I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 429


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With Phoenix Form enabled, Wang Lan’s abilities instantly soared. I originally thought that this surge should be able to keep up with the speed of Luo’s establishment, but when I really parried Luo’s establishment, I was horrified to find that there was still a huge gap in speed.


A void cloud burst exploded from the sky, and Wang Lan’s figure flew back again instantly. The silhouette of Wang Lan flying backwards was like a streamer, and he was horrified to see the holy cloth’s shoulder blade shattered like shattered glass.

“Absolutely beyond the titled powerhouse realm…” Wang Lan thought instantly.

Last time in the fixed space, Wang Lan lost consciousness when the sword energy burst into Wang Lan’s mind. So I don’t know how horrible the ancient trolls are.

A dozen star martial artist flying ash annihilation in one Star Finger. Is this the strength of the titled powerhouse? Then, almost a snap of the finger behind the second Qiu Bodu, even 5 Emperors is not so scary?

But Wang Lan didn’t see these.

So for Wang Lan, the speed at which Phoenix Form is activated can’t keep up with the trolls is incredible, but in Yu Ruoyan’s eyes, this is completely normal.

In the moment of “Void Purple Eyes”, Wang Lan’s Void Purple Eyes opened, and gorgeous purple rays of light burst out of Wang Lan’s eyes. In the field of vision, the speed of the ancient demon began to slow down instantly.

And when the speed of the ancient demon slowed down, Wang Lan really saw the horror of the ancient demon’s strength. Every time he moves, a vacuum is brought out. The last time Wang Lan saw this scene…it was when I saw King Kai kicking the spotted prince in the previous life!

It seems to have met several meetings, but the real time is only within a second.

Gu Mo once again bullied himself, and then Yu Ruoyan successfully rushed to Wang Lan’s side.

“Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness–“

In a flash, the star forces of the two merge. In an instant, the strength of the two sublimated again. If Wang Lan activates Phoenix Form by himself, the strength is in the Star Sea Peak, then the Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness will instantly exceed the titled powerhouse level.

One stream of light breakthrough. The figure of the two, Jiang Xinyu’s heart at the bottom of this scene instantly mentioned the voice. She wanted to help, but she also knew that, with her strength, she would give away.

Colorful butterflies fly over white light.

In an instant, the two groups of black butterflies spread apart, and their wings fanned, flashing like stars. The two generous butterflies seemed to rush into the void as if the overlapping gene spirals.

The speed of the ancient demon is too fast, only to pull away the distance to have a glimmer of survival. Two winged butterflies frantically fanned their wings and appeared above the sky in a blink of an eye. Two figures appeared at the same time, as if Liang Zhu turned into a butterfly.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Xinyu’s heart suddenly twitched for some reason. Why is the cooperation between the two so perfect? What happened to you while I was away.

“Ruoyun, starry sky divine arrow ——”

Wang Lan binged, and in an instant, the two opened the purple eyes at the same time. Under the void purple eyes, lock everything.

The ancient demon who just planned to take the chase after the sudden sudden figure stopped. Suspended quietly at a height of ten meters, holding his arms with great interest, looked at the two people above his head and pointed to a gun.

“Interesting…Is there even Heavenly Dao’s spell locked in the current realm?”

Two arrows with glowing white light appeared on the fingertips of the two, without hesitation. When the star divine arrow was formed, the two shot arrows at the same time.


As if crossing the space, the star divine arrow instantly penetrated the air and came to the ancient demon. But the explosion in mind does not come at all, and the next scene makes Wang Lan and two people inexplicable.

The ancient demon actually held the star divine arrow with both hands!

Once locked, the inevitable kill that can’t be evaded, is so caught by Gu De’s hands in his hands. This scene has a great impact on Wang Lan.

until now, Wang Lan can’t be said to be very strong, it’s awesome! But so many of the enemies Wang Lan encountered were able to hit a few heads. But now, the star divine arrow that takes all on one throw is actually picked up by both hands.

This strength gap is a little outrageous.


The star divine arrow exploded in the hands of the ancient demon, and the ancient demon slowly floated to the sky, with a grin on his face.

“Now the strength of Human Race is so much worse than 3000 years ago? At that time, the Direct Disciple of a small sect was stronger than you. But I felt that this was the strongest of the four Academy in Jade Country. Among the students, you are the strongest.

Human Race is getting weaker and weaker. Who will die if you don’t die? “

With the release of the starry sky divine arrow, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu are already so weak that they can’t be added. But still supporting and not falling down, the enemy has killed the Academy. Where are Azure Emperor and Elder Di?


When a golden light shot, the ancient demon turned back instantly.

Golden light instantly hit the palm of the ancient demon, but was blocked by an invisible barrier of naked eye. The golden light shot everywhere, but the ancient demon didn’t hurt one.

Elder Di was bathed in the golden light all over his body, swiftly from the east.

“I finally saw a beating, you should be the dean of the Academy of Magic City?”

“Demon Race?” Elder Di asked solemnly.

“President, he is an ancient troll.”

“I was originally from the Titan family 3000 years ago. For your Human Race, I am an ancient person. The time that belongs to me has passed, and I just want to return to my homeland. I heard that you have one Space-time gem, I plan to borrow it, how?”

“Dream!” Elder Di without the slightest hesitation shouted.

“Oh? Then there is no way.” Gu Mo suddenly spread his palms gracefully, “Then come out–“

The earth shook, and suddenly a large piece of land collapsed. Dozens of fierce Demonic Generals protruded from the ground. Wang Lan saw a biochemical Demonic General with a size of only four five meters, sighed slightly in relief.

The enemy’s strength is okay and can withstand it.

But the next moment, the ancient demon suddenly waved his hand to the Demonic General under his feet, and a dark plume of smoke instantly turned into dozens of copies, and in the blink of an eye he got into the mouth of Biochemical Demonic General.

In an instant, the size of dozens of biochemical Demonic Generals has skyrocketed, rising from the original four five meters, and in the blink of an eye has become several dozen meters tall. In an instant, the area where it is located is crowded.

Seeing this scene, the Teacher who came from afar was dumbfounded.

No one has seen such a big beast. The huge Biochemical Demonic General has the same strength as the one seen at Pegasus Farm that day. Vaguely reached the strength of the titled powerhouse.

40 monsters with the power of titled powerhouse appeared in Xingwu Academy at the same time. Who can stand it?

“It’s time for your revenge, impudent’s killing!”

“How dare you–” Elder Di was immediately angry, and immediately exhaled countless golden sword energy to giant beast strikes. But in an instant, the ancient demon emits a black ripple that interrupts Elder Di’s star martial skill, and flashes to break the space and kill Elder Di.


At first, Elder Di’s face instantly changes. Wang Lan cannot determine the strength of the ancient demon immediately, but Elder Di can. The strength of the ancient demon has definitely exceeded the realm, at least it is the realm of the star soul.

Although I finally took that step, it was only one step.

“Fight!” Elder Di folded his hands when he flew backwards. The violent star force spewed out from Elder Di’s whole body. Elder Di’s original ragged body turned upright with naked eye.

Silver hair covered with hair, standing upside down, gradually turning into black in the star force.

“Stars, Tigers Fist–“

Returned to the young Elder Di’s body, and suddenly flashed in the air to the ancient demon. Behind Elder Di, there was a illusory shadow of the White Tiger, and the bloody mouth wide open. Like a sacrificial bowl converged on Elder Di’s fist.

“It’s Interesting a little.” Gu Mo indifferently said, gently raised a palm, and a black ripple rippled away instantly. Elder Di’s fierce punch was disappeared like a broken soap bubble under the ripples.

Not only the energy gathered in Elder Di’s fist, but the golden light circulated around Elder Di also quickly melted in this ripple.

The moment Elder Di’s body was frozen, a mouthful of blood suddenly spewed out, and the whole person flew away.

“Unfortunately, still not enough ——” Gu Mo sneered, a little lonely in the words.

“Long thought 3000 years ago, although there are no strengths in the world, but there are still a few ancient remnants. Anyway, that battle has made us fight several points of difficulty.

Unexpectedly, after 3000 years, as the world’s Peak battle strength, you, known as Elder Di, have only this ability. It seems that Celestial Court is gone. In this case, I am not in a hurry to go back, take your head first. “

The voice fell, and the ancient demon figure flashed instantly. When it appeared again, it was already behind Elder Di. In the palm of his hand, a black long knife was transformed into, and fiercely looked down at Elder Di’s head.


The ancient demon suddenly turned around, and a wooden pillar came out of the sky, not knowing where it came from, but he did not know when he came behind the ancient demon. The ancient demon blocked the wooden post with a knife, and the wooden post was not broken under the ancient demon’s knife.

A burst of rippling in the space, Azure Emperor stepped out.


At this time, Elder Di, who was already unable to fight back, instantly punched, hitting the back of the ancient demon with a fierce fiercely more powerful than before. The ancient demon at this moment didn’t even have time to say a word, and his figure flew away instantly.

At this moment, the giant Biochemical Demonic General at the foot has begun to wreak havoc in the Academy. The strength in Academy can only be contained but cannot compete with Demonic General.

Demonic General with 40-50 heads reaching the power of the titled powerhouse, even Demon Capital Star Martial collage can’t stand it. This round of collision directly destroyed the Academy teaching area.

But fortunately, those who stay in Academy are experts now, and there are no casualties. But it is not easy to fight back to win.

At this moment, both Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan have released the star divine arrow, no matter the physical strength or the star force is extremely empty. The two fell and their hands folded to start the mandala.

It’s just that the area of ​​this mandala is too small, and the coverage area is not even 300 meters. That is, Wang Lan displays mandala flowers under normal conditions, and the scope is much larger than this move.

“Blooming, Datura flower–“

The flowers bloom Duoduo and the pollen is filled. Fortunately, Xingwu Toxin has special characteristics and can ignore the strength of the target. Suddenly, the biochemical Demonic General, which originally dismantled the mandala, suddenly became unresponsive because of too much pollen inhalation.

“Ruoyun, hold on–” Wang Lan bit his tongue and forced to shouted. At the moment, Yu Ruoyan was so weak that he couldn’t even stand.

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