I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 440


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On the top floor of Xincheng Building, the wind blows Wang Lan’s hair. The wind press on the top floor is making a roaring sound. More than a dozen Heavenly Sword Bureau secret agents are collecting evidence inch by inch.

“Wang Lan, the sniper was ambushing at this location. The location where Ms. Wang Qi was assassinated is 1500 metres. In the bullet trajectory, it will pass through the high-rise area in front. The air flow in the high-rise area is very unstable. I asked Superintendent’s special team expert.

The bullet will generate strong fluctuations through the airflow area. Generally, snipers cannot achieve precise sniping with this bullet route. It can be seen that this sniper is definitely an expert in expert. “

“The last trace of the killer is on the edge of the fence. We have checked all possible evacuation paths such as ventilation pipes, fire exits, etc., and confirmed that there is no trace of the killer’s evacuation.”

“Is it possible to be a star martial artist?”

“Probability is not big, there are not many people with such a high level of sniper level in the world, let alone this person is a star martial artist? You know, star martial artist is good at star martial skill against the enemy, there is no star martial artist I will practice Spear Art hard.

Even if some people like to shoot cold guns, they are definitely not good at sniper rifles. Snipers are not as simple as aiming and firing. The skills they have to master are too many and too precise. The technical difficulty is no less than that of Peak engineers. “

“If it is not a star martial artist, how did he evacuate from the Xincheng Building? The Xincheng Building has camera monitoring from the 88th floor below without dead angles, even if he is a spiderman who can walk through the walls and impossible to avoid being photographed.”

Wang Lan thoughtfully came to the edge of the fence and lifts the head looking at the signal tower in the distance. Wang Lan raised his hand, “What tower is this?”

“5G signal tower, 300 meters away”

“Is there a signal tower captured by the camera?”

Xu Shiyun quickly took out the intercom. “The Communications Department has noticed that there is a signal tower at 300 meters southeast of the Xincheng Building. All cameras that can shoot the signal tower are mobilized. Is there any suspicious person for some time after the incident.”

Standing on the top floor of the Xincheng Building and waiting for about half an hour, the reply came, “No surveillance equipment was photographed, but twenty minutes after the incident, the employees of the power company tried to climb the signal tower to maintain the equipment. Colleagues stopped it. Then advised back.”

Wang Lan’s face froze, he quickly took off and floated to the edge of the signal tower. Check down a little bit from a height. At a height parallel to the Xincheng Building, a slightly deformed alloy plate was found.

In an instant, Wang Lan’s mind appears in the brain. A silhouette was swinging from the Xincheng Building on the signal tower and deformed the alloy plate.

Wang Lan slowly drifted back to the top floor of the Xincheng Building, Xu Shiyun looked at Wang Lan with a sullen expression, “It’s so good to be able to fly.”

“Aren’t you? You won’t go to school.” Wang Lan returned angrily.

“I am the Earth Element, do you talk to me? If I were the Wind Element, I would learn it early.”

“This is the light and heavy replacement of the Earth Element. Does the Seven Great Attributes seem to fly?”

“When I didn’t say it.” Xu Shiyun rolled the eyes. The light and heavy replacement is the S-Rank star martial skill. Are you talking to me? Is this so easy to learn? Seven Great Attributes do have flying abilities, but most of them are advanced star martial skills, OK?

“The killer should be evacuated from the signal tower. The killer has a wire catapult device that shoots to the top of the signal tower and swings on the signal tower to safely evacuate.”

The entire group left the Xincheng Building and quickly found the guard who saw the maintainer of the power project.

“At that time, we immediately rushed to the scene to evacuate the crowd immediately after receiving the alarm, and then I saw a worker on the signal tower climbing up the signal tower, and I called him down immediately.

The man is from the power company and said that he was here to maintain the signal tower. I read his work permit to make sure that there was no problem and let him leave quickly. ”

“This person should not have climbed up, but should have just come down from the top and saw the superintendent came pretending to pretend to climb up.” Wang Lan immediately analyzed and said.

After listening to Wang Lan’s words, the guard on the opposite side slammed his thigh suddenly, “I’m in a bad situation, and I let go of the suspect with my eyes open? Damn it.”

“Do you remember that person’s appearance?”

“That person’s appearance? A very ordinary face, nothing special. But at that time he seemed to be injured, bleeding on his forehead. He said that he was accidentally scratched by the screw when climbing the steel frame. Of.”

“Where is the wound?”

“Here is the eyebrow,” the guard said, pointing to his eyebrow.

“Big brother Xu, there must be blood stains left by the murderer on the signal tower, so people can look for it.”


At this moment, Wang Lan’s cell phone ringing suddenly sounded, “Hey, Sister Zeng? Aunt awoke? Great, I will come back here.”

Hang up the phone and Wang Lan flew into the sky again and flew to the hospital quickly. Arriving at the hospital, the aunt’s ward has been arranged in an independent senior convalescence small courtyard.

The outer layer is the guard protection layer with live ammunition, and the inside is the protection strength of the Heavenly Sword Bureau Operations Department. In the ward, there is a special operations team in which Zeng Xiaomo sits. Just like the protection of Copper Wall Iron Bastion, even Wang Lan couldn’t sneak in silently.

When she came to the ward, her aunt still inserted the oxygen tube, but her complexion had returned to some blood.

“Auntie, how are you feeling?”

“Ms. Wang Qi’s physical condition is beyond my imagination.” The doctor who operated on Wang Qi said excitedly, “I was surprised when I operated on Wang Qi. This is obviously a deadly gunshot wound. It can still survive.

Now, the recovery rate after injury is more than several times that of ordinary person. If it were not for me to confirm that Ms. Wang Qi was only an ordinary person, I would have doubted whether she was a star martial artist. “

Wang Lan looked at the male spectacles doctor cautiously. This excited tone made Wang Lan feel bad.

“Dr. Ni, please go out.” Zeng Xiaomo reminded softly.

“Oh, okay, okay! Although Ms. Wang Qi’s resilience is strong, after all, she has just completed surgery and needs more rest, up to ten minutes.”

“I understand.”

My aunt narrowed her eyes, her expression was weak, but her expression was clear.

“Auntie, how are you?”

“The head is a little dizzy, the chest is a little bit painful, the other… I feel fine.”

“Do you remember what you were shot by the killer?”

“Remember… I was driving, and suddenly my chest was shot.” Auntie is still very weak, so it is very difficult to speak. With just these few words, the breath is already fast.

“Then, do you know who is going to assassinate you? Are there any doubtful targets?”

The little aunt didn’t speak, just hook the head.

“I’m dizzy now…I can’t remember many things…”

Seeing how the younger sister was sweating again, Wang Lan couldn’t bear to continue to ask. Bend down and gently kiss on the aunt’s forehead.

“You can rest assured, I will find out, no matter who, I will give you a fair. You have a good rest, Jiajia has been protected over there, to ensure safety, you feel at ease to recuperate.”

“en! You are also careful.”

“Relax, there are not many people in my world who can hurt me.”

In the past, Wang Lan did not dare to say such full words, but now, he dares. The normal strength is no less than the titled powerhouse. Under Phoenix Form, the powerhouse Wang Lan like 5 Emperors dare to stubborn.

After leaving the hospital, Wang Lan returned to Heavenly Sword Bureau and just entered Xu Shiyun’s office. Xu Shiyun stood up with excitement.

“Wang Lan, found it!” Xu Shiyun said, “We searched the signal tower inch by inch, and finally found some blood on a screw. This time, the killer can’t run away.”

“Is the identity of the killer determined?”

“Not yet. The laboratory is already testing. The Land Bureau has issued a death order. Ms. Wang Qi’s case has the highest priority. Patience and so on, no matter whether the person behind is a ghost, this time I see how he died .”

Whether it is the Flame Emperor system or Wang Lan’s current strength background, no one can be provocative. In the past, when Wang Lan was not full-winged, Duanmu Family provoked the destruction of Duanmu Family. And now, Wang Lan is full of wings, whoever provokes is courting death.

After waiting for two hours, the results from the inspection department came out.

“Report Colonel Wang, False Captain, blood DNA comparison results came out, blood is a person named Duan Suzuki. Duan Suzuki, born in 4990, 32 years old this year.

Small Accomplishment excellent performance, 14 years old soul resonance awakening failed, was admitted to Zhangshi No. 1 Middle School, and was admitted to the Xiangjiang Military Academy with excellent results, and served in the Southeast Military Region in 5012, we can trace the clues we can trace Right here. “

“It’s good to be able to track down here. Let’s report to the Land Bureau.”

When Wang Lan went to Lu Zhao’s office, Lu Zhao also immediately obtained the identity information of the killer, and used his own authority to track down immediately.


“Come in.” Wang Lan and Xu Shiyun walked into Lu Zhao’s office.

Wang Lan looked at Venus on Luzhao’s shoulders, with a trance in his eyes. Last year, Lu Zhao’s rank was still a university. After the Suzhou City Heavenly Sword Bureau was upgraded, Lu Zhao’s level also went up. And for these, Wang Lan’s credit accounts for most of it.

“The identity of Duan Suzuki, you understood, right? I just checked, the Southeast Military Region shows that Duan Suzuki has been killed for two years.”

“Has died?” Wang Lan face instantly changes somberly.

“He was killed. He was killed in a border anti-drug operation and was awarded the title of Martyr.”

“What about corpses?”

“Falling on a cliff, crushing bones.”

“In this way, he didn’t die at all, but was captured and then apostasy?” Xu Shiyun said angrily, “Damn, if this is the case, the clue will be cut off again. Is that the goal of the action? The poisoned owl was not destroyed? Was the group of poisoned owls captured Duan Suzuki?”

“No, that operation was very successful. The drug lords all fell asleep and all were shot.”

“No!” Wang Lan suddenly shouted, “If Duan Suzuki is sacrificed, his family should know the news of his sacrifice and receive a pension. But the local government files are still in service.

Duan Suzuki has sacrificed and there is no need to keep his identity secret. Even for the sake of confidentiality, he should briefly say that he sacrificed in a certain mission. His family still thinks that Duan Suzuki is in service. “

“Yes!” Lu Zhao reacted immediately and quickly picked up the phone to dial the number again.

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