I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 436


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Unconsciously, another month and a half passed. In the past month and a half, Wang Lan’s life has been extremely fulfilling, and Tian Xin and Jiang Xinyu are together. They have also become the most enviable couple of Demon Capital Star Martial collage.

The combination of Lang Cai’s female appearance generally faces many challenges, but it will never happen to Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu. The challenge depends on whether you have the qualification to challenge.

Wang Lan’s excellence has far surpassed other classmates, and it is not a little bit. As soon as the school started, although there was such a stupid duanmuyi, since the annihilation of Duanmu Clan, even the genius of Yu Family did not dare to offend Wang Lan.

So in the past two years, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu have become unshakable couples. The spread of dog food has made many people want them to marry them on the spot, and then they will disappear and reproduce later.

Jiang Xinyu, who has just successfully completed the Divine Seal engraved level 7 exam and is trying to make a junior Soul bead grenade, said at the beginning.

“Uh, yeah, what’s wrong? Do you have any plans?”

“Do you want to go back? Hear Sisi said that she and Xiangwen will return to Suzhou City this year.”

“Listen to you, go back when you say go back.”

“Then go back, we are also seniors in the second half of the year, and it’s so fast.”

“Yeah, we are almost twenty.” Wang Lan also sighed.

Over the past year, because of all the calm and tranquility, there has been no explosive growth in strength. But because of the relationship between Xianyun Xuanqinglu and his Star martial grade, it was not too slow.

At the moment, Star River is in Peak and distance to breakthrough Star Sea is almost half a year away. If no additional major event occurs, Wang Lan may be difficult to break the Yu Ruoyan record.

Yu Ruoyan has reached the edge of breakthrough when he was as big as Wang Lan, and then successfully broke through in the second half of junior year. It is incomparable to the perverts like Yu Ruoyan, but it is still possible to compare with Jiang Xinyu.

For more than a year, Jiang Xinyu’s strength is also developing rapidly, from the Star River level Early-Stage to the current Star River level Peak is not slower than Wang Lan. Especially in the improvement of battle strength, Jiang Xinyu has turned several times compared with a year ago.

After getting Wang Lan’s spare no effort to teach, it’s okay to take her to practice field in Heavenly Sword Bureau’s Practice Field. Jiang Xinyu’s real battle strength should be at the elite Star Sea level.

At the end of June, the wind blew on my face as if it were a steam pavement. This time the two did not take the bus, but Wang Lan drove back to Suzhou City by himself. Say it’s driving, but it’s just doing it.

After obtaining the Cybertron planet, Wang Lan used a kind of tinder power to transform his car into a mechanical life. It is just a very primitive mechanical life, which needs Xiao Ai as a central control.

Even after one year, the Cybertron planet is still in a very primitive backwardness, similar to Earth’s Cambrian life explosion. The derived mechanical life is also extremely primitive.

It took 500 million years for Earth to evolve higher intelligent life, but this process is completely random and disorderly evolution, coupled with multiple formatting, this has evolved so slowly.

But the Cybertron planet is different. He is like a set evolution program. The evolution path is a straight line, coupled with the evolution of human intervention, the speed of evolution is countless times that of Earth.

If the evolution process of Earth is natural selection and natural elimination, then the evolution of Cybertron planet is to cultivate carefully, and is the breeding of a single species.

Wang Lan, as the owner of the Cybertron planet, can easily feel the evolution of the Cybertron planet this year. From the magical reaction of the most primitive silicon elemental organic matter to the primitive multi-cell life of silicon-based life now. In one year, the origin of life was completed. In another year, there should be various mechanical lifeforms that are more than slap-like in size and filtered through the planet.

High speed all the way, unimpeded. Two hours later, Wang Lan sent Jiang Xinyu to the door of the community before returning to his home.

“Student Xiao Ai, have you been lazy this year when I was not at home?” Wang Lan said when he returned home, frowns said.

“Student Wang Lan, as an artificial intelligence, has never been lazy in the dictionary. You forgot to set a regular cleaning program for me.”

“Xiaoai, you are already a mature artificial intelligence, can you not learn to edit the program yourself? What do I have to tell you?”

“Okay, then, Wang Lan, do you want to start the purification process?”


wu wu wu ——In each room, the exhaust fan above the head starts to make a buzzing sound, and all the sweeping robots hidden in the room are activated. Three smart stewards quickly removed the dustproof bed cover, sofa cover, etc., and then sent it to the washing machine for cleaning.

Fang Baiping’s home, which was just empty, suddenly gave Wang Lan a feeling of being crowded.

“ding dong ——” The phone rang suddenly, and among the five people, Xu Xiangwen sent a @All member voice message.

“Are you all back? When you come back, sign in. Tonight, Shuiyue Paradise in the center of Suzhou City, shall we gather?”




“Sisi, are you going to bring two people? Do you have a boyfriend?” Gong Feiyu hurriedly replied.

“What? +2 means two people? Then I +1.”

The lights at night light up one after another, lighting up the entire Suzhou City. Jiang Xinyu in a white dress is extraordinarily beautiful, holding Wang Lan’s hand and walking into the box of Shuiyue Paradise.

Xu Xiangwen and his girlfriend, Gong Feiyu and his girlfriend, and Xie Sisi are all here. Seeing Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu pushing the door in, Xu Xiangwen’s girlfriend Jia Jia looked at them curiously.

In the past three years, she heard the names of these two people from Xu Xiangwen too many times, and heard their legends from classmates and elder sister too many times. Seeing now, it really looks like Divine Immortal’s family.

“Is it all here? Sorry, I am late.”

“Yo, holding hands? Formally communicated?” Xu Xiangwen asked with a ridiculous smile.

“What happened? Who confessed first?” Gong Feiyu also asked curiously.

“Who do we need to confess? Isn’t it where water flows, a canal is formed?” Wang Lan swept across the three with a natural expression, his eyes finally fixed on Gong Feiyu for a moment.

Everyone is in junior year. After entering Xingwu Academy, the strength of star martial artist will have an explosion period, during this time, whether dragon or insect will appear. Perhaps the people who were called the shining stars during the senior high school period will be later overtaken by those who have been crushed in the university.

Star martial artist is an industry that eats innate talent. You have a star martial artist innate talent. It is only the beginning of innate talent. Where can we go in the future? Innate talent is more important than hard work. Because most people do not have the conditions for laziness, under the high-pressure policy of the school, everyone is squeezed out of the last potential like beancake.

For more than two years, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu are still riding the dust. Although Xie Sisi has the poorest foundation, it is now in the Star River realm. Xu Xiangwen has also stepped into the Star River realm, but Gong Feiyu… …But still in the late Nebula realm.

In the past two years, from Early-Stage in Nebula to the late stage of Nebula, I can’t say that the improvement is too slow, I can only make progress. But the gap with Wang Lan’s genius seems a bit outrageous.

In the past, Gong Feiyu was also a member of the four-person team, and was among the top ten Star Martial campuses in Suzhou City One. At that time, Gong Feiyu and Xu Xiangwen were comparable, and they did not know how much stronger than Xie Sisi.

Being overtaken by Xie Sisi is already cruel to Gong Feiyu, but even Xu Xiangwen, who is not comparable to him, is so much stronger than him. No wonder Gong Feiyu’s mood is not too high today.

“Student Wang Lan, don’t you know if you don’t know Jia Nan?” Xu Xiangwen’s girlfriend suddenly asked during dinner.

“Cheng Jia Nan?” Wang Lan thought about thinking about the head, Wang Lan knows a lot of classmates, but those who have basically graduated, Wang Lan who is one year older and younger than Wang Lan did not intersect with them. However, it is not easy.

“I seem to know.” Jiang Xinyu thought for a while and said, “I remember there was a Jia Nan in the 711 dormitory. Why did you suddenly ask this person? She should have been from our previous time, not very familiar.”

“She is my elder sister. I have heard from you from my elder sister over the years that you are too powerful. Especially Wang Lan classmates, I heard that you may break the record of Jade Princess earlier than Jade Princess. Step into the Star Sea.”

Speaking of this, Jiajia’s cheeks appeared red, I don’t know if it was excited or nervous. What is free is what a fanatic looks like.

“Jiajia, calm, calm.” Xu Xiangwen said quickly and jealously, “Wang Lan is a little more awesome than your boyfriend. I thought I was flying with Wang Lan…”

“cough cough cough ——” Gong Feiyu suddenly coughed into the glass.

“Feiyu, am I wrong? Little Lan was Stars Realm. We and Xinyu took him to the trial site together. How could he take off in place without that one?”

“Xiangwen, do you know what I admire you most?” Gong Feiyu asked solemnly.


“No, you are simply shameless! Especially if you are serious shameless.”

“The Great Deserted Prisoner’s Finger!”

After a lapse of many years, they met again, and the five-person group was filled with emotion. At this time, the five people also clearly felt that Gong Feiyu was out of place. Although he still talks and laughs with Wang Lan and the others, he feels as if he has gradually drifted out of the circle.

The five played late, and Wang Lan did not drink so he sent Xie Sisi and Jiang Xinyu home. As for Xu Xiangwen and Gong Feiyu, they are both called surrogate drivers.

Originally, Wang Lan thought there would be a lot of time in the future to enjoy romantic couple’s world with Jiang Xinyu, but didn’t expect Jiang Xinyu to go to her grandmother’s house on the 3rd day. Wang Lan thought about finding Xie Sisi, but eventually gave up.

In the evening, Wang Lan came to the little aunt’s house. Because the order volume of the Xingwu toxin vaccine has been high recently, and there are still a lot of samples to ask the aunt to make a sample. So Wang Lan entered the aunt’s house, only Nanny Fang and Song Jia were at home.

Song Jia has graduated from elementary school and will soon be promoted to junior high school. So this summer vacation is the happiest summer vacation she has been in for so many years. Bare feet, half-imageless lying on the sofa, the most popular star martial arts fantasy drama on the TV screen, while straightening his eyes while stuffing snacks in his mouth.

“Grandpa Wang Little Lan is here?” Nanny Fang quickly brought slippers to Wang Lan.

I haven’t seen you in more than a year, and Song Jia has grown slim. If it was still a silly little girl, it is already a flower girl. But… as far as you are concerned, it doesn’t match the style of the girl in the flower season.

“I said girl, pay attention to the image.”

“What kind of image do you want in your own home? The so-called images are for outsiders. Brother, when did you come back?”

“en?” Wang Lan looked at Song Jia in amazement. The brother’s cry was a bit unexpected.

“What’s wrong? Do I have any questions?” Song Jia quickly sat down and sorted out the messy snack bags in front of him, cup one fist in the other hand.

“No problem, just… Are you afraid of losing shape when you eat this way?”

“Hungry, what should I do…brother, let me tell you a story? I am a little crab. One day, I walked, two pliers fell off, and then I went to the Courtyard… “

“Okay, okay! I see.” Wang Lan quickly waved his hand, “How much does Auntie give you each month?”

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