I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 422


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“Why would you notify me immediately instead of me?” Wang Lan asked the first sentence after seeing Yu Ruoyan ready to go. Wang Lan is the leader of the investigation team. There is no reason to update Wang Lan immediately with the latest situation.

“That area is in charge of the classmates of Academy, and the team leader is a member of the student union. I heard that we are more concerned about the car repair company recently, and the accident happened to be in the car repair company dormitory.”

“How is it going?”

“The situation is very bad.” Yu Ruoyan shook the head, “Space Crack appeared when it was late at night, without fluctuations and no movements. And those monsters are very strange, they are a type of liquid worm.

The appearance of silence, the killing of silence. When the classmates arrived, the employee dormitory of the auto repair company was completely slaughtered, and even several nearby hardware stores and decorating material stores were killed. “

When Wang Lan and the others rushed to repair the company, the whole company was already in a mess. Under the command of Academy star martial artist, the regional police chief was using large machinery to deal with the aftermath.

The disastrous scene made Wang Lan and the others feel a little uncomfortable. This kind of beast can be turned into a flowing liquid, so the whole area is full of this slime material, with a strong smell.

“Are there any records of the opening of heterosexual space in other places?”

“No report has been received yet.”

“Impossible is so ingenious.” Wang Lan said immediately, “This is the killing of Demon Race. So we are in the right direction, and this auto repair shop should be a shop that helps them modify the bus. Quick, Where is the shop Boss?”

Wang Lan hurriedly used Heavenly Sword Bureau authority to investigate and locked the location of Boss. Boss’s home lived in a community less than three kilometers away from the store. Wang Lan and the others rushed immediately, but it was too late when they hit the Boss door.

The Boss family of auto repair shops are all dead, and they did not feel the pain when they died. The expression on his face was still like he was asleep.

“Everyone is looking around to see if they can find clues.”

“Team leader? Will the Demon Race leave clues?” Yang Yang asked doubtfully, which clearly showed that the Demon Race was killing people and the scene was clean and the Demon Race was also running. Where else is there a clue?

“Don’t say you have followed me in the future.” Wang Lan sighed said to Yang Yang. A person who is usually very smart, why did he suddenly become stupid?

“Captain, I think the leader should be the survivor of the auto repair shop staff.”

“Aren’t all dead?”

“The one who lives in the staff dormitory is Boss, but there are certainly those who do not live in the company dormitory, and even if all the employees are dead now, don’t they leave?” Wang Lan rummaging through the drawers Said.

“I found it.” Jiang Xinyu suddenly ran over and said, in his hand is an employee contact telephone list. Wang Lan took over the big joy and immediately took out his mobile phone to scan these photos. Under the processing of Xiao Ai, he quickly screened out the employees who live in the magic town.

A total of seven employees either rent their own houses or have houses in the vicinity. Wang Lan quickly ordered everyone to split up and go to the home of several employees.

Fortunately, Wang Lan could think so far, but Demon Race did not. After the team separated, they all found their goals very smoothly. If Demon Race thinks about this, it is necessary to kill these employees together immediately after killing the boss.

Divide documents, assist in investigations, and take away! After this process, the team members came together again after half an hour.

“Guard Uncle, we are really good people and do nothing bad. I have a serious job, really…you caught the wrong person.”

“I have explained it thousands of times. It is for you to assist in the investigation instead of arresting you. You are now in danger. Taking you away is also to protect you and protect your family from harm.”

“I don’t have much study, don’t lie to me. I am a car mechanic who works on duty and never complains with others. Who would harm me? Do you want my family to die?”

“That’s right, we are all poor people, and every month 10,000 hard money, this money can only make one person eat the whole family without being hungry.”

“You are all employees of Xincheng Auto Repair Parts, right?”

“Yeah, but we don’t pick up dirty work, and we don’t accept, change, or sell cars of unknown origin…this is the three-no policy made by Boss.”

“The Boss equipped with Xincheng Auto Repair and more than one hundred employees living in dormitories were all killed tonight.”


It was a crisp voice that twisted my neck. Several people in the car all rounded their eyes together, blinking their mouths for a long time before they could make a sound.

“Really or…fake? Impossible, right?”

“You think we are far away to pick you up to crack a joke with you? Sorry, we are very busy.”

entire group back to Heavenly Sword Bureau, just past the front desk, the intelligent AI reception at the front desk suddenly called Wang Lan, “Colonel Wang Lan, this is a fax sent to you by the Administration for Industry and Commerce.”

“Business Administration? Why?” Wang Lan took the fax and looked unfathomable mystery.

With the entire group back to the interrogation room, facing the posture, several employees in pajamas suddenly became nervous, shiver coldly.

“Is it cold? Warm up the air conditioner.”

“No, it’s not…not needed.”

“Just a little nervous…”

Wang Lan did not talk too much, put the picture of the bus in front of several people, “Who do you have an impression of this car? It should be modified in your auto repair shop. The time is about five years ago.”

“Then I am definitely not impressed. I have only worked for a year.”

“I am only two years old.”

“Lao Jin, have you been working in the store for the longest time, do you have any impression?” one person asked to a lean middle age person, and the middle age person frowns was lost in thought.

“Sir… I seem to be a little impressed. The modified cars in our store are generally family cars. There are many repairs like this bus, but there are very few modified ones. But you said five years ago… I have no impression. , Only remember a modification three years ago.”

“Three years ago? Are you sure?”

“Yes. Ok. Because those cars are so special, I remember very clearly.”

“That batch? More than one?”

“Yes, there are nine cars in total. What is the name of the Boss? Not quite clear, I know what rain…”

“Chen Feiyu?”

“Yes, yes, Chen Feiyu.”

“You say carefully, Xu Ting, you take notes.”

“It was about three years ago that there were nine buses from Boss for us to refit. The buses were all pulled back from the long-distance bus station, and there was no problem in themselves. It was a long time and some aging.

But that Boss is very generous, and he changes all the shots. From the engine to the transmission system, even the dashboard must be completely replaced. In addition to the reinforcement of the car’s skeleton and the like, a car is converted to at least 1,000,000.

At that time, we Boss reported the price of 12 million for nine cars. The Boss was driving a school, modified the coach for students to use as a coach, and reinforced the skeleton sheet metal for collision resistance. At that time, I thought, who is driving school? “

“Later? Are you sending those cars to the door or did they pick them up?”

“We delivered it.”

“Where did you send it?” Wang Lan suddenly became serious.

“Just send them to their driving school.”

“Driving school? Located in Jiuting?”

“It seems that this place is Feiyu Driving School.”

“No, the Feiyu driving school became an agricultural product five years ago… How could you still see the driving school three years ago?”

“But it was really the driving school at that time, I was one of the people who sent the car. Maybe I remembered the wrong place, maybe we are not talking about the same place.”

“Who else did you send the car with you at the time? Do you have contact information?”

“Yes, there are ten people, there are only three left in the store, and the other seven have left, and they are not understood when they are still in Modu. After all, Modu’s survival pressure is too great, one month Ten thousand dollars, if you rent one third, pay the rent…”

Through the old gold, Wang Lan successfully obtained the contact information of the other five people, and three of them lived in the staff dormitory. They should have died in the hands of a strange animal. The other changed the number and could not find it in a short time. .

While waiting for the news, Wang Lan opened the fax of the Industry and Commerce Bureau. After a glance, his face suddenly became weird.

When I went to the farm that day and found that the farm was controlling pigs from the source, Wang Lan’s return was a report call. The efficiency of this industry and commerce bureau is really high, and it took only two days to reply.

But Pegasus Farm not at all buys at low prices and sells at high prices. Judging from the bank flow in these years, Pegasus Farm has a lot of capital expenditures, but there is no capital inflow.

The Industry and Commerce Bureau also specifically investigated the hog farms mentioned by Wang Lan, and determined that Pegasus Farm did buy a large number of hogs in their farms. If the price of Modu pork increases, the main reason is the price. Growth has little to do with the large number of pigs bought by Pegasus Farm.

The final conclusion is that although Pegasus Farm bought a large number of live pigs, but he did not sell them at a high price, then there is no speculation, and naturally it does not constitute a problem of destroying the industry.

Wang Lan took a last look. The amount of live pigs purchased from Pegasus Ranch in these years has reached an appalling seven million million jade coin. Is Pegasus Ranch so rich? There are problems, absolutely problems.

“Team leader!” Yang Yang returned to the interrogation room. “The investigation was clear and it was determined to be the Feiyu driving school. One of the people had also studied driving at the Feiyu driving school. So it’s not wrong. The Feiyu driving school was still three years ago. Driving school.”

“So, there is a problem with Pegasus Farm. All units pay attention! ready to go.”

The ten investigative team immediately set off and drove to Pegasus Farm again. At this moment, Pegasus Farm was silent. The guard room that was supposed to have a vigil on duty was only lit and no one was there.

“It’s weird, everyone be careful.” Wang Lan instantly felt the abnormal atmosphere and entered the Pegasus Farm, the whole farm was quiet and dark.

“Wang Lan, shall we break up to investigate?” Yu Ruoyan asked Wang Lan next to him.

Wang Lan shook the head, “No, the Demon Race spy must know that we have suspected them and must be waiting for us.”

Suddenly, a flashlight called, “Who are you? Let’s do and so on? Is that a thief?” A black shadow strode along with a yell.

Wang Lan’s eyes narrowed slightly, the star force around him instantly mobilized, and an Extreme Hot light blasted out.

“Boom–” The man dressed as a door guard flexibly turned and hid, knowing that he did not disguise when exposed, and tore off his clothes to reveal his original appearance.

“Demon Race!”

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