I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 450


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“Su Ru!” Yu Ruoyan immediately said the woman’s name.

“Su Ru is Yu Ruohuai’s personal assistant. She is poor but has good academic performance. Since twelve years ago, Yu Ruohuai has subsidized Su Ru’s education. Without Yu Ruohuai’s funding, Su Ru has a great chance Drop out of school after graduating from elementary school.

For Su Ru, Yu Ruohuai saved her life, so in the heart of Su Ru, Yu Ruohuai is her spiritual belief. Almost every month, Su Ru writes to Yu Ruohuai. Whether it is in the life of study, he is extremely dependent on Yu Ruohuai.

In 2008, Su Ru was admitted to Kyoto University’s business administration major with outstanding results. Two years later, he obtained a master’s degree and then went directly to Yu Ruohuai. Su Ru’s outstanding ability was quickly spotted by Yu Ruohuai. He became Yu Ruohuai’s personal assistant six months later and managed nearly 100 billion yuan of Yu Ruohuai’s business. “

“Have you specifically investigated? Is she suspicious?” Wang Lan quickly asked.

“Everyone who is close to the members of the Yu Family’s heirs will conduct multiple investigations. Su Ru’s relationship with Yu Ruohuai has been maintained for nearly twelve years. It can be said that Yu Ruohuai brought up. So, within us Judging that Su Ru can be trusted. Didn’t expect …… This trustworthy person just wants Yu Ruo’s life.”

“A person with absolutely no problems suddenly showing fangs? This Suru should be…”

“Demon Race!” Yu Ruoyan’s eyes suddenly flicked, and the two words seemed to pop out of the cracks between his teeth.

“If the third party is Demon Race, it is reasonable. Provoking the civil war of the Jade Country Star martial family can weaken the strength of Jade Country. Assassination of the aunt can prevent the advent of the awakening potion and provoke contradictions.

Killing Youyouting can mislead us into thinking that we are killing people and killing our mouths. It can also prevent Yu Family from getting the method of making genetic medicines and further intensify contradictions. Even… The real purpose of Demon Race is not necessarily to provoke contradictions, but to cover up the purpose of preventing the advent of the awakening potion. “

“If this is said…Demon Race It shouldn’t be giving up the assassination of Ms. Wang Qi?” Yu Ruoyan said lowly.

“Now are we going to find Su Ru?” Jiang Xinyu asked doubtfully.

“After Su Ru killed Yu Ruohuai, her identity was already exposed. As time passed, she would have run away and could not find it.”

“Yes, it seems that Su Ru actually died long ago. She may have been a spy of Demon Race when she approached Yu Ruohuai. It seems that the puzzle has been solved, but the clues that can be traced are broken. In Su Ru this step.”

“This is not necessary.” Wang Lan suddenly seemed to think of something suddenly, “If the purpose of Demon Race is to prevent the advent of the awakening potion, then the assassination of the aunt and Chen Youting must be deliberately.

The youngest aunt was not shot, the biggest reason is that the awakening agent was injected, so the awakening agent has been successful. Under this premise, Chen Youting may hand over the Awakening Potion to another person at any time.

The plan to kill Chen Youting becomes urgent. At this time, a phone call made Chen Youting a mess. Chen Youting hurried to the city of Lai to arrange for Demon Race to have this car accident operating conditions.

So why is this phone so clever? “

“You mean, this call was deliberately made by Demon Race?” Yu Ruoyan’s eyes flicked, “Maybe Chen Junting is already a Demon Race spy.”

Wang Lan tapped on the computer, and soon a list appeared on the computer screen.

“Chen Junting, who suffered from viral kidney failure three years ago, has no other way than to change the kidney. Dialysis is just a matter of time with the god of death.

Although organ cloning technology is still not mature or popularized, Chen Youting, as a Peak expert in the field of cells, clones an organ is not difficult for him. He can even isolate X gene cells, not to mention others?

So he didn’t know about Chen Junting’s illness and knew nothing about it for three years.

So, what kind of psychology does Chen Junting make her rather endure three years of pain than telling Chen Youting her condition?

Chen Junting knows his father’s ability, and the doctors in the hospital have mentioned two treatment options with her more than once, either waiting for a matching kidney in the organ bank, or using organ cloning technology to make a kidney.

I think Chen Junting wants Chen Youting to regret it, because his negligence caused Chen Youting’s wife to delay the illness and eventually die. Now because of his negligence, the daughter who could have survived passed away again. I think this blow will make Chen Youting regret the rest of his life.

With this kind of psychology, Chen Junting’s farewell call was a bit unsatisfactory. To achieve the best results, shouldn’t it be an absolute letter, a piece of farewell recording? When Chen Youting got the news, the daughter was already cold, so that the damage value was the biggest. “

“Little Lan…how do I feel that you are getting more and more abnormal? Do you want to say that human nature is so cruel?”

“That’s because you haven’t seen any more cruelty.” Wang Lan laughed unintentionally.

“Huh?” Wang Lan suddenly stood up from the sofa.

Seeing Wang Lan’s movements, the rest of the people curiously looked over towards the computer screen, and the last column said that it was transferred to Suzhou City National Defence Hospital on July 12, 2022.

“She has been transferred to the National Defense Hospital? Going to Ms. Wang Qi? What’s going on? Such an important clue that Heavenly Sword Bureau didn’t focus on?” Yu Ruoyan asked with a puzzled expression.

“It’s not surprising that Chen Junting’s transfer process is very reasonable and reasonable. Suzhou City National Defence Hospital has world peak organ cloning technology, which is that Modu and Imperial Capital’s hospitals are not comparable.


Before Chen Youting died in a car accident, he transferred 2,000,000 to Chen Junting. In the past, this cost was enough to cover the medical expenses. Chen Youting is dead, and her grievances with Chen Youting have been wiped out. Of course, she does not want to die. If she was not suspected of her, she could not find anything wrong with her reasonable transfer. “

“Let Heavenly Sword Bureau control her?” Yu Ruoyan asked quickly.

“No, this time the Demon Race spy really lifted a stone and smashed his own foot.” Wang Lan suddenly showed a smile on his face. “It was impossible for me to think of it, but I was transferred by Chen Junting so much. A clue. Let’s go to the hospital.”

The entire group rushed to the hospital. It was already late at night. Even in Suzhou City, where the night market is very lively, it was gradually quiet now. There seems to be a kind of tranquility in the air, a repressive tranquility.

Arrive at the hospital ward, it is not Li Zeng but Zeng Xiaomo. The moment Wang Lan pushed the door open, Li Ge’s eyes broke open instantly. In his eyes, Jingmang flashed.

“Huh? Why are you?”

“Zeng Xiaomo has been on duty for 48 consecutive hours. I will let him sleep for a while for her class. Today… there seems to be movements in the bureau? All the brothers are on standby. I feel this matter should be related to you, originally Stand by well, suddenly with swords drawn and bows bent again.”

“en? You weren’t that gossip before?” Wang Lan looked at Li Ge with some doubts. She used to be less talkative, but today she saw Wang Lan as if she had a stomach full of acid.

“Almost all brothers have instructions to stand by, but I was asked to take over Zeng Xiaomo to take care of Ms. Wang Qi. I’m not saying that there is something wrong with this arrangement, but I feel that this node should be deliberately targeted.

I have been to Suzhou City Heavenly Sword Bureau for 6-7 years. I have never had it. If I feel right, the reason for being targeted can only be related to my life experience. Wang Lan, are you going to work with the Xingwu family? “

“Nothing!” Wang Lan waved his hand to the aunt’s bed.

“Ms. Wang Qi has just fallen asleep.” Li Ge lifts the head swept the people who followed Wang Lan, and finally fixed it on Yu Ruoyan.

“Jade Princess?”

“Chu Li Ge, I haven’t seen you for a long time, you still look the same as before.”

“You changed a lot, did you still go to junior high school last time? I knew you when I saw you. My feelings were correct, but the alarm was only temporarily lifted because you came?”

“Don’t say that some of these are not enough, Li Ge, let people go to the inpatient department to pull in the patients who have been transferred from the external hospital for nearly three days?”

“Do you suspect someone sneaking into the hospital?” Li Ge asked Wang Lan’s purpose in an instant.

“If the purpose of the Demon Race is to prevent the advent of the awakening potion, the aunt must die in their eyes.”

Soon Li Ge brought the list of patients transferred to the National Defense Hospital, only three. The three other than Chen Junting had no obvious problems.

“Did I guess wrong?” Wang Lan asked doubtfully.

“There is more than one way to achieve a goal. Maybe Demon Race’s plan is different from what we guessed. But we should not have guessed their purpose.”

“If you don’t fish them out, there will always be a sword hanging above my aunt’s head, which makes me unable to do anything quietly.” Wang Lan paced and said a little irritably.

“Then to pull a snake from its hole.” Yu Ruoyan said suddenly.

“How to quote?”

“What is the reason why Su Ru killed Yu Ruohuai today? If it is assumed that the real purpose of Demon Race is to prevent the advent of the awakening potion, and the civil war between us is to cover up their real purpose, then this time’s provocation Is there another purpose?”

“lured the tiger away from the mountain!” Wang Lan shouted in surprise.

Close your eyes and start deducing Demon Race’s plan. After about 3 minutes, Wang Lan’s fierce eyes opened. “That’s right, Yu Ruohuai died tonight. What was Yu Family planning to do?”

“Naturally it’s a challenge to the Heavenly Sword Bureau and Flame Emperor. There will be movements in the dark and secretly, and Suzhou City will be very lively tonight.”

“If our energy is to cope with the excitement of this time, will the guardian strength of the hospital be weakened? It provides an opportunity for the Demon Race to assassinate the aunt.” Wang Lan said here, Yu Ruoyan’s face There was a smile on it.

“Wang Lan, why don’t we beat somebody at their own game?”


On the other side, in the quiet park of Suzhou City, a few silhouettes suddenly appeared on the small road around the artificial lake at this early morning time. Silhouette more and more, soon, dozens of silhouettes appeared, none of them spoke, but gathered quietly together, and then walked silently.

“Why hasn’t Yu Family made trouble with Wang Lan yet?” Suddenly, a person spoke and broke the silence.

“Yu Ruoyan rushed to Suzhou City ahead of time, maybe he suppressed Yu Family.”

“Can one Yu Ruoyan suppress the entire Yu Family Imperial Family?”

“Reluctantly, Yu Ruoyan has placed great hopes on Yu Family. If not necessary, Yu Family will not break with Yu Ruoyan.”

“Then think of ways to make Suzhou City move as soon as possible.”

“If we do it, it will be easy for Yu Family and Heavenly Sword Bureau to realize our existence, when the time comes, they all point at us… we can’t cope.”

“Compared to the terrifying of the Awakening Elixir, even if we all sacrifice is worth it. The human race has six 1 billion, if they all awake Soldiers innate talent, what other advantages does our army have?”

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