I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 421


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“Captain, I found the bus.” Xu Ting hurried to Wang Lan and said.

“Where?” At a shoal in the Bund, a fishing boat hit the reef and hit it, and then went down to find a bus and immediately called the police. After investigation and confirmation, the bus of prisoners in prison No. 8 was formally robbed last night.

“Is the vehicle ownership information found?”

“Belongs to the long-distance bus operation department in the east of Modu.”


The entire group drove to the long-distance bus operation department, and immediately took out their documents and were taken to the general manager’s office by the staff. After Dao Ming came to the intention, the general manager immediately ordered the investigation.

“General Manager, I found that the bus was eliminated and resold five years ago.”

“Who is it sold to?”

“A man named Chen Feiyu, he is the Chief-In-Charge of the Feiyu driving school. A total of nine cars were eliminated in the same batch as this bus, all of which were purchased by the Feiyu driving school for use as a coach.”

“understood, many thanks. You guys cooperate, do you have a record of the address of Feiyu Driving School?”


Obtaining the address of the driving school from the long-distance bus station, Wang Lan and the others drove another 60 kilometers to the location of the Feiyu driving school, but the driving school in front of him has become an agricultural product.

Although it has long been unrecognizable, you can still vaguely see the traces of a driving school.

“Excuse me… who are you looking for?”

When Wang Lan and the others got off the bus and looked outside the agricultural products, the security guard of the agricultural products came to Wang Lan and the others and asked. The security guard looked at the military uniform of Wang Lan entire group with some fear. In this era, people still have a natural sense of fear of guards, and soldiers are even more ruthless than guards.

“We are looking for the Feiyu driving school…but I see it here…it seems not quite right.”

“Feiyu driving school? That’s all Old Huang’s experience.” The security guard quickly said with a smile, “The driving school has been down for many years.”

“Many years? How many years?”

“There are five years, because this agricultural product has been here for five years.”

“Five years?”

“Old Chen, who are they?”

In the distance, a voice came, and the security guard hurriedly turned back and said to Wang Lan, “My Boss is here. The agricultural products are my Boss. I heard that he knows Chen Feiyu.”

Boss came to see that Wang Lan and the others were dressed in black uniforms and suddenly became nervous. Wang Lan took out the Heavenly Sword Bureau ID, “Hello, we are the magic capital Heavenly Sword Bureau, come here to find Feiyu Driving School’s Chen Feiyu. Do you know him?”

“Chen Feiyu, if I don’t know him, I know him even if he turns into gray.” Boss mentioned Chen Feiyu, and gnash the teeth immediately, “Chen Feiyu, a bad gambler, ran off with a butt debt A lot of people looking for him in the world, but no one lives but no dead. He owes me 3,000,000.”

“When did his Feiyu driving school not have?”

“May 14th, anyway, I talked to me in May 14th about selling the driving school. I don’t do driving school. But this plot is really good. It was opened here in July. Farm produce.”

“May?” Wang Lan suddenly found a contradiction. Judging from the contract signed at the station, Chen Feiyu was the nine bus ordered in June 2014. If he plans to sell the driving school in May, is it necessary for him to spend 1,000,000 to buy a bus?

Now that the bus has become the crime-making tool of Demon Race, you don’t have to think about it. Demon Race was preparing at that time. Although not necessarily prepared for yesterday’s action, but certainly prepared for hoarding supplies.

“Can you show me the sales contract signed with Chen Feiyu? Also, we have to check your agricultural products.”

“Yes, yes.” Can Boss say no? You are so big, of course, you can.

Seeing that the resale contract is indeed a contract signed in June or June, the note comparison is also the same as the signed note of the bus station. Suddenly, Wang Lan fixed the suspect on Chen Feiyu.

“Captain, this agricultural product is actually a pig farm.” Li Yang came to Wang Lan and reported.

“Yes, our main agricultural business is live pigs, and pork is so expensive now. But we still have other agricultural products, and the milk on our farm is still very good.”

“But I see that none of the pigs here are from your own family, 80% are bought from other farms, and the pigs are stamped with the seals of different farms.”

“This is the case, because the hog business has been hot recently, so we bought from other farms at a low price and we changed hands, and the difference in earnings is much higher than that of raising ourselves. But not all of our pigs are bought There are still a lot of them raised by myself…”

“I said why the meat prices of Modu have risen so fast these years. It turns out that you secretly pinched the source of pork production?” Yang Yang suddenly shouted.

“Yang Yang! Other business matters are not ours.” Wang Lan quickly shouted.


“Nothing else, let’s go first. By the way, if there is news from Chen Feiyu, I hope you can call the police. Thank you for your cooperation.”

“Sure, sure!”

Get in the car, and the car starts slowly to leave. Yang Yang hesitated for a long time and suddenly said to the rearview mirror, “Captain, I’m sorry.”

Wang Lan thinking about things lifts the head blankly, “What’s the matter? Why do I apologize suddenly?”

“I shouldn’t talk about things that are not ours. I’m just mad, but pork prices have risen by half in recent years. The pork prices in Modu have been very stable in the past, but they have grown crazy in these years.

I haven’t heard of any swine fever and so on, that’s why the unfathomable mystery has gone up. It turned out that this group of guys controlled the number of hogs from the source and created the illusion of hog shortage. “

“Just about this? What do you apologize? Although it is really not our responsibility, but since we see it, we can’t be ignorant, just report it to the Industry and Commerce Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture.”

“I think you are sullen with your head down, thinking you are angry about this.”

“Woolen yarn! Get angry at this? Can I make it?” Wang Lan glanced blankly and looked back at the car that followed.

“Where is that bus?”

“At the Superintendent.”

“Let’s go to the Superintendent to see the bus, hoping to find clues, and pass it back to the bureau, be sure to find the Feiyu driving school Chief-In-Charge Chen Feiyu.”


The two cars came to the superintendent, and immediately brought them to the side of the bus after knowing what they meant. The bus was pulled out of the water, and it is still ticking.

There are many eye-catching and many deformations on the car, but the overall model is not damaged. According to the superintendent’s speculation, the car rushed down the cliff and landed on the shoal.

Falling from a height, even if there is a buffer of water, but the depth of the shoal is only one meter, and the bottom of the water is all gravel. Didn’t even crash the car? The degree of deformation is not high, and Wang Lan’s inspection immediately became dignified.

Jiang Xinyu came to Wang Lan curiously, “What’s wrong? Did you find something?”

“I have seen such reinforcements once.” Wang Lan pointed to the car’s inner frame and said, “Remember a dangerous situation that I encountered soon after awakening the star martial artist innate talent. Demon Race used a disguised bus to carry five Ten student parents entered the half-space created by Demon Race.

The bus that fell off the cliff was this way of reinforcement. At that time, the bus broke and we were saved. Finally, the bus collapsed into the space with the space.

Although it is not certain that the bus and the bus are in the same batch, the reinforcement method is the same. “

“That is to say, from this car, you can be sure that the fifty Xingwu criminals were robbed… is it a Demon Race?”

“It should be that it can really be connected to this turmoil. It is Demon Race that opens the alien space, and the Demon Race is also the prisoner. But the problem is that the focus is on the devil, and the prisoner is just by the way… …Or prisoner robbing is the purpose, and the demon are all cover?”

“In terms of value, are a group of prisoners worth doing for Demon Race?”

“This cannot be judged for the time being, but small-scale repair shops should not be able to modify buses of this degree, right?” Wang Lan asked.

“You can’t do it!” A voice sounded, and everyone turned around, but they saw Li Yang who had been promoted to senior police inspector take a stride, “Captain, I sent a professional to evaluate, this bus is in addition to the shell… …No, except for the outer layer of leather and the seat, almost everything else has changed.

The new gasoline engine, the new shock absorption balance system, this set down, at least 1.2 million. Don’t look at the appearance of this bus, it is actually a 4WD SUV class. Can cross mountains and ridges, can cross the bridge to wading. “

“Then we will take this clue to find a car repair company capable of modifying these buses.”

“The Superintendent has started to investigate from this aspect. I have corresponding outlets here. There are a total of 1,000 taels in the entire devil. There are 100 after-sales service companies with this strength.”

“So much?” Wang Lan was surprised.

“I said Captain, you don’t want to think about where this is? Modu! You can’t afford a house if you live in Modu, but who can’t afford a car? There are tens of thousands in Modu. Of car enthusiasts.

Small auto repair service stores have no living space at all. Which one of the chain auto repair service stores is not capable? “

This World does not have a 4S business model. Automobile after-sales service is externally guaranteed. Although the effect is the same, the nature is completely different. Visiting more than a thousand stores, even with the help of Superintendent Modu, they are always busy.

However, this is not worth mentioning compared to playing against a different beast in a different space. In the evening, Wang Lan enjoys Jiang Xinyu’s fingertip massage in Jiang Xinyu’s arms.

Wang Lan moaned comfortably. Although Jiang Xinyu’s technique is not very good, the physical and mental satisfaction can far replace the physical satisfaction. Can you enjoy before changing?

Jiang Xinyu’s willingness to do this for Wang Lan can only prove one problem, she has sung conquest completely. At the thought, Wang Lan laughed out of pigs in his heart.

ding ding dong dong ——

Every time you enjoy leisure time, there are always people who want to destroy. Looking at the caller ID, Wang Lan reluctantly picked up the phone and turned on the phone hands-free.

“Classmate Yu Ruoyan…”

At this moment, Yu Ruoyan roared in his heart. Before Jiang Xinyu came back, you called me Ruoyun, and after Jiang Xinyu came back, you became Yu Ruoyan classmate? Man, it really is a wolf.

But now, Yu Ruoyan is not in the mood to care about these things. “I just got the news that a car repair facility in Jiading District opened a heterogeneous space, causing the death of more than 500 people.”

“Shoot–” Wang Lan sat up in a sudden dying.

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