I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 430


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Yu Ruoyan endured his spirits and madly overdrawn the star force. With the assistance of Yu Ruoyan, Datura Hua finally managed to bind the two biochemical Demonic Generals. The continuous star force is absorbed by the mandala, injecting life force into the half-dead mandala.

“Okay–” Wang Lan exclaimed happily, but Yu Ruoyan passed out in this brief moment.

Datura Mandala has two giant beasts to provide star force. Wang Lan no longer needs to inject star force. Now all Wang Lan needs to do is control the mandala.

“Xinyu, inform the students, rush the biochemical Demonic General–” Wang Lan shouted to Jiang Xinyu who was playing wild around the mandala. Jiang Xinyu knew instantly, star force surged all over the body, and S-Rank star martial skill erupted continuously.

Jiang Xinyu’s actual combat has been fully trained on the battlefield, coupled with her innate talent, she has mastered the use of compound star martial skills just after the breakthrough Star River.

Although it has not yet reached the point where the attributes are merged, it is no longer necessary to cast two star martial skills at the same time. After getting along with Wang Lan for a long time, the fighting style was also influenced by Wang Lan.

Jiang Xinyu used to be in the pure law system, standing still and directly bombing from a long distance, bombing his opponent until his death. But now, Jiang Xinyu has learned to coquettishly move.

Due to the architecture and terrain of Academy, the demonic and demonstrative Biogenic Demonic General is burning in anger. In a few flashes, the Biochemical Demonic General in front of him has forgotten where he is, just a sharp shot at Jiang Xinyu.

Because Jiang Xinyu is a veneer, the innate talent of Demonic General spouting lava cannot be used. A squirting, without hitting Jiang Xinyu may limping directly. This is the real advantage of using your strengths to beat the enemy’s short board, and these two points are applied to the extreme.

By the time the Demonic General responded, Jiang Xinyu had been brought to Datura in front of him.

Biochemical Demonic General is different from the monster. If the monster has various innate talent skills, but has no brain, the Biochemical Demonic General attack is single, but the brain is still online. Even if there was no brain before, it has now been transplanted.

It is very clear that Wang Lan’s mandala is cruel and cannot be touched.

I was about to leave. Suddenly, Jiang Xinyu didn’t know when he was behind Biochemical Demonic General. He pressed his palms to the ground and said, “Elevation to earth!”

The ground is like a seesaw, instantly pulled out by Jiang Xinyu and then overturned. The Demonic General standing on the ground was too late to respond and planted it in the mandala.

“Dry beautiful–“

Wang Lan is amazing, really surprised by this wave of operations by Jiang Xinyu. Although Jiang Xinyu made rapid progress, he was much worse than himself. Therefore, when graduating from the third year of high school, Wang Lan’s strength surpassed that of Jiang Xinyu.

In the past six months, Wang Lan’s strength soared not only without stagnation, but also with acceleration special effects. To put it bluntly, Wang Lan can now abuse Jiang Xinyu with one hand.

So, Jiang Xinyu, an absolute impossible of Early-Stage in the Star River realm, is an opponent of the biochemical Demonic General. that’s the truth. If you want to fight, the damage that Jiang Xinyu hits is a bit painful for Demonic General.

Jiang Xinyu didn’t play harm, he was playing around and flying kites all the way, and then directly set a table to lift the huge biochemical Demonic General into the mandala. Later, I will say that Jiang Xinyu’s strength is not good, but Wang Lan has no such face.

Went into the mandala, Wang Lan certainly wants to entertain him.

Come on, brother? Freshly baked mandala flower pollen, come, take a sip, don’t be uncomfortable and don’t need money.

This biochemical Demonic General is not inhaled pollen, it is almost directly buried by Wang Lan buried in flowers.

Several minutes later, the struggle of Biochemical Demonic General has gradually no successor, and soon became the star force supply station for Datura.

Wood Element star martial artist is the most Buddhist, the fighting style is almost lying down, but the stronger the staying power in the later period. Now looking at the state of Wang Lan is like this, Wang Lan itself is exhausted physically and mentally, let alone the stored star force, not to mention the Platinum Gold class martial skill, it is a Silver class star martial skill that cannot be released.

But now the mandala flower only needs him to control, just like a spider woven web, just wait for the prey to come to the door.

And above the sky, there was a trace of ugliness on the face of the ancient demon who was blown away with a punch. Although there was no substantial harm, it was indeed a bit irritating to be punched by a guy who had always looked down on before.

“You are the Azure Emperor known as the Human Race Peak expert? You have long been here, deliberately hiding in the dark waiting for opportunities… Although the strength of the Human Race is continually going backwards, the cunning of the Human Race is still the same. This is the case.”

“hmph!” Azure Emperor coldly snorted, but did not rush. As the ultimate powerhouse, he instantly judged the strength of Gu Mo. This ancient demon is stronger and stronger than everyone he met.

After all, this generation has experienced few wars 70 years ago. Even Elder Di, who is over one hundred years old, had just caught the end of the war.

Is there any such strong Demon Race in Demon Race? Azure Emperor doesn’t know, but it may not be a rough guess. Otherwise, humans have no resistance at all in front of this powerhouse.

I am afraid that the strength of this ancient demon can only be fought with 5 Emperors.

I am the only one, and this battle is a blessing.

“Elder Di, how are you?”

“You can still fight!” Elder Di’s upper body suddenly burst open, revealing a naked and strong body. The body is tall and full of muscles, where there is still a bit of weakness.

But Azure Emperor knows that the price of Elder Di in exchange for this winning state may be greater than he thought.

Suddenly, an anemone rune lights up in Elder Di’s eyebrows, and then the skin around him becomes scarlet as blood. Seeing this scene, Azure Emperor’s face suddenly changed.

“Phoenix Form ——”

The flames rose and wrapped Elder Di’s body. Suddenly, Elder Di turned into an eggshell. In the dazzling white light, a phoenix Phoenix stretched out from the flames.

Elder Di’s imposing manner spewed out again.

At the same time, all powerhouses of the five worlds of Jade Country sensed the awakening of mysterious strength in the East.

“Ancient inheritance? So your ancient inheritance has not been cut off.” The ancient demon may be in absolute confidence, or he is conceited. When Elder Di launched Phoenix Form, he didn’t interrupt.

Now, Elder Di has completed the conversion of Phoenix Form. Azure Emperor is no longer hesitant, and instantly takes out Dragon Emperor Form. Azure Emperor Dragon Emperor Form is much faster than Elder Di, a terrifying energy erupts from the body, and a cyan illusory shadow Divine Dragon rises in the sky.

“hahaha… well, that’s why it’s interesting–” Gu Mo was not only not afraid, but he also laughed excitedly.

In an instant, the ancient demon’s body became bigger, and in a blink of an eye, the normal person became a giant two hundred meters high. The entire school, the tallest building is just around his waist.

Fortunately, Phoenix Form’s Elder Di wingspan has reached several dozen meters, and Azure Emperor’s body length converted into Dragon Emperor Form has also reached two hundred meters. Besides, the size of the strength is not just the size, the damage output is the fundamental.

Maybe the agility of the Devil Body becomes larger after it becomes bigger? Wang Lan lay in the mandala, unable to do anything so he had to comfort himself.

After obtaining three biochemical demonic weapons, the dysplastic mandala has gradually developed. Teaching the kite to the biochemical Demonic General, the teacher took the students to pull the biochemical Demonic General to Wang Lan.

The battle strength combined by hundreds of students is not to be underestimated. Although the gap above the level is difficult to make up for by quantity, the level of the Biochemical Demonic General is hardly pulled up by the troll with its huge power.

Looking at the battle strength of the titled powerhouse, there is still a gap between it and the titled powerhouse. Furthermore, the titled powerhouse and the Star Sea Realm Peak are not different in level. They are still Star Sea Realm.

Only at the level of 5 Emperors is the level gap, so Academy can still stabilize the situation for dozens of huge biochemical Demonic Generals. If there are dozens of these three things on the head, Academy is estimated to have to fly ash annihilation in one move.

While taking advantage of the biochemical Demonic General, Wang Lan took advantage of a vine winding to overturn it to the ground. The classmates who followed immediately immediately rushed to cooperate and the Demonic General was dragged into the mandala.

But at the same time, Demonic General seems to have changed tactics suddenly. The teachers and students who gave up the Academy suddenly turned around and rushed to Wang Lan.

Wang Lan is a spider web that is waiting for Demonic General to deliver, but Wang Lan needs Demonic General to deliver one by one instead of swarming. Dozens of Demonic Generals hit Datura at the same time? Not to mention Demonic General, which is so powerful, that is, dozens of star martial artist Wang Lan in the Star Sea environment can’t stand it.

In an instant, the situation on the battlefield changed with Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Academy teachers and students who originally demonized Demonic General to mandala were desperately blocking Demonic General, and Demonic General was crazy assault at this time.

Don’t you seduce us? Don’t you like to seduce? So we came, why did you refuse again? Damn it, now that you are afraid? It’s late, brethren, come on—

The biochemical Demonic General is in full bloom, and the lava that has spewed out is flooded towards the mandala. The mandala, which has just spread to a kilometer, was instantly destroyed by this wave of lava into two hundred meters.

Biochemical Demonic General’s fierce influx, scrubbing in lava. The mandala vines burn to ashes quickly in the lava.

Phoenix and Azure Dragon are constantly roaming above the sky, combining skills, dodge, walking, blocking, flashing, and impacting. It was a great fight.

Regardless of how Elder Di and Azure Emperor work together, the trolls are Motionless As Mountains. Neither disturbed nor distracted, nor was any hair removed.

Myriad transformations in the hands of trolls, or swords, or shields, or space ripples, or dark energy balls. Each time, the troll attacked the troll without damage. But an attack by the troll fell on Dragon Phoenix, but Dragon Phoenix was heartbroken.

The more you fight, the more powerful the troll becomes, and as time goes on, Azure Emperor and the two feel the terror of the troll.

The question is, if this battle is lost, who else can stop the trolls? Jade Country has no stronger battle strength than Azure Emperor, nor does it have the whole world. If they lose, what if the trolls want to start the Demon Realm channel?

The worst result in the end must be the launch of a nuclear bomb by Jade Country.

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