I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 434

Wang Lan’s eyes burst into flames as he watched them one by one.

After three sacrificial offerings, Wang Lan has some experience. Almost all the scenes of the horse lanterns redeemed by this medal are American blockbuster movies. It is no surprise that the redemption this time should be the product of a science fiction blockbuster.

The walking lantern gradually slowed down and stopped slowly.

When Wang Lan saw the freeze screen, Wang Lan closed himself on the spot.

The picture in front of me is a vast universe. A lone planet slowly rotates in the universe.


Specially, what comes out of this sacrificial offering is planet?

Fuck, how dare I?

If I want to choose, if a planet is smashed and the Sky Blue Star is not crushed yet? Is this a sacrificial offering out of treasure or should I destroy all mankind?

Seeing the planet in the picture, Wang Lan’s heartbeat sound almost jumped out of his chest as if playing drums.

The problem is that you are all sacrificial offering, even if you don’t want to.

Suddenly, Wang Lan remembered a movie he had seen in his previous life, and the name was unclear. It was a little girl who accidentally connected to an alien’s shopping platform, as if buying a billiard. But this billiard was actually made with a planet.

The way of delivery is to push this planet to Earth. The ending…… Very touching, press the wrong button, the planet directly hit the Earth world GG.

“system, can I still return the goods at this time?” Wang Lan almost cried.

“Congratulations to the host, for winning the grand prize…” In my mind, the system that rarely emits a tone sounds a tone.

Congratulations to the chicken! Why don’t I afford this grand prize? Fuck, is this something I can afford? What do you do with a planet? It’s too big to play!

“Congratulations to the host sacrificial offering for the Cybertron Star!”

“No matter what star you are, I will ask if you can return it… wait, what are you talking about? Cybertron star? Is that Cybertan who produces the deformed Vajra?”

Wang Lan was a bit stunned, but Wang Lan shook his head quickly. Whatever star you are, I can’t afford it.

“Please ask the host to choose where to place the Cybertron star–” A reminder in his mind interrupted Wang Lan’s thoughts.

“Placement? Isn’t it sent directly to the front?”

“If the host has this requirement, it is okay, but the friendly reminder, the quality of Cybertron Star is 20 times that of Sky Blue Star. Once the sacrificial offering is in front of the host, the host will die on the spot.”

“Fart, what is the probability? Simply 1% will die, okay. Place it… can it be outside Sky Blue Star?”

“Recommended to be placed in a position that does not affect the operation of the galaxy. If it is outside the Sky Blue Star, it will affect the orbit of the solar system planet. There is a high probability of collision of the planets, and the host will still have a high probability of death.”

“Frightened me.” Wang Lan heard the system’s prompt, and finally suspended his heart. I was almost scared to death just now. Fortunately, the system was reliable at a critical moment.

“Is there any option to place the Cybertron planet without affecting the operation of the galaxy?”

“There are 100,000,000,000 places in the galaxy where the host is located.”

“Stop, the one closest to the solar system, pick one hundred and let me choose.”

In the mind of Wang Lan, a picture of the solar system suddenly appeared. The solar system gradually shrunk. Soon, the solar system turned into a star in the universe. Then, dozens and hundreds of light spots appeared in the vast starry sky.

“How long is the closest spot from the solar system?”

“Twenty light years!”

“Twenty light-years away from humans should have been detected? Suddenly a planet appears to be not very easy to explain.” Wang Lan scratched his chin. “Don’t worry, it’s possible that a planet suddenly appeared. Didn’t they find out before… Even Divine Immortal couldn’t think of a planet related to me?

In twenty light years, it should not be long before you come to Earth with the power of Cybertron… wait, system, you said that the things that come out of the sacrificial offering belong to me and they must be in my favor. Right? “


“What about the Cybertron planet?”

“You are the master of the Cybertron planet and have the ability to control the fire. For Transfiguration Vajra, the fire is equal to their life and soul. To control the fire is to control the soul of Transfiguration Vajra. You… are theirs God.”

“Understood, let’s place it at the nearest place.”

“Okay, it takes half a year to set up. After half a year, the Cybertron planet officially appears. But I need to remind the host that the Cybertan planet is still in the stage of development. It should not be used prematurely, otherwise it will be discovered by Demon Race in advance. Planets with a greater threat than Human Race, the strength of the Cybertron planet cannot compete with the Demon Race.”

“I am understood, yes, the last question.”

“The host please say.”

“Are you intelligent? In the end, why did you suddenly have to answer any questions? I used to shout my throat and you didn’t respond.”


“System, are you still there?”

No matter what Wang Lan calls, the system will not respond at all when it dies again. Sure enough, there can be no expectations about it.

Time is like water, always speechless, if you are well, it is sunny.

Since that war, it seems that the world has settled down suddenly. Demon Race spies no longer make trouble, the heterosexual space is calm and tranquil, and even the bird of paradise has begun to swell.

But this calm and tranquil is relative to Jade Country. In foreign countries, the war zone is still in war, and the people in the Middle East are still hot. This cannot be blamed for insufficient international assistance.

Sometimes, there are many messes where good hands are played, and even a fart knows that something stupid is home, but the leaders of many countries are so stupid.

Don’t say anything about the pediatrics who used the seeds of aid as food, that is, as the leader of No. 1 even the feudal superstition chose to believe in theology, which is something that some countries can do.

It can’t be said how great Jade Country is, how perfect the system is, how prosperous and powerful the country is, sometimes this kind of excellence comes from its peers. Without those stupid existences, it is impossible to bring out the outstanding, wise, and courageous leadership of Jade Country!

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