I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 432


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Finally, I tried my best to kill the troll and nail it to the cliff. However, the didn’t expect troll has already become distracted. Divine Soul is out of body. As long as he invades any beast within the body, the troll can still wait for support.

For trouble will completely vanish, he gave up Heaven Realm’s opportunity to regenerate his soul and sealed the Titan troll with a sword tire. This one is 3000 years.

Until 3000 years later, the entire group opened the void and came to Haoyang Sword Pavilion again. Liu Changfeng was gradually suppressed by trolls during the 3000 years of consumption. It is also a matter of time before the trolls come out of the trap.

It’s just that Lu Family’s greedy face makes Liu Changfeng spurn, and naturally he is not willing to give them the sword tire. There is no greed in the remaining three hearts, an old man does not make a choice, and one of the remaining two is a woman.

I Liu Changfeng dignified the seven-foot man who disdains women, so I chose Wang Lan as it should be by rights. In fact, choosing Wang Lan is indeed an extremely wise decision.

Just a few days, Liu Changfeng’s Remnant Soul awoke.

After the recovery, Liu Changfeng discovered that he was locked in a box in the Divine Consciousness Sea, and once made Liu Changfeng think he was found and sealed? But in the next moment, Wang Lan released his skills, and Liu Changfeng was able to take over Divan Soul’s Fleshy body with Divine Soul.

Today, he wants to make a break with the troll.

“This Fellow Daoist, has a sword under it, but can subdue monsters and defeat demons. It’s just that I have only a ray of Remnant Soul, Spiritual Qi is not enough. I urge this Fellow Daoist to help me, subdue monsters and defeat demons!”

It sounds weird in Azure Emperor’s ears, but Azure Emperor still instantly understood the meaning of Wang Lan.

“Wang Lan, you have several points of grasp?”

“Long wind and this sword will definitely stain the enemy’s blood!” Saying, Wang Lan’s whole body instantly rippled the hazy white light, white light like a ribbon of smoke emanating from Wang Lan’s whole body.

“Fellow Daoist!” Wang Lan eagerly shouted.

Azure Emperor did not hesitate, turned into an Azure Dragon, and rushed to Wang Lan in an instant. Cyan spirit strength poured into Wang Lan’s within the body. Of course, this is just an appearance. In fact, it should be absorbed by Wang Lan.

As soon as the star force contacts Wang Lan, the star force is quickly transformed and absorbed. This method of transformation and absorption is a bit similar to Refining Qi in Xianyun Xuanqing, but there are some differences.

But the functions are the same, the conversion is repulsive, unavailable, and the non-absorbable star force becomes available and absorbable star force. This process makes Azure Emperor complexion greatly changed. In just a few seconds, Azure Emperor has absorbed the huge star force stored for more than ten years and absorbed more than half.

And at this moment, those clouds of light condensed on the top of Wang Lan’s head, Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon rose instantly. An ancient scholar illusory shadow over ten zhang appeared above Wang Lan’s head. The scholar has a book and a sword, and his hair is like smoke. Although I can’t see my face clearly, I think it’s beautiful.

“Liu Changfeng—” The troll suddenly became excited and gave a high-pitched roar, the black light flashed all over the body, turned into colorful, and rushed towards Wang Lan.

“Sacrifice the sky with my soul!” Wang Lan’s mouth shouted, and the illusory shadow above his head instantly rushed out of Wang Lan’s body, turning into a glowing sword energy in the moment of flying out.

Time and space suddenly condense, and time suddenly stops.

The entire world has become frozen, and even the trolls rushed in are frozen in the air.

At this moment, between Heaven and Earth can only move this sword energy. The speed of sword energy is not fast, but it is the ordinary speed that naked eye can see. But compared to others that are still, this speed is already fast.

When the sword energy pierced the troll’s body, the condensation of space ended and time passed again.

The troll’s body froze in place, his eyes glaring unwillingly flashed quickly.




First the head, then the body, and finally the limbs. After several explosions, the troll’s body was instantly blown to pieces. But Wang Lan’s body fell slowly from the sky.

Azure Emperor grabbed Wang Lan and put it over his shoulder. Looking at Wang Lan in a coma, Azure Emperor suddenly felt a strong sense of strangeness.

At the position of Azure Emperor, many secret things are understood. For example, samsara reincarnation. Well, this is true in the world, but not everyone can.

It’s like the rich say it’s a house? I bought it! But has it been interpreted as a house? Anyone can afford it.

Yu Family was the Imperial Family 200 years ago, and the Great Jade Empire was established 700 years ago. So Yu Family also inherited the most secret and confidential information. After generations of research, Yu Family knew that there were not only immortals but Celestial Court in Ancient Era.

The so-called samsara reincarnation is only eligible for powerhouses that have been cultivated above distraction. The same is true of the previous Celestial Court, and the reason why there is a fairy outside the fairy tale comes from this.

So when I looked at Wang Lan, who was in a coma, I remembered the scene of Fang Cai. Could it be…Wang Lan is the reincarnation of a mighty soul? Doesn’t it mean that all the power is in the Magellanic Cloud?

Suddenly, his eyes flashed. It seems that Wang Lan’s life is known only by Flame Emperor, and in a few years, Flame Emperor then went to that place, and there was no warning before.

Wang Lan was safely sent to the ground, Jiang Xinyu hurriedly greeted him, and sighed in relief after some exploration.

But at the moment, Wang Lan suddenly shuddered, and the whole person shivered for a moment like a cramp.

“Congratulations to the host for resolving the Human Race crisis, reward EXP 3,000,000, skill points hundred thousand.”

“Congratulations to the host for slashing the ancient Titan troll, strength storm, rescue Human Race from fire and water, reward EXP 3,000,000, skill points hundred thousand.”

This 6,000,000 EXP was poured down, which directly ignited Wang Lan’s climax. The original upgrade of Star River 5 to Star River 6 was 6,000,000 EXP, and it has been a few days before the upgrade of Star River 5. This EXP came down and directly filled Wang Lan’s experience slot.

The dust fell to the ground, everyone’s heart was just cautiously put down.

Suddenly Wang Lan twitched, and everyone was nervous for a moment. Jiang Xinyu hurriedly pressed Wang Lan’s chest again to check Wang Lan’s status.

Suddenly, a surge of spirit strength like heartbeat surges out. A boom, so powerful.

At this moment, everyone is dumbfounded.

So the starry waves of relaxation are so familiar? How does it look like fluctuations in breakthrough Star martial grade?

impossible ……

Everyone who raises this idea is looking at the head in the heart. Just watch what Wang Lan played just now? If I can still break through this way, I will broadcast a handstand…


In a flash, the clear star force waved away. Then everyone closed on the spot. The previous star force fluctuation is just a guess of breakthrough, then now, the star force fluctuation has been clearly told to you.

Labor and capital is breakthrough!

fuck ——

The star force’s undulating ripple lasted less than thirty seconds, and Wang Lan opened his eyes leisurely. Last breakthrough, in the Eastern Sea scouting space. On the verge of breakthrough, full of skill points, a star divine arrow dominates the game.

The abyss giant beast was shot by Wang Lan with a single arrow.

This is only a few days? Full of money, nine days? Nine days, why did you break through again?

Fortunately, this breakthrough is just a consolidation breakthrough, not even from Star River Middle-Stage breakthrough to late Star River. But even so, can’t you generally accept it?

Wang Lan’s long eyes opened and saw Jiang Xinyu’s red eyes.

“Why am I comatose?” Wang Lan woke up suddenly, “Xinyu, do you still stun me?”

“No, you… don’t you know what you just did?” Jiang Xinyu looked at Wang Lan nervously, reaching for Wang Lan’s forehead.

“What did I do?” Wang Lan thought in his heart that he remembered a shock in his mind, that blue diamond skill turned on, and then activated Haoyang Jianjue, and… he didn’t remember anything at all. .

In a hurry, Wang Lan sank into the Divine Consciousness Sea, and a brand-new skill appeared in the skill page-Haoyang Jianjue.

When Wang Lan saw the skill level, he almost spit out an old blood.

Isn’t it the blue diamond skill? How did it become Gold skills? Damn, do you want to play with me like this? Why do I need blue diamonds, blue diamonds? Even if you downgrade, it is acceptable to go down to the diamond level.

Did you drop me to Gold level directly, is it a bit excessive?

Although there are thousands of grasses in my heart, my face is as calm as the backwaters. In fact, Haoyang Jianjue’s downgrade to Gold level is also reasonable. Because at this moment, this skill is no longer unknown to Wang Lan as before.

Waking up at this time, Wang Lan clearly felt that he had inherited Haoyang Jianjue’s inheritance. And have you learned the Haoyang Sword Skill directly without spending skill points? elated!

The principle of Haoyang Jianjue is very simple. Use a special method to condense a bit of sword energy. The formation of sword energy is the starting point of Haoyang sword tactics. This sword energy is usually nurtured in Purple Mansion. Take out to kill the enemy by 1000 meters.

At the 2nd stage, it is sword glow, which is converted from Invisible Sword gas to tangible sword energy. The sword glow took out, which can be divided into mountains and rivers. Afterwards, continue to condense sword glow, inject Primordial Spirit into sword spirit, sword spirit can be gestated as sword fetus, and sword fetus will become the base of the road.

Unfortunately, as Haoyang Sword Pavilion Supreme’s Haoyang sword tactic, the highest realm is only in the sword tire, and upwards, it has been lost. Wang Lan estimates that the so-called sword tire should be the blue diamond realm.

It seems that after a long time, the outside world is only a few seconds. Wang Lan eyes opened, slightly smiled.

In the past life, I was also a man who has read thousands of novels. In addition, I have experienced the same thing once, so this time I can make a pretty close even if I know nothing about it.

“Wang Lan, are you awakening the memories of past lives now?” Azure Emperor came to Wang Lan and asked quietly.

Wang Lan was startled.

Is my transmigrator identity exposed? Did I do this while I was unconscious?

There is no reason…

“Sir Azure Emperor, your words are…”

“You just killed the troll with a sword, obviously the strength of the extraordinary realm. There are even stronger people in the world today. So I guess you are a samsara reincarnation of an Ancient Supreme Expert. Now the soul is awakened, welcome Congratulations.”

While listening to Azure Emperor, Wang Lan’s mouth twitched suddenly. A state of wanting to laugh, but a little stretched, is suffering.

“Why? I guessed wrong…”

“cough cough cough…” Wang Lan replaced his smile with a cough. After a long time, Wang Lan shook the head, “I’m not a reincarnation, but Sir Azure Emperor, is there any ancient Supreme Expert reincarnation in this world?” Who has it?”

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