It’s Lonely to Be Invincible Chapter 1162

What’s happening now is different from what Mohou thought.

If ordinary people knew about this situation, they would definitely consider it extremely important.

Look at this guy in front of you now.

It doesn’t matter on his face, there is actually a thought of protecting one’s calf. Is this still a human thought?

“Lin Peak Master, this matter is very important, you have to take seriously, the person you care about, but if God really has Seven Emotions and Six Desires, then everything will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. “Hunshi Mohou said.

The Greedy Dog solemnly said: “My sense of smell will not be a problem. It is really here. If you find out in advance, you can reduce many unnecessary problems.”

Ten two beasts Gods have experienced how terrifying the sky is.

Or it can be said that they destroyed the original heaven.

It’s just that the sky at that time has been suppressed by Hongjun Daozu very weak, but even if it is very weak, it is still so terrifying in the ten two beasts Divine Eyes.

And now, the cultivation base of the ten two beasts is already weak. Facing the sky at the peak period, perhaps it is just striking a stone with an egg, overestimate one’s capabilities.

“disciple.” At this time, Tianxu came.

“What’s wrong with Teacher?” Lin Fan asked.

Ten two beasts God said, he didn’t doubt, but what if he knew it?

Is he killed his sect, or what I want.

If you want to behead the people of his sect, then he will be the first to beat these so-called ten two beasts.

All that is said.

Speaking does not go through the brain.

What is he trying to cultivation for?

Of course not for the so-called selfish desire, but to protect everyone in the sect.

This great ideal is sacred and inviolable. No matter who it is, it cannot be stopped.

Teacher matured for a while, “Let them find that person.”

Lin Fan looked at Teacher in surprise, “Teacher, there is actually no need for this. What if you find it, sure It’s a member of our sect, and it can’t be killed. How can the sky drop, not so terrifying, as long as he dares to come out, the discipline will blow his dog’s head with a punch.”

The voice fell.

Maybe this is a bit crazy.

The void vibrated, and there was dull thunder resounding.

Seems to be angry.

Everyone felt this power, showing timidity.

Lin Fan raised his head and sarcastically said: “Yeah, it’s still rampant. Once you have planted it, I will blow your dog’s head and dare to scare people, and one day I will kill you.”

Lin Fan is the only one who dared to scold the sky like this.

The god of ten two beasts raised his hand, his eyes flashed with fear, “Sure enough, it has begun to take shape, Seven Emotions and Six Desires have initially condensed.”

They have discovered.

Cang heaven knows angry.

This is not a good thing for the realm.

Daofather Hong Jun once used his boundless power to suppress the sky, hoping to abandon himself and grind away the Seven Emotions and Six Desires of the sky.

But ultimately failed.

It just makes the sky weaker.

But even weak.

It also turned the once-immortal dao prosperous world into Dharma End Era, no one can cultivation.

But everything in the world has a glimmer of survival. Even the heavens cannot control this glimmer of survival. That’s why there will be a later technological era.

Its just a pity that technology has declined, but the realm is reborn from the ashes, and Spiritual Qi is gradually restored, and everyone can cultivation.


Not enough time.

In the current realm, who can compete with the heaven who owns Seven Emotions and Six Desires?

Maybe it is gone.

Tiansu raised his hand and showed a grave expression, “disciple, listen to the teacher, let them find that person.”

For Tiansu, he is very Know the temperament of the discipline.

That is to be confident in yourself.

At the same time, I dont want anyone around me to suffer any harm.

If something goes wrong, he knows that the discipline will come forward and protect everyone in the sect behind him regardless of his own safety.

Even though he always thought that the discipline was extremely killing, he never said a word.

One way of cultivation, there is no killing, how can you go on safely?

Especially he saw the desperate cultivation of the discipline, in order to protect the sect, which made him see a good Senior Brother in the eyes of all the disciplines.

A good discipline in the eyes of his Teacher.

As for the sadness of heaven.

That thing is not practical.

The world is too big, only those who want to be the protagonist will think that this World needs to be saved by themselves.


He now lets the other party find who it is, not who he is afraid of, or who wants to save the realm, but he does not hope that in the future, the discipline will face an irresistible enemy, resulting in helplessness.

He is very confident about the strength of the discipline.

Absolutely powerful.

Those words spoken by the ten two beasts God, he knew that the heavens were definitely not something ordinary people could resist.

Maybe even your own discipline can’t fight it.

Man will conquer the sky.

This is just talking about it.

To say that man can conquer the sky, that is absolutely impossible.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment.

Teacher’s thoughts are a little too distrustful of himself.

But no way.

In order to make the Teacher feel at ease, at the same time he himself was very curious, whether this person with the weather is a Sect Master or not.

“Okay, listen to the Teacher.” Lin Fan said, and then looked towards the god of ten two beasts, “Since my Teacher agrees, I won’t say much, you say people who carry the weather Who the hell is, point it out and show me.”

Hunshi Mohou said: “The greedy dog, its up to you.”

“Dont worry, no smell can escape me. The sense of smell, especially the sky, his scent has been imprinted on my soul.” Greedy Dog said.


I saw the greedy dog’s nose sniffing.

Shrouded in the sect, the invisible smell followed a string of silk, twisting, moved towards the greedy dog.

Of course.

In the eyes of others, there is no trace at all.

But in Lin Fan’s eyes, these traces are inevitable.

“The methods are a bit superb.”

The cultivation base of the Greedy Dog is not high, but the methods are indeed a bit magical. The smells from every corner are all moved towards him, and they will take the initiative Block the useless smell.

This is something Lin Fan cannot do.

Lin Fan’s nose is also very sensitive, took a deep breath, whatever the smell, it poured into the tip of the nose.

The taste is very sour.

“Found it.”

At this moment, the greedy dog lifts the head, the dog’s eyes looked towards the distance, “It’s there.”

Lin Fan look .

The direction pointed by the greedy dog is indeed the location of Sect Master.

“Is it really a Sect Master?” Lin Fan muttered in his heart.

The sense of magical tranquility gives Sect Master the special ability to transfer space regardless of the level of the opponents cultivation base.

This ability is really terrifying.

It’s not something that cultivation can have.

Tianxu also moved towards that direction, and his face changed slightly.

That direction is where Sect Master stays.

He naturally knew that Senior Brother took the two of them to realize tranquility, which was amazing and weird.

And now the other party says that the aura of heaven is there, who else will it be besides Sect Master?

“How is it possible that I grew up with Senior Brother. I know who he is, I know better than anyone.” Tiansu meditated, not knowing what to say.

I just don’t understand.

Maybe you can only understand if you go there.

Sect disciples saw Senior Brother Lin and Elder moving towards the distance. They didn’t know what happened, but they were very confident in Senior Brother, so they didn’t think about the disadvantages.

“It seems something has happened.” Daotian Wang solemnly said.

Wan Zhongtian didn’t see it, but looked at the Taoist King curiously, what could happen to this, he should be thinking too much.

“No way, nothing more.” Wan Zhongtian said.

The Taoist King did not say much.

He found that the expressions of Elder and the others gradually changed. It was different from before. Obviously something went wrong.


Everyone arrived at the place where Sect Master was.

The greedy dog warned: “This is here, the smell is getting stronger and stronger, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.”

Lin Fan frowned.

It is true.

Sect Master their three people lying there, still feeling tranquility.

Since Tranquility appeared, their three people have no other activities, they are usually here.

“Sect Master, I have come to the door, wake up.” At this time, I still feel tranquility and it is unnecessary, so I quickly settled the matter.

Lin Fan stepped forward and patted Sect Master, waking it up directly from the chair.

“en?” Sect Master eyes opened, seeing so many people coming, I was a little confused, as if coming over unresponsively.

“What’s the matter?”

The greedy dog roared lowly, staring at Sect Master very vigilantly, “Be careful, he is, the breath comes from him. “

The ten two beasts gods all maintain a fighting posture.

In case the opponent makes a move, there is no reaction.

“What?” Sect Master said in confusion.

“Sect Master, are you God, or you are doing things for God, you are your own person. To be honest, don’t play with those imaginary things.” Lin Fan asked.

If you ask a question, you have to be decisive.

As for the twists and turns, he doesn’t like it, so he can say whatever he wants.

“Heaven?” Sect Master asked in confusion, as if he didn’t know what they meant.

Do not understand.

Ping heavenly demon Ox King is very grumpy, “Say what many do, the greedy dog can’t be wrong, it is definitely him, as long as you kill him, then everything can be solved.”

< p>Lin Fan raised his brows and slanted his eyes, “You dare to try.”

If someone else said this remark, Old Ox would not say anything else, and lift the axe.

But for this guy in front of him, he really has no courage at all.

“Lin Peak Master, knowing that the danger is right in front of him, why not kill the danger in the cradle. If you really wait for the moment when the sky appears, it will be too late to regret.” Old Ox growled.

“hehe.” Lin Fan disdainfully said: “Don’t fart with me, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Then he looked at Towards Sect Master.

“Sect Master, you heard it too. They suspect you are the eyes and ears of the heavens. I have no doubt about this. If you are true, just tell me so I can understand what to do. “

“If you are compelled by circumstances, I will find a way to protect you.”

“If you want to destroy your own sect, then I can only imprison you.”

Lin Fan asked straightforwardly.

Not at all with Sect Master.

Sect Master was stupid by Lin Fan.

“I feel serenity, is there something wrong?” Sect Master asked.

He didn’t feel there was any problem.

It’s just an ordinary feeling of tranquility.

“This is naturally correct, I just ask, do you love the sect?” Lin Fan asked.

“Definitely love.” Sect Master said.

Lin Fan nodded, I am very satisfied with this question.

“Very well, as long as you love it.”


He looked at the guys around him, “It’s all gone, this matter has nothing to do with you.”

Ten two beasts God heard this remark, and his expression became very complicated. .

“You can’t let it go like this, it will have a major event.”

They growled.

I have never seen such a person. Since I already know it is a scourge, why keep it?


The fierce color in the eyes of the heavenly demon Ox King flickered, and it burst into flames instantly. He lifted the axe in his hand and moved towards Sect Master and slashed away.

“Die me.”


Lin Fan threw a punch and directly collided with the axe, completely motionless, while Old Ox stepped back a few steps to stabilize his body.


Old Ox looked at the axe in horror, and a crack appeared on it.

“Do you want to court death?” Lin Fan looked at Old Ox and suddenly attacked him. This did not put him in his eyes.

Ping heavenly demon Ox King unwilling to say: “Lin Peak Master, you can’t be so indulgent, otherwise you will regret it one day.”

“Regret is my business, but He is the Sect Master of my sect, and I will not let anyone hurt the people of the sect.” Lin Fan said.

He understands the god of ten two beasts.

After all, in their eyes, Heaven is an invincible enemy.

Fear, timidity, that’s normal.

Old Ox wanted to say something, but was held back by the Hunshi Mohou.

“Old Ox, dont be impulsive, things have not yet reached the worst moment, and what this guy has to do with Heaven is not sure yet. Judging from the current situation, he has a relationship with Heaven. Relevance.”

“But it should not be the main body of heaven. Now that we have found our goal, we will not go anywhere for the time being. We will guard this gate and wait for that day to come.”

Hunshi The magic monkey whispered.

He doesn’t want Old Ox to cause conflict with the other party.

With the strength of Old Ox, he is not the opponent at all.

Old Ox nodded, “Understand.”

“Go, we are just outside the gate.”

At the same time, he looked towards Lin Fan , “One day you will understand how terrifying existence is nourished by what you are doing today.”

Lin Fan is casual, “wait and see, but you will never regret it.”

Ten two beasts God shook his head, it didn’t make sense, it was no longer necessary.

You can only act by chance.

They know that no one can be hurt here.

“Sect Master, you continue to feel tranquility.” Lin Fan said, and then left with everyone.

Tianxu Mountain Peak.

“Disciple, your heart is brighter than anyone else, and their words should be true.” Tensu said.

Lin Fan sat there, pondering, “Teacher, I understand that the ten two beasts God has experienced that time, but he is the Sect Master of Flameflower Sect. Although it is useless, it is not very useful to the sect. A major contribution, but he is a member of Flameflower Sect. This is enough, and my purpose is to protect everyone in the sect. Even if he is fiend in human form, I must protect it.”

< p>“I understand your heart for the teacher.” Tiansu said.

He understands, better than anyone else.

Long contemplation.

Tianxu said: “Disciple, promise to be a teacher. If one day comes, Sect Master Senior Brother really does something to harm the sect. Dont keep your hands, do what you should do. The teacher will not blame you.”

“If it does not exist, even if that day, no one will die.” Lin Fan believes.

Outside of Flameflower Sect.

The god of ten two beasts is ready to squat outside the sect, not going anywhere.

“Greedy dog, are you sure that’s right?” asked Hunshi Mohou.

The Greedy Dog said firmly: “There is absolutely nothing wrong with that breath. I will not forget the breath.”

The Monkey King lowered his eyebrows, “It seems that I cant avoid it. Where, as long as the sky appears, he will not let go of a creature.”

“Yi! Where is the Master God?” At this time, the old monkey looked up and glanced around, but did not find the whereabouts of Master God.

Relaxed: “Several seniors, the master is still in Flameflower Sect, it seems that they have met acquaintances.”

The old man riding a donkey said: “This is the end of the matter. At the end, I think we should also leave.”

“I advise you not to leave, the heavens really exist, there is nowhere to hide in the realm, there is only a hard fight, and there is a glimmer of survival.” Ping heavenly demon Ox King said.

“This…” The old man riding a donkey was surprised.

He has never experienced the horror of the heavens, but hearing what the beast god said, he had a violent heartbeat, as if he couldn’t believe it.

“When will you stay here until?” asked the donkey old man.

Ping heavenly demon Ox King said: “Wait for the heavens to come, and you will die if you can’t survive. If you cross over, the world will restore peace.”

At this moment.

Everyone is silent.

They are all Primordial Chaos Realm powerhouse, and they have lived for a long time.

But even for a long time, I never thought that one day I would face the heavens.

Di Cang was silent, and his eyes suddenly lit up, “Have you ever thought about a question, Flameflower Sect and Sect Master are just a chess piece in the sky, maybe there are many such pieces in the realm.”

“I thought for a long time, there is no Seven Emotions and Six Desires in the heavens, but just now I heard that Sect Master said that the so-called tranquility is more like integrating yourself into between Heaven and Earth. Could this have been deliberately done by Cangtian, just to integrate into the world of Seven Emotions and Six Desires?”

When Emperor Cang said this remark.

The Immortal Dragon suddenly cried out in surprise, “Not good, I even forgot this major event.”

Hunshi Mohou asked urgently: “What’s the matter?”

“I forgot one thing, and that’s right. It was too far away for me, but I am an immortal dragon, a descendant of the dragon Dragon Race, and have memory inheritance.”

“At the time of Daofather Hong Jun, there were too many people who entrusted Primordial Spirit to heaven, Undying and Inextinguishable, and because too many people entrusted Primordial Spirit to heaven, the heaven was infected and possessed Seven Emotions and Six Desires. “

“Now the sky is not infected by people, but he takes the initiative to make people realize him, communicate, and constantly absorb Seven Emotions and Six Desires, so the greedy dog will feel that Sect The Master has the aura of heaven.”

The immortal dragon woke up, and instantly understood many things.

Old Ox said solemnly: “According to you, Sect Master is not the sky, but the medium for the sky to strengthen itself. Even if it can be killed, the sky can still find something that meets its own conditions. Medium.”

“Yes, that’s what I meant.” Unbreakable Dragon said.

Hunshi Mohou reacted with a helpless expression on his face, “It’s over, this is something we can’t find. We can only quietly wait for the Seven Emotions and Six Desires that the sky has absorbed all of them to come to the world. “

“No matter how we actively resist, will not succeed, right.”

In an instant.

The god of ten two beasts sat there with his head down, as if completely giving up resistance.

Riding a donkey old man and the others are silent.

They didnt understand it.

On the contrary, I heard it very clearly. It was because I understood that I was silent.

There is no hope.

Can only wait quietly?

“hahahaha…” The old man riding a donkey laughed, “so that’s how it is, then why squat here? Since there is a day of destruction, why don’t you do what you want to do? It’s not beautiful.”

Di Cang shook his head and smiled bitterly, “I thought Primordial Chaos Realm could control himself, but in this world, it is still small. That’s right, why should I wait for this.”


Everyone got up.

“Beast gods, goodbye.”

The higher the cultivation base, the more you know the horror of the sky.

Only those newcomers who dont know the immensity of Heaven and Earth will chant my life will follow myself and not heaven, I want to walk the heavens-defying road.

I really need this kind of ability.

Why not swear.

Dont even dare to make an oath, just shouting walk the heavens-defying road, isnt it funny?

Even if they reach the Primordial Chaos Realm now, they will never swear to the sky.

“Old Ox, don’t stop it, it’s hopeless.” Immortal Dragon said.

Ping heavenly demon Ox King is unwilling, “How can there be no hope, how did that come here.”

The immortal dragon shook his head, “You haven’t seen it yet? Even if I After knowing what to do, Heaven is not stupid. He has suppressed everything. Now the strongest realm in the realm is Primordial Chaos Realm. It is only a quasi-sage in the Great Desolate Era and cannot interfere with Heaven.”


Ten two beasts God’s hope is shattered.

Primordial Chaos Realm is only a quasi-sage, even the corners of the sky are not touched.

How to imitate Daofather Hong Jun to suppress the sky.

There is no hope.

Invincible Peak.

“Senior Brother, what’s wrong?” Lu Qiming saw that Senior Brother’s expression was a bit wrong, as if he was worried about something.

“It’s okay, Junior Brother, I’m going to retreat, it’s okay, don’t disturb me.” Lin Fan walked to the secret room, clicked, and closed the stone gate without asking anything.

In the secret room.

Lin Fan pondered.

“Fuck, I really like messing around. Forget it, its cultivation. Cultivation can make me happy.”

Check the points.

Points: 1654181220015

Lin Fan was holding his chest, panicking.

I am not very good at mathematics, and my eyes are a bit dizzy.

Can’t count.

He only remembered a lot of people who came, but he hadn’t counted how many people there were. Anyway, it just covered the sky and the sun, so it was so dark that he could simply not see his head.

If you go down with a stick, it feels so good. Dont want it.

“No, something is wrong, a problem has arisen, and the penance value is not enough.” Lin Fan pondered.

Without the penance value, what else can you play?

The penance value that you have now, at most, will only increase by one level.

“Forget it, I’ll take a walk to the Dan Realm.”

It has only been a few days since the matter has gone to the Dan Realm, its too to have no shame.

Even if Lin Fan has a thick skin, he is a bit sorry.

But it doesn’t matter.

sorry is sorry, he has a thicker skin anyway.

Outside the Dan boundary.

Lin Fan stood there, pondering, what method should be used to get medicine pill from the ancestor of nine colors?

Just when he thought about it.

A silhouette came.

“Lin Peak Master, what’s the matter?” Luo Yun Goddess saw Lin Fan from a distance.

Ming people do not speak secret words.

Luo Yun Goddess is interesting to Lin Fan.

But a bit shy.

Not very dare to speak.

Last time I mustered up the courage to ask Lin Fan to accompany her on Celestial Court, but I was dismissed, so after that incident, Luo Yun Goddess did not dare to take the initiative.

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