I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 449


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“There is someone behind this incident, but this person is definitely not our Yu Family.” Yu Ruoyan said hurriedly as he sat down on the sofa. Wang Lan was sitting opposite Yu Ruoyan, looking at Yu Ruoyan with a smile.

“Wang Lan, I did not deliberately quibble, you believe me.”

“I don’t believe you? You are waiting for you to say.”

“I have investigated that Duan Suzuki since I received your call. Duan Suzuki is one of the best snipers in the military. It took a lot of thought to be dug by the General Staff. Two years ago, Duan Suzuki as Yu Ruohuai ‘S bodyguard is secretly responsible for Yu Ruohuai’s safety.”

“Just responsible for protecting Yu Ruohuai?” Wang Lan shook the head asked.

“Is also responsible for some things that are difficult to handle on the surface. But one week before Ms. Wang Qi was stabbed, Duan Suzuki took a leave and disappeared.”

“Disappear to prepare for assassination of my aunt?”

“It should be, at that time I also suspected Yu Ruohuai, thinking it was ordered by Yu Ruohuai. But after I investigated Yu Ruohuai, I rejected this guess. Yu Ruohuai was pursuing Ms. Wang Qi, you should Do you know?”

“Are you sure this is a pursuit rather than a deliberate approach?”

“Yu Ruohuai I still know this person. When he was young, he was a playboy. For him, a woman is just a tool to meet physiological needs. From 18 years old, women who have owned have not one thousand or eight hundred. Now.

Because of his rampant private life, he has a hidden secret. Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with poor sperm activity and sexual dysfunction. Although there are still many women around, they basically have no relationship with those women.

For a lewd person, this is difficult to accept. at first Crazy doctor seeking medicine to give up later, and those women who were photographed by the media and couple with him were just used to cover up physical defects.

Until an entrepreneurial summit a year ago, after meeting Wang Qi, who was originally disheartened by women, he began to seek medical advice again, and even spent more than a billion to make Xuanting Life Technology Develop methods that will allow him to regain his glory. “

“You want to say that Yu Ruohuai fell in love with my aunt at first sight? I admit that my aunt is really beautiful and charming, but for an old driver like Yu Ruohuai, what woman hasn’t touched? And, you are sure not He deliberately approached Auntie?”

“I know that you have found Chen Youting and Xuan Ting Life Technology related to Chen Youting. I can tell you straightforwardly that Chen Youting was indeed sent by Yu Family to deliberately approach Ms. Wang Qi.

The purpose is actually cooperation, not something. The regenerative cells were researched by Xuan Ting Life Technology, and the only thing missing is the gene editing agent of Ms. Wang Qi. While we were looking for pharmaceutical manufacturing technology, the technology of renewable cells was handed over to Ms. Wang Qi without reservation. “

“If you really only want to cooperate, why should you be careful? Isn’t it just and honorable to propose cooperation?”

“Yes, but don’t forget the identity of Ms. Wang Qi and Yu Family! Wang Qi is the biological younger sister of Flame Emperor. Behind Xuan Ting Life Technology is our Yu Family. ?”

“Then? You still didn’t explain clearly why it wouldn’t be Yu Family?”

“Originally, Yu Family’s plan was that Chen Youting would get rid of it after he got the technology of making gene medicines, and then Xuan Ting Life Technology continued to develop longevity medicines independently. And the so-called X gene cell plan…… Seriously, this is what Chen Youting concealed Yu Family did it himself. Knowing that Wang Qi was in trouble, Yu Family always thought that Ms. Wang Qi and Chen Youting were studying the telomeres of ordinary cells.

It’s a great miracle to make ordinary people wake up to this kind of thing. In your opinion, this is a nightmare for the Star martial family led by Yu Family.

If all ordinary people can awaken the star martial artist innate talent, what is the significance of the inheritance of the star martial family? As for what you were worried about before, it has taken over 1.4 billion ordinary people across the country, and then you can act wilfully.

Although the idea is beautiful, it is impossible. The first question is, how to do the secret work of Awakening Elixir? Chen Youting can learn technology from Wang Qi’s hands, can’t others learn technology from Chen Youting’s hands? If Yu Family really has this plan, it must ensure that there are enough awakening agents to impress the people.

But if the technology is only in the hands of one or two people, where is the production condition? And, the leak of technology may be 100% in our opinion. Yu Family is not stupid!

Yu Family did not intend to start the Flame Emperor lineup, because no matter what victory or defeat, everyone must be injured. This damage Jade Country can afford, Yu Family certainly can’t afford it. So Yu Family’s real plan is another.

But then, it was Yu Ruohuai who proposed another plan, that is, he wanted to marry Ms. Wang Qi. In Yu Ruohuai’s words, after seeing Ms. Wang Qi for the first time, he thought that it was his love that had been late for twenty years.

In order to impress Ms. Wang Qi, Yu Ruohuai really did a lot. You can ask Ms. Wang Qi if Yu Ruohuai’s pursuit in the past two years has not been sincere. For Yu Ruohuai, this is the first time in his life to actively pursue women.

He secretly prepared a diamond ring for marriage proposal a month ago, and spent 200 million on a set of specially-made blue diamond jewelry. If our plan is to assassinate Wang Qi, or Yu Ruohuai wants to assassinate Wang Qi after the potion is completed, why should he spend so much money secretly to do this? “

After Yu Ruoyan’s words, the whole atmosphere becomes exceptionally quiet. After a long time, Wang Lan stopped thinking about slowly lifting the head.

“That’s all? Although it makes some sense, it’s too far-fetched.”

“Wang Lan, you are not the kind of person who sticks and doesn’t let go, I think you actually have some doubts before I come? I can’t say that Yu Family really has white lotus flowers, but it starts with your aunt, Yu Family is not stupid. Even if you don’t kill Ms. Wang Qi, Yu Family can get what you want. Why do you want to fight against you plainly?

The death of Chen Youting made Yu Family devote his efforts to planning things for two years. To say that Yu Family suffered the most losses. Now I can tell you that between Yu Family and you, there are also third-party forces acting as a crap stick. “

The words fell, and Jiang Xinyu’s brows raised slightly. Although this action was very covert, it was still captured by Yu Ruoyan.

“What is Yu Family’s plan?” Wang Lan suddenly asked in a low voice, “When Chen Youting contacted my aunt, he took out X gene cells. I don’t believe that Chen Youting hadn’t taken it out in front of Yu Family. You are impossible Don’t know the value? How can you afford it?”

“The concept of X gene cells is too advanced, and it is more difficult than ordinary regenerative cells. No one believes that it will succeed. Compared with the slim X gene activation in the future, it is not possible to develop ordinary cells to divide indefinitely. .”

“If there is a third party you mentioned, what is his purpose?”

“Provoked our civil war!” Yu Ruoyan said without thinking, “This is a very obvious situation. Ms. Wang Qi was killed before, you suspect Yu Family. And if this time they only need to provoke Yu a little Family, we think you did it. You think we did it. No one can convince anyone who can only see the truth under his hand.”

“Then the question is coming, how did the third party know your plan, and can accurately know that my aunt has basically completed the research and development of the awakening medicament? From their hands-on point of view, this is very hot. Precise.”

“This… I haven’t found it yet. But it has been determined that someone is fanning the flames. And this person is either lurking on our side, or we have both Wang Qi and the other side.”

Speaking of this, Wang Lan’s brows suddenly wrinkle, a flash of light crossed Wang Lan’s mind, and in an instant, Wang Lan complexion greatly changed to stand up.

“Yu Ruohuai has a woman next to her! But we didn’t find the woman’s body in Yu Ruohuai’s villa.”


“What? Yu Ruohuai’s villa? The body?” Yu Ruoyan suddenly stood up and asked.

“Do you not know Ruoyun?” Jiang Xinyu asked hurriedly.

“I rushed to the hospital as soon as I got off the plane, and they unwilling to reveal your whereabouts when I arrived at the hospital. I went to the new hostal building before I found it here.”

“Yu Ruohuai’s villa is in Fragrant Hall Bay. We just planned to investigate and found that everyone in the villa was dead. Even Yu Ruohuai was burned to ashes. It was at that time that Wang Lan It is suspected that there may be a third party who secretly tricks.”

“Not good!” Yu Ruoyan changed color again, quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed the phone, “Dad, hurry up and hold them down. I’m afraid I’ll be the one who gets late.”

“Yunyun? What’s the matter? Don’t worry, speak slowly.”

“I have investigated that a third party is provoking the conflict between us and Flame Emperor. Wang Qi is the third party’s handwriting. Now that the third party has assassinated Yu Ruohuai, clansman must count this as Wang Lan’s head. There must be someone in the eight bedrooms and nine doors ready to start. Once they fight, no one can stop.”

“I am understood.” The other party hung up the phone instantly.

At the moment, Wang Lan is crackling on the keyboard, searching through Xiao Ai to hack into the Internet.

“Wang Lan, what woman are you talking about?”

“In Yu Ruohuai’s room, there are two suitcases and several luggage bags. Obviously, Yu Ruohuai received an instruction from whom he planned to run.

The luggage should be taken by the bodyguards, so they are placed in the living room, and the two suitcases in the room should be carried by Yu Ruohuai himself. But why use two? And still one big and one small?

I didn’t respond at the time, but what you said suddenly reminded me that the small suitcase should be a woman’s. But no woman’s body was found at the scene, nor was there any trace of destroy the corpse and evidence.

Yu Ruohuai is a member of the Yu Family’s heirs and the person in charge of the Xuan Ting Life Research Institute. Should he understood the overall plan and the overall progress? “

“He is the main executor of this plan. After all, an ordinary person like him will not be followed by who.”

“But he was noticed.” Then, Wang Lan knocked down the carriage return, and a photo appeared in front of Wang Lan. “Who is this woman? Have you been with Yu Ruohuai for a long time?”

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