I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 439


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“pu chi ——”

“he he he…”

Jiajia’s words made everyone present laugh.

“What are you laughing at? I don’t want to be aunt, I’m serious, you laugh at me and get angry.”

“Don’t laugh, don’t laugh…” Wang Qianfeng shook the head, “Going to Wudang Mountain cultivation doesn’t really let you be a Taoist. There are also Taoist disciplines in Daomen, you just go to Daomen to study.”

“Is this really necessary?” Wang Lan frowns.

“Of course not, this is just the best choice. If you are confident of cultivating Jiajia, you can also cultivate it yourself. But for Jiajia’s innate talent of Yin and Yang Five Elements, no one is more professional than Daomen.”

“Uncle Wang, does Wudang Mountain have a star martial artist?” Wang Lan asked hesitantly.

“hahaha…not only star martial artist, strictly speaking Wudang Mountain should belong to Xingwu sect. In the dynasty, Xingwu sect and Star martial family went hand in hand.

But the Star martial family has natural cohesion, and the Xingwu sect does not, so it gradually declines. Now only the religious belief can maintain this cohesion.

The Xingwu sect that remains in the world, besides Wudang Mountain, there are Dragon Tiger Moun ­tain, Maoshan, and become Three Great Dao Sects. The Buddhist Sect’s Shaoshi Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain and Xima Mountain are the three largest Buddhist Sects.

Would you like to send Jiajia to Wudang Mountain for your own consideration, I just provide a suggestion. “

“Well, understood.”

Wang Lan did not stay longer after the inspection for Jiajia was completed. I went to various offices and sat in Wang Lan, then left and left Heavenly Sword Bureau.

At noon, eat with your aunt in the Jiangnan Tower in the center of Suzhou City.

“Auntie, this is Uncle Wang’s proposal, I don’t know much about this aspect, so how do you decide whether you want to make a decision.”

“What if Jiajia goes to school?”

“There is no need to think about going to school. With Jiajia’s identity and grades, you can go to school wherever you go. And now you have awakened the star martial artist innate talent, and the four major Academy will go to any place in the future.”

Wang Lan did not make any nonsense about this. Not all of the sponsorship places of the four major Academy Academy were Provincial grade martial gathering. Even 80% of the students don’t have to participate in Provincial grade martial gathering and they have already received the guarantee.

The reason why Wang Lan didn’t get it was because he was too awakened. He didn’t awaken until he was in the third year. How strong can he graduate from high school? The Four Star Academy, even if you want to accept Wang Lan, you must pay attention to the impact.

when the time comes Wang Lan A Star radiance Early-Stage is guaranteed to enter the top four? It’s too ridiculous to speak out. Moreover, Wang Lan’s identity has also been kept secret, and the rise of time is too short, until Wang Lan high school graduates, except for Demon Capital Star Martial collage, did not know Wang Lan’s identity.

But Song Jia is different. The cousin of Wang Lan, the most talented younger generation, the only girl of Southern Flame Emperor biological younger sister, the genius of self-awakening. When these conditions are added up, the four majors will definitely be given places.

“Mom, Wudang is in the lake province… so far, you are willing to leave me alone away from my hometown, from my loved ones, away from my friends?” Jiajia suddenly said in a grudge.

“Is it far away? Fortunately, I can go back and forth in one day. Besides, isn’t there a private jet? Is the distance a thing for us?”

“Brother, am I your sister?”


“So… did you support Jiajia to study at Wudang Mountain?” Aunt asked with a serious expression.

“Mainly, Jiajia’s innate talent has no precedent, and she has no system… I mean we can’t teach her a professional system. To change the ordinary innate talent, I will develop a cultivation plan for her .. But Jiajia this innate talent, I am afraid to delay her.

Jiajia this generation people… destined to face challenges. “

Speaking of which, Wang Qi has decided in his heart.

“Okay, stop chatting, eat first, and ask if you want to ask others.”

Song Jia hasn’t been entangled for long. On the 2nd day, he made a phone call with Hu Feifei and showed off. Wang Lan enjoyed a rare holiday with a group of five.

Before Jiang Xinyu went out to play Wang Lan, they would find various reasons to quit. It wasn’t Wang Lan who didn’t want, but it was the system’s opening task that kept pushing Wang Lan to use all the available time to stand steadily in the pyramid. top.

Now? A stage achievement has been reached, and Wang Lan will naturally not be out of touch. All five people except Xie Sisi are local tyrants. As long as they have money, they can indulge as much as they want.

“The fish is hooked, the blue flag golden spear fish—” Wang Lan excitedly lifted the fishing rod and the blue flag golden spear fish wrestled. As for why not use the star martial skill, you have to do everything you want to do, what fun is there in life?

“dīng líng líng ——” The mobile phone ringing suddenly sounded.

“Wang Lan is the phone of Heavenly Sword Bureau.” Xie Sisi, wearing a sexy bikini, glanced at the phone, picked up the phone and handed it to Wang Lan, and carefully connected Wang Lan to the phone.

“Big brother Xu?”

“Wang Lan, are you in Suzhou City?”

“No, I am now in Shandong Province. What’s wrong?”

“Ms. Wang Qi was assassinated, you better come back soon.”

“What?” Wang Lan instantly became gloomy. “Okay, I’ll be here soon. How is my aunt? Is there any danger?”

“Currently rescued in the National Defense Hospital.”

Hang up the phone, everyone gathered around, watching Wang Lan’s somber face suddenly had an ominous hunch.

“My aunt was assassinated, and I need to go back immediately.” After finishing his figure, he returned to the yacht room. After changing clothes, the figure was directly disappeared.

When Wang Lan appeared again, he was already at his home in the new hostal building. The Phoenix Form of Wang Lan’s space can be teleported in the same space regardless of distance. Not to mention returning to Suzhou City from Lu province, it is an instant matter if he wants to go to the country of Bing Xue.

After changing clothes from home, he drove straight to the National Defense Hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, his colleagues in the operations department led Wang Lan to the emergency center. Outside the emergency center, Wang Qianfeng Xu Shiyun waited anxiously on a chair outside the rescue room.

“Uncle Wang, Big brother Xu, how is my aunt?” Wang Lan asked hurriedly.

“It’s still being rescued, but the injury was very serious when it was sent, but the other party had a dead hand.” Wang Qianfeng said excitedly.

Wang Qianfeng stays in Suzhou City. The biggest purpose is to take care of Wang Lan and Wang Qi. Wang Lan is already full of wings. Wang Qianfeng is very pleased, but didn’t expect Wang Qi to be assassinated.

“Who did it?”

“There is no clue, the other party is a sniper. At least 1000 meters apart, the sniper point was found, but no picture was taken. This is a premeditated assassination after careful layout. And the other party was informed of Wang Qi’s whereabouts in advance. Directions.”

“How safe is Jiajia?”

“You can rest assured that Song Jia has sent Li Ge and Zhang Yeqiu sisters to protect in secret. The news of Ms. Wang Qi’s assassination has not been told to Song Jia for the time being.”

“Don’t tell her.” Wang Lan gloomy face, but without losing his mind, sat quietly beside Xu Shiyun, “How long have you been in?”

“It’s almost an hour.”

It didn’t take long for the operating room lights to dim. Wang Lan swish up. The operating room door was pushed open, and Wang Lan looked nervously at the pushed-out bed, for fear of seeing a picture he could not accept.

Fortunately, although the aunt lying on the bed looks ugly, her breath is clearly visible.

“Officer Wang is long and the operation was very successful.” He said, wearing glasses and wiping sweat all his life, “You see, this is the bullet taken from Ms. Wang Qi’s chest.”

Take a dish with a cry, a bloody bullet in the dish is horrible to see.

“Zero-caliber medium-range sniper rifle?” Xu Shiyun sighed.

“Good! The effective range is 1000 meters, the bullet is small, but the speed is fast, the distance of 1000 meters only takes 1.2 seconds. This bullet accurately hit Ms. Wang Qi’s right chest, hit a rib and tied Broken lung lobe.

It stands to reason that Ms. this spear Wang Qi will die without doubt, but didn’t expect that she could be miraculously delivered to the hospital and miraculously survive the operation. “

“Fortunately, there is no beginning, otherwise…”

Wang Qianfeng’s sharp eyes fell on Xu Shiyun’s body. Xu Shiyun was suddenly scared to sweat.

“Big brother Xu, you arranged to protect your aunt and uncle Wang, shall we go back to Heavenly Sword Bureau?”


Wang Lan and Wang Qianfeng came to Heavenly Sword Bureau, the investigation team of Heavenly Sword Bureau was immediately in place and gathered relevant clues.

“The sniper was ambushing on the rooftop of the Xincheng Building, shooting Ms. Wang Qi at a distance of 1500 metres. Then retreating calmly, we found traces left by the sniper on the rooftop of the Xincheng Building, but there were no substantive clues.


The cameras in and around the Xincheng Building have been inspected, and there are still no suspicious targets. “Zeng Xiaomo’s voice of Qingling echoed in the Conference Hall.

“Sister Zeng, the sniper bullet taken from my aunt with the body is a three-caliber, which is a medium-range sniper rifle.”

“Yes, this is a punishment sniper rifle, which is dual-use for military and police, and has an effective range of 1000 meters. It is mostly used by the special forces brigade to snipe the mob. But we analyzed the trajectory of the bullet, this sniper rifle Does not belong to any discipline rifle in Suzhou City.

Even if we have searched all the offline punishment rifles in the country, there is no suspicious match. Wanting to find a breakthrough on a firearm…difficult. “

“Each punishment gun has a unique number when it goes off the production line, and each gun in service must be tested and recorded.”

“That’s right, but it doesn’t. It may not be produced by regular channels.”

“The effective range is 1000 meters, but it can accurately hit the aunt at a distance of 1500 meters. This sniper is also an expert.”

“Today, the wind speed in Suzhou City is Level 4, and the air flow is very unstable in the tall buildings where it stands. I asked the military sniper brigade, the Southeast Military Region can do less than ten. I’m looking at this To start, there should be no more than two hundred snipers at this level in the world.

But now, what struck me the most was how the sniper left after completing the sniping. Xincheng Building is an independent building, and there are no tall buildings around 300 metres to help evacuate. “

“I want to see it on the spot.”

“No problem.”

At this time, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and Xu Shiyun came in through the door, “Officer Wang, the protectors are all arranged.”

“Why don’t you stay in the hospital to protect yourself?” Wang Qianfeng Shen Sheng asked.

“This… Ms. Wang Qi is a woman after all, is it inappropriate for me to protect him personally? Or, let Zeng Xiaomo go?”

Zeng Xiaomo glanced at Wang Qianfeng and ordered nodded.

“Okay, Xiao Mo, go and protect Ms. Wang Qi personally. The murderer cannot be assassinated once, and he may not be able to come again.”

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