I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 442


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“Why don’t you say such an important clue early?” Wang Lan, who came back to his senses, said quickly.

“I was confused at the time…I didn’t dare to tell anyone who was sober afterwards, but I dare to tell you. But…my research project is very secret, even my secretary doesn’t know this Project…”

“But secret mastermind dared to assassinate you, which is enough to show that this project is not confidential. Secret mastermind dared to take such a big risk, it must be related to your research.” Wang Lan said thoughtfully.

“That, Wang Qi? Have you researched it out?” Wang Qianfeng also recovered, and asked incredulously, “You can make the ordinary person also awaken the star martial artist innate talent?”

“Not yet.” My aunt took the head. “I just finished the X gene cell with telomerase. After the shot, I didn’t have time to consider injecting myself before coma.”

Hearing here, Wang Lan’s face suddenly darkened, “Did you experiment with yourself?”

“How can I be so crazy? The X gene cells were originally extracted from me, but the cells used for experiments in the later period were all cultivated. How can I be so stupid, I have to use them every time I use them Cut a piece of meat from your body?

The situation was critical at that time, so I had no choice. The original cell of the test agent was my cell culture. It shouldn’t be rejected, so I injected it without thinking. “

“Then… Auntie, your ability to recover from injury may really be related to potions, and you may really be able to awaken star martial artist innate talent.”

“Really? But I have estimated that the probability of awakening ordinary people through awakening agents is not high, it should be less than 30%, and multiple injections are not guaranteed. This requires further research. Awakening agents only It can be said that it was only half successful, wouldn’t I succeed if I had one?”

“Jiajia awakened a few days ago. Before awakening, her cell life force was dozens of times that of the ordinary person, and the cell activity was also exaggerated. For this reason, Jiajia went to the hospital to check it. Although you do not have Jiajia So obvious, but it is essentially the same.”

Whether it is 30% possible or 10%, as long as it is not zero percent, this is an invention across time.

The probability of an ordinary person awakening a star martial artist is 0.1%. Jade Country has a population of 1.4 billion, but the star martial artist is only 3,000,000. Of course, this is also related to the star martial artist who needs to fight all year round and belongs to high-risk occupations. There are too few star martial artists, even if Jade Country has the most star martial artists in the world.

Although the state has always advocated equality between star martial artist and ordinary person at the level of legal public opinion. But class actually exists. Star martial artist is expert in the eyes of ordinary person. Star martial artist can also get ordinary person yearn for something even in dreams.

As long as you are a star martial artist, you will definitely be able to attend Xingwu Academy, even if it’s almost a bachelor’s degree. As long as you are a star martial artist, your whole family can enjoy free medical care and free education in the country, and you can buy a favorite house at a very cheap price.

These are things that most ordinary people cannot get for a lifetime.

The rich person in the ordinary person may live comfortably, but there are too few ordinary persons belonging to the rich person. If the aunt’s awakening medicine is really developed successfully, the country will definitely use the national strength to let the ordinary person inject as much as possible.

Even if one of the 10,000 people can become a Star Sea powerhouse, Jade Country’s strength against Demon Race will more than ten times.

This picture is trembling with excitement.

“Awakening Potion…who else knows besides you?” Wang Lan quickly asked.

“This is what I studied with Chen Court Academecian. Two years ago, Chen Court Academecian approached me and said that he found cells containing the X gene, but this kind of cell has no telomeres. Cell division requires telomeres. Cells without telomeres cannot be cultivated. His discovery has aroused my interest, but I also know that once this thing leaks, it must cause stormy sea.

We have studied in secret for two years, and Chen Court Academecian has not been out of the Academy building for two years. “

“Chen Court Academecian? He is now the most suspected one.”

“Who are you?” Suddenly, there was a scold outside the door, and the conversation in the room stopped.

“We are the General Staff, perform secret missions, please let go.”

“Sorry, no one can enter without Director Lu’s warrant.”

“Secretary Lu’s warrant? Secretary Lu’s warrant is easy to use. I don’t know if the Defense Ministry’s warrant is good?”

“Xiao Qiong, let them in.” Wang Qianfeng’s voice sounded, and three people in suits came in from outside the door.

“How are you, Kiki? Is it better? Does it hurt?” When a middle-aged man entered the door, he greeted the aunt in bed nervously. The expression, the expression, looked like the Internet The last popular exclusive term.

“Many thanks, Mr. Yu cares, I don’t have any trouble.” The aunt said indifferently said.

“Hey, aren’t we friends? Why are you so polite. I heard that you were assassinated, but I was terrified at that time. Fortunately, you’re fine. I don’t take a look at it personally, I don’t worry.”

“You pass through our layers of protection in order to take a look at my aunt?” Wang Lan’s eyes suddenly changed, and his eyes flashed over the two behind the middle-aged man, alerting him.

“Are you Wang Wang?” The middle-aged man smiled softly, facing Wang Lan extend the hand, “My name is Yu Ruohuai, I often hear Ruoyun mention you, you once saved Ruoyun Life, and still a young hero recognized by the uncle. I am optimistic about you, young man.”

This familiar look made Wang Lan unable to figure out the man’s palace, and Wang Qianfeng heard Yu Ruohuai’s eyebrows slightly frowned, “Zhenjiang Wangfu Yu Ruohuai?”

“Where is Yu Family in Zhenjiang City, and what time is it back to Zhenjiang Wangfu. Wang Lan, don’t look at me as young as 20 years old, but I have a young mindset and I don’t have those old antique ideas. . Do you want to play the king? I will play the thieves, will we go together someday?”

“I don’t play games.”

“Why not play games like Ruoyun? Now that you are young, you should sing and drink to play games.”

“Mr. Yu, don’t you know that there is something else? Please leave if there is nothing else. Don’t disturb Ms. Wang Qi to rest.”

“Kiki, I’m relieved to see that you are okay. I didn’t answer the phone when I sent you a message. It hurt me to worry for two days.”

“The phone is broken.”

“So, I will let the manufacturer customize a mobile phone, a titanium alloy bullet-proof casing, and the Tianqi military system. I promise to be the most advanced and full-featured mobile phone in the world. Also, it’s up to me, no matter who it is Done, I promise to make his whole family neat and tidy…” Yu Ruohuai said each minding their own business.

“Go out!” Wang Qi shouted with a cold face on the spot.

“Okay! Don’t be angry, I’ll leave now. I’ll see you again someday!”

Wang Qianfeng and Wang Lan let him go, he didn’t respond at all, Wang Qi roared, and Yu Ruohuai swiftly walked away. When walking out of the ward, he carefully took the door.

Looking at Yu Ruohuai’s actions, Wang Lan couldn’t even more understand this person.

“Auntie, is he chasing you?” Wang Lan asked hesitantly.

“en!” Wang Qi didn’t hide it, and admitted bluntly, “He is the chairman of Thunder Electronics, mainly engaged in the production of high-end products such as Semiconductor and smart chips.”

“He is from Yu Family.” Wang Lan asked again.

“Zhenjiang Wangfu will be the head of the family in the future. Although the dynasty era has ended for 200 years, the eight hereditary kings were still hereditary. But this is just a title, just like the title of a western country, it is just a kind of title. The symbol of identity has no actual power.” Wang Qianfeng explained.

“But he can mobilize the General Staff… there is a problem. And just to help him open the way to visit his aunt? Is his purpose to confirm the aunt’s life or death, or other purpose?”

“Don’t over-interpret.” Wang Qianfeng quickly interrupted Wang Lan’s brain repair. But he knew Wang Lan, he dared to think about anything and doubted anything. To make up for it like this, Yu Ruohuai was the secret mastermind and was hammered.

“Yu Family is able to mobilize the general staff. It’s no secret. You know, the Heavenly Sword Bureau system, the Star Martial army system, and the Star Martial family system have the least penetration. The price is that the general staff is penetrated.

With such a huge force of the Xingwu family, you are impossible to prevent them from being too serious. “

“So the General Staff became the Xingwu Family Isolation Station? Throw the Star martial family into it?”

“Yes, the General Staff level is high, and the rights are large, so the Xingwu family is quite happy. However…The power is high, and the level is high, it depends on how it is used.”

“Yu Ruoyan joined the General Staff for the same reason after graduation?”

“Of course, okay, don’t worry about this question, continue to ask. Wang Qi, are you okay?”

“I am fine, continue.”

“Who is Chen Court Academecian?”

“Chen Court Academecian is Chen Youting, a tenured honorary professor at Kyoto University, and an authoritative scientist in the direction of cell research. Before the life medicine came out, the anti-cancer medicine developed by Chen Court Academecian was the only one on the market that effectively inhibited the spread of cancer cells. Of medicine.”

“So, did you smash Chen Court Academecian’s rice bowl?” Wang Lan asked with a smile.

“What do you want? Chen Court Academecian only studies anti-cancer, but does not produce anti-cancer medicine. And defeating cancer is the common goal of all of our scientists who are struggling in this field. How can anyone say who is breaking the bowl?

And Chen Court Academecian’s research in the field of cells is not only anti-cancer. This time X gene cells were extracted, and after two years of hard work, the synthesis of telomerase was almost all thanks to Chen Court Academecian. I also learned a lot about Chen Court Academecian.

And even without me, Chen Court Academecian should be able to study independently, I just provided him with a research platform. “

“Then why did he find you to cooperate? I want to be Chen Court Academecian, as long as he thinks there should be many people willing to pay him for research?”

“Two years ago, Chen Court Academecian did a research at Imperial Capital, but the Institute’s final gold divestment was withdrawn and the Institute was resold. Although Chen Court Academecian can find any institute to continue research.

At the time, I just announced that the gene coding formula and Life One had made good achievements. Chen Court Academecian came to talk with me about the fame, and I took the opportunity to invite, and then I just hit it off. “

“Could Court Academecian deliberately approach you?” Wang Qianfeng asked keenly.

Wang Qi thought for a while or shook the head, “I don’t rule out the possibility, but I can’t use the most sinister intentions to examine an academic Master that deserves my respect. I can’t give an answer, but I personally feel …It shouldn’t be.”

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