I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 427


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“Let’s all sit down.” Elder Di whispered, pointing to a row of seats on the side of the Conference Hall. Here, Elder Di is the oldest and highest-ranked, so he chaired this report meeting.

After Wang Lan and others were seated, Elder Di said again, “The war command was sent by the Navy Command just now, and the target has been cleared. I represent 20 million people in Modu, Jade Country, and Human Race. Thanks.”

As he said, Elder Di stood up and bowed to Wang Lan and the others. At the same time, everyone at the Conference Hall stood up in unison and bent over to salute Wang Lan and the others.

Which way can Wang Lan withstand this posture? In an instant, each and everyone seemed to get stuck with a needle, and then stood up, stooping and daring not to act.

“Sit down, a thousand thousand biochemical demonic weapon, which is a huge threat to the entire Human Race. Thank you, you should bear it. Wang Lan, you tell us, Demon Race hides this way How did you find the hidden base? And it was found so timely and suddenly?”

The rest of them tremble and sit down again. Wang Lan stands up and comes to the stage.

“Leaders, this is what happened. When we traced the whereabouts of the Demon Race spy, the clues were broken when we found Pegasus Farm. All the people in Pegasus Farm lost their tracks.

Our team plans to go to Pegasus Farm to try one’s luck again. The traces of the battle with the Biochemical Demonic General that day are still vivid. Suddenly I thought of a problem I had been ignoring before.

Biochemical demonic weapon does not seem to understand attribute attack. I have dealt with biochemical demonic weapon several times. Every time biochemical demonic weapon is close combat, their battle strength is extremely strong, and they are also weapons for fighting, but I have never seen them use elemental attacks.

So I guessed at the time that the biochemical demonic weapon did not understand the star martial skill nor the innate talent skill. At the same time, we also got all the surveillance cameras of Pegasus Farm, and no vehicles entered Pegasus Farm from beginning to end.

If it is assumed that the biochemical demonic weapon does not know how to do soil, how can they enter Pegasus Farm and ambush us? So we found several caves in Pegasus Farm. Although the cave was reburied while the biochemical demonic weapon was moving, the trajectory of movement still exists.

So my classmate Yu Ruoyan and I used the technique of land to find the source along the tunnel trajectory they moved, and then found the base of the Demon Race with the source and found their One Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers incubator.

In retrospect, it really has a lot of luck. If the biochemical demonic weapon knows the earth-moving technique, there will be no traces of their movement, and finding their base is impossible. “

After listening to Wang Lan’s explanation, all the big men present were all surprised. I absolutely didn’t expect to find it this way. They can’t think of it, and the Demon Race spy is even more unexpected. Whenever seeing the underground shuttle stealth, the first thought must be the ground operation.

“It’s really life! Demon Race is cunning like a fox, but after all it’s a hundred secrets. This time their base was destroyed, One Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers flying ash annihilation, and there will be no more waves.” The head of the Metropolitan Police Department said with a smile.

“It’s really popular, this time we will jointly name you for help. Elder Di, what do you think?” Azure Emperor said with a smile on his face.

“Please call for help, but Wang Lan, although we destroyed the Demon Race base, the crisis of the magic city is not at all lifted, do you understand?”

“I know, the spy team lurking in Demon Race has not yet been found, and the ancient trolls that escaped from the fixed alien space have not been caught. We still need to make persistent efforts.”

“I said this just to stop you from slacking off, but you should relax today. We will celebrate you at the City Convention Center tonight and come early in the evening. Go out first.”

“Yes, Dean, leaders, we left first.” Wang Lan greeted the big brothers gracefully, and then left the Conference Hall with the entire group. After going out, hold Jiang Xinyu’s small hand, only to find that Jiang Xinyu’s hand has been soaked with sweat.

“Very nervous?” Wang Lan asked softly.

“I’m so nervous that the clothes on my back are soaked. The inside is full of great characters. All the high-ranking government officials, the military lieutenant general, so many people stared at me, when did I face such a big face Battle.”

“Then you have to get used to it later.”


“Because as my girlfriend, there will be many such scenes in the future.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, someone is there–“

Wang Lan turned around and his five team members even followed himself. Suddenly stopped and turned back to the five people to dismiss.

After holding Jiang Xinyu’s hand, he came to the parking lot of the municipal government. “You drove back by yourself, and I called back.”

“I called the driver to pick me up, no need.” Yu Ruoyan lightly saying.

“Team leader, it is enough for us four cars. In this case, you can drive another car.”

“This…otherwise, shall we send you back first?” Jiang Xinyu said quickly.

“No, my driver is here.” With Yu Ruoyan’s words, a black commercial car slowly stopped at the door of the city government.

Since the driver of Yu Ruoyan is here, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu are not hypocritical. The two pulled the car door and got on the car to leave.

“What should I wear for the celebration feast at night? Orthodox and serious? Or a dress?” Jiang Xinyu asked, looking sideways at Wang Lan.

“Darker color, if the style is…orthodox is good anyway, I wear military uniforms, and I still have a military uniform that I don’t wear.”

“Then… Accompany me to buy clothes later?”

“No problem! Where are you going now?”

“Go home first, I’m going to take a shower, and my back is soaked, a bit uncomfortable.”

Wang Lan’s mouth was slightly raised, and his expression gradually became an expression bag.

In the afternoon, I accompanied Jiang Xinyu to go shopping and buy clothes, and then drank afternoon tea and coffee together. Don’t expect three months. Although I know Wang Lan has been very wonderful in these three months, I didn’t expect him to be so wonderful in these three months.

Compared with Wang Lan’s three-month Legendary experience, Wang Lan’s strength has grown even more legendary. Although when he graduated from the third year of high school, Wang Lan’s strength was already ahead of Jiang Xinyu.

But now, only half a year later, Wang Lan’s strength has completely abandoned Jiang Xinyu. Jiang Xinyu is a little difficult to deal with a biochemical demonic weapon. Wang Lan slaughtering hundreds of biochemical demonic weapons is as simple as chopping melons and vegetables.

Looking at Wang Lan holding a message on his mobile phone, Jiang Xinyu secretly made up his mind, and it seems that he will work harder in the future. Otherwise, the gap with Wang Lan will only increase.

In the evening, to celebrate the feast, Wang Lan is the protagonist, but the real protagonist is the big guys. The official celebration party must be very deep and serious. Wang Lan kept smiling for more than two hours, and his cheeks were almost cramping.

After returning home at night, Wang Lan planned to squeeze and sleep with Jiang Xinyu on the grounds that the quilt at home seemed to be insufficient, but Jiang Xinyu kicked him out.

Even if the slag men’s three strikes failed to show up, they were directly sentenced out.

On the 2nd day, the Wang Lan investigation team assembled again. The calendar turned a brand new page, and everything that had been achieved was just a passing scene.

No matter how magnificent the feast was last night, no matter how many times you listened to the young and promising, you will have unlimited praise for your future, and you will forget them all after you sleep.

“Team leader, just now the intelligence came from the superintendent, and the source of funding for Pegasus Farm has been investigated.”

“Oh, show me!”

“Wu Changyue has a very good family background since he was a child. Father once opened a construction company. When the company was at its peak, it had nearly 10,000 workers. The construction company was disbanded because of poor management.

But his father still saved nearly 500 million assets. At the time when the real estate industry broke out, Wu Changyue’s father simply went into real estate. He doesn’t do real estate development, but with his connections and channels in the construction industry, he makes his investment very precise every time.

In the next twelve years, Wu Changyue’s father bought one hundred and seventy properties. In these twelve years, this one-hundred-and-seven-hundred-unit property has doubled on average. So after Wu Changyue’s father died, Wu Changyue’s inheritance was close to 10,000,000,000. “

“So, Wu Changyue opened the Pegasus Farm’s money, and the money he bought for pigs these years was all he paid for himself?”

“It should be. And there is a detail that is worth noting. Wu Changyue was a rich second generation of ignorant and incompetent when he was a student. He did everything when drinking and fighting.

But in the third year of high school, he suddenly disappeared strangely one day one night, and his home even called the police. But 2nd day, Wu Changyue came back with nothing. after that. Wu Changyue changed his past, and he didn’t drink or fight or trouble. “

“At that time he should be replaced by Demon Race. Since then, what about Wu Changyue’s social circle? Who are they?”

“No! After that, Wu Changyue did not say that she was lonely, but she really has no friends. In addition to fishing, he did not make friends or fall in love until his parents died in an accident.

Now it seems that the death of Wu Changyue’s parents was caused by an accident. Five years later, Wu Changyue took Feiyu driving school. But according to his record of property sales, it started as early as three years ago.

It was also the first time that the Pegasus Farm surveyed by the Industry and Commerce Bureau purchased large quantities of live pigs. What did he do with so many pigs? Didn’t see them resell, the pigs just disappeared? “

“This is one of the doubts, we may never get an answer. Are there any clues other than these?”

“Another strange thing is that the same real estate company was used to buy Wu Changyue’s real estate. The real estate company is Hongfeng Real Estate. Their business is housing agency and rent agency, but their main income is real estate sales.

It is to buy a house and then sell it. It earns the middle price difference. “

“Is there anything suspicious?”

“No! The procedures and transaction process are clear. Behind this company, Boss is still our colleague.”

“Uh?” Wang Lan stopped in surprise, “Heavenly Sword Bureau? Who?”

“Luo of the Law Enforcement Department was established, Hongfeng Real Estate Company was founded by his father Luo Hongfeng, and it is also a real estate agency company of the old brand of Modu. So when it was found here… The Superintendent didn’t investigate further, I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“Is there any evidence for taking pictures in the transaction procedures and details?”

“No, but this is not necessary? Although these houses are sold by Demon Race spies, shouldn’t the real estate company know?”

“Since the property under Wu Changyue’s name has been monitored by us, will he hide in the sold property? Otherwise, how can we go up to heaven or down to Hades and find no one? ? Anyway, everything is possible, all have to go through again.”

“Wu Changyue has sold 60 properties in the past three years, and now they are all under the name of Hongfeng Real Estate, which has not been sold yet.”


“House prices are much higher than those in the same district, no one buys them.”

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