I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 447


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When the aunt’s words fell to the ground, the four people in the ward were all stunned. Especially Xu Xiangwen, the face is incredible.

“What do you mean?” Zeng Xiaomo seemed to have realized some, but asked subconsciously.

“The regeneration ability of cells directly affects people’s lifespan. Although there are many factors that affect people’s lifespan, accidents, diseases, and aging. But accidents are controllable, and most diseases are also controllable. And now The majority of people who die of disease are middle-aged and elderly.

When people are in their prime years, because of the vitality of the cells, their autoimmunity can prevent most diseases. So the root cause lies in the life of the cell. If telomerase, which synthesizes telomeres, can be programmed into the human body’s genes, the cells of the human body will have unlimited ability to synthesize telomeres.

The telomeres are no longer shorter, the cells can divide indefinitely, and people will never age. They want to study immortality. “

“immortality? How is this possible?” Zeng Xiaomo suddenly cry out in surprise, “Human lifespan is a product of natural law, and there is death when born. Since ancient times no one can break this law. Unless…”

“Into Divine Immortal.” Wang Lan’s mouth twitched a sarcastic smile.

“Generally speaking, immortality is difficult to accept. But from a scientific point of view, this is entirely possible. Don’t know if you know Hella cells?

Hella cells are cancer cells that can multiply indefinitely. Not all cancer cells have the ability to reproduce indefinitely, but Hella is indeed an immortal cell.

So, as long as the mechanism of telomerase synthesis of telomeres is solved and then edited into human genes to make this synthetic telomerase a mechanism for humans, people can get rid of aging and get rid of death. “

My little aunt’s words completely collapsed Zeng Xiaomo’s three views.

“In fact, there are many creatures in nature that can live forever.” The aunt continued, “Theoretically live forever.”

“Lighthouse jellyfish?”

“He doesn’t count, the lighthouse jellyfish just returned to the state of the embryo and then re-growed, which is considered asexual reproduction. I give a more common thing, lobster. In theory, lobster is a kind of non-aging Creature.

Both lobsters in five or ten years, their cell telomeres are not shortened, and their telomeres are regenerative. “

“But, why haven’t we seen lobsters for thousands of years? There are even few lobsters that can live for ten or twenty years?”

“So I said that this is a theory of long-lived creatures. In nature, life inheritance is the law of nature, and death is an evolved ability, but the form of death is not only aging.


Even, the aging creatures are just one of many branches of evolution, but unfortunately, those creatures that have not evolved aging are finally extinct. Only the inheritance of aging has continued to evolve and continue to evolve as we can see. All kinds of creatures that will age.

Lobsters will not age in theory, but they will die, and their way of death is shelling. Each shelling is a Transcending Tribulation. I will give you some data. The mortality rate of the first shelling is 10%. 30% of the remaining 90% will die in the second shelling.

The more shelling times you experience, the harder the next shelling will be. So, if you encounter a lobster that has lived for ten years, please cherish it. In order to meet you alive, he died a few billions of his kind. “Rare, my aunt told me a joke in a good mood.

“That’s natural. I will use the best seasonings and the finest cooking methods.” Xu Xiangwen also skinned.

“Wang Lan, frankly, seeing that they have achieved such brilliant results, I still have only admiration in my heart. Even if they may be behind the assassination of me, I even resented not not raising.

Compared to their results, I’m far away. “My aunt said with some emotion.

“Aunt Wang is not it. Your life potion is also a milestone that shocked the world and changed history. You are here to admire them silently, and maybe they also silently call you Deity in the background.” Jiang Xinyu said with a slight smile .

“di di di ——” Soon the background of the laptop, Xiao Ai’s small icon began to flicker again and again. Wang Lan opened it quickly, and instantly made a list.

“What is this? A lot of zeros.”

“This is the list of funds flowing into Xuan Ting Life Technology. The money to burn to support such research is not much less than that of a brand new fighter in the military factory. Sure enough, all the chains of evidence are right, from two years ago At the beginning, Xuanting Life Technology had injected a total of 10,000,000,000 in funds, all of which were electronically remitted by thunderbolt.

Yu Ruohuai’s motive for pursuing her aunt is not simple. Aunt, seeing the man’s face clearly, saying that she likes you in front, but secretly sending someone to assassinate you. Xiao Ai, through the camera along the road, gave me the trace of Yu Ruohuai. “

“Wang Lan, didn’t you not allow you to continue the investigation?”

“The only thing that is not allowed is the Heavenly Sword Bureau, but I am not allowed to investigate in my private capacity. My aunt was stabbed. What happened to the murderer behind my investigation? Reasonable in every circumstance?”

On the other side, in the city pool of a luxurious villa, Yu Ruohuai was roaring angrily at the phone.

“Waste, what is special waste, I really don’t know what we Yu Family do to keep you? Don’t even know who instructed anyone? Also, let the whole family of Duan Suzuki go to accompany him.”

“Huai Shao? Isn’t this okay? It’s not as bad as family…”

“Dog farts are not as good as family members, and dare to move my woman, then be prepared for the family funeral. Also, whoever recruited Duan Suzuki in the beginning, abandoned the guy and asked him to have a lifetime meal. Fuck!”

Hang on the phone, Yu Ruo hit the water with a fist of anger and anger, beckoned to the woman who was not far away lying in the water chair and beckoned, “Baby, come here, Laozi is very hot now Ah.”

“Don’t you say that Wang Qi is your woman? What should I do? Huo Da finds Wang Qi to fight for you.”

“Fuck You, is that the future princess of Laozi? Can it be used this way? You fucking fire for Laozi! Not quickly roll over.” Yu Ruo growled like an angry lion.


At this time, Yu Ruohuai’s mobile phone rang again, and his face suddenly changed when he looked at the number.

“Hey, Grandpa… I really don’t have that, I swear. Although I love to play and love, but I’m not stupid, okay. Let me not say that I am really serious about Wang Qi now, even if I don’t, I know how to move What are the consequences of Wang Qi. Flame Emperor That is a madman, am I desperate, or what?

Someone must have hurt me. Duan Suzuki’s bastard must be a traitor lurking beside me. Uncle, you know me, what the family does not allow to do, I am a nail slit will not move.

What? What? Is it that fast? Isn’t it suppressed? Okay, well, I understood…”

Soon, Yu Ruohuai put down her phone and kicked the beautiful woman in front of her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t worry, if you don’t leave Wang Lan, you will have to find the star.” Yu Ruohuai hurried out of the pool and picked up the towel to wipe off the water stains. But he didn’t find out that the expression on the face of the beautiful woman who was scolded by him gradually became fascinating, and then gradually became grim.

“Locked!” Wang Lan saw excitedly after seeing Xiao Ai from several millions of photos, and finally tens of thousands of cameras finally locked Yu Ruohuai’s whereabouts.

“At Fragrant Hall Bay? Wang Lan was surprised.”

“I don’t know that Yu Ruohuai actually lived with me in a villa area, and I haven’t seen him before.” Wang Qi also said in a puzzled expression.

“Xinyu, we will meet this Zhenjiang King’s Heir!”

“Wang Lan.” While Wang Lan Jiang Xinyu and Xu Xiangwen were about to leave, Zeng Xiaomo suddenly called out, “Although I will not stop you, but I will report to the Land Bureau, this is my duty, Please forgive me.”

“I understand.”

The entire group left the hospital and rushed to the sky, then hurried to Fragrant Hall Bay. Just entering Fragrant Hall Bay, Xie Sisi was already waiting at the entrance of Fragrant Hall Bay.

“Xiangwen, please.” Among the four present, no one can match Xu Xiangwen in terms of investigative ability. After arriving in the Star River, Xu Xiangwen’s Heavenly Eye became even more perverted.

The visible distance is more than two kilometers, two kilometers can be seen through, can be zoomed in and locked, can be automatically scanned out, you can clearly see the shape of the star force, you can see the heat spectrum.

Under these eyes, no one can escape. Even if you are the best camouflage master, Xu Xiangwen’s eyes don’t look at your camouflage at all. As long as you are a star martial artist, he can directly see the star force of you within the body.

Even if you are an ordinary person, Xu Xiangwen can directly see the spectrum of the heat you emit. Even if you wear a thermal insulation layer, as long as your body still emits heat, you can’t hide it.

“No problem, Heavenly Eye, open!”

A vertical pupil on his forehead opens and emits colorful rays of light in an instant. Under Heavenly Eye’s vision, the villas in front of him instantly appear to be disappeared as if the trees on both sides of the car were reversing at high speed.

Then locked in a villa, the villa is dark, it seems that no one lives, but in the bedroom of the villa, there is a flame burning slowly.

“There are no more people in the villa, but there is indeed a fire burning in the bedroom. There may be evidence of destruction? If the person is not there, it should have just left.”

“Fragrant Hall Bay is full of surveillance. I have let Xiao Ai monitor. There is no reason why Xiao Ai didn’t give me a hint. Isn’t it… our response is a step slow, I just locked him and he ran ahead of time?”

“Then shall we go?”


Wang Lan said, flashing towards the target. I used to think that Yu Ruohuai was still in the villa. Yu Ruohuai was the family member of Yu Family. Wang Lan could not treat him too much, so the original plan was to sneak into the target villa and gather evidence quietly. Wait until the evidence is found before making trouble. Now that Yu Ruohuai ran Wang Lan ahead of schedule, there are no that many worries.

Wang Lan’s complexion changed suddenly when he saw the dead body in the villa when he saw the dead body in the villa.

“I’m afraid it’s not that I ran away, but someone started before us.”

“Not good!”

The words fell to the ground, and Wang Lan’s body instantly turned into a butterfly and dissipated. When he appeared again, he was already in the bedroom. In the bedroom, a human-shaped ashes still flashed like a fire star.

“Fuck, this should be Yu Ruohuai’s arms. I was going to leave now, and the luggage was packed, but it was a step late.” Xu Xiangwen looked at the one big and one small luggage beside the bed. Several packages at the door sighed.

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