I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 428


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“How could it be?” Wang Lan finally lifts the head and asked, what I said before was just to sort out the relevant clues. As for whether Wu Changyue will hide in the house that has already been sold, the probability is too low, Wang Lan is to make an analogy to let his people do the best.

But now, Wang Lan suddenly feels strange. The house prices in Modu are already high. Wu Changyue’s house prices are higher than the surrounding house prices? Is it a special show in your house?

“The Superintendent didn’t ask, but the price on the property was not fixed, even if the same building in the same community had different prices on different floors.”

“Wu Changyue lists a table for me when selling a house!”


About one hour, the transaction time of the 60 suites and the transaction amount are sorted out and printed. Wang Lan’s eyes flashed immediately after comparing the tables.

“Our survey team has the highest authority of Heavenly Sword Bureau? Are you going to investigate Hongfeng Real Estate. Especially in the past three years, his profit, investment direction, and whose transactions have strange places.”

“Uh?” Yang Yang’s face suddenly dignified. “Leader, you are doubting… Luo Jianli? Although Luo Jianlii is from the Law Enforcement Section, he is very popular. I heard that if he was injured during the mission, Yes, otherwise it is definitely the leader level of the operations department.”

“I heard? Isn’t he your colleague?”

“I transferred it from Jin City the year before.” Yang Yang smiled.

“Old superior, I haven’t known for so long.”

“Don’t make fun of me, let’s talk about it, Suzhou City is now one of the independent Heavenly Sword Bureau divisions. You haven’t said it yet, leader Luo Jian is his own brother after all, it’s not good if it is misunderstood. .”

“Look, every time Wu Changyue sells a house, Hong Feng takes over. I compared the average price of the real estate at the time, Wu Changyue’s house transaction value was 2,000,000 more expensive. 2,000,000, this is already a lot.

And you can see the transaction flow of Wu Changyue transferred by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. He spends almost every time harvesting pigs and selling houses. But his spending on harvesting live pigs was less than 20% of his income from selling a house.

But Wu Changyue didn’t have that much money under his name, even from his bank account records.

Our previous inference was that Wu Changyue transferred the money through secret channels, and even had a way to keep the bank’s running water without records. Let us have a deep feeling of hiding the Demon Race spy, and the feeling of hiding is very scary. Put another way, can we assume that Wu Changyue did not actually get the money to sell the house? “

“Did you get it?”

“Yes, I didn’t get it. If there is never any trace, of course. If so, then the transaction records of these sixty properties are actually it’s empty, just records on the books.

So I asked you to investigate it secretly, I hope it is not a book record, otherwise Hong Feng Real Estate and Wu Changyue will be inseparable. By the way, secretly monitor, what is that Luo Jianjian doing recently? What is the abnormal behavior? “


Because Modu’s biggest threat is resolved, the pressure on Wang Lan is not particularly great. Just one meaning, you check slowly, don’t be impatient, there is something you need to say.

The school side basically means the same thing. Don’t worry about your school work. If you are full, five points per day. Check it carefully. Be sure to pull up the Demon Race spy by the roots.

What’s the reason to pull up by the roots? Wang Lan laughed and cried.

So, Wang Lan finally has his position at Heavenly Sword Bureau and comes to work regularly every day.

“I know very well! Yang Yang, copy it, take it away!”

Yang Yang pulled up the star force to restrain the handcuffs from striding forward. Suddenly something happened when Luo Jianli was about to be copied.

A strong crisis dared to strike. Wang Lan instantly pushed away Yang Yang with a palm, and the body also dispersed when he pushed away Yang Yang. Almost at the moment when Wang Lan’s body turned into a colorful butterfly, a beam of light rushed past Wang Lan’s transformed colorful butterfly.

This is an extreme operation. As long as it is a little slower than one second, Wang Lan’s wave may be killed. The beam of light directly rushed across the roof, turning into a white light and shooting towards the sky.

Wang Lan’s body instantly appeared in the corner of the teacher, looking towards Luo Jian’s eyes revealed a horrified look.

“Everyone withdraws quickly–” Yu Ruoyan hurriedly shouted.

From the time that Luo established this time, it can be judged that the strength established by Luo exceeds the Star Sea realm, and may even exceed the realm of the titled powerhouse. Only that blow, with the formidable power annihilated. All the people present must fly ash annihilation as long as they are scratched.

“Liu Changfeng… Was it unexpected and pleasant to see me coming out?” Ming Luo’s mouth not at all moved, but the cold, chilling voice came from Luo Jian’s body.

“The Elder Troll?” Wang Lan looked solemnly at the blood on Luo Jian’s face, as well as the dense scales that quickly emerged.

“Liu Changfeng, are you still willing to come out?” The ancient troll said unfathomable mystery again.

“Since that is the case, let me kill your host–” Luo Jianjian took a step lightly and appeared in front of Wang Lan strangely.

At that moment, Wang Lan only felt his scalp tingle. Almost instantly, Star Palace opened Phoenix holy cloth and rushed out of the starry sky to put Wang Lan on his body almost instantly. Luo Jianli finished wearing before hitting his chest with a palm.


The terrifying strength came from the chest, and the ripples of the space rippled between the two. The palm force established by Luo stayed three inches on Wang Lan’s chest, and Wang Lan’s body twisted violently in the ripples of space.

“Wang Lan ——”

The people around finally reacted and immediately attacked Luo to establish an attack.


It seemed to hit an invisible wall, and Longya, Yang Yang, Jiang Xinyu and others suddenly bounced away from the invisible wall. Even Yu Ruoyan stepped forward to rescue and was stepped back a few steps without suspense.

“Huh? Your Star Palace Divine Item is a little weird.” Luo Jianli said indifferently.


The violent strength erupted from Luo Jian’s palm. Wang Lan’s body instantly flew out like a shell, broke the roof, and rushed to the sky with a stream of light.

At the mirror armor of the chest, a crack suddenly appeared.

Phoenix holy cloth, which can withstand a high temperature of 30,000 degrees without any deformation and can withstand a single shell attack, was cracked by Luo Jian’s palm?

At this moment, Wang Lan’s scalp burst.

“Go to death–” Luo Jian’s figure didn’t know when it appeared strangely beside Wang Lan. The speed was so fast that Wang Lan could not react.

“Phoenix Form, open—”

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