I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 424


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It’s clean and tidy, so naturally nothing is found. At this step, Wang Lan went back and deduced that he suddenly gave him the urge to beat his chest and foot.

When I learned that the bus used by Demon Race was found, Wang Lan actually had two lines to trace. One is to track the modification of the bus, and the other to check the ownership of the bus.

Wang Lan chose to check the attribution of the bus first, this line has a clear vein to follow. When I found the Feiyu driving school, in fact, Demon Race used the method of mixing fish and beads. The farm is probably the Feiyu driving school.

But because of this step Wang Lan beat the grass to scare the snake, this has Demon Race’s follow-up countermeasures, and also leaves time for the Demon Race spy to retreat. If at first check the vehicle modification, you can finally find the driving school, but then the transfer time proposed by the agricultural products will conflict with the testimony of the auto repair shop.

But what’s the use of knowing afterwards? It can’t be said that Wang Lan was wrong. At that time, it was obvious that the line of the bus was more obvious. Wang Lan has no ability to know the prophet.

Although the angle of this post-production is not always perfect, it is also very rewarding after all. Now biting the Pegasus Farm, I can’t find some clues with Heavenly Sword Bureau go up to heaven or down to Hades.

Wang Lan everyone went back to rest. On the 2nd day in the morning, when Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu came to the Heavenly Sword Bureau, Yang Yang and they were already busy. Seeing Wang Lan coming over and stepping forward quickly.

“Team leader, found something.”

“What?” Wang Lan took the photo from Yang Yang, “What is this whiteness?”

“Yesterday Dissection of Biochemical Demonic General, Biochemical Demonic General is a typical chewing animal type structure, even if the biochemical demonic weapon form of the upper body is also a muscle structure in the carapace.

But forensic found a piece of biochemical demonic weapon that is not a biochemical demonic weapon, this is it. Because it is cooked, it is being further tested. “

“When will the results come out?”

“At the beginning, it was three hours…”

“Team leader, Captain!” Bai Xu hangs in white and walks on high heels, “The result is out.”

Looking at Bai Xu’s pale face, Wang Lan had a bad hunch. I saw that Baixu pulled out a piece of paper and reached Wang Lan in front of him, “The white thing is the baked human brain.”

Jiang Xinyu Yu Ruoyan’s face suddenly turned white as soon as the words came out.

“Neural bridge technology?” Wang Lan’s eyes froze, and finally the series was connected in series. During the Chinese New Year, Wang Lan found that Bird of Paradise secretly studied neural bridge technology.

Although Court Academecian was killed, the base was destroyed by itself, and all subsequent clues were cut off. But why the bird of paradise wanted to study the nerve extension bridge Wang Lan had speculation at the time.

The sudden appearance of the Biochemical Demonic General last night gave Wang Lan a great deal of confidence in clearly understanding the Demon Race’s plan, and now this guess is finally being hammered.

“putting it that way, the master of this brain should be one of the Xingwu criminals who was robbed that day?”

“No DNA pairing has been done yet, but I guess it should be.”

“That matter is serious. The strength of the Biochemical Demonic General last night has reached the strength of the titled powerhouse. If there are fifty biochemical Demonic Generals, each biochemical Demonic General can control a thousand biochemical demonic weapons…Five Ten titled powerhouses plus 50,000 Soldiers in the Star River are enough to destroy all demons.”

The atmosphere in the office instantly became dignified and suppressed.

“Captain… what to do? If Demon Race launches an attack, half of the demons will probably become ruins?” Bai Xu desperately wanted to cry. Even if she is a Heavenly Sword Bureau elite soldiers, even if she has experienced the cruelty of the battlefield.

But the cruelty of the battlefield she experienced happened in other countries. Fighting in the ruined city, she will sympathize, pity, but not grieve.

The human heart is very large and can accommodate Heaven and Earth, but sometimes the human heart is small and cannot love too much. It is not easy for a person to put the whole country in his heart and love. The capacity is limited and he cannot love the whole world.

So, even if she is calm and steady in the battlefield of other countries, she panics at the thought that the devil will become a ruin.

“Baixu, don’t be nervous, here is the outside world and not in a different space. In our home field, human technology alone is enough for them to eat a pot. The focus now is not just to find the Demon Race The spy’s whereabouts is now, but to determine where the biochemical weapon is located.”

“Colonel Wang Lan!” At this moment, the phone suddenly sounded a voice conversation, “The director wants you to go to Conference Hall No. 2.”

“Okay, I’ll be here soon.”

The entire group followed Wang Lan to the Conference Hall No. 2, where Sword Dragon and the heads of various departments were in the Conference Hall. There was a trace of panic on everyone’s face, seeing Wang Lan coming in and a pair of vision falling on Wang Lan’s body.

“Wang Lan, what the laboratory said is true?” Cheng Sword Dragon’s mentality has burst at this moment. The strength of Biochemical Demonic General reaches the strength of the titled powerhouse? Even if he wants to build such a powerful biochemical Demonic General, it should not be easy.

However, the results of the next analysis gave him a urge to go crazy. Demonic General within the body has a human brain, which is said to be transferred by neural bridge technology. The DNA match of this brain is the same as that of a star martial artist who was robbed.

That is to say, the star martial artist that was robbed has now become a powerful biochemical Demonic General.

In the New Year, Wang Lan reminded himself that the bird of paradise neural bridge technology is likely to start the biochemical demonic weapon program. At that time, although I was on my own and let Heavenly Sword Bureau catch up and track down, the progress was slow. It can be said that there has been no progress in the past two months.

Suddenly, the advent of this technology became Sword Dragon completely unprepared, no, to be precise.

The fifty robbed criminals are fifty biochemical generals, equal to fifty titled powerhouses. In addition, the Biochemical Demonic General can control from one to two thousand demonic weapons. What a terrible strength this is?

Fifty titled powerhouse plus five to hundred thousand Star River environment biochemical demonic weapon? This wave of appearance can destroy the magic capital in a short time. It doesn’t matter what kind of crime you want to bear. What is important is…what terrible consequences this will cause.

“I also just got these results from the laboratory. I guess it should be true. The most important thing now is to find the production base of the biochemical demonic weapon to minimize the loss.”

“Find the production base? How do I find it? Use the strength of the entire magic capital?”

“The method of seabed haystack…may not be very effective, but at present I don’t have a better way.”

After all, Sword Dragon has seen winds and waves. After the first mind burst, it quickly adjusted. The order was immediately issued, and the magic city was on alert. Around the strength, all the requisition can be requisitioned, looking for the Demon Race production base.

It is certain that the base of the biochemical weapon is small and impossible.

For three days in a row, the people of Modu were declared to be actual combat exercises. But the people of Modu are not stupid, whether they are exercises or really, they gradually found clues behind at first doubts.

Panic, spreading over the magic capital.

In three days, I have plowed the whole city of Modu but found nothing.

“The demons are all messed up… Very good, very good… Demonic General is highlighted. It’s really a stroke of magic. After two days of fermentation, we are bringing the rhythm, and the demons will burst out of turmoil themselves.

When the Heavenly Sword Bureau and Academy are busy, it is time for us to act. After 30 years of layout and 30 years of indifference, this time must make Human Race memorable. hahaha…”

“It’s still a wise leader, if you don’t take it, you will hurt your muscles if you take it.”

“You go down and prepare, use your influence in human society, and be ready to start chaos at any time.”


Wang Lan team came to Pegasus Farm again when the fear spreading demons were all over. The owners and employees of Pegasus Farm have long been investigated by Heavenly Sword Bureau. But now, they have completely disappeared.

It seems that there are clues, but the clues are actually broken. In this case, the only hope is still Pegasus Farm. Wang Lan hopes that until now, with his luck, he will look after him again and send him some key clues.

Squad members are conducting a rugby search for the farm, and Wang Lan jumps into the pit where the Demonic General appears to fight on the day of the meeting. In particular, Demonic General’s body suddenly shrunk in the end, and his strength suddenly became weaker, making Wang Lan unable to relieve himself.

Originally thought that Demonic General would be like that beetle, and its strength would explode after shrinking, but didn’t expect to be killed by Yu Ruoyan’s star martial skill. It’s…too dramatic.

“Wang Lan, we have searched all over here, there is nothing.” Jiang Xinyu came to the bank of the pothole and said solemnly.

“No? The lies of the exercise are almost impossible to hide. There are nearly 20,000,000 people in the devil. Once the panic is caused, the consequences are unbearable. Now there are only two options left, either to close the city and conduct a thorough investigation. Ordinary people. Either way, it is a huge loss for Jade Country.”

Wang Lan said, slowly walking towards the shore. Suddenly, Wang Lan paused, staring suspiciously at his feet, gently kicked the burnt soil, and a football-like cave appeared at Wang Lan’s feet.

Wang Lan looked down at the cave with his head down, his eyes showing thought.

“What are you thinking?” Yu Ruoyan wondered when he was next to Wang Lan, staring suspiciously at the cave on the ground, “This is the cave left by the biochemical demonic weapon that day.”

“I was thinking that all surveillance cameras have been called these days, and since we left Pegasus Farm, no vehicles have ever entered or exited Pegasus Farm, right?”

“Well, that’s why we don’t know where to investigate.”

“How did the demonic weapon Demonic General come to the farm and ambush?”

“Naturally, they moved from underground using earth-moving technique.” Yu Ruoyan looked at Wang Lan in doubt, “You don’t want to find their movement track from underground? Earth-moving technique will not leave a track.”

“What if the biochemical demonic weapon can’t be used in earth?” Wang Lan suddenly lifts the head and asked.


“We seem to have entered a misunderstanding, biochemical demonic weapon is not a foreign animal. Foreign animals have innate talent attribute, Earth Element almost all foreign animals can be shuttled underground. But from my first encounter Since the beginning of the biochemical demonic weapon, I have never seen a biochemical demonic weapon launch an attribute attack.”

Talking, Wang Lan looked towards Jiang Xinyu.

Jiang Xinyu and Wang Lan have seen the power of biochemical demonic weapon together, and the eyes are suddenly bright, “Yeah, I think the biochemical demonic weapon is invincible in close combat, but I have never seen them elemental attack. Except for Demonic General In addition to Fire Attribute or melting attribute, biochemical demonic weapons are near Soldiers.”

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