I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 433


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“I just learned from the literature that there is an ancient reincarnation. I have never heard or seen it in reality. You are the first one I have seen…”

“That, Sir Azure Emperor, you misunderstood it. In fact, this matter is not complicated. It starts with me and Ruoyun Lu Family entering Haoyang Sword Pavilion.

3000 years ago, Demon Race invaded. Haoyang Sword Pavilion was originally the land of Human Race Holy Land. Although powerful, it was outnumbered. It was finally destroyed by the Demon Race army 3000 years ago.

Despite the defeat of Haoyang Sword Pavilion, the Demon Race that invaded Haoyang Sword Pavilion was killed by a Haoyang Sword Pavilion expert. I want to come, that person should be Liu Changfeng who the troll has said more than once.

Then the two sides were perish together, but Liu Changfeng and the troll had reached the point of Divine Soul Inextinguishable, so Liu Changfeng sealed the Divine Soul of the troll and turned it into a sword tire to suppress the spirit of the giant Demon God.

This pressure, 3000 years.

Then we entered Haoyang Sword Pavilion, because the Lu Family was greedy for the inheritance of Haoyang Sword Pavilion, so we released the soul of giant Demon God. The sword tire made by Liu Changfeng entered my within the body.

I am not very clear about this process, Ruoyun should know. Therefore, it is not me who just killed the troll, but Liu Changfeng’s Remnant Soul. “

“Uh…” Azure Emperor’s face was slightly stunned, but his expression was instantly revealed, “so that’s how it is, this is didn’t expect.”

“That was a battle that lasted 3000 years.”

“Really! What about you? How is it now? Is Liu Changfeng still in your body?”

“It should be gone, and only the long wind of Fang Cai Liu should have been perish with the troll.” The words fell to the ground, and suddenly, the overcast clouds of the sky dispersed, a golden sun shed through the overcast clouds, and Heaven and Earth instantly became Liang dignified up.

“How is Elder Di?” Wang Lan asked suddenly.

“Elder Di is very old and has accumulated a lifetime of blood… This time is all used. Elder Di has spent his life fighting for Jade Country, striving to the utmost and died, really, country member matchless!”

One Hundred Thousand Demon Soldiers and dozens of biochemical demons are flying ash annihilation, and the ancient trolls have also been slain. This crisis seems to have passed through safely.

But… everyone’s face always smiles does not raise.

The battle won, beautiful! But Academy’s loss is not small. The entire Academy was almost ruined in this battle. The Xingwu Academy students, the biggest casualty since the end of the War of Resistance, only appeared.

There were 300 students and 15 teachers in the Academy, but in this battle, there were less than 50 students who should have stayed in the safest rear. Teachers left, there are only five people left.

No one expected that this was just a common spy-catching operation, but suddenly it turned into a decisive battle. The injured person, Wang Lan is responsible for all the treatment, but the ordinary person affected can only be sent to the hospital for rescue.

Wang Lan’s star martial skill can only work wonders for star martial artist and has no effect on ordinary person. For Elder Di, the heaviest injury is not the injury suffered by the body, but the lost blood.

Elder Di Phoenix Nirvana, who instantly returned to the scene in the Peak period, saw Wang Lan’s scalp numb. Even the Phoenix Form was not shocked by his Nirvana Rebirth scene.

And this scene has become a must-have. In the future, we will never see the scene of Elder Di Phoenix Nirvana.

In the hospital, to-and-fro has a lot of people visiting. No. 1 to No. 7 are all here. Even Emperor Xuan, Xuan Emperor, and Bai Emperor came to visit Elder Di.

Elder Di still looks very spirited and optimistic. But everyone knows that this battle should be the last bloom of Elder Di in this life. All his life, he was fighting for Jade Country, country member matchless, and he did not let him down.

The school was destroyed and it will take time to rebuild. How to get Wang Lan in the later school curriculum is temporarily unknown. At the end of the war, he was taken special care for seven days off. For seven days, don’t ask him to make a post report, don’t let him participate in the reconstruction work, and don’t patrol the entire Modu like other classmates and other colleagues, appease people’s hearts, etc.

All he has to do is rest at home.

Purple’s window screen twisted slightly, and gentle sunlight shone into the bedroom. Wang Lan extended the hand, touching the bed but feeling empty. Fierce eyes opened, fragrance and temperature remained in the bed, but Jiang Xinyu didn’t know where to go.

Wang Lan quickly turned up, put on his pajamas and pulled away the bedroom, but heard a strange noise in the kitchen room, the kitchen door closed dead.

In an instant, an ominous premonition struck my heart. Wang Lan quietly opened the door, and Jiang Xinyu in pajamas was busy in the kitchen with a gentle and virtuous look.

In an instant, Wang Lan flashed, and the person had rushed to Jiang Xinyu’s side, turned off the fire, covered the lid with his backhand, and moved in one go.

“What are you doing?” Jiang Xinyu looked at Wang Lan blankly with a shovel.

“For so many years, do you still not know your attributes? You and my aunt are the scene of a hell kitchen car accident. But I know that, you have always been calm, I remember that you were mad at the kitchen many years ago. Alright? Why can’t you think so today?”

“It’s different now than before…” Jiang Xinyu smiled with a shovel on his face, “I will take care of you in the future.”

“Pull it down! I’ll take care of you. Let’s go, let’s go hungry?”

The smile on Jiang Xinyu’s face was sweet, but gradually gave Wang Lan a chilling feeling, “Today’s meal must be made by me, and you must eat it.”


Wang Lan’s heart was alert for a moment, looking at Jiang Xinyu’s serious eye Divine Heart. what’s the situation? Last night, how did you change your face early in the morning?

“Xinyu…I seem to have done nothing wrong?”

“Are you sure? Think about it again, there are still ten seconds for the loving breakfast. If you think of it, I can barely let you go.”

What really offended her? Could it be… I’ve exposed my scumbag? No, if Jiang Xinyu knows, it is not a simple dark dish… Xinyu through childhood is always careful, and revenge is from morning till night…

“Give a hint, okay?” Wang Lan asked softly with a bitter face.

“Yesterday! I’m going to pull you away…” Jiang Xinyu said flatly.

In an instant, the strong God of Survival is possessed and the screen is played again. At the beginning, Jiang Xinyu was chopped off with a knife, although he was blocked by the ice armor that was forced to take out. But my reaction seemed a little excited.

Not only swearing, but also shouting at her? Although the swearing part was done last night, it was not that simple to call her. Through childhood, Wang Lan never shouted at her, and the girl always remembers the first time more reliably.

For example, the first birthday gift, the first time holding hands, the first time being scolded, the first time being beaten, the first time… by Wang Lan roar!

Wang Lan’s expression changed very wonderfully. Suddenly, in just a few seconds, Wang Lan’s face was determined to pick up the pot in front of him.

“The ugliness!” After he finished, he turned and walked to the restaurant.

“Hey? What are you doing?” Jiang Xinyu was stunned by Wang Lan’s reaction. Did you remember it or didn’t you? Also ugly? A few meanings?

“Acknowledge your mistakes and stand firm when you are beaten, no matter whether it is Banlangen instant noodles or Wuren Mooncake braised with skinned bullfrog, I recognize it! Now I’m going to eat and broadcast, and show my ugliness!”

“Wait, you don’t admit that something is wrong, maybe I will let you go…”

“Come on, with your character, will you pay a price this time and you will not be remembered for a lifetime? I won’t jump in this pit, let’s admit it.”

Speaking, I came to the living room to put down the heavy pot, a pair of imposing manner that was cold and watery, and lifted the lid…

“Boiled eggs?”

“Yeah, how about cooking eggs? Do you think I can’t even cook eggs well?” Jiang Xinyu finished the prank with a smile on his face. Extend the slender jade finger and point at Wang Lan’s brow.

“Since last night, you are my own. Yesterday you yelled at me for the first and last time. I dare to do it next time. I have a way to clean up you.”

“Hmm–” Wang Lan repeatedly nodded, “Wait? Am I yours?”

“Is there a problem?”

“My wife is wise, I agree with both hands!”

Don’t listen to the window and listen to Jiang Xinyu for five days. After five days, Jiang Xinyu returned to school. She has only five days of vacation, and Wang Lan has two days longer than Jiang Xinyu.

This battle really hurts Wang Lan, but the gains are huge. In these five days, Wang Lan finally had the opportunity to upgrade his skills. First of all, it is naturally his own innate talent, the light of life.

While Wang Lan already has the ability to respawn, he can be respawned even if he is blown to pieces. Who wants to be killed once if he can die? Furthermore, after the avatar is reborn, the body will be weaker than the starry divine arrow, so this is a skill that can only be used as a last resort.

200,000 skill points, already fat. All of Wang Lan’s skills have basically reached the Platinum Gold level, so this time the skills are used to cover the existing skills. From the current trend, it seems that the demand for skill points is greater than EXP.

Upgrading to Star Sea realm requires 30,000,000 EXP, but because of Xianyun Xuan Qinglu, upgrading to Star Sea realm is only a year or two. But to cover all these skills, I’m afraid it won’t work without millions of skill points.

Can you earn millions of skill points in a year or two? Wang Lan feels that probability is not great. Fortunately, many skills are capped at Platinum Gold. In order to maximize strength, Wang Lan has no plans to use skill points for skills that do not have room to upgrade.

Wang Lan swept through these skills, and a thick, unforgiving clarity struck my mind.

Nebula sword dance, from the very beginning Accompanying his rising star martial skill, Platinum Gold level has reached the limit. The Blazing blade with it is now Extreme Hot Ray.

Extreme Hot light has reached its limit. Although it is now Platinum Gold IV, and if you continue to add some points, the temperature of the Extreme Hot light will be fixed at hundred thousand degrees or higher.

Hundredred thousand degrees of damage, at this stage should be any expert under 5 Emperors, right? This kind of temperature wipes both the disabled and all of them die. But I have already seen the power of 5 Emperors, and Wang Lan, who has seen stronger battle strength, can no longer be satisfied under the star soul.

Continue to add Extreme Hot light to the battle strength at this stage is very helpful. But… what about the future?

Wang Lan sighed, hook the head.

The Thor, Star Divine Arrow, and the Butterfly Dance, have all reached the limit. Platinum Gold level is the final sublimation of these skills. Hesitating again and again, Wang Lan finally looked at the other star martial skills.

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