I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 443


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My aunt is kind and if she is not really annoying, she will not easily measure a person with an evil mind. Even in Wang Lan’s eyes, Yu Ruohui and Chen Youting’s heads were almost covered with the red light of the suspect, she did not doubt the two.

“Auntie, would you tell me about your help in the research on the awakening medicinal?” Wang Lan asked deliberately.

“Help…provide funds, provide a laboratory…right, and edit the telomerase into the cell genes to synthesize telomeres. After all, this requires gene coding technology.”

“oh?” Wang Lan’s eyes suddenly brightened, “Sister-in-law, you should be the only person in the world who can apply gene coding technology to actual people? Even those of our Academy who have mastered the gene coding formula All stay in theory.”

“This…should it be? Even if there is a second person, I should be the world first. What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t it over?” Wang Lan stood up and paced, “Chen Court Academecian discovered the X gene cells and had the technology to cultivate the telomerase of the X gene cells. But he couldn’t make a self-made X gene cells that divide and reproduce.

It’s like he has a treasure trove, but the key to the treasure trove is in the aunt’s hands. He approached you just to open the treasure chest with your key. Now that the treasure chest is opened, as long as he kills the treasure, he is alone.

I think…Chen Court Academecian should have learned from you how to encode genes? “

Wang Qi’s face suddenly changed, because what Wang Lan said was exactly what happened. Chen Court Academecian has always been learning gene encoding technology from Wang Qi, and Wang Qi has learned from Chen Court Academecian where he has advanced cutting-edge technology in the field of cell biology. Too.

“It seems that I guessed right. Uncle Wang immediately arrested Chen Court Academecian. Whether it was him or not, he was first controlled in the name of protection.”

“Okay, I will call now.”

Wang Qianfeng left on the phone and Wang Lan sat in the ward and picked up an apple and cut it for his aunt. At this moment, an angry Zeng Xiaomo pushed open the door and came to the ward.

“Sister Zeng, why are you so angry?” Wang Lan expression asked lightly. Although Wang Lan has rarely worked with Zeng Xiaomo, he has always been very respectful of Zeng Xiaomo Wang Lan.

Not for anything else, but if Zeng Xiaomo arrived in time, Wang Lan might have died long ago.

“It’s not for the guys outside, they were let go by the General Staff casually fooling a few sentences. Such a Heavenly Sword Bureau special service, how can they be used?”

“Fool around with two sentences?”

“Yeah, those two chiefs of staff pulled out their documents, and then said they were sent by the central government to investigate the case of Ms. Wang Qi being assassinated. In the face of the chief of staff, they directly forgot the orders of the land bureau.”

“It’s not to blame them, who made the General Staff the relevant department in our hearts… I didn’t expect the General Staff to take action before, but now that the understood is going to go on. It’s good that you also get rid of it and come to eat an apple. Brother Let’s educate them.”

“Educate? Hum…I’m full.”

“Is it open?” Wang Lan looked at Zeng Xiaomo in surprise, “Should it be so heavy? It is not easy to be admitted to the Heavenly Sword Bureau.”

“It is the iron law of Heavenly Sword Bureau not to allow a little mistake, especially in protecting Ms. Wang Qi.”

“Xiao Mo, you made me sorry by saying so. Don’t punish it so much, they are also inadvertently lost.” Wang Qi said quickly.

“Yes, Sister Zeng, I don’t think brothers will have another time.”

Zeng Xiaomo brows slightly wrinkle, thinking a little bit about the final sighed, “I can’t decide if I can’t open it. It needs to be decided by the law enforcement office and then signed by the director. Anyway, I have made a note of the fault.”

“By Wang Lan, do you have any doubts about your goals?”

“There are two suspected targets. Chen Court Academecian has basically not run away. He was originally close to the aunt with his purpose. Awakening potion, which can make the ordinary person awaken the star martial artist innate talent Divine Item potion.

How much credit! Not to mention the fact that celebrity history books have been named forever, it is possible to directly seal the gods. Do you think Chen Youting has no idea?

The other is Yu Ruohuai, I originally suspected that the General Staff. After all, the nature of the General Staff is somewhat special, and Chen Court Academecian is probably the one over there. This cake is too big, but they want to eat it alone. If the Star martial family is the only one who masters the awakening potion, they can act wilfully.

when the time comes Don’t say that ordinary person will stand on their side, even people who are not on their side are possible… The people of Star martial family are all thinking about restoring the dynasty. “

“It turned out that… that Yu Ruohuai came today…”

“My aunt suffered such a serious injury and didn’t die. Even we think it’s a miracle. Of course they don’t believe it. So they have to confirm it. If the aunt has been killed, then their purpose is achieved. If the aunt is still alive, their purpose. Reached.”


“Awakening Pharmacy succeeded. Otherwise, could it not be explained?”

“Thinking about it.” Zeng Xiaomo couldn’t help but get a cold back and sighed for a long time.

“So this matter is already impossible.” Wang Lan gently put away the fruit knife.

ding ding ding~ ——

The phone rang suddenly at this time, Wang Lan took out his phone to connect the phone, “Uncle Wang.”

“Wang Lan, something happened, Chen Court Academecian is dead.”

“What?” Wang Lan swallowed and stood up, “What’s the matter? Is it homicide?”

“It is not certain now that the driver who caused the accident has been controlled, but… the driver who caused the accident is fine.”

“Where are you now?”

“At Heavenly Sword Bureau.”

“Okay, I’ll be here soon.” After hanging up the phone, Wang Lan hurried to the door, just two steps away and suddenly stopped again, quickly dialed the phone, “Hello, Xinyu? You and Xiangwen come to the National Defense Hospital.” “

Putting down the phone, Wang Lan sat back in his chair and lost in thought.

My aunt was stabbed, and Wang Lan was almost locked. It was Chen Court Academecian who wanted to devote himself to the research. The involvement of Duan Suzuki and the General Staff led Wang Lan subconsciously to speculate that this was the Star Martial family’s game.

But Chen Court Academecian also died so that there was an unexpected contradiction in the logic that was originally explained. Only Auntie has mastered the Awakening Potion, and Chen Court Academecian. Less than twenty-four hours passed since the aunt was stabbed to the death of Chen Court Academecian in a car accident.

Star Martial family shot? Not too possible. Gene coding technology cannot be explained clearly by something on paper. Otherwise, Auntie’s gene editing formulas have been published for two years, and no one has announced that they have successfully made a genetic medicine.

The genetic formula still stays in theory. Only the aunt can really turn the theory into reality. Now it is possible to add a Chen Court Academecian.

So even if you want to cook rabbits and dogs in the future, you should wait for Chen Court Academecian to bring down the awakening medicine inheritance. And Wang Lan also believes that Chen Court Academecian will not be so stupid. The Awakening Elixir is his only body protection talisman, and he is totally impossible.

Even if you threaten the temptation, the awakening potion didn’t really succeed until the aunt was assassinated. At that time, if not in a critical situation, the aunt would not risk injections.

The people behind Chen Youting have not yet obtained the research results. Why was Chen Youting killed? Is it because the aunt survived? Not right, the aunt’s identity is destined for her impossible to be controlled by the Star martial family.

If the Star martial family could not master the awakening potions alone, their attempts would be impossible. If the country has a unique mastery, Star martial family is unable to withstand a single blow.

Imagine, when the time comes, the 1.4 billion ordinary people in the country all support the national government. Why should the Star martial family fight the people of the country? So no matter what considerations you stand on, the Star martial family will never kill Chen Youting, or even must protect Chen Youting.

“Wang Lan, what happened?” Zeng Xiaomo hesitated for a long time before asking the exit. The younger sister looked at Wang Lan directly.

“Lanlan, is there a major event? You just called Xinyu and they came over? Isn’t Xinyu protecting Jiajia? Is Jiajia having an accident? Ah?”

Wang Lan instantly looked back, “Auntie, is your brain too powerful? Jiajia is very good. Seriously, Jiajia’s protection strength is stronger than you. Rest assured. My name is Xinyu. I took over my shift.

I don’t doubt Zeng’s ability, but if the secret mastermind is a Star martial family, I’m really worried. Xinyu’s strength is very strong, even if it’s the Star Sea realm.

Jiajia has Xie Sisi over there, her strength is not under Xinyu. “

After some explanation, the worry on Wang Qi’s face dissipated. Although Wang Lan did not say what happened, it was enough. Wang Lan vaguely said that Zeng Xiaomo naturally did not question him.

Jiang Xinyu came soon, and Wang Lan personally picked them up at the door of the hospital.

“I’m going out to investigate the case, I’ll trust you for your safety. Xiangwen, your Heavenly Eye p>

Xinyu, must be careful. If someone comes, don’t worry, just call me and tell me. I left the coordinates here and I was able to get support in no time. “

“Well, okay, don’t worry.” Jiang Xinyu’s clever nodded said that this scene was seen in Wang Qi’s eyes, and suddenly Wang Qi’s eyes brightened.

Wang Lan left the hospital and took off directly to Heavenly Sword Bureau, hurried to the interrogation room of Heavenly Sword Bureau.

“I swear…I’m really not careful…I didn’t drink or drive tired, it’s a problem with the car…it’s really an accident.” The middle-aged man in front of him shuddered and explained.

“I have a brake failure, I honked the horn long ago, and I was at the green light at the time, I didn’t run the red light. It was the car that ran the red light. I am innocent from traffic regulations…”

“Now it is not a matter of traffic regulations, but a matter of murder.”

“I…” The middle-aged man should want to be rude. After looking at the black military uniform and the epaulettes carried on the shoulder of the other party, the swearing still did not explode.

“Uncle Wang.” Wang Lan pushed open the door and came in. “Are you killing people and killing your mouth?”

“I’m not sure now. I’ll show you the surveillance video.” Wang Qianfeng said and turned on the TV in front of him. In the TV screen, a runaway truck was madly honking its horn.

And a yellow light flashed across from him. Suddenly, the yellow light turned into a green light, and the truck burst out of the intersection when it turned green. At the same time, a black car rushed out of the intersection and hit the truck head-on when the yellow light turned red.

The trucks and cars are fast, and the cars are instantly crushed and the trucks roll over. The scene of the tragic car accident.

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