I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 445


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“Stop!” loudly shouted suddenly sounded when Wang Lan was close to Xuan Ting Life Technology, “who you are? Military research is important, no outsiders are allowed to come near.”

Wang Lan paused and looked at the company’s facade, followed by a few small words of military scientific research institutions. If they were compared with the words of Xuan Ting Life Technology, then these few small words were small and pitiful and could not be distinguished at a glance. which type.

The security guard strode forward with a baton, “youngster, who are you? What are you doing here?”

Wang Lan didn’t have any nonsense, just pulled out his document, “I’m the Secret Service of Heavenly Sword Bureau, I hope you will cooperate with the inspection.”

“Oh? It turned out to be Heavenly Sword Bureau.” The other party heard the name of Heavenly Sword Bureau not only showed no tension but also a sense of ridicule. Oh Heavenly Sword Bureau? It’s awesome, well, that’s it.

“Heavenly Sword Bureau can not enter.” The other party’s face suddenly became cold. “This is a scientific institution under the name of the General Staff. Heavenly Sword Bureau wants to get approval from the General Staff or the Ministry of Defense.”

“Under Heavenly Sword Bureau’s jurisdiction, there are places where Heavenly Sword Bureau cannot enter?”

“Yes, the place where the General Staff takes over!” said the security guard. The star force around the body surged instantly, and the star force of the Star River realm fluctuated.

A company security guard turned out to be a star martial artist in the Star River environment. Combined with the tone of the previous speech, it is clear that the other party is the chief of staff.

But in an instant, the security guard only felt that he saw a flash, and the back body seemed to be hit by a train and flew away instantly. Fiercely hit the wall of the security room, the kind that can’t be picked directly on the wall.

“Who allows you to pretend to be in front of me?” Wang Lan coldly looked at the coldly snorted security guard who had been slapped with a palm. If the other party is not the General Staff, Wang Lan hasn’t had such a big fire, they are already unhappy with the General Staff, are you still pretending?

With Wang Lan, his temper is naturally unable to bear.

The Star River environment expert is used as a guard, and the General Staff is very attentive to this scientific institution. Even if Suzhou City has undergone a major upgrade, Star River is still considered a high-end battle strength. The expert of the entire Star Sea environment is currently Lu Zhao alone.

Compared to Modu, it’s not a little bit. However, Suzhou City used to be just an ordinary Earth Grade city. Although the level has been raised now, there is no supplemental expert for the time being. It takes some time for young experts such as Zhang Yeqiu Li Ge to grow up.

Taking the Star River environment for protection is very important. But in front of Wang Lan, not to mention the Star River environment, even the titled powerhouse had to kneel when it arrived.

“wu wu wu ——” A burst of alarm sounded, and in Wang Lan’s induction, six breaths suddenly rose from every corner of the institute. One of them is the Star Sea environment expert.

“Wang Lan!” loudly shouted sounded, and six expert figures gradually appeared like ghosts, appearing outside the ten meters in front of Wang Lan. “This is the Academy under the General Staff, do you dare to come here?”

“Oh? Turned out to be the General Staff?”

Answered with the security guard who was slapped by Wang Lan.

“Don’t say that the General Staff Department is the institute directly under the Ministry of Defense. As long as there is a suspicion of endangering local security, I want to go in and check if I want to.” Wang Lan said, taking a gentle step. Faced with such obvious provocative actions, the other party had to take a nervous step back.

Wang Lan’s strength, do they need to say more? What did you do in Modu not long ago? Even Demon Race expert, who could not beat Imperial Capital, died in Wang Lan’s hands. Not to mention a few of them now, just one hundred more, Wang Lan all come and go freely.

“Wang Lan, a lot of state secrets involved in the research institute, do you want to infringe the interests of the country?”

“Can’t you stop it and go online? I want to see Zhang Jingjing, Ryder, Zhou Jianfei and Ma Chengcheng now.” Wang Lan lightly reported the names of four people.

The Starion complex led by Star Sea changed and suddenly became cold again, “Go!”

At the moment when Wang Lan and the three Heavenly Sword Bureau soldiers have not responded, the five figures suddenly spread out into Pentagram at the moment of commanding the landing, and the silhouette of the Star Sea environment expert led by the flashing flash Attacked Wang Lan with a move next to Wang Lan.

Wang Lan stood quietly in the distance, as if he hadn’t had time to react and the other party would shoot so suddenly? Deep under the eyes, there was still a trace of consternation. The star Sea realm expert’s face showed a successful smile, and indeed the rumors outside Wang Lan were exaggerated.

Although it is only in the Star River realm, its real strength can match 5 Emperors? Huh, the Star River is the Star River. If the Star River is invincible, I believe that the Star River is comparable to 5 Emperors. Do you want to eat farts?

While speculating on Wang Lan’s strength, the Star Sea expert is also somewhat ashamed of his own talents. Why did I believe the rumors? It’s so exaggerated that I’m so believe…

Suddenly, a butterfly blooms in front of the star Sea expert. The ghost butterfly fluttered its wings, and the beautiful scene was intoxicating. A ghost butterfly suddenly appeared beside the five Star River environment experts, and then the silhouette of Wang Lan appeared at the same time.

“boom~ boom~ ——”

In a flash, Wang Lan divided almost five Avatars, and pressed a palm on the shoulders of five people. Then five people standing in Pentagram were pressed fiercely by Wang Lan’s palm and splashed a dust on the ground.

After doing all this, the punch of the Star Sea realm expert swiped over Wang Lan’s illusory shadow, and then swung.

“It’s fast–” Star Sea realm expert was horrified.

This is not just a question of speed anymore. The Star Sea expert itself is an expert with special speed. Wind Thunder Attribute, both attributes are known for speed. So this time sneak attack, he used a lot of effort.

Strike Wang Lan and then use a thunderbolt chain to trap Wang Lan for a moment. Even if Wang Lan is really as strong as the rumor, if the thunderbolt chain is broken, the Five Elements ban of the brothers has been completed.

Even if you don’t want to recognize Wang Lan’s strength anymore, you must be tactically must pay attention to it, and the lion fights the rabbit with all your strength, not to mention the existence of Wang Lan, the legendary god. It’s just that Star Sea Expert didn’t want to understand at all. Even if his tactics already value Wang Lan, the tactics have no effect on the gap in strength.

And all this is done in the fireworks of calcium carbide, the moment the three Soldiers brought by Wang Lan just reacted, all the dust has settled.

The Star Sea expert has a fixed shape, and the arc around his body is still flashing. All five of his men have been sealed by Wang Lan. star force is unable to move even a little bit on the ground. A flying butterfly suddenly appeared on his side. Wang Lan’s palm easily broke through his thunderbolt defense and slowly hit his shoulder.

One second, one Star Sea environment and five Star River environments are all reversed.

“Wang Lan, you…”

“You don’t need to say anything ruthless, naive!” Wang Lan lightly saying, heading to the institute again. At this time, at the entrance of the institute, a group of silhouettes in white coats appeared.

Headed by

, officially the four people Wang Lan is looking for.

“Who are you?” Zhou Jianfei shouted sharply.

“Heavenly Sword Bureau Colonel Wang Lan, there are cases that need Zhou Court Academecian to cooperate with you.”

“This is a confidential institute, and we will not answer any questions.” Ryder coldly said. Although they are only ordinary persons, they have been in a high position for a long time, but they have an imposing manner with no anger.

“Do you all know Chen Youting?”

Ryder hesitated slightly, and was still nodded. “I know. Chen Youting was a colleague with us two years ago, but I later heard that he joined a private research institute. We have not been in contact for two years.”

“But according to my investigation, this is not the case. Lay Court Academecian, I hope you don’t do anything to hide, it’s not good to force me to engrave with my spirit. Chen Youting took X gene cells to find Wang two years ago Qi Court Academecian, don’t you know it?”

“What X gene, I don’t know what you are talking about.” Zhou Jianfei said quickly.

“Then there is no discussion?” Wang Lan lightly saying, and then opened the mouth and said to the three people behind him, “Take the four of them back.”

“Who dares!” The restricted Star Sea realm expert shouted loudly, “Wang Lan, your behavior is treason.”

“hmph!” Wang Lan is too lazy to talk nonsense, he can try not to quarrel as much as possible, and now he will certainly not quarrel after finishing his hands. The three Heavenly Sword Bureau brothers also stepped forward immediately to control Zhou Jianfei.

“Beep—” At this moment, a horn sounded and two cars drove from a distance. Everyone looked back and watched the two cars approaching, stopping at the door of Xuan Ting Research Institute. The side door opened and Lu Zhao and Li Weixin walked off the car.

Lu Zhao looked at the four Court Academecian controlled by Heavenly Sword Bureau, “Let them go.”

“Land Bureau?” Wang Lan frowned asked softly.

“Wang Lan, please come here.”

Wang Lan walked over and came to a remote place with Landing Zhao, “Land Bureau, what’s wrong?”

“I just received the order from above, this case was investigated by the special agent sent from above, and Heavenly Sword Bureau cannot have any action on the case before the special agent comes.”

While hearing this, Wang Lan’s eyebrows suddenly raised, “Isn’t this a clear cover?”

“But we are a subordinate department, and the orders issued by the Ministry of Defense must be executed. It is not a bad thing to develop to this point, at least it can prove that there is a big tiger.

The nature of this matter has changed. You call Elder Di and General Zuo Ming. It is best to add Director Cheng Jianlong of the magic capital. Since the big tiger is gone, we should fight back. “

Wang Lan nodded, “Okay.”

Before it was time to make a call, the ringtone of the mobile phone suddenly rang, and it was Yu Ruoyan’s call at first sight.


“Wang Lan, haven’t you called Great Grandfather yet?” Yu Ruoyan’s voice was very urgent, and he rushed to ask.

“It’s just a second before it’s ready. Ruoyun, what’s wrong?”

“This matter may be a misunderstanding, there may be another black hand behind it. Tomorrow I will go to Suzhou City, please believe me, everything waits for me to come, and I must not let the situation spread before I come. Believe me!”

“This…” Wang Lan hesitated.

In my heart, Wang Lan certainly believes in Yu Ruoyan. The two have fought side by side and experienced that many, Yu Ruoyan can be said to be the first person to have life and death battle friendship with Wang Lan, and can be trusted to trust his back.

But Yu Ruoyan is from the Yu Family and now joins the General Staff, Wang Lan has to make the worst guess.

“Wang Lan, you must believe me, and I will never do anything that apologizes or hurts you. I will definitely give you an account of Ms. Wang Qi’s experience. But please wait for me to come over.”

“Okay, I believe you, Ruoyun, I hope you don’t live up to the trust between us. If you encounter the same thing, I will spare no effort to help you and trust you.”

“Thank you!”

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