I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 441


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Even if Heavenly Sword Bureau and the Ministry of Defense belong to the Ministry of Defense, the obstacles to cross-border investigations are still very obvious. Lu Zhao and Wang Lan split their heads and work together with He Jinze inside and outside to investigate Duan Suzuki’s location.

“Wang Lan, Duan Suzuki was admitted to the Special Operations Brigade after one year of service, and is still a very high-security unit 033. However, from internal sources, Duan Suzuki did not all participate in the so-called sweep. Drug action.

Although the 033 commando team participated in the operation, it was not the commando team where Duan Suzuki was. So… this sacrifice report is forged. “He Jinze called Wang Lan a day later.

“Uncle He, can you find out where Duan Suzuki went?”

“The level of confidentiality is too high, and even my major general cannot check it. If I continue to check, I will make a mistake.”

“I understand, thank you Uncle He.”

“Wang Qi she… how is it going?”

“Auntie is out of mortal danger.”

“That’s good, don’t worry about this. You can’t find it. Look for Elder Di. I don’t believe Elder Di will sit back and watch.”

“I am understood, I have nothing else to hang up.”

Just put down the phone, Xu Shiyun suddenly came out of the door, “Wang Lan, the director let you go.”

Wang Lan didn’t hesitate and hurried to Lu Zhao’s office. “Wang Lan, I just found a direction now. Duan Suzuki was going to be taken by the secret department. From the signs, this secret department is probably… …General Staff.”

“General Staff?” Wang Lan’s eyes suddenly dimmed.

The General Staff is what Heavenly Sword Bureau calls the existence of relevant departments. In terms of status, it basically exists the same as the International Security Council.

The International Security Council is the highest-ranked official organization of star martial artist, which is directly under the United Nations. The International Security Council transcends the concept of a country, a truly global strategic department.

If the international peacekeeping force is a regular unit of the United Nations armed strength, the International Security Council is the most elite unit of the United Nations. But because it is an international security force, Jade Country has only 20% strength control of the International Security Council.

The General Staff is specially established for this level and is directly under the secret department controlled by Jade Country. Because of this, what happened to Jade Country to jeopardize the world’s sudden occurance has to go through the General Staff before considering the involvement of the International Security Council.

So, once you get the General Staff, it is definitely trouble.

My aunt’s identity is special, not just her identity. Auntie’s Jiayi Biotechnology is hailed as the world’s most promising company. At the same time, Auntie is one of the top five super scientists in the world.

Not about strength, but influence.

So moving the aunt is not just moving Wang Lan’s relatives, Flame Emperor’s younger sister is so simple, but it will bring unpredictable impact to Jade Country and even the whole world.

Duan Suzuki turned out to be the chief of staff? If the aunt’s assassination is behind the General Staff, is it a political game or…

Thinking of this, Wang Lan’s head suddenly exploded.

“Wang Lan, this is going to be a big deal, and it may be beyond our control. Do you want to tell Elder Di to ask Elder Di’s opinion? It’s not that we are afraid of the General Staff, but since the General Staff intervenes, we must do well in advance. Prevent. Otherwise, it will be passive.”

Wang Lan’s eyes flashed quickly, and finally the head was still taken. “I’m not in a hurry. I’ll call and ask someone to check. If it’s really the General Staff, then must tell Elder Di, but in case it’s not?”

Wang Lan did not avoid Lu Zhao and directly dialed Yu Ruoyan’s phone. The phone was connected after a few rings.

“Hey!” Yu Ruoyan’s voice is very low, and it may be inconvenient to press the voice deliberately.

“Ruoyun, sorry disturbed me. My aunt was assassinated the day before yesterday. The murderer was a man named Duan Suzuki. He previously served in the 033 army of the Southeast Military Region. Then he was recruited and taken away by a special department. It may be the General Staff. I need your help. I will investigate.”

“Okay, give me a day.”

“many thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” The short call was over in less than one minute.

From the Heavenly Sword Bureau, Wang Lan went to Fragrant Hall Bay, Wang Lan didn’t expect Jiang Xinyu and Xie Sisi to be there. Song Jia hurried over after seeing Wang Lan.

“Brother, how is my mother? Don’t hide me.”

Wang Lan showed a reassuring smile, “My aunt is out of mortal danger, but still needs peace of mind. I have arranged enough strength to protect her, rest assured.”

“Then… can I go and see her?”

“No need for the time being, stay home at home and don’t go out, let alone get out of the eyes of elder sisters.” Wang Lan looked at Zhang Yeqiu sisters and then smile smiled at Jiang Xinyu.

“It’s going to be hard work for you these days.”

“We have nothing to do, it is very easy to accompany Jiajia to watch TV. But how is your investigation there? Listening to the brethren saying that it is difficult to do over there?”

“There has been a lot of progress, and I believe that it will not take long for the murderer to surface.” Wang Lan said confidently.

“Wang Lan, shall we help?” Jiang Xinyu asked quickly.

“No, this matter is handled by the Heavenly Sword Bureau. The reason why my aunt was assassinated was that we eased our vigilance before. Like the identity of the aunt, someone around you should protect him personally.”

“There will definitely be in the future.”

“I come back just to see it, I will leave after a while, you must be careful at home, now the secret mastermind motive is unknown, but it is definitely not just for assassination.”

Suddenly, Wang Lan’s mobile phone rang, and it was Wang Qianfeng who saw it. Wang Lan quickly connected the phone.

“Hey, Uncle Wang…what?”

Wang Lan’s complexion changed again.

“You guys stay at home, I’ll go out for a while.” After that, the figure has been disappeared.

Duan Suzuki’s identity has not yet been investigated, but his body was first discovered. Wang Qianfeng just called me just to inform the sanitation worker that a body was found in a small pond under the Suzhou City Viaduct.

The Superintendent immediately dispatched, but found that the identity of the corpse turned out to be Heavenly Sword Bureau who had found Duan Suzuki for a day. The Heavenly Sword Bureau was notified immediately, and then the call came.

Wang Lan flew from the sky to the accident site. The Superintendent’s staff had pulled up the isolation belt, and Brother Heavenly Sword Bureau led by Li Ge was on the scene.

Wang Lan slowly landed in front of Wang Qianfeng from the sky, “Uncle Wang.”

“Wang Lan, secret mastermind’s actions are very quick and very spicy. We haven’t found any breakthrough clues yet, and they’ve finished. Now Duan Suzuki is dead, and it’s hard to check who ordered him to do it. .”

“That’s not necessarily, if Duan Suzuki hasn’t changed his mind, or if he has really joined the General Staff, then who can instruct him to assassinate his aunt? The identity of her aunt Duan Suzuki is impossible I don’t know, the aunt died, causing Jade Country He should know how much influence.

So the person who can make him do that may be the one he can’t refuse. “

“This may be the only clue right now, but!” Wang Qianfeng sighed to the sky, “secret mastermind may not follow the rules, but we can’t. We even know who the secret mastermind is, but must have solid evidence.” “

“So, the only hope right now is that there can be good news from the General Staff. If Duan Suzuki joins the General Staff, then every action he has will follow.”

“By the way, Wang Qi’s body is recovering very quickly. I heard Xiao Mo said that it is possible to take notes. I’m planning to go to the hospital. Would you like to go with me?”


The scene was handled very cleanly. Duan Suzuki died of seven shots in his chest. In addition to bullets can make ballistic analysis, leaving no valuable clues.

These professional matters still have to be left to the professionals to do it. Wang Lan personally searched for a lap and found no extra findings and took Wang Qianfeng’s car back to the hospital.

A day has passed, and the speed of my aunt’s body is amazing. Yesterday, if my aunt was lying in bed and was struggling to speak, you can now sit up against the bed.

Wang Lan and Wang Qianfeng came to the ward and heard the sound of clicking one’s tongue in wonder before they entered the room.

The two entered, still the doctor, amazed while recording data in the folder at the moment.

“Ms. Wang Qi, your resilience is the fastest I have encountered since I started. No, it is many times faster than the fastest I encountered.

Originally like you, don’t want to get out of bed in three months. And now, I can’t see you can recover completely in ten days? “

As the doctor said, the aunt’s face was a bit unnatural. Zeng Xiaomo saw Wang Lan and Wang Qianfeng coming to quickly stand up and take the doctor out of the ward.

“Xiaoqi, can you take notes based on your current physical condition? We need to know more about what happened.” Wang Qianfeng said, and Zeng Xiaomo unfolded a note-taking form on the side.

“Yes, Auntie, your resilience is a bit too much. I heard what the doctor said just now… It seems to be an attempt to you.” Wang Lan took the opportunity to ask the doubts in his heart.

“Lanlan, in fact, I should have told you last time. At that time, my condition was not good, so… I think it should be related to the medicine I injected. The reason why I recover so fast.”

“Pharmaceutics?” Wang Lan and Wang Qianfeng were simultaneously shocked and asked, in a flash, the two thought that the assassination would be related to this?

“This is a kind of telomerase, do you know what telomerase is?”

Wang Qianfeng dullly shook the head.

Wang Lan is looking thoughtful, “Is it an enzyme that synthesizes the telomeres that promote cell division?”

“Yes, you should know that the biggest difference between star martial artist and ordinary person is an X gene. But in fact, the so-called X gene is a certain characteristic of cells.

Since the star martial artist was born from the ordinary person group, and the children born from two ordinary person will also awaken the star martial artist innate talent. So in theory, every ordinary person has this X gene. Can you understand this? “

Wang Qianfeng is still taking the head.

“If an ordinary person does not have an X gene, he cannot give birth to a child with an X gene. The gene sequence of any child comes from the parents. So every ordinary person has a recessive X gene.” Wang Lan Said softly.

“Correct! But during the development of the ordinary person, this X gene did not successfully develop, resulting in no chance for them to awaken the star martial artist innate talent.

And telomeres are substances that allow cells to divide and regenerate. But the number of splits is limited. What if telomeres can split indefinitely?

Through gene editing and cultivation, our laboratory has successfully extracted the X gene sequence from the ordinary person and cultivated X gene cells carrying a large amount of telomerase, which have the ability to divide indefinitely.

This is my latest research in the past year. “


Heard here, Zeng Xiaomo and Wang Qianfeng were sucked in a cold breath. Wang Lan also looked at her aunt with a stern expression.

In my mind, there are only four words left echoing.

It’s you!

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