I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 431


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It was the most extreme and the most helpless decision under the condition of a last resort. If the Demon Realm door is opened, the Demon Race army login is successful, and the magic will surely be destroyed.

It’s better to let Modu and Troll perish together.

And even if a nuclear bomb is used, it is not necessary to use a million-ton nuclear bomb. Even the third-generation nuclear bomb, although the damage to the devil is heavy, it can destroy at least 20% of the devil.

“The mystery left by the ancients does have some essence of that year. Unfortunately, the Divine Beast you have turned into is just a fiction. Even the real Divine Beast Bloodline is not activated, so you don’t need to continue to be disgraced. .”

The ancient magic suddenly said lightly, and in a relaxed tone, Azure Emperor realized in panic a problem. After playing for so long, playing it very seriously may be just for the ancient magic to test the formidable power of Ancient Secret Technique.

The idea has just risen, and the momentary terror crisis dares to strike my heart.

“Elder Di be careful–“

The words fell, and the troll suddenly threw out a dark axe. The axe shattered void, instantly disappeared. But when it reappears, it instantly looks like a Space Crack crossed Phoenix’s wings.

Elder Di’s Phoenix, a wing was instantly cut off with a blow. Phoenix, who lost its wings, uttered a whimper and planted it from the sky. Azure Emperor just wanted to support, and suddenly a black light shot at him.

Azure Emperor’s figure flickered quickly, dangerously avoiding this black light, but Elder Di was swept by another black light and exploded in the air.

Elder Di’s body fell rapidly, and his tall body was quickly ragged in the air.

“Elder Di ——” Wang Lan who saw this scene had a split eyes. But at the moment, he is also unhappy.

The teachers and students of Academy have entered the mandala and assisted. Jiang Xinyu is staying by Wang Lan and stubbornly guarding Wang Lan. But the remaining thirty biochemical Demonic General has already killed Wang Lan.

Even after doing my best, I still reached this step. Although Datura’s attack has become very sharp, the battle strength of all the thirty heads of the Demonic General is very terrifying.

Suddenly, the thirty-headed Demonic General looked up, his entire body as if it had turned into lava. The scorching heat ignited all the surrounding embankments, the spewing flames rose, and the mandala was instantly transformed into a fire sea.

At this moment, everyone’s heart is shaking, is it coming?

The strongest blow of the thirty-headed Biochemical Demonic General is issued at the same time. Although it is only spewing high-temperature lava, the temperature of this lava is very terrifying. Even the door of Yellow Springs can instantly erode a large hole to see it.

There is no defensive star martial skill that can resist this move.

Seeing this scene, Wang Lan burst suddenly, “Everyone withdraws quickly–“

However, after Wang Lan roared, everyone did not retreat to the surroundings as Wang Lan expected, but appeared around Wang Lan instantly, and surrounded Wang Lan firmly in the middle.

“You guys are crazy, withdraw quickly, you can’t stop—”

“Jiang Xinyu, take Wang Lan away!”

Wang Lan is still manipulating the Demonic General, the 30-headed mandala distractor, but the vines are ignited when they touch the body of the Demonic General. Wang Lan’s interference has little effect.

The current situation is that once Wang Lan stops harassing, Demonic General’s lava skills can erupt instantly. He was the only one present who could not withdraw. He wanted to withdraw, and no one could escape.

“Withdraw a fart, die me better than everyone else. Quickly withdraw–“

“But you are more important than all of us!”

“That is, Wang Lan, no, God Lan, we have no retreat!”

“We fight, create time for you to evacuate, Jiang Xinyu, what are you waiting for? Come on, Wang Lan takes it away, he doesn’t agree to knock-out-“

Jiang Xinyu’s heart was beating like a drumbeat at the moment, and finally his body flashed to Wang Lan, and a hand knife was cut against Wang Lan’s neck.

“I fuck—are you really playing?” Wang Lan suddenly angered, never swearing Wang Xin of Jiang Xinyu, breaking the ring for the first time.

“Ka-Boom -“

Wang Lan’s ice armor attached to his neck instantly was smashed by Jiang Xinyu, but because of the ice armor, he successfully blocked Jiang Xinyu’s hand knife. But Jiang Xinyu didn’t stop. He raised his hand again, and he was about to make up another knife.

“Xinyu, don’t make trouble–“

“Then you follow me!” Jiang Xinyu’s face was cold and shouted. After a lapse of many years, Wang Lan once again saw the aura of Ice and Snow Queen on Jiang Xinyu’s face.

“I have no retreat at all.”

The voice just came out of Wang Lan’s mouth, and Jiang Xinyu’s knife fell. In an instant, Wang Lan’s mind buzzed, and the original gray blue diamond skill suddenly lit up at this moment.

“pa ——”

Suddenly, a palm appeared in front of Wang Lan’s neck, with no difficulty blocking Jiang Xinyu’s hand knife. And how did this palm appear, Jiang Xinyu didn’t even notice it.

Jiang Xinyu looked at Wang Lan in surprise. Was Wang Lan himself?

In Wang Lan’s current state, how can he stop his hand knife even if he can’t stand up? But precisely, Wang Lan easily caught this blade.

Wang Lan slightly smiled, standing up slowly.

Suddenly, dozens of sword energy were shot from Wang Lan’s body instantly, as if a gorgeous fire star spewing out after the fireworks barrel was lit. Sword energy seemed to have crossed the space and instantly penetrated dozens of Demonic General’s chests.

Demonic General was shocked, and the bang broke into pieces on the spot.

The sky battlefield, the troll attacked Azure Transformation Emperor of Dragon Transformation. Azure Emperor is even a brand. Every time he was about to be killed, he was always able to take out his hole and save his life.

But even so, Azure Emperor is already broken. No one has been beaten so badly since Azure Emperor became famous.

Azure Emperor is not the strongest among 5 Emperors, but Azure Emperor is recognized as the most unbeatable. Invincible Flame Emperor, undefeated Azure Emperor, this sentence is not a joke circulating the world.

The invincible Flame Emperor refers to Flame Emperor under the rage and madness, in this bloodthirsty state, if a Person blocks, then kill the Person if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas, and relentless not recognizing one’s family .

This state even Flame Emperor does not know how to achieve it, but as long as the success is provoked to this extent, it is definitely an enemy’s nightmare.

The undefeated Azure Emperor means that Azure Emperor has too many cards and the life-saving ability is endless. And Azure Emperor with Wood Attribute is the best at playing late. Once he was chased by Flame Emperor for 300 kilometers, he was not killed.

In the past ten years or so, Azure Emperor has fewer and fewer hands-on attempts, but it is certain that Azure Emperor has more cards in the past ten or more years. This is also the troll successfully killed every time, but Azure Emperor has escaped every time.

Till now, trolls have been amazed by the endless means of Azure Emperor. He doesn’t consider whether this move can kill Azure Emperor now. What he considers is how many cards of Azure Emperor have not been thrown out.

Azure Emperor gasping for breath in the sky, a wound in the corner of the eye hua hua bleeds blood, blood dripping into the eyes Qing Imperial Capital dare not wipe it. This is the ninth life-and-death situation in his life.

And as the so-called nine is an extreme number, Azure Emperor, who has always believed in fate, is very sensitive to this number. Number of poles? Can it be crossed? I’m afraid I can’t… All the methods have been thrown out, the star force has been exhausted, the physical strength has been exhausted, and even the Dragon Emperor Form can’t sustain it now…

The troll looked up and the energy ball flashed again and again, “I don’t know this time, what way do you avoid it?”

The energy ball is about to be thrown out, and suddenly the troll moves suddenly.

Turning slowly, he saw a scene of Wang Lan sword energy blasting and instantly killing thirty Demonic Generals.

The troll’s attack was contained, and he slowly turned to stare at the mandala that was nothing but grass in his eyes.

A silhouette slowly lifted off, under the silhouette’s feet, stepped on a glass-like amber sword energy.

“Liu Changfeng! Have you finally given up?”

“Titan Demon! Today I want you the soul flew away and scattered!” Although Wang Lan is still the Wang Lan, he is not Wang Lan. Although his consciousness is sober, his body is entrusted with skills.

Five seconds ago.

At the moment when Jiang Xinyu was cut with a knife, the system in my mind was slightly shocked. The original gray blue diamond skill suddenly turned on. Although Liang is bright, Wang Lan still has no control and can’t release it. This skill is different from all Wang Lan skills.

All the skills learned in the system are just manifestations, Wang Lan will do it, not just click and release. But this is different. Although the skill is on, Wang Lan still does not know what this skill is.

In the current environment, Wang Lan can’t care about it either. Anyway, let mermaid release itself or system release. So Wang Lan instantly hits Spiritual Power click skill.

Suddenly, a consciousness exploded from Wang Lan’s mind.

The Remnant Soul left by a character from 3000 years ago woke up in the spirit of Wang Lan.

He said that his name was Liu Changfeng, and it was Haoyang Sword Pavilion 70th fifth-generation discipline.

Born in Haoyang Sword Pavilion, parents are Inner Disciple of Haoyang Sword Pavilion. Seven years old awakened the cultivation system and formally cultivated in the same year. 20 years old Foundation Establishment, by 40 years old, the cultivation base has exceeded the then Haoyang Sword Pavilion Sect Master officially entered the realm of distraction.

Sect Master once lamented that your cultivation speed is not weaker than Ancient Era during this final period. If you were born in Ancient Era, you will be able to achieve Immortal Emperor.

On that day, when the sky shattered, Foreign Celestial Demon killed Haoyang Sword Pavilion. As Haoyang Sword Pavilion’s strongest discipline, of course, he had to guard the mountain gate against foreign enemies.

Countless army of Demon Races, slamming the endless beasts against the division. He couldn’t take care of anything, and kept lifting his sword in his hands.

I don’t know how long the battle has been, nor how many enemies have been killed. Until his spirit strength was exhausted, until he looked around, there was no more Heavenly Demon.

Liu Changfeng turned his head and looked at the teacher’s gate that had turned into ruins and shed blood and tears.

The disciples of the division, all killed, his Master, his Senior Brother, and his Junior Brother.

In the end, he resisted all by himself.

Liu Changfeng exhausted his last spirit strength, and cut off the mountain gate with a sword. The mountain gate gradually disappeared into the void. Then, all the bones of Demon Race were pushed into the cliff cut by his sword.

When I finished all this, I was suddenly attacked by sneak attack. It turned out there was a Demon Race hidden in the dark and didn’t shoot.

The Demon Race instantly turned into a troll with a height of several hundred meters, photographing the ruins of what was originally a mess.

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