I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 446


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Hang up the phone, Wang Lan said to Lu Zhao, “Land Bureau, although we can take no action, this institute must be controlled.”

“Which is natural, we will freeze all related personnel before the commissioner takes over.”

“What do I need to do?”

“The special agent will arrive early tomorrow morning, you go back to rest first. Two days, it has been very good to reach this point.”

“Okay, I will go back first.”

Wang Lan has no extra words, Lu Zhao has Lu Zhao’s difficulties, Wang Lan cannot make Lu Zhao difficult because of his persistence. Wang Lan flew directly into the sky and then returned to the hospital.

In the National Defense Hospital, Jiang Xinyu’s cheeks were flushed and his head was ostrich-shaped. The Zeng Xiaomo beside him looked at the gradually lit mouth showing a smile outside the window.

“Xinyu, what’s so shy about this? Neither you nor Lanlan are young children. What’s wrong with having a relationship at this age? I also fell in love when I was your age.”

“Aunt Wang, can you not ask such privacy questions…”

“Where is privacy? I asked you if you live in a school dormitory or live outside? Is it private?”

“Aunt Wang, Xinyu, it’s all recruited. Can she blush so much if she lives in the student dormitory? When we used to go to Modu together, Xinyu took us to Phoenix Plaza a few times. We opened Wang Lan’s door. Don’t be more skilled, just like your own home.”

Jiang Xinyu suddenly let Xu Xiangwen shut his eyes.

“Then do you consider when to get married? After graduation or…”

“Aunt Wang, is it too fast?” Xu Xiangwen asked in surprise. Star martial artists are married very late, the legal age for marriage is 22 years old, and star martial artists are rarely married before 30 years old.

“Will you die if you don’t speak?”

“It’s not too early, the average person talks about dating in three or four years and then gets married as it should be by rights, but Xinyu and Wang Lan are not the same. They grew up together since childhood, and they know their roots. Well, there is no need for this trouble.

Furthermore, both you and Lanlan have grown up now. With your current strength, unless the Demon Race army strikes, the general situation will not be dangerous. And if the Demon Race army strikes, who can guarantee to retreat?

Get married early and have children, and still have time to train children into talents before the war, so you don’t have any worries. If it weren’t for Jiajia, it’s too small, I want her to get married and have children soon…”

“Jiajia wants to hear this and make sure to make a week with you.” Wang Lan’s voice suddenly sounded, a ghost butterfly suddenly appeared, and Wang Lan also appeared in the sky.

“Wang Lan, are you back? How are you doing?”

“The pressure has been applied and the case is temporarily frozen. Ruoyun should come to assist us in the investigation tomorrow. Heavenly Sword Bureau is temporarily unable to intervene in the investigation.”

“Upper?” Wang Qi’s eyes flashed, and he immediately thought of some possibilities. “Is it a factional battle? It seems that I was treated as a victim.”

“Auntie, don’t think about it, what kind of victim are you, you are a priceless treasure, okay. No one can treat you as a victim, and no one has this qualification.”

“hmph! It seems that my research found that some people are uneasy. The human race Cheng Ping is less than a hundred years old, the Demon Race invasion is just around the corner, and some people are still dreaming. The human race forgot to die? When the time comes Don’t be a traitor, thank God.”

“Wang Lan, what should I do next? Just wait like this? Although it shows that Tian Ruoyun will come, but I feel that the pressure on the top will not let Heavenly Sword Bureau investigate for the sake of the mud. Will it hold the major? Event has become a little thing?” Jiang Xinyu asked quickly.

“Isn’t this obvious?” Wang Qi sneered, “I’m going to die, this thing is definitely not over, but I am still alive. If the elder sister is still there, if the elder sister is here, those people will not tonight. Think better.”

“If Flame Emperor is here, wouldn’t they dare to shoot Ms. Wang?” Zeng Xiaomo, although he didn’t know the whereabouts of Flame Emperor, obviously shouldn’t be able to get away. It can be seen from Wang Qi’s assassination until Yan Imperial Capital does not appear now.

Even Zeng Xiaomo discovered this problem, how could no one else find it. In fact, from the last time Wang Lan and Duanmu Clan met, we can see that many people have doubts in their hearts. Wang Lan was bullied by Duanmu Clan to his face, Flame Emperor didn’t appear? Is this the legendary Flame Emperor style?

Later, Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyun were sent to Nine-Storey Pagoda 7th floor, and Flame Emperor did not appear. This has made many people guess. Flame Emperor’s silence in recent years is probably not as simple as officially announced. And this time dare to start with Wang Qi, there are more tentative elements in it.

Although the consequences caused by Flame Emperor are not something they can bear, but if it is found that Flame Emperor is really absent or unable to show up, even the consequences are acceptable.

“Although Heavenly Sword Bureau can’t take any action, it doesn’t say we are not allowed to investigate in private.” Wang Lan laughed said.

Speaking, picking up the notebook placed in the ward during the day, “Yes, aunt, how are you recovering from your injury today?”

“The chest has begun to scar, and as long as you do not exercise vigorously, you will hardly feel pain.”

“That’s good, did the doctor say when he can be discharged?”

“The doctor said that according to the current recovery, you can be discharged in about three days.”

“Don’t you feel awake?”

“You will feel before you wake up?” Wang Qi looked at Wang Lan with a puzzled expression. As everyone knows, star martial artist awakening, whether it is autonomous awakening or soul resonance awakening, has not felt ahead of time. Basically, all of them suddenly awakened.

Wang Lan deflated his mouth, he really wanted to say yes, I spent 7-8 years for this awakening, it’s so difficult…

“Did you find out what happened?” Zeng Xiaomo came to Wang Lan and asked, “If nothing is found, how could there be sudden pressure on it? Since the special agent will arrive tomorrow, it won’t be so impatient. Stop you all night?”

“Almost clear the context.” Wang Lan laughed, “This matter will start from two years ago, I guess that two years ago, the Kyoto Institute of Biology made breakthrough progress and extracted X gene cells. .After the unremitting efforts of five scientists, telomerase has been developed to synthesize telomeres.

Two years ago, it happened to be when my aunt’s life medicine shocked the world. Using gene coding technology to change genes has never cultivated completely new cells. Isn’t this the Yearn for something even in dreams technology of the Life Research Institute?

And behind the Life Research Institute, I guess it should be the star martial family forces headed by Yu Family. After combining these two technical discoveries, they developed a big plan.

So, the Kyoto Institute of Biology was nominally disbanded, but in fact they all came to Suzhou City and reopened a Xuan Ting Institute of Life Research in Wutong District. Chen Youting brought the X gene cells to her aunt.

In the past two years, while continuing to study, they sent Chen Youting to study the production technology of genetic medicine. They started when the little aunt finished the last step not long ago.

Who can master the awakening potion will become the master of all mankind. A potion that awakens the ordinary person naturally drives the ordinary person crazy. if there is an opportunity, who doesn’t want to become superman? Moreover, such a vast world of heterosexual space, how big is this territory? Because of the limitation of the number of star martial artists, it can only be abandoned. “

“So the black hands behind the scenes removed Ms. Wang Qi who did not belong to their camp, so that they could control the awakening potion, and then with the awakening potion they would have wind and rain, and even want to restore the dynasty. It’s easy.” Zeng Xiaomo Said somberly.

“Yes, we have all found this step, how can they not be in a hurry? From a rational point of view, it is right to freeze the above and continue to investigate.” Wang Lan lightly saying, “If I am the leader I will do the same, because once the matter is broken, the hole is too big, no one can hold it.

when the time comes Star martial family, even if you don’t jump the wall, you have to jump the wall, and the country is not ready to fight the Star martial family. Therefore, it is the best way to deal with this matter and make the major event into a little thing.

But…I am not a leader, my butt determines my head, and the direction I consider is naturally related to my own interests. Whoever moves my aunt, I want to look good. If someone wants to kill my aunt, I will let them all go to hell. ”

“So…” Zeng Xiaomo asked.

“Look at what they can give, and the explanation will make me dissatisfied, I don’t mind poke the sky.”

“di di di.” On the laptop, the progress is 100% complete.

“You…” Zeng Xiaomo was suddenly taken aback. When talking to Wang Lan, he didn’t care what Wang Lan did in the background. By the time it was discovered, Wang Lan was finished.

“Should the Lu Bureau give you a secret mission? Surveillance me in secret, don’t let me mess up?” Wang Lan asked Zeng Xiaomo smilingly.

“You are really cunning than the wolf.” Zeng Xiaomo frustrated sighed, “Forget it, since you have seen everything through, I don’t have to invite humiliation to oneself anymore, you just tell me what you are doing. “

“Invade the internal network of Xuan Ting Life Technology. I just came back from there and threw a bionic spider.” Wang Lan clicked on the confidential folder, “Then I want to see what they are doing research, There is nothing but X gene cells.”

“Give me, show me, watch together.”

Wang Qi’s burning research fire burst into flames again.

For the report of the research results, Wang Lan can only persist for 3 minutes, even if he has the name of a school bully, and his brain is not enough. The cutting-edge technology jointly developed by several World Peak scientists has enriched a large number of professional terms and theoretical basis that does not exist in books.

Wang Lan must be able to understand it before he really met the ghost. But Wang Qi on the hospital bed looked with keen interest pleasure.

“Sure enough…” Wang Qi sighed after reading through typing, “I said that since they can find X cells and think of the idea of ​​using telomerase to synthesize telomeres, how could it not be done with ordinary cells? What about synthesis?”

“Common cell synthesis attempts? What’s the use?” Zeng Xiaomo curiously asked.

“Do you know that human cells will die?”

“This… Of course I know that when people are injured to heal themselves, it means that the cells are missing and then dividing, filling, and finally repairing the damage…”

“The number of human cell divisions is fixed, and the number of cell divisions depends on the telomere of the cell. Each division will shorten the telomere, and until the telomere is disappeared, the cell can no longer divide. This cell is dead Just die, no new cells will appear.

The most obvious feature of a cell that stops dividing is…aging. “

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