I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 435


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Unknown, one and a half years passed away quietly.

Early summer in each year is a sad season for college students across the country. At this time of the year, the full-winged young eagle will be spreading its wings, and the brothers who have been in the same class for many years will have to run their own things.

By the farewell station, weeping willow bank.

Whether it is an ordinary university or Xingwu Academy, they have to face parting and facing each other.

In the summer of 5022, the first batch of freshman freshmen has begun to pack up and go on a social journey. Demon Capital Star Martial collage, so is the best group of graduates.

Phoenix Square, Cantonese morning tea shop.

Jiang Xinyu in front of him casually stirred the yoghurt in the glass, looking at the window with a dizzy sentiment.

“The crab buns in this store are well-known. You take apart the thin skin, and the fragrant soup flows like spring water. The strong fragrance makes the appetite open. Drink a crab yellow soup, the taste of the world is not much. Come on. You try it…” Wang Lan said as he slapped a large, swaying crab bag in front of Jiang Xinyu.

“Aren’t you sad at all?” Jiang Xinyu gave Wang Lan a slight white glance, so how heartless?

“What’s so sad? This is not a parting of life and death. Please, if Ruoyun graduated, what’s wrong with graduation? Now that communication is so convenient, can I make an appointment at any time?”

Wang Lan has never understood this.

Especially it is unfathomable mystery to see a lot of female classmates drinking and crying with a headache. This is not broken love, is the relationship between women to the point of separation and break up?

What are the times? If you want to listen to the voice, you can call, if you want to watch people, you can watch the video. Overall, star martial artist is more free than ordinary person.

ordinary person may be caught by work, career, and family, but star martial artist should not spend too much time besides fighting.

Whether it is a scouting regiment or a Star Martial army, star martial artists not only have high wages and good benefits, but also have excellent welfare benefits. There are at least two months of vacation each year. This vacation is a leave in addition to the national legal holiday.

If you throw away the mortal danger of star martial artist, this is a perfect and comfortable life.

“You just don’t have a conscience! If Yun graduated, it will be difficult to meet again in the future, it is difficult to press the road together, sing and drink together…”

“But can we fight together?”

Jiang Xinyu was about to speak and suddenly stood up and greeted the store. In front of the shop, Yu Ruoyan in a long skirt walked with a smile on his face.

“It’s hot. I went to the queue early in the morning. There were so many people. It took an hour to get it done. In this case, the procedures are all complete. I can go today or tomorrow.”

Yu Ruoyan’s tone is very relaxed, and he can’t see the sadness of parting farewell. But both Jiang Xinyu and Wang Lan felt the abnormality of Yu Ruoyan today. In normal times, Yu Ruoyan doesn’t say so much, let alone these insignificant words.

“Hey, you two have no conscience? Just give yourself something? What about mine?”

“Ordered, but let them wait for you.” Wang Lan said, snapping his fingers at the waiter.

“It’s about the same. I graduated and finally liberated. I went to school for fifteen years… My first half of my life was finally over.” Yu Ruoyan said with a smile.

“Where does this go, and still the first half of life? Now it’s at least one third. Okay. Where do you go after graduation? You never seem to tell us.” Jiang Xinyu curiously asked.

“The army is impossible, and the scouting regiment is more impossible. I go to the General Staff.”

“General Staff? General Staff Bureau of the Ministry of Defense?”

“It is the General Engagement Bureau under the Ministry of National Defense. Isn’t your Heavenly Sword Bureau so ridiculous? General Entrepreneur General, you can participate in everything.”

Wang Lan also knows very little about the General Staff. This department is very mysterious. If Heavenly Sword Bureau is called the relevant department by the outside world, then the General Staff is the relevant department called by Heavenly Sword Bureau.

The Heavenly Sword Bureau is directly under the Ministry of National Defense, but the Heavenly Sword Bureau still has the head office after all. But the General Staff, Wang Lan just knows that there is this department, where the specific headquarters performs what kind of tasks, and what their responsibilities are. Wang Lan knows nothing.

The only thing I heard above, but everything that the General Staff takes over is more confidential than S-Rank. Wang Lan also didn’t expect Yu Ruoyan to go to the General Staff. Since then, the chance to meet is really scarce.

The General Staff is so mysterious, and the General Staff members must also be highly confidential.

“Don’t care about me, think about yourself, you are also in your junior year, and you will graduate in another year and a half.”

“We? Any thoughts? I’m already a Heavenly Sword Bureau university. I should be in the Heavenly Sword Bureau after graduation. I’m not sure that I will be a leader in a prefecture-level city.”

“What about Xinyu?”

“She doesn’t need to think about it either, of course I go where she goes.” Wang Lan as it should be by rights said.

“Drink?” Yu Ruoyan chuckled, but then the expression on his face grieved, “I really envy you…”

“Why? Want to fall in love? Want to find a boyfriend who is not simple? Lower the requirements a little bit and make sure someone is desperately squeezing you in front of you.” Jiang Xinyu cracking a joke comforted.

Jiang Xinyu is unknown, but Wang Lan knows that Yu Ruoyan had already told Wang Lan about this problem. She will inherit Yu Family Sect Lord’s Position in the future. In order to end the Imperial Family of Jade Country, she will not talk about it. Married in love.

Of course, only two of Yu Ruoyan’s plans are known, one Wang Lan and one Azure Emperor. Yu Ruoyan’s plan must not be revealed until Yu Ruoyan holds the position firmly, otherwise she should not think about Sect Lord’s Position.

Yu Ruoyan laughed, “Once the sea was hard to water, except Wushan was not a cloud…”

“Uh?” Jiang Xinyu suddenly rounded his eyes, “Do you have someone you like?”

“No, I mean it’s impossible to lower the requirements. If I am a woman, if I find a man who is not equal to me in all respects, and I want to cover him? Such a man wants him What’s the use? If I just want to continue Bloodline, I would rather find someone to surrogate.”

“Then I see impossible, looking at the whole world, and no man can match you.”

Yu Ruoyan inadvertently swept Wang Lan looked towards Jiang Xinyu and wanted to tell her that you are a man and I look good.

Of course, she dare not say this. Change who is so crazy about Jiang Xinyu a joke Jiang Xinyu will not rest assured. But Yu Ruoyan knew she could not.

With Jiang Xinyu in a dormitory for so many years, Yu Ruoyan is well aware of his excellence and the pressure on Jiang Xinyu. Yu Ruoyan can pat on the chest and say that Jiang Xinyu has no place other than his face.

However, some things come first. Jiang Xinyu was not lucky to have Wang Lan, how lucky it was. The relationship between them has been cultivated since the time of confused and ignorant, childhood sweethearts family has been 20 years. Yu Ruoyan really dare to cross the sword to win the most love is probably to lose all.

But like Xie Sisi is willing to be a shadow? Yu Ruoyan cannot do it, and her status does not allow her to do such a thing.

“That’s not necessarily the case.” Yu Ruoyan gently stirred the yogurt cup and faint smiled at Wang Lan. It was only when the hair on the back of Wang Lan was looked upright.

“I don’t have it now, I don’t have it in the future… Maybe my destined man is still in elementary school…”

“Fuck, you’re worthy of it, have such completely crazy and ridiculous ideas?” Wang Lan gave Yu Ruoyan a thumbs up on the spot.

“Okay, no cracking a joke, when will we go? when the time comes we give you?” Jiang Xinyu asked.

“I haven’t decided yet, I’ll tell you.”

Jiang Xinyu and Wang Lan only received a short message from Yu Ruoyan until 2nd day. She booked an airplane to Imperial Capital yesterday morning and boarded after breakfast.

I don’t want to see the two send her to board the plane, nor do I want to feel the sadness of parting. So alone left, in the future there is a chance to drink together and sing along the road.

After receiving the message, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu were in a low mood.

“I’m so tempted to graduate this way. It’s uncomfortable to see everyone and everyone around me leave,” Jiang Xinyu said casually.

“Otherwise, will we complete the credits in advance and graduate early?”

“en?” Jiang Xinyu stared blankly at Wang Lan, and suddenly a divine light of interest appeared in his eyes, “May be considered, graduate early and finish the 1st stage of life early.”

“I have no problem with my credits, what about you?” Wang Lan asked again.

It’s okay not to say this, but Jiang Xinyu was immediately defeated again. I used to hear that I had passed the college entrance examination.

But in fact, the opposite is true. What kind of university is easier than senior high school? How can it be easier to learn more? Most of those who say that university is easier than senior high school fly themselves in university.

Other universities don’t know, but as far as Demon Capital Star Martial collage is concerned, the esoteric level of cultural classes is definitely more than double that of senior high school. Only those two goods in Wang Lan’s dormitory have been studying hard this year to barely guarantee not to leave the subject.

And during the senior high school period, Wang Lan was a study god and Jiang Xinyu was a school bully. But at Demon Capital Star Martial collage, how many geniuses? Who hasn’t been a school bully before? So Jiang Xinyu felt that he was not a genius until he reached Demon Capital Star Martial collage, but the study god was still the study god.

Because they are generally geniuses with high IQ and high battle strength, Modu’s graduation conditions are absolutely abnormal to ordinary Xingwu Academy. Just dive the Divine Seal, you can directly scribe to level 7.

The star force theory, the graduation conditions of the subjects controlled by star force are beyond the professional teacher level of some Xingwu Academy. Not to mention that senior students must have a combination of dual attribute star force and level to graduate.

Many people think that as long as they are admitted to the four major Xingwu Academy, they will be able to survive, and they will have a happy life in the future. But for Demon Capital Star Martial collage students, the entrance exam is just the beginning, and it is terrible to graduate.

Fortunately, the atmosphere is here, as long as it is not innate talent, it is not particularly difficult to graduate with the same level of effort as other students. It has been a breath to be able to graduate successfully. If you want to graduate about a year in advance, it will be as scary as a 100 meters sprint from ten seconds to eight seconds.

“It’s okay, I’ll review it for you.” Wang Lan looked at Jiang Xinyu’s growing expression and smiled proudly.

What about high IQ? Learning is about methods!

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