I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 420


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“Wang Lan, do you know this person?” Cheng Sword Dragon quickly asked.

“In the end, he should be the ancient troll that I saw in a fixed space and released by Lu Family. The ancient troll was attached to Lu Yifeng’s body, and blood and scales appeared on Lu Yifeng’s face.


The scales on the face of the person in the photo are exactly the same as those of Lu Yifeng. Although Lv Yifeng was killed by Haoyang Jianjue, the Primordial Spirit of the ancient troll was not so easy to die, he should have escaped from the fixed space. But…”

“But what?”

“But since the ancient trolls have escaped from the fixed space, why should they come to the magic capital?”

As soon as the question came out, everyone present reacted. Yes, why come to Modu? Even if he is not an ancient troll, he is any Demon Race spy, why should he come to the demon to destroy it?

Although Modu is the sub-capital, it is a dynasty era. Nowadays, the capital of Jade Country is only Kyoto, and Modu has a prosperous economy and a very high city status, but he cannot keep up with Kyoto.

However, the protection strength of Modu is no less than that of Kyoto. If Demon Race is going to disrupt the political influence of Jade Country, then you should make trouble in Kyoto. What do you do when you come to trouble?

If it is purely for destruction, you can go to other cities and make troubles. It’s just like pretending to be the hardest and hitting the hardest south wall.

From the perspective of Demon Race, none of the demons are a strategic place to be overcome, so Demon Race is always like a farce in the haunted capital today.

“Demon Race must have other conspiracies, impossible simply adds to our plug.”

At this moment, Cheng Sword Dragon’s mobile phone sounded a message again, and Cheng Sword Dragon suddenly stood up after reading it.

“Just the latest information came from the Intelligence Service. At 12 o’clock last night, a group of mysterious star martial artists attacked our prison No. 8. Fifty star martial artist criminals were robbed.”

“Hail? Is this related to the opening of the Xenosphere?” an Academy leader asked.

“I don’t guarantee that, but he launched a prison at this special time tonight, and robbed almost all the Xingwu criminals in one breath. I think the two are inevitable. What do you think, Wang Lan?”

Wang Lan was still thinking about why the ancient trolls came to Modu, and was suddenly named as Sword Dragon. Lifts the head thought for a while and said, “Is it possible that…their purpose is prison?” p>

“This…impossible, right?” the director of the intelligence department said hesitantly, “In order to rob a prison, as for such a large battle? And the criminals in the prison are not worthy of such a big fan of Demon Race? There are so many people, there are so many birds of paradise.”

“But it’s not impossible to think about it from another angle.” Xie Ye suddenly said, “The prison of Modu No. 8 is heavily guarded and only two kilometers away from the Heavenly Sword Bureau. Is there any chance for them to change the usual time?

And this time, 73 heterosexual spaces were opened. Although they caused a lot of turmoil, the strength of these heterosexual spaces was really not strong. The feeling of these heterogeneous spaces is used to create chaos. “

Understood Ye Ye’s words suddenly made the Director of the Intelligence Service think.

“Well, Heavenly Sword Bureau and Academy continue to maintain the status quo to guard each area and make the regional branches more dense. I immediately raised an early warning, and I am not clear about the purpose of Demon Race and this kind of openness at any time. Under the premise of the number of people with space capabilities, it is best for cities across the country to guard in this way.

The last thing is…Wang Lan! “


“You are responsible for investigating all the relevant reasons for the ability piece, to find out the Demon Race conspiracy, and the strength of Heavenly Sword Bureau is at your disposal.”


“Wang Lan!” Elder Di suddenly said, “Academy, you can make any request, regardless of manpower and material resources, you can mobilize. As long as you can find the guy as soon as possible, find out the Demon Race conspiracy. “

“President, what I am most worried about now is not the Demon Race conspiracy issue, but…our highest battle strength. The power of the ancient trolls, Yu Ruoyan and I both have a deep experience, and the titled powerhouse is in the ancients The next finger of the troll is flying ash annihilation.”

“It’s okay, Azure Emperor Yuqing will stay in the magic capital during this time, and old fogey I can also work with people. It is not possible, Dao Tianxuan can come back temporarily to help. You only need to find the Demon Race spy whereabouts, ancient The troll’s whereabouts and their conspiracy are just fine.”


Somewhere in the high-end villa community in Modu, a black car slowly drove into the community. There was drizzle in the sky, and the wipers splashed through the glass and made messy splashes.

The car entered the ground parking garage of a villa, and the garage door closed slowly. Through the falling shutter door, a youngster dressed in red uniform got out of the car.

Clear footsteps sounded, walking down the continuous stairs to the depths of the ground. The lights were on, and there were several people of all ages and even professions in the underground chamber.

“The gems of time and space are not in Heavenly Sword Bureau, they should be in the hands of the dean of Demon Capital Star Martial collage.”

“What are you waiting for?” A rough voice suddenly sounded. In the secret room, there was a set of strange crystals. The sound is from the crystal. Along with the sound, a face gradually appeared in the crystal.

Faces are gradually condensing and converging into the face of the troll in a fixed space.

“Dear Titan General, in the magic capital, the strongest is not Heavenly Sword Bureau but Xingwu Academy. If the Space Time Gem is in Heavenly Sword Bureau, I can still think of ways, but if in Academy, we are powerless.

Or Titan General, you are lurking with us to wait for the opportunity? How about you returning when the future imperial army arrives? “

“I can’t survive for so long without losing my body. The longer the time, my strength will continue to weaken until I return to the embrace of the ancient god. Only when I return to the parent star can I regenerate my body.

I only have twelve days. Within twelve days, I must get the space-time gem to open the space channel. “

“Sorry, the twelve-day period is fundamentally impossible, and the transformation of the Biochemical Demonic General will take at least one month to complete.”

“I’m not talking to you, twelve days, this is the deadline. If you can’t do it, then I will borrow your body. When the time comes, don’t blame me for ignoring the feelings of the same family.”

The words fell, and the face in the crystal dissipated like smoke. The troll disappeared, and the six talents present seemed to relax and put a long breath out.

“Why lie to him? Isn’t it enough for a biochemical demonic weapon to be transformed in ten days?”

“Don’t say that he will stay?”

“Although he is from the ancient Titan family, after all, he is not a person of our time. He is destined to not follow our arrangements. Such troublesome guys will bring hidden dangers to our latent. According to my ideas, hurry up Send him away.”

“But he is really strong, isn’t he?” red clothed youth faintly smiled asked, “The ancient Titans, now only the soul state can match the powerful existence of the 5 Emperors. If you can come up with a clone here The physical approach is perfect.

The Titans in the victory period, even under the rule of law, have absolutely strong strength. He can help us clear any obstacles we want to clear. “

“Make a Titan body on the earth’s boundary? This is impossible, otherwise, it can be suppressed, even if there is no rule to suppress it, we can’t do it.” An old-school figure said quickly.

“I don’t know if you still remember…demon?”

“Demon? That notorious criminal?”

“The charm is capable of regenerating the body. He can regenerate his body, and naturally he can also regenerate the body of others. Finding the charm can completely make a body for the ancient Titans.”

“Demon Charm 3000 years ago was exiled to the realm with a group of fierce criminals, is it still alive? I remember that the criminals were almost dead.”

“It should be alive, and there is the inheritance of the sect in the Yunhai area.”

“Why don’t you tell General Titan if you have this plan?”

“Because I’m not sure whether his focus is to return to the parent star or to regenerate his body. And as you said, after all, he is not a person of our time with us, we need a good knife, not a Ancestor.

How can we control him if there is nothing in his hand? If he is not stupid, then we will try our best to help it make the body. If he is stupid and there is no cure, then make a final dedication for Divine Race. “

“It’s you… really insidious.”

“There are not many people in the Titan family. He can’t recover the Titans when he returns. He he he he…”

On the other side, Wang Lan was ordered in critical condition to investigate the purpose of this Demon Race disrupting the magic capital. Jiang Xinyu must have brought it, and Yu Ruoyan must have brought it. While being a girlfriend, you can use Yu Family’s strength.

Heavenly Sword Bureau S team Wang Lan also needs to bring it. After all, he has cooperated and still recognizes the ability of S team.

This night, the whole devil stayed awake all night. This night, the media of the devil madly bombed the nerves of the whole country. Why in countless? Why does the devil encounter such an attack? After the question of why so many people died, the anger of the people easily pointed to the Heavenly Sword Bureau and the superintendent. Is the Heavenly Sword Bureau weak guard? Is the superintendent dereliction of duty?

In the early morning, the official media collectively vocalized. It’s never a good time to use a sentence, but it was someone who acted in the headline before the weight-bearing, and unlocked the veil of peaceful years from the ordinary person.

Jade Country Cheng Ping 70 years? Over the past 70 years, Jade Country has been enjoying a peaceful life in the world?


You live and work in peace, but this live and work in peace is the death of hundred of thousands of star martial artists in the past 70 years. Countless people who bear the unnamed name but suffer your unimaginable pain are secretly protecting you in exchange.

What’s going on? Demon Race never loses the heart of Human Race, and the beast regards Human Race as the heart of fish and meat. Seeing the world’s known truth, if countless people are fighting in corners that you don’t know, the erosive situation in the Middle East is a lesson.

What is such an attack on Modu? More than 10,000 people died in the opening of 73 different degrees Demons have a population of 20,000,000! The 73 heterogeneous spaces spread over the magic city, causing a death rate of only 0.1%?

For any country, can anyone do it so well? What do you blame for those places where a city in a different space kills a city?

In this rhythm, the people stopped clamoring while fearing. But as the mayor of the devil announced that the devil was on alert, the fear began to spread explosively.

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