I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 437


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“Only five thousand!” Song Jia raised two fingers in his hands to make a rabbit shape.

“This is a good word, it’s more than five thousand, you don’t need to pay for meals, you don’t need to buy clothes, etc. Today is only the twelfth, you spent so much?”

“I am also very distressed.” Song Jia’s face was a little panic. “I bought all the snacks. In the past month, my food was even scared of myself. It seems that I can’t eat enough, and I don’t eat fat.”

“Snacks?” Wang Lan suddenly dignified and grabbed Song Jia’s wrist.

“I’ve checked, and there are more than one. I have no problems and are very healthy. The trace elements are normal, and the doctor doesn’t know what’s going on. I guess it might be adolescence. And… I Recently, my strength has increased a lot.

I used to drag 40 jins of water, but now I can resist two buckets. I’m flustered now…Like my charming girl, I see that I’m going to evolve towards Li Yuanba. “

“You can still laugh?” Wang Lan looked at Song Jia with cold eyes. “Suddenly overeating must be a physical problem. Do you still have a feeling of cracking a joke? Does your aunt know?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t dare to tell her, I just did the inspection secretly. Even the cell vitality project was done, and the inspection result was no problem.”

“Come with me to the room.”

“Why? You are a medicine category star martial artist but you are not a doctor, I warn you not to take advantage of me.”

“brat! Would you like me to show you the picture of your crotch pants?”

“you dare!” Song Jia’s mouth was clamoring, but she obediently followed Wang Lan into the room and closed the door carefully.

“Come on, break your wrists first, how much strength do you have.”

Song Jia’s strength is indeed not enough in front of Wang Lan’s strength, which casually twists the steel bar, but Song Jia’s strength is indeed beyond that of an adult male.

Song Jia’s strength should be more than eight, and less than nine if it is based on data.

The strength index of a normal male should be between five and eight. Strength five belongs to the kind of thin men who are not engaged in manual labor. Seven-strength strength should be 1.8 metres in height and a sturdy type.

The seven-strength strength is already very rare among ordinary persons. The strength of eight is placed in the ancients and is of the type of a general. The strength to nine is the overlord type in ten-thousand does not have one, which can not be achieved by exercise, can only be said to be extraordinary natural talent.

The ten-point strength is the strength limit of the ordinary person class. Song Jia, a 13-year-old little girl, is still in the developmental stage with a strength of more than eight, which is definitely not normal.

Grabbing Song Jia’s wrist, a star force is introduced into Song Jia’s within the body. Song Jia’s body not at all excludes the reaction, which shows that Song Jia has not awakened the star martial artist innate talent is just an ordinary person. But Song Jia’s cells do have a very strong life force, and this life force even exceeds the ordinary star martial artist.

Looking at Wang Lan’s serious expression, Song Jia suddenly became nervous.

“Brother, is there something wrong with my body?”

“I don’t know what went wrong, but your body’s life force is very strong. In this way, I will take you to check it tomorrow.”

“Don’t tell my mom first, I don’t want to worry her.”

Wang Lan thought for a while and agreed, but he still didn’t tell Auntie before the result came out.

That evening, when Wang Lan left the aunt’s house, the aunt didn’t come back. The phone just said that there was a scientific research project at the most critical time recently, so it’s going to be late tonight. In this regard, Song Jia said he was used to it.

One night alone guarding the vacancies, a night of desolation.

The sudden ringing of the phone awakened Wang Lan from his sleep. Wang Lan picked up his phone and looked at it, suddenly feeling refreshed. Today, I said I was going to take Song Jia to check my body. I called Jiang Xinyu last night and forgot to set the alarm clock.

This girl is not very big, but her temper is extremely explosive. Wang Lan rubbed his ears, connected the phone, and placed the phone away from his ears.

“Wang Lan, come here, I’m gone…”

“Who is missing?” Wang Lan looked dazed.

“I, I am gone…”

“So, who is calling me?”

“Wang Lan, I haven’t cracked a joke with you, Wang Lan, I’m gone, I can’t see myself… Do you say that I am dead? Is it a ghost?”

“Don’t go around at home, I’ll come over immediately.”

Wang Lan hurried out and drove to the Song Jia community. Open the door, “Jiajia, where are you?”

“You don’t see me, do you?” A voice rang in front of Wang Lan, but there was nothing in front of him. Suddenly, the hair on Wang Lan’s back stood up.

Wang Lan’s normal strength is already stable at the titled powerhouse realm, but just now, if Song Jia didn’t speak, he simply didn’t know there was a person in front of him? Can hide the invisibility of Wang Lan’s perception, Wang Lan suddenly felt scalp tingling.

“You hold my hand first…” Wang Lan extend the hand said seriously.

Soon, Wang Lan held a soft palm in his hand. Wang Lan quickly operated the star force, invading the inside force of Song Jia’s within the body, and instantly, the clear star force repelled.

The space in front of me was slightly distorted, and a silhouette gradually appeared. Song Jia wearing cartoon pajamas gradually appeared in front of Wang Lan’s eyes, and at the same time, the cyan star force above Song Jia’s head was surging wildly, and a Void Portal gradually appeared.

The Star Palace opens and a star flashes in the Star Palace.

Song Jia lowered his head blankly, watching himself appear again, with an expression of grievance on his face.

“Brother… scares me, how can I do this?”

Wang Lan gently stroked Song Jia’s head, “If you can’t think of anything by now, you’re really mentally retarded.”

“I…was awakened?”

“Well, because you have just awakened your ability to master unfamiliar, familiarize yourself with these two days. Fortunately, your innate talent is not harmful to others, otherwise you will not be able to contact people.”

“How do you control your abilities? If you are a star martial artist for the first time, do you teach me?”

“How to control innate talent? This is a good question!” Wang Lan sat on the sofa, “cough cough!”

“Brother, drink a drink–” Song Jia rushed to the refrigerator and brought the happy water of the fat house to Wang Lan.

“Innate ability is ultimately to control the star force. The control of the star force is like the control of the limbs. But we can’t feel how to control the limbs, as if instinctive, if you want to raise your hand, the hand is raised.

That’s because we started to control limbs when we were babies, which has already turned the manipulation of limbs into subconsciously abilities. The human brain automatically ignores things we are used to.

Everyone’s star force control is actually the same as manipulating the limbs. The brain sends instructions, and the star force accepts the instructions and operates according to the requirements of the brain. This thing, used to anyone can do it. However, through deliberate training can speed up the proficiency.

Then 1st Step, you have to feel the existence of star force. Do you feel now, where is your star force? “

“In your head? The thing that seems to glow and heat?”

“Star Palace is the source of the star force. The stars in the Star Palace are the source that generates the star force and supplement the star force. In your body’s meridians, the star force will only flow when you start…”

I don’t know if Wang Lan’s teaching is good, or Song Jia’s perception is very high. Anyway, Song Jia did what Wang Lan said. Unconsciously, after an hour passed, Song Jia could actually control himself into and out of stealth.

But with this time invisible, Song Jia exudes clear star force fluctuations. No matter how hard Song Jia tried, he could not be as invisible as the first time. Wang Lan could not feel it.

Maybe, in the first time to stimulate the innate ability and achieved perfect stealth unconsciously. And this also made Wang Lan see the potential of Song Jia’s stealth ability.

But soon, Song Jia discovered another singularity. After trying, Wang Lan was shocked on the spot. In addition to the stealth ability, Song Jia actually has great ability.

After awakening, Song Jia’s strength is no longer just about 8 o’clock as it was yesterday, but it has become 80. 80 What is the concept, Wang Lan’s current strength If the star force blessing is not run, the strength is 30 points.

This is because the basic attributes of Wang Lan will be improved every time it is upgraded. The ordinary star martial artist is generally around twenty o’clock in terms of strength. As for Song Jia’s current strength, an elephant can hit a dozen meters away with one punch.

“There is only one kind of innate ability for star martial artist, two kinds of innate ability appear in impossible, if it appears, it is just a different manifestation form of innate ability.

You will go to Heavenly Sword Bureau with me later, and I will help you with a comprehensive inspection. “

“en!” Song Jia is now very happy and excited, and naturally follows Wang Lan’s words.


The door of the house opened violently, and the younger sister hurried into the house, seeing Wang Lan and Song Jia suddenly sighed in relief on the sofa.

“Jiajia, have you really awakened star martial artist innate talent?” the aunt asked nervously.

“Mom–” Song Jia quickly stood up, “Look–“

Open Star Palace, and among the Star Palace, a star flashes with charming rays of light.

“It’s great… because the father mother is an ordinary person, I’m afraid you don’t have the innate talent like us. Didn’t expect you not only awakened, but also awakened voluntarily.” Wang Qi excited said with a smile , “We will have a good meal to celebrate today at noon.”

It’s a pity that Wang Qi’s life is not to be a star martial artist, especially the younger sister who is a Flame Emperor.

Maybe many people think it’s not a star martial artist? What’s wrong with being an ordinary person? As an ordinary person, you can live happily in the big city without going to the battlefield, fighting with the beasts, or worrying about which day you will die. How good?

But Wang Qi’s vision and insight made her understand that her destiny is in her own hands. Ordinary person can live in the city safely without fighting. A white-collar worker with a successful career can drink coffee and imagine the future of life.

However, 70 years have passed since the Demon Race retired. The mainstream Scholars agreed that Demon Race must come within 30 years. The war is coming, what should the ordinary person do in the context of the war?

Star martial artist, and the ability to protect himself, ordinary person, can only be reduced to fish.

In the context of the Demon Race invasion, do you expect the star martial artist to protect everyone? The mountains and rivers are broken, and the star martial artist needs to guard the mountains and rivers, which is civilization, not someone.

Sometimes, Wang Qi hears that many youngsters have a sense of superiority as an ordinary person. Wang Qi is unable to bear for a while. Superiority? As an ordinary person who has no self-preservation ability in the war, where is the superiority?

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