I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 426


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It is easy to transfer strategic ideas, but it is more difficult to transfer the inherent concepts in people’s hearts. The same is true in the military, until now, the Army is Big Brother Lao, even in the heart of the Air Force Navy Soldiers, many have this consciousness.

There is a very real problem. The Army has a Star Martial army regiment, but the Air Force and Navy do not. The Soldiers of the Army have participated in actual combat, and have competed with Demon Race and Real Things, but the Air Force and Navy have not.

No actual combat, no merit, no inheritance. What are you arrogant about?

So, when the Navy Rank 1 alarm sounded and the military commander personally broadcasted that it was not an exercise, there were still many soldiers subconsciously thinking it was a real combat exercise.

“Captain, I didn’t hear who was chosen to be the Blues. The intelligence work of this exercise was not done, and there was no wind.”

“Shut up, didn’t you hear the commander say that this is actual combat? Exercises? Put away your exercise mentality! Raising soldiers for a thousand days, and finally it’s time for my navy’s first show, all give me pull yourself together. Just According to the training time, everyone practiced very well during the training, and I will show you who will dare to drop the chain when the time comes.”

Looking at the captain’s serious expression, all the sergeants suddenly murmured. But there are still one or two whispering while preparing, “Is there real combat? Why am I so unbelieving…”

Besides the naval port, dozens of trucks roared, the trucks stopped, and dozens of sturdy Soldiers jumped from each truck. They immediately lined up after getting off the truck.

The navy soldiers who were busy on each ship in the distance looked at their eyes one by one. When they looked at the military uniforms of these soldiers, each and everyone suddenly stopped.

“Star Martial army regiment? Carrying conventional individual weapons?”

“What is the Star Martial army team doing?”

Soon, they knew what the Star Martial army regiment was doing, a ship with thirty Star Martial army regiments. More than 2,000 ships in 70 ships. They quickly rushed to their ships and stood motionless on the side of the ship.

“Huh? Not an ordinary Star Martial army, but a basalt group in the Star Martial army?” A navy Soldier suddenly burst into his mind, the basalt group was dispatched, and he went to the warship to assist? Really?

The reason why you are sure to assist is because if the Navy assists the Star Martial army, it is not necessary to go to a warship of this level. Direct transport ships are just fine.

In a burst of whistle, the warship went out to the sea as a giant beast. It took less than an hour since the command was sent to the sea.

The naval forces in the Southeast Military Region are located near the border between Modu and Shanxi Province. It takes only one and a half hours to reach the designated Sea Territory. The above command was three hours to arrive at the target location, but the Naval Command command was two and a half hours, half an hour in advance.

“What’s going on? How did the compatriots in Shanxi Province send the latest information, the navy of the Southeast Military Region dispatched on a large scale. Is there any exercise?”

In the basement of the villa, the Demon Race spy leader is arranging missions to his men, but the mission is suddenly interrupted by intelligence sent by the secret disc in Shanxi Province.

“Information says that we are heading towards Sea Territory east of Modu, but I stayed at the base two days ago. I didn’t see the navy have floating targets. How could it be practiced suddenly?”

“Could our base be exposed?” A Demon Race spy ghost asked a question. Suddenly, everyone in the secret room was shocked.

“impossible!” The red-clothed spy snapped shouted, “The base is hidden in such a hidden place as the Eastern Sea seabed, and it is completely silent. How can they find out? As long as we don’t take the initiative to expose, they will definitely find it impossible.”

At the same time, the Eastern Sea Navy arrived at the designated location. But after arriving at the designated place, everyone was dumbfounded. There is no floating target, no blue enemy.

After everyone’s formation is lined up, the warship will receive a coordinate position, at the coordinate seabed 1000 meters, all weapons system can hit me to lock and aim.

70 warships, plus more than 30 submarines on seabed, each warship carries an average of 120 deep-sea missile missiles, nearly 10,000 missiles. In addition, each submarine carries 60 ships. Is this to cut the seabed down one layer?

The deep-sea missiles brought this time are all the ones with the most lethality. If they are not too close to the magic capital, the Southeast Military Region wants to use nuclear bombs directly.

“Liaoyuan is locked–“

“Roland Lock-“

“Azure Blue Lock—”

As a warship locks on the target coordinates, the navy commander facial expression grave picks up the microphone. To say the difficulty of this mission… there is no difficulty at all.

Precise coordinates are given, and the target is still fixed. You don’t have to worry about the enemy’s counterattack. This kind of task is just to kill the forehead.

But the commander has to be solemn, because this is not a drill, this is a real battle, in other words, this is the first show of modern thermal weapons to Demon Race.

In recent 50 years, the technological civilization that humanity has accumulated for thousands of years has finally ushered in a vigorous development. Whether scientific and technological civilization can restrain Demon Race, and human thermal weapons can cause as much damage as star martial artist, also depends on this time.


The commander’s firing order was very heavy, as if he pressed the emotion in his heart to give the order. At almost the same time, all warships pressed the launch button at the same time. In an instant, the sea surface where the warship is located fluctuated slightly.

Because the missile is fired on the seabed, there is no shocking picture and you can’t see the wonderful moment when each missile rushed out of the missile compartment and flew towards the target.

It’s only 20 kilometers away from the target location. This distance would be too shameful if it can’t be a hit. Thousands of missiles rushed straight toward the target like swordfish in the water.

In just a few minutes, the missile hit the seabed above Demon Race base like rain. These missiles are all equipped with a ground-drilling function and are not immediately triggered to explode. Say well seabed 1000 meters, it is 1000 meters!

The seabed above the cave is inherently crispy, and it can resist the pressure of the seawater but not the attack of the missile bit. The first missile accurately penetrated the sea floor on top of the cave and fiercely plunged into the base.

The gushing seawater instantly poured into the cave above the head, but at this moment, the missile exploded suddenly.


A strong shock wave instantly exploded and shattered in the cultivation cabin in the area of ​​several dozen meters. The biochemical demonic weapon in the cultivation cabin didn’t even woke up to be debris.

But this is just the beginning.

Next, countless missiles fell.

The size of the Demon Race base is just a trifling ten square kilometers, and it was accurately hit by more than 10,000 missiles in such a small area. It was like holding a six-barreled Gatling gun on a little bunny and raging for ten minutes.

Don’t say that the Demon Race base has been smashed, it’s just to smash the Demon Race base.


A sirens suddenly sounded on the Demon Race spy leader’s cell phone, and he hurriedly took a look and was instantly stunned. This is the alarm system he has installed in the base. There is no warning or monitoring function. There is only one function. When the base fails, an alarm is sent to remind him to go back and fix the fault.

But now, the alarm code for this alarm is GG! What does GG mean? Don’t fix it, the base is gone…

Did you…

In an instant, a speculation that made him cold behind his head hit his head. Recall the information sent by fellow Shanxi province two hours ago. Although it has been deduced by myself, impossible has the possibility that the base is discovered. But… why is this so?

At this moment, if he did not know that the naval fleet of the Southeast Military Region was attacking his own base, he and his spies had done nothing for years.

“Boss, what’s wrong? How suddenly stunned?”

“We spent countless manpower and material resources, and it took 30 years. The eighth-generation biochemical demonic weapon plan to be completed…is over. The base of Eastern Sea seabed… is gone!”

“What? What’s going on?”

“Impossible, how do humans know?”

“This is the fact, I will investigate it clearly. Afterwards, Heavenly Sword Bureau must have a result report released.”

“Report to the commander that all front-line combat missions have been completed, please instruct!” Naval Command, a major general asked aloud to the commander in salute.

“The submarine is close, check the results.”


One hour later, the seabed picture taken by the submarine appeared. There was no more than 20 kilometers of ruins at the target’s seabed. In the ruins, there were debris everywhere.

Looking at these fragments, only words like skeleton doesn’t exist appear in my mind. At the same time, there are many limb fragments of biochemical demonic weapon.

Although it has been smashed, you can’t find a complete one. But these fragments clearly told everyone. Here, there was once a biochemical demonic weapon Legion with an average strength of thousand thousand to reach the Star River.

If it is not the first to discover, the first to be strong, these biochemical demonic weapons rushing into the devil will destroy the second largest city in Jade Country. At the same time, the One Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers will allow the host nation in the east, the Nanyue country in the south, and the Feiyu country in the south to fly ash annihilation.

“Perfection is completed, please attack the triumph of the fleet!”

The voice of the commander of the navy fell to the ground, and when the microphone was gently put down, the whole command immediately burst into fierce cheers. No matter how simple this battle is, the actual results are real.

One Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers was annihilated, how much credit is this? The Southeastern Navy has not opened for decades, but once it opened, it ate the biggest achievement since the modernization of the army.

Seriously, the eyes of the Star Martial army assisted by the team are red.

Specially, you can leave a fish that escaped the net to make up for us. Do you want to be so cruel? After a missile was hit, all the bones were crushed, and there was no one struggling.

When Wang Lan got the news, he and his team members had just arrived downstairs in the Demon Race City Office building.

After seeing the news, Wang Lan did not have much excitement. Instead, he took a long sigh of relief. I haven’t seen the number of incubation cabins with my own eyes. I can’t see the shock and worry at the heart of this scene.

hundred thousand biochemical demonic weapon, what endlessness will this be?

Now, it is finally resolved.


“Come in!”

Wang Lan and the team members entered the Conference Hall with a total of seven people. In the Conference Hall, in addition to becoming Sword Dragon and senior city government officials, there are military gangsters, Azure Emperor, Elder Di.

This lineup, not to mention Jiang Xinyu who has never seen such a big situation, is the shiver coldly where the elite of several S independent teams are nervous.

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