magic monkey is a bit confused.

Why is so unreasonable.

This is a major event that concerns the entire realm.


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