I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 444


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“Chen Youting Court Academecian was in the car and died on the spot.” After the video ended, Wang Qianfeng said directly.

“Police officer? No, officer, you also saw that when I was charging ahead, it was a green light. It was a car driving a red light.”

“Are you still on the road with a broken brake?” Wang Qianfeng shouted in a deep voice.

“The brakes were not broken when I was on the road, and the brakes were still good.” The driver said bitterly. “Just at the previous traffic light intersection, my brakes are good.”

Wang Qianfeng called up the monitoring. Sure enough, the driver’s brakes were fine five minutes before the accident, but the brakes suddenly failed when the next intersection came, and the driver madly honked the horn.

“This shows that someone has moved on the car, has the car been checked?”

“The brake sensor is broken. The physical brake function is also damaged. But if it is damaged during the section of the road, it is too strange. There is a camera monitoring throughout the process but nothing is captured.”

“And even more strangely, the brakes of the big truck were broken. Why didn’t Chen Court Academecian’s car slow down? To run a yellow light?”

“I guess the brake system of the car has also been destroyed. Only in this way can this perfect accident be created.” Wang Lan said solemnly.

Until the screen appeared in front of Wang Lan, Wang Lan really believed that Chen Court Academecian was really surprised. But suddenly, Wang Lan realized another problem.

“Are you sure that it is Chen Court Academecian in the car? Will it be a fake death?”

“I had this suspicion before, but the body at the scene was indeed Chen Court Academecian. We are not at ease, tested with DNA, and also agree with Chen Youting.”

“What is the reason why Chen Court Academecian left? Where is he going?” Wang Lan asked again, changing his mind.

“Chen Court Academecian just received a call from his daughter, and the specific telephone content is being traced by the communications office.”

“Secretory Wang, the Communications Department has replied.”

Wang Qianfeng stood up suddenly, “Wang Lan, go!”

“Secretory Wang, Officer Wang, has just cracked the phone of Chen Youting and her daughter. Chen Youting’s daughter told Chen Youting that he will enter the operating room at three o’clock this afternoon. This time may die on the operating table. If she is gone, Remember to collect the corpse.”


“This is it?”

“Yes, that’s all. Chen Youting’s daughter didn’t give Chen Youting the opportunity to speak, and he hung up after talking.”

“What about the phone line?”

“Lai City Second People’s Hospital, inpatient department.”

“Let Lai’s brothers follow.”

On the other side, in the villa, a team of men and women are fighting hard. While the man is doing anaerobic exercise, suddenly the cell phone rings.

The man shuddered and picked up his phone in anger. But when he saw the phone display, his face changed suddenly, “For, Third Uncle? What? Chen Youting is dead?”

The man hurriedly stood up, put on his pajamas and left the bedroom.

“Third Uncle, I didn’t do it, how could I possibly? Will it be the revenge of the Flame Emperor family? How impossible? They are now doubting us, let Ruoyun intervene, Duan Suzuki bastard …We jumped into the Yellow River and could not wash it.

If they think it’s us, and they are afraid of Bai Mi Yi Shu, so they get paid. Now that Chen Youting is dead, do we dare to fight Wang Qi? It must be…Third Uncle? You say! I know, I understood…”

On the other side, Wang Lan was patiently waiting for the survey results of Heavenly Sword Bureau in Lai City at Heavenly Sword Bureau, while erecting a laptop, and madly filtering information on the Internet through Xiaoai.

“Wang Lan, what are you looking for?”

“I remember that Chen Youting was a researcher at an academy when he was at Imperial Capital. Later, after the academy closed, he came to Suzhou City to join my aunt’s company.”

“Yes, we have checked this process. The logic is completely reasonable. Of course, it has been determined that Chen Youting is close to Wang Qi with a purpose. What else do you check? Chen Youting is also involved with who?

Unable to find, you think I didn’t check it. Chen Youting’s resume is very clear, more clean and straightforward than any one. You can’t pick the slightest fault in the handwriting of the relevant departments. “

“Aren’t we also related departments?” Wang Lan laughed casually, “But I didn’t check Chen Youting and who are related, I checked the previous institute.

How could such a coincidence that Chen Youting’s research institute closed before approaching Auntie? Will this be part of the plan? “

“Even if there is a problem with the research institute, you absolutely cannot find any evidence. Without evidence, we can’t say anything. And after Chen Youting left, the research institute was acquired by the emerging technology company. The Kyoto side checked it, no problem. “

“What about the researcher?” Wang Lan asked suddenly.

“This…yeah, when the research institute was acquired, the scientist in it was not Chen Youting.”

“I just checked that five scientists besides Chen Youting left the institute. One continues to teach at Kyoto University, and he also has an independent laboratory at Kyoto University.

But the remaining four are whereabouts unknown, with no discrepancies and missing records. “

“Hidden by the relevant department?”

“I now suspect that the treasure house held by Chen Youting is not one of Chen Youting, but is jointly owned by five people. Chen Youting’s access to Auntie is for the production technology of genetic medicine, and the X cells and telomerase were developed by the team.”

Suddenly, a prompt sound flashed on the computer screen.

Xiao Ai used his powerful Internet search capabilities to finally find a scientist who made a phone call to his home a year and a half ago. The location dialed by this phone is actually in Suzhou City.

Phone records are kept for up to one month, and the researcher’s phone is confidential, and will be destroyed immediately after the call. This is still the strength of Xiao Ai, and the shards are re-stitched from the data fragments that are shattered into fragments with a calculation speed of tens of millions of times per minute.

“Uncle Wang, you see, Zhang Jingjing, an emeritus professor at Kyoto University, academician of the Academy, and Chen Youting both worked in that institute before. After the institute was acquired, they both left the institute and Zhang Jingjing’s whereabouts became a mystery. . But she appeared in Suzhou City a year and a half ago.”

“What about location?”

“Wutong District. If this is the case, then it is possible for Chen Youting to be killed. The other four people designed Chen Youting. But it’s not right, unless Chen Youting is learning the technology of gene pharmacy while applying the skills The four of them shared.

Chen Youting should not be so stupid! My aunt said that Chen Youting had hardly left the institute in the past two years. He is here to be undercover, surely just and honorable to communicate with the outside world. In the past two years, my aunt has not doubted Chen Youting, and the four of them may not have obtained the technology of making genetic medicine. ”

“Secretory Wang!” At this time, a female secret agent came to Wang Qianfeng’s office, “Lai City replied. Chen Youting and his daughter Chen Junting seem to have a big conflict.

Twenty years ago, Chen Youting delayed his wife’s condition for a scientific research, which eventually led to his wife’s serious illness. Since then, Chen Junting broke off with Chen Youting.

Especially after Chen Junting became an adult, he did not contact Chen Youting. Chen Junting was diagnosed with kidney failure three years ago. In the past three years, his condition has been deteriorating, but these Chen Youting know nothing about it. Chen Junting did have a dialysis operation this afternoon, and the attending physician also believed that the chance of successful operation was small. “

“So Chen Junting called Chen Youting?”

“This is probably the last side, and it makes sense.”

“Is there anything wrong with Chen Junting’s network?”

“No, because of Chen Junting’s illness, her interpersonal relationship is very simple. By the way, two hours ago, Chen Junting’s account had 2,000,000 more, and Chen Youting hit her before leaving.”

“It’s really seamless! Even if you doubt it in your heart, the other party can do things in a reasonable way. You can’t pick out any problems. It is an old special service level and very professional.” Wang Qianfeng sighed.

This is the same as Chen Youting’s approach to Wang Qi, which is reasonable and reasonable, even if these coincidences are too coincidental in their view. But coincidence is coincidence, and it cannot be used as evidence of too coincident cooperation.

“Secretory Wang, I want to check that place.”

“That place…” Wang Qianfeng pointed to the area drawn by Wang Lan, “Is it a bit big.”

“Look for it. Since Zhang Jingjing is here, the other three may also be here. The Wutong District was originally a high-tech park, and four of them must be in a certain research institute. Once you find evidence of Chen Youting’s contact with them, Behind the scenes, black hands can’t hide.”

I heard here, Wang Qianfeng was not calm, “What do you want? Don’t mess up.”

“Uncle Wang, what are you doing so nervous? Am I the kind of messy person?”

“You think I don’t know what you want to do? What does it mean to find evidence of their contact with Chen Youting is equivalent to solving the case? Do you want to engrave the scientist with spirit?

Scientists’ brains are real wealth. Each one of them is a national treasure. If you break it, do you pay? “

“Their brains are wealth, isn’t my aunt’s life?” Wang Lan’s face suddenly became somber, “they add up to even the aunt’s nails. Uncle Wang, let’s not Let me check?”

“You can check, but you must never use your spirit to mark it.”

“I try my best.” Turning around, Wang Lan left Wang Qianfeng’s office.

Indus District, also known as Phoenix District. Wutong District is a new industrial zone defined by Suzhou City in the past ten years. The area of ​​the district is not large, only less than fifty square kilometers. Named Fengqi Sycamore, I hope this Phoenix Nesting Forest can attract gold Phoenix.

Wang Lan drove to the Wutong District with three people. The whole district is isolated by a wall and has infrared sensor devices every ten meters. Only people who work in Wutong District can enter Wutong District.

My new aunt’s new company was also moving into the Wutong District, but the new district gave her a better land. In the end, the younger aunt chose a cheaper and better new land.

Wang Lan took out his ID and was easily released by the guards of the industrial zone. Entering the Wutong District, you will see the signboards of the company research institutes.

“Do you have any record of the staff information in Wutong District, the doorman uncle?”

“Yes, every entry and exit of the Wutong District requires fingerprint and face recognition.”

“Can you find me four people? Zhang Jingjing, female, four 12 years old. Ryder, male, five 12 years old. Zhou Jianfei, male, 50 years old, Ma Chengcheng, male fourteen years old.”

The guards typed their names skillfully, and soon the corresponding identity popped up in the system. “I found them. These four people are all in Number One Company on Fengling Street. It seems to be called Xuanting Life Science Research Institute. But this research institute seems to be very In the background, during the last fire inspection, the fire brigade did not let in the door.”

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