I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 418


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Yu Ruoyan can’t say that he is handsome in the dark trench coat military uniform? Of course, if you don’t think you’re handsome enough, don’t mind if you put on Phoenix holy cloth and open your wings to pick up from the sky. That’s more handsome.

Originally, it was too serious to pick up the plane in military uniform, but who let Wang Lan faint directly after the battle was completed, and the time was very urgent after waking up.

So a cool military uniform looks so a crane in a flock of chickens among the crowd. After waiting for about half an hour, outside the airport, a group of students wearing Demon Capital Star Martial collage uniforms walked out of the airport.

Everyone is pulling a suitcase, which is the brightest view of the airport. Soon, Wang Lan saw the silhouette of Jiang Xinyu in the crowd, talking and laughing with several female students.

Suddenly, as if by telepathy, Jiang Xinyu turned back and saw Wang Lan’s posture of a crane in a flock of chickens in the distance.

The school does not arrange to meet you at the airport when you go abroad for assistance. The welcome meeting was held at the school, and listening to Senior Senior said it was just a ceremony. So Jiang Xinyu simply didn’t expect Wang Lan to appear here.

It has been separated for more than three months. Although most of the time, the battlefield was gone, but Jiang Xinyu did not stop thinking of Wang Lan one day. At this point, women feel more strongly than men. Men can at least distract that kind of thoughts by diverting their attention, but women can hardly do it.

When I saw Wang Lan, the kind of flood rise in the mind that had been backed up for three months.

In an instant, Jiang Xinyu’s body shape appeared as a streamer in front of Wang Lan, and then he was tightly invested in Wang Lan’s bad white.

“Fuck, Xinyu she… who is that man?”

“Xinyu doesn’t have a boyfriend? Isn’t that…impossible, Wang Lan is so good, won’t Xinyu be chaotic? That’s a soldier…”

Sound of discussion suddenly sounded. It’s no wonder that the junior students didn’t recognize Wang Lan immediately, and the most eye-catching Wang Lan in military uniform is no longer Wang Lan, but the suit on his body.

Jiang Xinyu’s hand came and everyone realized that Jiang Xinyu’s boyfriend had come to pick up.

“I really envy Xinyu and found such a sweet boyfriend, but also such a genius.”

“I will say, Xinyu impossible to give up such a good boyfriend cheap others. Wait, our focus seems to be biased?”

“Yes, I remember Heavenly Sword Bureau that military uniform?”

“Absolutely Heavenly Sword Bureau, my dad is the director of Heavenly Sword Bureau, and the black uniform must be at the school level to wear…Wang Lan is Heavenly Sword Bureau school-level chief?”

“What’s wrong? Impossible? Wang Lan is such a genius, even if he joins the Heavenly Sword Bureau, should he be promoted directly?”

“You don’t know how difficult it is for the Heavenly Sword Bureau to be promoted. Those who can be promoted step by step in the Heavenly Sword Bureau must have relied on solid achievements. The Heavenly Sword Bureau does not have an exceptional promotion…”

With Wang Lan coming to pick you up, Jiang Xinyu will naturally not take the bus to the school with Daliu. Anyway, Wang Lan came by car and got in the car, Jiang Xinyu’s ups and downs gradually calmed down.

Jiang Xinyu’s character is like that, it’s very light, and there are few intense mood swings. This time, it was already a manifestation of emotional outburst to pounce into Wang Lan’s arms in front of so many people. Under the same emotions, I am afraid that I can directly exchange it to Xie Sisi.

“How do you pick me up in military uniforms? Don’t you usually wear military uniforms?”

“The military uniform is handsome!”

“To be honest.”

“Isn’t handsome handsome?” Well, I just finished a task, and I rushed in because my clothes didn’t have time to change.”

“I guess so, I called you before I got on the plane, but no one can answer the phone, I guess you must be busy. Now you are busy?”

“Busy, don’t go to school, I have something to send you. Go to my house.”

I heard here that Jiang Xinyu’s ears suddenly turned red. “Not good, let’s go back to school first. After a while, the school will welcome the ceremony…”

“Pull it down, it’s just a perfunctory thing. Listen to me, and stayed there for more than three months, and must have made up for it. We will eat lamb chops at night, and don’t go back to school tonight…”

Wang Lan chatteringly arranged that he didn’t care that Jiang Xinyu’s ears were getting red…

“The battlefield is really a place to hone people. Although I have been to the trial space before, the monsters in the trial space are simply docile cats compared to the monsters in the different degrees of space that are truly disorderly opened.

Alien beasts in different degrees have a strong offensive, and if they are not vigilant, they will be attacked by sneak at any time. When I participated in the support for the first time, as a preparatory group, that kind of feeling… I couldn’t feel it again when I tried the space.

There is a small town of Kessel in the Middle East, where people mainly produce military uniforms, military boots and steel making. We received the task and opened a heterogeneous space nearby. I fell twelve people to rescue the residents of the town.

It took us only one hour from receiving the order to rushing to the destination. In an hour, I saw not beasts raging everywhere, nor the residents of small towns hiding in Tibet.

When we arrived, there was nothing. Apart from the blood stains all over the town, no living person was found.

The battlefield quickly made me stronger, braver, and stronger…”

Jiang Xinyu snuggled in Wang Lan’s arms, talking about some unforgettable things during the three months of support. In the original words of Jiang Xinyu, almost every day after the official participation in the assistance can be regarded as an unforgettable day, but because there are too many unforgettable days, I get used to it.

“How much do I use for your Soul bead grenade?”

“The other uses are not much, that is, the medicine category is used more. Not for me, but for classmates and teachers.

I know you are most worried about my safety, but in fact… as long as my strength improves fast enough, the danger cannot catch up with me. One month after arriving in the Middle East, I broke through the Star River.

Later, there is battle on every day, Soul bead absorption on every day, plus the Refining Qi article you gave me, Xian Yun Xuan Qing Lu, my strength is growing all the time. By now, I have reached the Middle-Stage of the Star River. How about you? Last time I called you that you also broke through Star River? “

“Well, it’s also Star River Realm Middle-Stage.” Wang Lan’s current thoughts are not on the chat, his hands are constantly stroking Jiang Xinyu’s shoulder.

“Don’t make trouble!” Jiang Xinyu warned shouted, “It seems that the gap between me and you will get bigger and bigger in the future… Um… Don’t make trouble, don’t you say there is something good for me? Is it you? Bad hands and feet? If you do this again, I can go back to school tonight.”

“Okay, okay! Don’t move! Mainly because I exchanged points for a star martial skill with you some time ago, and I pass it on to you.” Said, both fingers and swords, against Jiang Xinyu’s eyebrows in.

“Snow God Realm? Where did it come from? Did you get it from the country of Bing Xue?”

“No, didn’t you just say it? Redeemed points from the school’s star martial skill museum.”

“I have already visited the star martial skill museum in the school, I haven’t.”

“It’s okay not to say this, I’ll be angry when I say this. You know I developed the Xingwu toxin vaccine, now the country exchanges the Xingwu toxin vaccine for the star martial skill. The star martial skill I get Let me use points to buy… I was paid a small price for big rewards in return.”

Jiang Xinyu gave him a glance when he watched Wang Lan play treasure.

“Oh, how can you cultivate ice attribute star martial skill? Don’t tell me that you have integrated the ice attribute attribute?”

“Xinyu, this is what you forced me to pretend to be!” Wang Lan suddenly made a tiger’s body tremble and whip, “Don’t say Ice Attribute, I now have Lan attribute, inflammation attribute, melting attribute, melting attribute, Wait…”

Beep beep–

While Wang Lan was planning to go further, the phone rang suddenly.

Wang Lan took out his phone and took a look, suddenly the complexion greatly changed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Heavenly Sword Bureau signal of support…”

“Boom–” Before Wang Lan got dressed, there was a loud noise outside. A violent explosion sounded, accompanied by a burst of exclamation. Wang Lan’s figure instantly came to the balcony and looked down, suddenly the complexion greatly changed.

A dozen beasts appeared in Phoenix Square, and the beasts were madly chasing the citizens in the square. Phoenix Plaza, the magic city of Fanghua Plaza, has tens of thousands of people at night, and tens of thousands of people gather together, which can cause a lot of casualties within a few minutes.

In an instant, Wang Lan’s figure disappeared, and when he reappeared, he fell into Phoenix Plaza.

“Chopping Soul–“

For this densely populated environment, the Soul Cleaver is the most effective means of killing. When the Soul Cleaver starts, Wang Lan’s figure has turned into a colorful butterfly flying.

“Help, help–” A young girl’s feet were caught by the tongue of the beast and dragged to the giant mouth of the beast quickly. Although there are people around who want to lend a helping hand. But in the face of the horror of the beasts, they did not dare to take action.

Frustrated people rushed into the store and closed the door, and more people ran desperately outside the square.

The girl was desperate, staring blankly at the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl of the beast in front of her, as if frightened to stop the struggle. Suddenly, a butterfly appeared strangely on top of the beast’s head, and then a silhouette flashed by.

“pu chi ——” green’s blood spewed out, splashing a girl’s skirt. She only felt a pair of arms pick her up, and then her vision changed, and people had appeared far away from several dozen meters.

At this very moment, a dozen or so beasts chasing citizens in the square have already moved to different places.

“Are you all right? Do you know where the beast came from?” Wang Lan asked hurriedly.

But the girl looked dull and stared at Wang Lan, did this soldier brother save me? This brother Bing is so handsome… shall I die?

“Wang Lan, here, come soon!” Jiang Xinyu’s voice sounded, Wang Lan’s figure instantly disappeared. After seeing Wang Lan completely disappeared, the girl gradually regained consciousness, thinking of the panic moment just now, Wang Lan’s handsome moment was thrown by her to beyond the topmost clouds.

Turn around and run out of Phoenix Plaza.

Behind the square, a dozen flower beasts are gorge oneself among the flower beds. There were blood stains everywhere on the edge of the flower bed, and a few people who could not run out were killed here by strange beasts.

Wang Lan burst into anger, turned into a ghost butterfly, and killed dozens of beasts in a blink of an eye. And next door to the flower bed, the fluctuation of star martial skill also came out at the same time.

Wang Lan’s figure flashed, and he met Jiang Xinyu. In the area where Jiang Xinyu is located, dozens of beasts have been killed on the spot. In front of Jiang Xinyu, a crack in the distinguished space seemed to open the devil’s eyes.

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