I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 448


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“Yu Ruohuai was killed, was the black hand behind the scenes trying to kill or for something else?” Jiang Xinyu asked hesitantly.

“I seem to have ignored a problem all the time.” Wang Lan looked at the extinguished ashes and said suddenly and heavily, “I have always divided the enemy and the enemy into two parts. One is the people on our side, and the other is trying to cover up the truth. We can’t track people. But will there be third parties?”

“Third party?” Xie Sisi asked hesitantly.

“Yes, someone who has already understood everything but is constantly engaged in trouble between me and the enemy, trying to expand the contradiction of this matter to the point where none of us can stop.”

“Is there?” Jiang Xinyu wondered, “Why don’t I feel this way?”

“I didn’t feel this way originally, but Chen Youting’s death made me notice something logically unreasonable. The four people of Xuan Ting Life Technology and Chen Youting must be together.

They study the regeneration of cell telomeres to achieve immortality. But even if they researched telomerase, how to make telomerase synthesize telomeres perfectly, this can’t get around the aunt’s gene editing technology.

So Chen Youting was sent to get this technology. I learned from my sister-in-law’s mouth that Chen Youting did learn this technique, but not necessarily mastered it. It took twelve years for my aunt to master this technology, and Chen Youting may not be so genius.

However, Chen Youting was also killed on the day his aunt was assassinated. For me, the person behind Chen Youting is absolutely impossible to start so quickly. At least we have to wait for Chen Youting’s technology to let more people master it.

This contradiction, I can barely use what we already suspected of Chen Youting, and behind the scenes, it was spelled by circumstances before Chen Youting was killed in advance.

But now, Yu Ruohuai was also killed when we were about to find it? Yu Ruohuai is not a nobody. He is the prince of Zhenjiang Wangfu, and his status in Yu Family is second only to Yu Ruoyan. From his secretly responsible for the research of Xuan Ting Life Technology, it can be judged how important his status in Yu Family is.

Is it necessary for such an important person to die in order to prevent us from continuing to track down? Even if the words are divided into two ends, when the time is up to see Tu Qiong, the aunt is not dead, Yu Family still has room to turn around. Even if he had to be alone with his aunt, Yu Ruohuai’s life was more than enough.

I even thought of it. When we find out that the person who assassinated the aunt is Yu Family, Yu Family can also take Yu Ruohuai’s life to terminate this matter. His life could be Wang Wang’s bombing, but now it’s far from time to throw Wang Wang’s bombing.

Judging from the intersection of the two points, there may be a third person in the dark who is messing up the water. “

“Wait, is Yu Ruohuai an ordinary person? How could he become an important figure of Yu Family?”

“Yu Ruoyan, even if she didn’t awaken the star martial artist innate talent, she is still a Princess. This is the identity of the identity. Moreover, only ordinary people will distinguish the ordinary person from the star martial artist. The long-standing star martial artist In the family, as long as it is Bloodline, star martial artist and non-star martial artist not at all are obvious preferences.” Jiang Xinyu explained.

“Wang Lan, the situation may not be so good.” Xu Xiangwen said suddenly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Apart from 800 meters, a dozen people are approaching here quickly, and the speed is very fast. If we don’t go, we will meet the world.”


Wang Lan took three people with a disappeared whizz. Under Xu Xiangwen’s Heavenly Eye, Wang Lan’s four dexterously avoided each other’s perception, almost rubbing their shoulders staggered.

After one minute when Wang Lan disappeared, several silhouettes appeared in Yu Ruohuai’s villa. Looking at the dead body, the face of the black clothed person became abnormally cold and ugly.

“No wonder you can’t wait for Shizi to board the plane, and something happened.” The words fell to the ground, and the silhouette flashed to the bedroom on the second floor.

The ash in the bedroom is already emitting a pungent smell of smoke, looking at a group of human-shaped ash and the suitcases prepared in the room.

“Yu, feel it.”

A woman who is called Yu suddenly has a wave of naked eyes that she can’t see but can feel. After about one minute, the ripple stopped.

“Having experienced a battle half an hour ago, the murderer was very strong, and no one in Shizi’s body could block the opponent. Even the most recent star force fluctuation was…one minute ago, the opponent just fled.”

“I remember Wang Qi Court Academecian’s home in this neighborhood, right?”

“The information is like this, the problem is that this time our Yu Family is very passive. No one didn’t expect someone to assassinate Wang Qi Court Academecian. Wang Wang’s nephew Wang Lan is also something that runs like a wolf, Being stared at by him, he will have to lose his skin without dying.”

“Boss, will it be Wang Lan?”

“It is possible that today he was called to stop the investigation, but is he so honest? Maybe he is secretly investigating in the background. Let’s go, let’s go to Ms. Wang Qi’s house to see.”

As he said, black clothed person was first disappeared, and then dozens of team members disappeared instantly.

Wang Lan and the others at home haven’t had time to say the last sentence. Suddenly the monitoring alarm system arranged by Xiao Ai suddenly comes to mind. It seems that the other party did not cover at all, so just and honorable killing came.

“ding dong ——ding dong ——”

Wang Lan looked at each other, and Wang Lan stood up and walked to the door. Since the other party is ringing the doorbell, he is not prepared for a sneak attack. So Wang Lan opened the door generously.

A dozen black clothed persons in front of them, all wearing sunglasses and ties. The imposing manner of the whole body gave Wang Lan the feeling that… his family may have aliens.

“Who are you?”

“University Wang Lan, we are the General Staff!” As he said, the other party pulled out his ID, the General Staff of the Ministry of National Security.

“University Wang Lan, we have a secret case that requires your assistance in investigation, please.”

“Huh? I usually say this to others.”

“Listen to me today, please.”

“What if I refuse?”

“Then I advise you not to do stupid things, you should have done the corresponding training when joining the Heavenly Sword Bureau. If the General Staff and the International Security Committee require you to assist in the investigation, you should do the same.”

“But I doubt the nature of the General Staff, does he still belong to Jade Country?”

“If you insist on doing this…” the black clothed person led by the complex suddenly changed, and the imposing manner around him suddenly became cold. Star force surged all over the body, and the ten people behind were all star martial grade.

Three Star Sea realm Peak, five Star Sea realm Middle-Stage six Star Sea realm Early-Stage. This lineup, not to mention grabbing a major of the Heavenly Sword Bureau, is more than enough to tie a general.

Wang Lan has not responded, and suddenly several silhouettes around him flash away. Jiang Xinyu’s three people stood side by side immediately, their star force surging all around, and their imposing manner never fell.

“Three Star River realms? Where is the courage?” A black clothed person sneered with disdain.

“Boom–” Suddenly there was a muffled sound. Wang Lan’s movements did not show any sign, but his body was slightly trembled, and then the general staff of a dozen Star Sea environments flew away in an instant.

Only three Star Sea Peak Peaks caught up with Wang Lan’s shot, and his body flicked, not at all flying out like everyone else.

“A few Star Sea realms, where is the courage?” Wang Lan returned the ridicule of the other party intact.

“Wang Lan-do you know what you are doing?” The three stood in a triangle formation, staring at Wang Lan with sharp eyes.

“Of course I know what I am doing. Is your General Counsel accustomed to it, even the most basic operational training is forgotten? Even if the level of security is high, the General Counsel has no right to arrest a formal official without the instructions of the Ministry of Defense. Officer of the rank.

even more how, I am still a big school! Not only do you have no right to arrest me, but now you still have the behavior of hacking into private houses, I can fight back in self-defense. Do you ask me what I am doing? I want to ask you now what do you know? “

“When it comes to actions involving state secrets, the General Staff have the right to act cheaply.” The other party was not scared by Wang Lan’s words.

“That depends on your level, you are a colonel, and you are qualified to act cheaply for my university? There are no stars on your shoulders, are you worthy?”


I was questioned by Wang Lan, and the other party suddenly flew into a rage out of humiliation. But looking at the level on Wang Lan’s shoulder, it seemed like he was really not strong enough.

At this moment, a light came from a distance, and the atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent was instantly relaxed.

The car slowly stopped at the door of the villa. The door opened and Yu Ruoyan in a silver white military uniform came down from the car.

“Wang Lan, I finally found you. I went directly to the hospital as soon as I got off the plane, and I realized that you were not in the hospital, and Aunt Wang didn’t know where you were… what happened?” Suddenly, Yu Ruoyan saw Wang Twelve people across from Lan, complexion is gloomy asked.

“Two Princess, King’s Heir in Zhenjiang was killed by someone, I suspect Wang Lan did it, so…”

“You first step down, I am responsible for this matter.”

“Two Princess…”

“You didn’t hear me clearly?” Yu Ruoyan drank lightly.

The man headed by “Yes!” finally compromised, waved his hand, and disappeared into the night with the nine people behind him.

“Ruoyun, didn’t expect to meet again in this context.” Wang Lan thought with a very emotional voice. Prior to this, Wang Lan never thought that one day he and Yu Ruoyan would stand together as opposites.

How many times have you been fighting side by side, and have been born and died together at this moment, it seems so strange at this moment.

“The truth of the matter is completely different from what you think. If you believed me before, then hope you believe me now. Can you go in and speak again? Your tone makes me uneasy.”

Yu Ruoyan’s eyes are aggrieved. Wang Lan is undoubtedly one of the most important people for Yu Ruoyan, and it is uncomfortable to be treated with cold eyes.


Wang Lan invited Yu Ruoyan to enter the house. Yu Ruoyan greeted the outsiders and followed Wang Lan into Wang Qi’s villa.

“Sit down, they are my good friends, good brother, Xu Xiangwen, Xie Sisi.”

“Jin City Xingwu Academy’s Fengyun students, Xu Xiangwen known as the Heavenly Eye of God, and Xie Sisi, who died in Goddess, have long been famous.”

“Fuck, you two, when did you get such a nickname? I don’t have any.”

“Jin City Xingwu Academy’s tradition, I like to give people nicknames. If you are in Jin City Xingwu Academy, your nickname must be the one with the most cock, maybe it will be the incarnation of God, the closest God’s man and so on.” Xu Xiangwen was very proudly laughed.

“Jade Princess, long admiring his name.” Xie Sisi watched Yu Ruoyan calmly and stretched out his hand, his mouth slightly concealed.

Body is comparable to me, but not as pretty as me, and less than fifty threatening!

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