I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 425


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“I’ll go down and see!” Wang Lan said quickly, his figure sinking into the ground quickly, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s go together!” Yu Ruoyan screamed quickly, sinking into the ground in a flash. Wang Lan has mastery of earth-moving skills, as does Yu Ruoyan. Jiang Xinyu is not Earth Element.

S independent teams have Earth Element but they don’t dare to follow without Wang Lan’s order. Although Jiang Xinyu was worried, he could only silently wait at Pegasus Farm.

This is Wang Lan only one time to pray that destiny can be favored, because he is not sure about this guess. If the biochemical demonic weapon did not go through the ground by punching, he could not think of any other way to find a breeding base for the biochemical demonic weapon.

Following the soft dirt track of the pothole, Wang Lan dived to a depth of 20 meters. The pothole gradually changed its position. When it extended parallel to the east, Wang Lan knew that he was betting correctly.

“Wang Lan, you guessed it?”

“It looks like yes, go, everything is careful. I have a sea monster so I can go out and scout and you follow me, you can’t show your head without orders.”

“Are you caring about me?” Yu Ruoyan crafty asked, “I still think my strength will be your drag?”

“Find the production base of biochemical demonic weapon, we will win, quietly enter the village, don’t shoot!”

The speed of ground travel depends entirely on the ability to master ground travel. Anyway, Wang Lan knew that the expert of ground-based skills could exceed 300 kilometers per hour underground.

Wang Lan’s geography is not subtle enough, and it barely reaches more than 100 per hour. But with a speed of more than one hundred, it can definitely be ranked within the TOP100 in the whole world.

“We are now heading to the east. If we are not wrong, we will soon be on the Bund.” Yu Ruoyan said in Wang Lan’s ear.

“If so speculated, the production base of the biochemical demonic weapon is in seabed. I said that I couldn’t find it within three feet of digging. It turned out that it was not in the magic city.”

This result made Wang Lan greatly sighed in relief. If he is in the city, even if he finds the Demon Race production base in advance, it will be a fatal injury for Modu. When the time comes, the war begins, and half of the demons will become ruins.

Since I’m not in the magic city now, I don’t have so many concerns. No star martial artist is even needed, Jade Country’s thermal weapons can teach Demon Race to be human.

For Demon Race, although hiding in the magic capital puts the dagger in the heart of the magic capital, at the same time, he may be in danger of being exposed at any time. Once exposed, the plan behind it goes without saying. So safety is what Demon Race needs to consider most.

Suddenly dived again into several hundred meters, and then headed eastward. He is now at a depth of nearly a thousand underground. The depth of the Eastern Sea should be between 300 metres and 800 meters. 1000 meters underground, Wang Lan is still moving under the seabed.

The biochemical demonic weapon travels from the seabed. It is possible that the biochemical demonic weapon fears water and is more likely to be concealed. If the pothole directly penetrates the Eastern Sea, the sea water will pour into the cave, and then the Pegasus Farm will appear one after another fountain wonder. In this case, it would be foolish to know that they came from Eastern Sea.

It has been chasing for two hours, and it has traveled two hundred kilometers east. Carefully came to a seabed cave, which is densely packed with countless cultivation chambers. In Wang Lan’s eyes, it looks like an endless coffin placed together to make people scalp numb.

Wang Lan instantly opened the void purple eyes, scanning the entire cave space, and Yu Ruoyan also came to Wang Lan quietly to find out the perception. After a long time, Yu Ruoyan and Wang Lan put away the probe at the same time.

Void Purple Eye’s fixed-point lock plus Yu Ruoyan’s super perception, even if the titled powerhouse is hidden in the dark, don’t want to be noticed. This does not count. Yu Ruoyan also activated electromagnetic signal interference equipment before it came out, ensuring that all electronic devices within a seven hundred meters radius are suspended.

Under the 3rd-layer insurance, Wang Lan only determined that the cave base was indeed a stocking gesture.

Maybe it’s the Demon Race spy who is very comfortable with hiding in such a hidden base. In addition, the current situation of Modu requires them to invest the most human and material resources to operate. Even if they infiltrate deep in the magic, Academy and Heavenly Sword Bureau are not to be trifled with.

To be able to lurk a lot of people in secret like a remote area, they have been caught by Heavenly Sword Bureau. Therefore, this base is managed. Even if the ancient trolls suddenly appeared, they would continue to lurk and wait for the opportunity.

Identified where the base is located, Wang Lan sighed in relief, “You retreat the same way first, I will go up to locate the coordinates.”

“I will go with you?”

“No, I have the water demon skills you don’t have, can you afford it in the deep sea?”

Yu Ruoyan thought about finally taking the head. Although Yu Ruoyan has Water Attribute, she has no star martial skill suitable for deep sea activities. This kind of star martial skill is quite prosperous in the island countries, but in the continental country of Jade Country, no one studies nature and is unpopular.

“You are careful.” He said that he dived again using the ground-based technique.

Wang Lan’s body flashed into the rock face. But he left at not all directly, but probed the base all over. A lot of diving equipment and small submarines are stored in the base. Even the large submarines of Old Antique have these things, which should be the possessions that the Demon Race spy has accumulated for so many years.

“My day is coming!” Wang Lan exclaimed.

Wang Lan turned over the secret base carefully and dived carefully away from the seabed to enter the sea water. Immediately, the Martial Skill of the water demon star was activated, and the figure immediately appeared on the water.

It seems that Neptune floated out of the sea slowly, standing quietly above the sea level, took out the mobile phone and sent a positioning coordinate to Sword Dragon.

In the Conference Hall, Cheng Sword Dragon is intensively discussing the follow-up measures with the Devil’s City Committee, whether to close the city or move immediately.

Transfer, it is impossible to determine where the Demon Race’s biochemical demonic weapon factory is located. The losses and impacts caused are very huge. And where can so many people be transferred? But if the city is closed, how many people will die once the Demon Race turns on a terrifying force?

“Neither the devil can face the challenge, but you can’t just run away just because the enemy’s shadow is there? The so-called One Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers, the so-called fifty-titled powerhouse intensity biochemical Demonic General are all Heavenly Sword Bureau’s speculation. Demonstration alone requires the magic city to be closed or transferred.

“Chairman Cheng, can’t you come up with more evidence?”

“Beep Beep–” Cheng Sword Dragon was about to speak, and the phone suddenly turned on.

Seeing that Wang Lan sent a message, Sword Dragon quickly opened it. It turned out to be a coordinate location? Then, the phone rang.

“Hello, Wang Lan -“

Wang Lan heard the call, and everyone in the Conference Hall stopped talking. Which senior government officials present do not know who are you Wang Wang? It was only two years after his debut but he repeatedly made great achievements, forcing the country to have to suppress him, lest he be too beautiful.

Even Wang No.1’s evaluation of Wang Lan is a hero of the country, a hidden sword! Hidden sheath dark swords are generally not bright, and once taken out, they will be stained with enemy blood. In exchange for ridicule on the Internet, we promise that Wang Lan will not be the first to be used unless it is disabled to bear.

“What?” Suddenly, Cheng Sword Dragon snarled and clapped his hands on the table in front of him.

Wang Lan, who was walking on the surface of the Eastern Sea, slammed the microphone away from his ear for a distance. Did the director use a star martial skill when he roared?

In the City Hall Conference Hall, everyone was frightened by the sudden explosion of Sword Dragon, and the table in front collapsed instantly.

After a long time, Sword Dragon slowly put down his phone, his expression was dull and blank.

Seeing the expression of Sword Dragon, the city government official present was panicked. I feel the major event. Otherwise, as the titled powerhouse, Sword Dragon, how can it show such an abnormal expression?

Did Demon Race launch the One Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers? Impossible, where the devil really happened, the secretary should call himself.

Seven or eight pairs of eyes stared straight into Sword Dragon. Although they wanted to ask, they suffocated themselves. Sword Dragon came back to his senses slowly after being sluggish for a few seconds.

“Wang Lan called to say… Demon Race’s base…found it.”


A question mark on everyone’s head, found? What did you say just now? Clueless, there is no clue about digging the ground three feet? Still want to stubbornly clear the field or close the city?

“Found? Where? What is the size of the enemy?”

“The coordinates have been sent to my mobile phone, the Big Dipper is positioned, and the accuracy is no more than one meter…” Cheng Sword Dragon showed the mobile phone to everyone, “At the depth of seabed 1000 meters, there is a seabed cave, hidden in the cave There are a lot of supplies for Demon Race, the most important thing is that there are nearly thousand thousand incubator.

Previously, our speculation was correct, Demon Race may have a hundred thousand biochemical demonic weapon. “

“I’m going!” The director of the Superintendent of Police Supervised the coordinates suddenly to “unable to bear”, “This coordinate is… in seabed, it is 70 kilometers away from the devil? Our torpedoes, deep-sea missiles can attack completely. .”

“So…” The Mayor of the Demon City lifts the head blankly, “We don’t need to discuss the issue of closure or evacuation, but how to eliminate this base?”

“What is there to discuss, send naval forces, submarines, and destroyers directly to the seabed to explode!” The director of the Superintendent of Police said with a smile.

“Contact the Southeast Military Region immediately!”

“Wait, Heavenly Sword Bureau and Superintendent don’t have any movements first, and still confuse the enemy as they are. The Eastern Sea military area will take at least three hours from assembly to launching the attack, but they can’t let them run away.” Reaction All the big guys who came over suddenly turned into the reincarnation of the military division.

wu wu wu ——

The Southeast Military Region, the headquarters of the navy, sounded the combat readiness alert.

“Rank 1 combat readiness alert, this is not a drill. Again, this is not a drill. All ships are fully loaded with live ammunition, and all submarines are all assembled to the designated location to wait for the combat command -“

In human history, because of the common enemy, Demon Race, the number of outbreaks of civil war can be counted on one’s fingers. Until now, the investment in the Air Force and Navy is not very large. The first military strength invested is a missile, a long-range missile.

Only 20 years ago, Jade Country’s economic take-off began to vigorously increase the Navy’s investment in the Air Force. After all, the army of Demon Race is not just the airborne army, the sky flying and the deep sea Demon Race are also terrifying.

Jade Country’s defense concept against Demon Race has gone from closing the door and fighting dogs to rejecting the enemy from the country. The air force is the defense line of the human sky, and the navy is naturally the defense line of the human ocean.

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