I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 419


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“Space Crack is here… Xiaoai, please check where else is there?”

“All the cameras in the Phoenix Plaza area have been activated, and no strange animals have been found…” Xiao Ai’s reply was very fast, almost when Wang Lan’s voice fell to the ground.

A strange beast protruded his head from Space Crack. Before the roar was issued, Wang Lan burst out with a Extreme Hot light.

“Ruoyun, you are here, I will close the space.”

“Who knows the strength of the monsters in the space, or wait for the support from the school to come.”

“No, I can do it.” Then, Wang Lan burst into Space Crack.

Into the space, the terrain in the space is mountain range terrain, and it is not a green mountain, all are rock barren mountains where plants cannot grow. Covering the mountains and plains, they are all kind of grim-looking lizards with long tongues.

Wang Lan is welcome in the space of different degrees, and in the face of the madness of countless exotic beasts, Wang Lan stomped gently, “Snow God Realm -“

The strength of the monsters is all about Stars Realm, and the proportion of Stars Realm and above reaches 50%. In other words, the intensity of this heterogeneous space is almost the same as that of the intermediate test field.

With Wang Lan’s current strength, it is almost the type that can be stomped by stomping.

Countless exotic beasts rushed into Wang Lan’s Snow God realm, and then instantly seemed to be stiffened with a fixed spell, and then turned into ice sculpture. As Wang Lan moves forward, at least 5,000 beasts have died in Wang Lan’s Snow God realm.

This heterogeneous space is about the size of a county, about ten kilometers across. Where Wang Lan went and killed, but all who attacked Wang Lan were overwhelmed by Wang Lan.

An hour later, Wang Lan found Space Node. With a blow at Inch Jin Fist, the Space Node instantly shattered and dissipated the sky.

The space quickly collapses and twists, and Wang Lan’s figure rushes out of the space of different degrees like a streamer. Seeing Wang Lan come out safe and sound, Jiang Xinyu showed a relaxed expression on his face.

“How are you?” Jiang Xinyu asked quickly and concernedly.

“It’s okay, hasn’t there been one to support it after so long?” Wang Lan wondered, Phoenix Plaza was very close to the Academy, and the space of different degrees opened to run out of the beast. It stands to reason that the Academy should respond faster than Heavenly Sword Bureau .

“Here are a few batches of Seniors, but when you hear that you have entered the space of different degrees, they turn around and leave.” Jiang Xinyu looked at Wang Lan without words, “True didn’t expect me to leave for three months, Does Academy have such a high sense of your strength?”

In this case, Wang Lan does not know how to answer it. Can the sense of identity be high? Don’t even think about what I have done in these three months? Even the most powerful senior in the Academy called Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan the strongest students in the Demon Capital Star Martial collage. What can they say in the second year and third year? Of course, it was approved by all votes, and no rebuttal is allowed.

“Where did they leave?”

“I went to another place to support it. The current Modu is in chaos everywhere. Phoenix Plaza is not only one.” Jiang Xinyu hurriedly told the information he had learned.

“More than one place? Does anyone want to destroy the magic city? No!” Wang Lan suddenly realized the problem.

There are two prerequisites for opening the heterosexual space. First, the magic is close to the Eastern Sea scouting space. If it is a naturally open heterosexual space, it is absolutely impossible. Because the heterogeneous space opened naturally will be absorbed by the Eastern Sea scouting space.

But if the heterogeneous space is not opened naturally, it must be opened with Space Stone. When Space Stone opens, there will be space turbulence precursors. At that time, Wang Lan was in his home in Phoenix Square, and his sensitivity to space fluctuations must be able to sense space fluctuations.

“What’s wrong? Wang Lan?”

“I’m afraid things are not that simple.”

The whole magic is full of alarms everywhere, the whole magic is full of different degrees of space suddenly opened. But unfortunately, the intensity of these heterogeneous spaces is not great.

The magic has the first-class Heavenly Sword Bureau camp and the ultimate weapon Demon Capital Star Martial collage. After the Academy and Heavenly Sword Bureau are all deployed, it will be tiled to the magic city after an hour.

Five hours later, Xenospace was closed one after another. This intensity of heterogeneous space actually does not require Wang Lan to show his skills. Any Star River squad can be closed.

At two o’clock in the morning, the last alien space was successfully closed. But the students of Academy and Soldiers of Heavenly Sword Bureau did not immediately return to the team, still patrolling the town and counting the casualties.

Wang Lan returned to the Heavenly Sword Bureau and was immediately called Sword Dragon to the Great Conference Hall for a meeting. In the conference hall of Magic City, the senior leaders of Academy and the sect masters of various departments of Heavenly Sword Bureau gathered together.

“Elder Di, my colleagues, and the leaders of Academy, the casualties were just calculated. There were 73 different degrees of space opened suddenly this time, and the number of deaths due to exotic animals was more than 13,700. The largest casualty is the area farthest from our support area, with more than 1,000 deaths in Dongting Township.”

“73 different degrees of space are open, this is definitely not an accident, it must be the ghost of the Demon Race spy!” Academy was shot by a deputy dean.

“General Cheng, 73 different degrees of space have been opened. This has to be changed in other cities. The cities are all gone! Has Heavenly Sword Bureau done anything? Why is Demon Race planning such a big operation, Heavenly Sword Bureau? Not aware?”

These reasons, asked Heavenly Sword Bureau, everyone suddenly complexion ashen. The face of Sword Dragon is also extremely ugly.

“Vice Vice President Li’s criticism was indeed Heavenly Sword Bureau’s dereliction of duty. 73 different degrees of space were opened, and we didn’t even notice it. Heavenly Sword Bureau will conduct a profound review, but now is not the time for accountability, etc. After that, I will plead guilty to the superior.

The question now is, how are these heterogeneous spaces opened? This is really terrible. In the past, we thought that the natural space opened disorderly must be absorbed by the Eastern Sea scouting space, and the fixed space must be opened with Space Stone.

So these years, we Heavenly Sword Bureau have spent a lot of energy on the investigation of Space Stone. We always thought that as long as the inflow of Space Stone is controlled, there will be no opening of different degrees of space.

But tonight, taught me a painful lesson! These heterogeneous spaces were not opened with Space Stone. We have sufficient witnesses to confirm that the space is opened instantly. “

“Is it possible to open alien space in an instant? Don’t crack a joke.” An Academy Teacher disdain said with a smile, “Whether it is Space Stone or naturally opened alien space needs at least a dozen The process of minutes.”

“But it was really, very fast tonight, and there was no time for the public to report to the police. Also, this time it can be determined to be controlled by humans.”

This is fart. If it is not artificially designed, it may open 73 different degrees of space at the same time?

“Look, please, this is the surveillance video when the heterosexual space appears.” Cheng Sword Dragon clicked on the projection instrument on the Conference Hall, and the scene that happened in the night and night soon returned to everyone’s eyes.

People coming, people going On the streets, the faces of various pedestrians are filled with different expressions. Among the crowd, a man in a black coat with a black hat was marked with red dots.

Suddenly, the black man’s body was disappeared with a sharp twist, and where he disappeared, the space was still twisted. And this distortion is getting bigger and bigger, suddenly, a Space Crack appears.

The appearance of Space Crack caused many pedestrians to flee in panic. Soon, a beast rushed out of the crack to kill the surrounding people, and the chaos began.

“Isn’t it really a space opened with Space Stone? Who is this person?” a professor hurriedly asked.

Sing Dragon opened a few screenshots of the video and vaguely saw the man’s face. There was a shiny reflection on the man’s face. Wang Lan’s eyes suddenly became solemn, and the reflection was strange.

Here, the senior officer of Heavenly Sword Bureau here also sighed slightly in relief, and my heart was even wronged. The magic happened, and Heavenly Sword Bureau was the first to be held accountable. Being accountable, they admit it, but to say it is because they did not neglect their duties, they did feel wronged.

Who can predict this way of opening heterosexual space? Who can stand it? Demon Race is doing such a big move in Modu, you Heavenly Sword Bureau have no awareness? Now you pat your chest and think about it, is Demon Race’s movement big?

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