I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 438


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It can be seen that Wang Qi is very happy that Song Jia suddenly awakened the star martial innate talent. Keep holding Song Jia’s hand and let Song Jia make her bigger and more alive.

After a long time, Wang Qi’s emotions stabilized slightly, but the red light on his face still looked extraordinarily charming.

“Lanlan, you are now the powerhouse of Jade Country Peak. You can take care of Jiajia in the future.”

“Auntie, what do you say… isn’t that necessary?”

“I’m just an ordinary person and don’t understand the star martial artist. How do you say Jiajia’s innate ability? How far can it grow in the future? Is there any ability to protect yourself in troubled times?”

“Auntie, there is no trash in this world, only the star martial artist of trash. Any ability, if cultivated properly, will become a powerful star martial artist. And Jiajia’s stealth ability is not ordinary, his specific innate talent has Only after the test can be determined.

Auntie, you know, my original innate talent was self-healing. This innate talent is just sandbag innate talent in the eyes of anyone. At the time when the potential was evaluated, it was only C-Rank.

But what did I develop into this ability later? Medical star martial skill, quickly recover his injuries and treat his companions. Up to now, my innate ability has evolved into Undying Body.

As long as the development direction is right, any innate ability will be unlimited in the future. “Wang Lan spoke shamelessly without even shame.

If there is no system to add a bit, development? Develop you a ghost. The system plus point pushes the star martial skill in the most superior direction, making Wang Lan’s star martial skill the best upgrade route every time.

Try someone else? hehe… No one has the opportunity to upgrade the star martial skill even in his lifetime. Think about the upgrade direction of the martial skills of Wang Lan’s stars, Blazing blade can evolve into Extreme Hot light, crescent arrow can evolve into star divine arrow, and Illusion Phantom steps can evolve into the dance of Nether Butterfly.

Of course, Wang Lan is not just comforting her aunt. If Song Jia’s ability is only stealth, the future may be at most Star Sea Peak.

If you know the idea of ​​Wang Lan, many people will spur blood. What is the most Star Sea Peak? Is Star Sea Peak not enough? How do you say such a reluctant thing?

Jade Country a few thousand thousand new star martial artists each year, and ultimately there may not be one hundred titled powerhouses. Not satisfied yet?

“What about Jiajia’s future style? Elder sister said before, star martial artist should establish his own style as soon as possible, the sooner the better. A stable fighting style can make the fastest progress.”

“Jiajia has just awakened, and the style is not easy to say for the time being. But I speculate that Jiajia’s style should be an assassin type, taking the one strike certain kill route. So in the early stage, Jiajia should pay more attention to the single lethality of the star martial skill . The invisibility ability can help her easily get closer to her goal.”

At this moment, Wang Qi’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and the younger sister looked at the caller ID, stood up, and hurriedly went to the room.

The door closed, and the aunt’s voice could no longer be heard. There was a place of thought on Wang Lan’s face, and suddenly, a fire of gossip ignited in his eyes.

“Wang Lan, did you guess what?” Song Jia, the little clever ghost, saw Wang Lan’s eyes crafty.

“Isn’t Aunt… In love?”

Since Song Zifeng died unexpectedly, Wang Qi gave birth to Song Jia, and then paralyzed himself with scientific research for a long time. It took many years for Wang Qi to step out of the shadows. After that, Wang Qi put all his energy on his career and Song Jia, and has been single for so many years.

“There is a surnamed Yu, who is the chairman of Thunder Electronics. I came to my house to send flowers to my mother three days before the first half of the year, but once my mother talked with him, he never came again.”

“What do you think of this matter?” Wang Lan asked Song Jia.

“I don’t care. My dad died before I was born. I didn’t call any father when I grew up. I also know that my mother is not easy for so many years. If a man really takes care of her, I am willing to accept it. . Do you think I am such an unreasonable child? But… provided my mother likes it.”

Song Jia sighed with a pillow and leaning against the sofa, “But from the plot on TV, it always feels bad. And according to my observation, my mother doesn’t seem to be very cold about the uncle.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Auntie shouted with a sullen face, but naked eyes were visible, and the aunt’s cheeks suddenly turned red.

“Nothing!” Song Jia shook his head quickly.

“Oh, I’m going to take Jiajia to Heavenly Sword Bureau to do a check. Auntie, let’s go first.” Wang Lan quickly found a reason to apply oil on the soles of his feet.

“Go, go, come back early!”

I drove to Heavenly Sword Bureau, but I haven’t been back for more than two years. Heavenly Sword Bureau has changed a lot. Expanded three times on the original basis. Because Suzhou City Heavenly Sword Bureau has been successfully transformed into a designated and autonomous Heavenly Sword Bureau, the level has also been raised by half.

Wang Lan came back, many new people didn’t know, but the old man gave Wang Lan great enthusiasm. From the moment of entering the door, familiar faces of many operations and intelligence departments came to embrace Wang Lan warmly, both men and women.

“Brother, didn’t expect you have such a big card in the relevant department? I just saw that Aunt, but the rank of lieutenant colonel.”

“What Aunt? People heard believe or not tore your mouth off? She used to be in the personnel department. I had to do the procedures for joining Heavenly Sword Bureau. Didn’t expect is now in the machine Key subjects.”

“Wang Lan!” A surprise sound sounded, and Wang Lan followed the sound, and turned out to be Xu Shiyun and Li Ge.

Xu Shiyun gave Wang Lan a bear hug, “you brat, you know to come back and see? You can’t see the small temple of Suzhou City Heavenly Sword Bureau when you go to the devil, right? hahaha…”

“Why are you still a major?” Wang Lan’s first sentence directly let Xu Shiyun push away Wang Lan’s friends on the spot.

“What is major or what? I’ll be captain when you go to Modu?”

“But Li Ge is already a lieutenant colonel.”

“Wang Lan, welcome back.” Li Ge said with a smile, and also gave Wang Lan a courtesy hug. Li Ge’s move surprised Wang Lan. After all, Li Ge’s true identity is known to Wang Lan.

“Why should I break through the Star River, I am also a lieutenant colonel.” When Li Ge loosened, Xu Shiyun’s voice heard from his ear.

Xu Shiyun, Star martial grade, which has been 30 years old, is still in Nebula Peak. If nothing goes wrong, he will stop there. Of course, now that Xianyun Xuanqing Lu has been issued, there should still be a chance to discover mystery Xu Shiyun.

“Who is this blame?” A voice suddenly sounded, accompanied by a kick, Zhang Yeqiu and Sister Zhang Xiaoxue came slowly.

“The previous companions each and everyone have broken through, so you are still standing still. You look at Wang Lan, which is only twenty this year, and has already been colonel.” Zhang Yeqiu still seems to like fighting with Xu Shiyun Sprinkle salt on Xu Shiyun’s wound.

“Sister Qiu, you are wrong. I was eighteen when I was promoted to the colonel, and now it is the university.”

“Don’t say it, beasts.” Xu Shiyun couldn’t stand it. He punched directly in Wang Lan’s chest. “You are too human. You are the youngest university now. You will be the youngest general in 2015.”

“Oh, why did Wang Lan suddenly come to the game today?”

“Let me see what you believe?”

“Cut! I believe you are a ghost. Is this…Jiajia?” Zhang Yeqiu looked at Song Jia, whose height was already on her shoulders, and exclaimed, “Time flies so fast, the little was so high before Girl, it’s so high now. Jiajia, remember elder sister?”

“Autumn elder sister, Xueer elder sister, of course I remember.” Song Jia shouted obediently.

When the young aunt was designed, Song Jia was secretly protected by two Zhang Yeqiu sisters at home.

“Jiajia just awakened star martial artist innate talent today, but has a dual innate ability, so take it here to check it.”

“Dual innate talent? Is it related?” Xu Shiyun asked in surprise.

“It should be related, but in terms of performance form, it is not, one is stealth ability, and the other is Juli.”

“Juli is generally the manifestation form of Yang Attribute. Almost all strength type star martial artists’ Yang Attribute is relatively active. And stealth is the manifestation form of Yin Attribute.

The strength of Yin Attribute is generally an illusory type, such as Spiritual Power, read power, etc. Can the innate talent of Yin Attribute and Yang Attribute appear at the same time? “Li Ge’s expression calmly analyzed.

“Ah? Yin Yang people?” Song Jia asked nervously.

“pu chi ——” Zhang Yeqiu smiled suddenly, “What yin and yang people, this is the relationship between yin and yang on the is innate talent attribute. Like Xingwu attribute, if you are called yin and yang people, I am not a fire People?”

“Don’t guess, just check it and it will be clear.”

Song Jia just awakened innate talent, so I didn’t check any combat capability. Just analyzed the Xingwu attribute, and when the Xingwu attribute table was printed, Wang Lan and everyone were dumbfounded.

“Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth…”

“Five Elements Attribute?”

“If you add yin and yang, isn’t this Five Elements yin and yang? What is Divine Immortal innate talent?”

“No, it should be Yin Yang Attribute, Five Elements Attribute is just a derivative of Yin Yang Attribute. You see, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth account for 10%, and Yin Yang Attribute Each accounted for 20% of the five.” Li Ge said after taking the test paper.

“No matter what you say, little Jiajia is another genuine genius. Gathering in Yin and Yang Five Elements, this is innate talent in ten-thousand does not have one.”

“Yin and Yang Five Elements, known as the origin of all things in ancient times.” At this time, Wang Qianfeng’s voice sounded, and it has not been seen for three years. Wang Qianfeng is still as serious as before. There was an aura of non-self-confidence all over him.

“In the Taoist classics, there is a poleless pole, there is a pole born tai chi. The so-called tai chi is the flow of yin and yang. Two Yisheng students Five Elements, Five Elements born everything. Yin and Yang Five Elements, known as the most pure and pure strength .

Over the years, geniuses with multiple attributes have seen many, and people with more than five attribute talents have also seen them. But like Song Jia, which has a Yin and Yang Five Elements system, it is really unique.

The manifestation of this innate talent is far more than that of Yin and Yang Five Elements Attribute, she should have a variety of innate ability to evolve. For example, her invisibility and mighty power may only be one of the abilities derived from is innate talent.

Wang Lan, this system needs a good teacher training, otherwise it is easy to raise and abandon. “

“It’s Uncle Wang, but who are you going to cultivate? Elder Di? He no longer accepts the recipe.”

“You misunderstood what I meant. Since she is the Yin and Yang Five Elements Heaven Fu, she will find him a teacher who has in-depth research on Yin and Yang Five Elements. I suggest Wudang Mountain.”


“No, I don’t want to be aunt!” Song Jia yelled on the spot.

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