I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 423


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“didn’t expect you guys found it so soon…”


A ghost butterfly suddenly appeared beside the Demon Race spy and slapped it on the chest of the Demon Race spy. Star force urged, instantaneously sealed the spy’s star force operation.

One year ago, when Wang Lan encountered the Demon Race spy, he still needed to activate Phoenix Form in order to have a fight. However, a year later, Wang Lan could easily kill the Demon Race spy in the Star River environment.

One of the changes, if there is no Demon Race spy to let him try, he really can’t feel it.

“You… I haven’t finished my words…” The Demon Race spy suddenly felt a little dumbfounded. Why didn’t the Heavenly Sword Bureau special service follow the script? Isn’t it normal that you don’t attack when I put my mouth out? The TV is really deceiving.

“The rest, stay in the interrogation room and talk about it.”

“You guys, die for me are here–” The Demon Race spy suddenly roared, and the star force within the body suddenly rioted.

Wang Lan complexion changed, increase the star force, “Press me!”

But the strange thing is, the harder Wang Lan suppresses, the stronger the star force rebounds.


Wang Lan flew the Demon Race spy, and the Demon Race spy exploded into a fireworks.

“Wang Lan! Isn’t it hurt?” Jiang Xinyu asked nervously, and in her vision, the Demon Race spy almost exploded in front of Wang Lan. Upon closer inspection, Wang Lan’s body did not know when a layer of ice armor was attached.

“Don’t Demon Race have improved the new technique to deal with our seal?”

“Wang Lan!” Suddenly, Yu Ruoyan said solemnly, we seemed to be surrounded.

“There are still a lot of numbers.” At this time, Wang Lan had sensed the movement of the underground, and the ground was trembling slightly, as if there were countless things in the underground that were active and quickly approaching them.

“The technique of planting rice seedlings!” Yu Ruoyan raised his hand to the sky, and countless wooden sticks were inserted into the ground like javelins. The wooden sticks touched the ground and instantly grew countless hairs. Attack effect, but this attack is aimed at something underground.



each and everyone silhouette drilled from the ground, about two meters tall, with sharp bone spur nails all over and under them, and some nail thorns also carry a bright blade of cold light.

“The fifth generation of biochemical demonic weapon!” Jiang Xinyu suddenly shouted.

“No.” Wang Lan quickly corrected, “I’m afraid it’s not the fifth generation, there are some differences in body shape, they have improved again.”

Biochemical demonic weapon suddenly killed all seven people together, as fast as the wind. The S independent squad greeted him in an instant.

The strength of the biochemical demonic weapon is higher than that of the general star martial artist, but as four members of the S independent group, Yang Yang’s Star Sea realm and the rest are all Star River real Peak.

In the face of such elite strength, the biochemical weapon is not enough.

“Team leader, these demonic weapons have the power of Early-Stage in the Star River realm!” Yang Yang hurriedly shouted.

“Sure enough, you have done an upgrade, Ruoyun, you don’t have to take charge of raiding. Biochemical demonic weapon Since it can be controlled, there must be a Demonic General lurking around, you should beware of the Demonic General taking advantage of the sneak attack, Xinyu, let’s go!”

Wang Lan’s voice fell to the ground, his figure spread out and became a cheat butterfly, and the ghost butterfly flashed, appearing immediately beside a dozen biochemical demonic weapons. Almost at the same time, Wang Lan’s figure flashed out, and his sword was crossed, and dozens of biochemical demonic weapons were killed at almost the same time.

Jiang Xinyu was covered in ice armor, and two ice swords came out of both hands. This is the form of Bing Xue soldiers that Jiang Xinyu and he talked about. In this form, both melee and elemental attacks can be launched. It is a star martial skill that is very suitable for battlefields.

Wang Lan stared at Jiang Xinyu while quickly harvesting the head of a biochemical demonic weapon. Jiang Xinyu’s strength is comparable to that of Star River’s Middle-Stage. The strength of the survey team is the worst of the investigation team, that is, the strength of Bai Xu is in Star River’s Peak.

There is an essential difference between a biochemical demonic weapon and alien beast. A biochemical demonic weapon is a soldier created by Demon Race for combat. The battle strength is very powerful. Therefore, even if Jiang Xinyu suppresses the biochemical demonic weapon at the level, he can win at most one head at the same time, and at the same time face the two must lose.

Like now, except for Yang Yang, the S independent team is still at ease, the other three people are in a stalemate after facing three biochemical demonic weapons. Only Wang Lan’s Dance of the Underworld Butterfly and the Sword of Soul reap the human head as if there is no solution.

Yu Ruoyan, who is watching this scene, is a little bit irritable. He wants to join forces with Wang Lan to come out with Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness, which can definitely end the battle within three seconds. If Wang Lan knows Yu Ruoyan’s thoughts, he will definitely return the beauty you want.

Jiang Xinyu is all around, do you tell me Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness?

One thousand demonic weapon, in the eyes of my big genius, is to chop melons and cut vegetables!

The biochemical demonic weapon really felt densely packed when they first came out. But no amount of biochemical weapon can resist Wang Lan’s ten kills in a second.

In just blinking time, the number of biochemical demonic weapons has been halved.

Suddenly, a strong breath rushed from the ground. The breath fluctuated with a violent star force, which made no secret of his existence. Wang Lan complexion greatly changed, shouted in a hurry, “Everyone dispersed–“

In an instant, Wang Lan appeared beside Jiang Xinyu, hugged Jiang Xinyu’s figure again and had retreated to the farm.


The Earth shook and the mountain quivered for a while, a huge foot knife protruding from the corner of the farm. This foot knife is highly recognizable and should belong to the biochemical Demonic General’s foot knife. But this foot knife is many times larger than the foot knife I have ever seen.

The Demonic General used to be up to five or six meters high. A foot knife is only six or seven meters long, but the foot knife that comes out has a diameter of one meter, which is the thinnest of the entire foot knife. one period.

So when I saw this foot knife, Jiang Xinyu was shocked.

Soon, accompanied by violent shaking, a huge biochemical Demonic General with a height of nearly 100 meters appeared in front of everyone. Looking up, just like a tall building stands in front of you.

100 meters, how high? Three meters on one floor, equivalent to 33rd-layer high.

“Not good, Ruoyun is still inside—” Jiang Xinyu hurriedly cried.

“She is okay, you stay here, I will help…”

Jiang Xinyu has just returned from abroad, and there is no clear concept of how great Wang Lan is. Although he was very worried, he didn’t say Wang Lan’s words.

In this brief moment, she is Soldiers, and reason should be above emotion. Moreover, even if Jiang Xinyu didn’t know how strong Wang Lan was, he almost knew a bit from Senior Sister’s Senior Sister.

“Wind scroll dragon kills–” Wang Lan’s figure flashed and jumped into agricultural products in an instant. Yu Ruoyan had opened the Dragon Emperor Form, a move of Wind Element super S-Rank star martial skill.


Demonic General mottled the lava, which was rolled by the Wind Attribute star martial skill, and the lava lifted into the air instantly. The strong wind-torque torque, turning the Demonic General as a compass, generally turns two circles in place.

It stands to reason that the strength of Demonic General is very strong, but the size of impossible becomes so large. Demon Race is not a fool. There is no inevitable connection between body size and strength.

Although the giant beasts encountered in the Eastern Sea scouting space and the abyssal giant beasts are all huge, there are also many abyssal giant beasts that are not only small but also smaller than normal.

So, if Demon Race isn’t because the brain gets into the water, there is no reason to make Demonic General so big. But this doubt only flows for a moment in Wang Lan’s heart, instantly starting Phoenix Form and putting on Phoenix holy cloth.

“boom~ boom~ ——” After giant beast stabilized his body, hot lava squirted out of his mouth. For Demonic General, he may have just ejected a lava fire column from his mouth.

But for Wang Lan and the others, this lava fire column is a glacier pouring into the mountains and rivers. In an instant, Wang Lan slapped to the ground, “Yellow Springs Bone Token ——”

Countless Yellow Springs gates rise from the ground and blink within a kilometer of the farm. The sprayed lava rushed to the door of Yellow Springs instantly, a burst of smoke rose, and the door of Yellow Springs stood still.

“Mandala Flower–“

The vines gush out in an instant, stubbornly growing across the lava river. At this moment Yu Ruoyan is attracting the Demonic General’s attack, when will the sneak attack not wait?

The vines are instantly wrapped around the biochemical Demonic General’s foot knife and spread quickly. Biochemical Demonic General immediately sensed the attack around him, flying with a knife, and fast as lightning cutting the vines.

Yu Ruoyan’s attack on the front side didn’t stop, one after another S-Rank star martial skill seemed to die on the body of the biochemical Demonic General. Biochemical Demonic General is enemies in the back and belly, and finally it is unable to move even a little bit, which is surrounded by vines controlled by Wang Lan.

Suddenly, the Biochemical Demonic General ripples, and its size shrinks quickly. Seeing the biochemical Demonic General shrink in size, Wang Lan’s complexion changed suddenly.

What kind of lethality was caused by the beetle’s shrinking size last time is still vivid.

“Ruoyun, flash–” As the body shrinks, Demonic General’s body rushes through the vine’s gap and out of the mandala’s winding range.

Demonic General rushing out of the sky hasn’t had time to utter a joyful escape from the sky, and the Yu Ruoyan attack opposite is ready to be completed.

“Ziyan Fire Dragon Cannon–“

A gorgeous array appeared in front of Yu Ruoyan. Yu Ruoyan spurted a burst of purple fire from his mouth. The fire burst out of the array instantly, avoiding the inevitable Demonic General hitting the sky.

Fire Dragon glanced over, and there was a space distortion track in the sky, leaving a stiff red Demonic General.

pa pa pa ——

A foot knife suddenly fell from the Demonic General spider-shaped body, hitting the ground like a meteorite. Then, Demonic General’s body also fell from the sky.

“Assist skipping grades to kill, reward EXP 20,000, skill points 800…”

Wait… this is over?

Wang Lan looked dumbfounded at the cooked Demonic General that had been roasted in the mandala and could not be cooked again.

Don’t you say that you get stronger after shrinking? How come you are smaller and weaker?

“wu wu wu ——”

The sound of fighting here spurred nearby residents to call the police. Soon, the Superintendent and the people of the Heavenly Sword Bureau arrived together. Wang Lan received the mandala and holy cloth, pulled out his documents and approached the leader.

Wang Lan’s identity is already a public figure in Heavenly Sword Bureau, and he has not encountered any trouble. Demonic General’s body was taken back for research, and it was the first time that the Demonic General was beheaded in the outside world.

Wang Lan and the others searched the whole farm again, and found that not only the people on the farm were gone, but also the tens of thousands of pigs on the farm.

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