I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 451


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“Wait again! Wait another hour if they haven’t moved, then execute Plan C.”

The atmosphere was quiet again, the entire group dispersed, and disappeared into the forest.

On the other side, under a phone call from Yu Ruoyan, the originally stationary machine of Yu Family’s people suddenly started running again.

“Beep Beep–” Suddenly, Wang Lan’s mobile phone rang, and Heavenly Sword Bureau’s emergency support order was displayed on Wang Lan’s mobile phone.

“Xiangwen, Xinyu, here you are.” Wang Lan finished, body flashed disappeared. Yu Ruoyan also hurried to keep up, the two turned into streamers in the air.

Just less than five kilometers away, suddenly a terrible murderous intention locks on Wang Lan. Wang Lan’s body slammed and an attack fell.

“University Wang Lan, please hold your steps!” Opposite Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan, five black shadows appeared quietly, and Wang Lan swept across the black shadow with a sneer on the corner of his mouth.

“Yu Family’s five titled powerhouses block me, are they too worthy of me?”

“Wang Lan University is an expert that is exactly similar to my family Princess exactly. Where do we dare to have a slight contempt for you?”

“Okay, how many of you are here?” Yu Ruoyan took a step slowly shouted.

“In addition to us, the Jiangling Guard of the Zhenjiang Royal Palace, the Taisui Guard of the Longevity Royal Palace, the Dongming Guard of the Dongyue Royal Palace, and the Chiyan Guard of the Western Capital Royal Palace are all here.”

Wang Lan’s face can’t help but change, these guards are all great and famous guards in Xingwu Realm. It can be said that although the title cannot be connected with Vermilion Bird’s mention on equal terms, but any one can be ranked in the global top 20 guard.

The global top 20 guards came in four at once. If this is not a drill, Suzhou City may be gone.

“If you don’t have my phone, what do you want to do?” Yu Ruoyan looked at the five titled powerhouse indifferently asked.

“Naturally is a debt of blood must be paid in blood, even if Yu Family is no longer an impeccable Imperial Family, he can’t be bullied by others. For more than 70 years since the war, no family member of Yu Family has been victimized. “

“a debt of blood must be paid in blood? Want me?” Wang Lan asked, his face cold.

The five people on the opposite side responded silently, which was the default of Wang Lan’s guess. drink? How dare Yu Family is. Originally thinking that Yu Family would make the most of it, it would go to the top. Wang Lan really didn’t expect Yu Family’s courage to be so big that he planned to kill himself.

Not to mention whether it can be killed, it is directly detonating the civil war if you do it yourself. Wang Lan’s current identity and current fame are no longer the same teenagers.

Yu Family dared to move Wang Lan with a finger, the Ministry of Defense immediately launched a counterattack plan, and the Flame Emperor line would certainly spare no effort to retaliate. Anyone who has a little concern will think twice. But Yu Family completely ignored this situation and actually planned to steal the tower behind the enemy! At this moment, Wang Lan feels like two words, crazy!

“Is Third Grandfather’s order?”

“I don’t know, I can only say the above instructions.” The titled powerhouse headed in front said truthfully.

“When did Yu Family swell to this point?” Yu Ruoyan’s voice was a bit sad, this is her family Yu Family.

Is the Imperial Family of Emperor, Yu Family who once flipped the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain, don’t you even understand this trick of conspiracy? Take it in advance, and you must first make it, if you want to make people perish, you must make people crazy.

These all are Yu Family used to play bad things, but now they are put on their heads without realizing it. Imperial Family Imperial Family, this distinguished title has paralyzed Yu Family from seeing the guillotine in front of him.

Even if a Yu Family is stronger, the Star Martial family with the common interests can be stronger, can it pass the country? Stronger than Jade Country with a population of 1.4 billion?

“Second Princess, it’s not that we are inflated, it’s really that they are bullish intolerably. Dignified Yu Family Imperial Family, being crowded out everywhere and treated differently. Don’t they think about it, who is the country of Jade Country? I think Old Ancestor If you know, you will resent the disappointing of our juniors?”

“You…” Yu Ruoyan instantly body flashed, grabbed the other person’s throat and pressed it directly against the wall, “You shut up for me.”

Looking at this scene, Wang Lan’s eyes showed doubts. Yu Ruoyan’s reaction was a bit overwhelming. Does this sentence have other meanings?

“Jade Country belongs to the people of the world, it belongs to every Jade Country people, not a certain person. This is the ancestral training of the Emperor Taizu. You still have a face that Old Ancestor knows? Old Ancestor wants to know your group To memorize the ancestors and forget the ancestors, to be sure to clean up the sect.

Forget it, none of us can persuade anyone, but tonight you guys have hidden my careful thoughts for me. Whoever dares to ignore the Da Yi Xian family’s injustice, you arbitrarily. “


The contradiction between Yu Family and Jade Country has been heard by Wang Lan for a long time. But because of Yu Ruoyan’s relationship, Wang Lan has never been too bad to dare to think. But when I look at it today, it’s almost uncontrollable.

Yu Family can’t forget the pride of the past and the identity of the Imperial Family. The state is afraid, so it restricts the development of their forces everywhere and suppresses them outside the center of power.

And the less Yu Family gets, the more he insists on rights. After 70 years of brainwashing and indoctrination from generation to generation, the Yu Family’s hatred of Jade Country is increasingly complaining.

“Specially it turned out to be a Uchiha family.” Wang Lan sighed bitterly.

“What Uchiha family?” Yu Ruoyan heard Wang Lan’s voice curiously asked.

“Nothing, just casually said with emotion.”

At the same time, across Suzhou City, airports, railway stations, bus stations and other places, Heavenly Sword Bureau and Yu Family came from all sides to face off. Although no one received the order and no one took the lead, the atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent instantly filled a solemn killing aura over Suzhou City.

At this moment, Xu Xiangwen waiting in the Wang Qi ward suddenly opened Heavenly Eye. I quickly took out my phone and dialed Wang Lan’s number.

“Hello? Xiangwen!”

“Wang Lan, the fish is on the hook, dozens of people are coming, and is approaching us quickly. I have already handed over with the brothers outside… holding the grass, the idea is too hard, and the brothers outside are instantly killed. . I don’t have any time for early warning…”

“I’ll be here soon.” The words landed, and Wang Lan grabbed Yu Ruoyan’s hand and instantly disappeared.

As Wang Lan disappeared, the titled powerhouse of the five Yu Family in front was slightly surprised. From start to finish, they did not notice how Wang Lan disappeared.

“This guy…what’s going on?” asked one to bear.

“It should be a martial skill of space system stars. In addition to the space system, I really can’t think of any other means to slip away from us in front of one’s eyes. It seems that even if we are moving today, we can’t keep Wang Lan. .”

On the other side, there was a slight ripple in Wang Qi’s ward, and the figures of Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan appeared in the ward. At this moment, Wang Qi has been awakened, and Jiang Xinyu and Xie Sisi watched the direction of Wang Lan’s emergence alertly until they saw Wang Lan’s expression.

“Xinyu Sisi, you just need to be responsible for the safety of your aunt, and they will hand it over to us.” The words landed, and Wang Lan’s figure instantly turned into a flying butterfly.

At the same time, dozens of people wearing the Yu Family emblem were resolved into the outer Heavenly Sword Bureau soldiers, and instantly rushed to Wang Qi’s ward like a shell. Suddenly, a ghost butterfly appeared in front of him.

Wang Lan’s figure appeared in an instant, and the ten meters of the sword were transformed into a stream of light and waved over. The three silhouettes were too late to dodge and were divided into two in the air in an instant. The rest of the flashes flickered and appeared again in the open space of the hospital.

“Wang Lan? Are they not five kilometers away? Why is it here? Wrong information!”


Suddenly, a silhouette burst out of the ground and punched the chest of the man who was talking. Yu Ruoyan this fist, instantly smashed the person who spoke, and the green slime spilled all over.

“I dare to wear Yu Family’s emblem, courting death.”

“Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan are here, the mission has failed–“

“No, the task cannot fail, go on!”

The words fell to the ground, and dozens of people in front of them ripped apart the disguise of humanity to reveal the form of Demon Race. Moreover, the strength distributed by these people is very oppression, which surpasses all the advanced Demon Race spies encountered by Wang Lan before.

Demon Race spies will be suppressed by the law in the human world, even if their strength in the outside world is far beyond but will be suppressed to a very low level here. Wang Lan had previously cracked too many elite Demon Race spies, and even the strongest was only in the Star River environment.

This makes Wang Lan think that the strength of the Demon Race spy is at most Star River level. But now, more than 40 spies in front of me are all in the cultivation base of the Star Sea.

These spies will appear a year ago, and Suzhou City’s several crises could not be safely over. Did Demon Race retain its strength before? Or what happened during this time and the strength has risen again?

But right now, Wang Lan has no thought of thinking about this issue.

“Boom–” The three Demon Race senior spies suddenly sent three beams of energy to the hospital behind them, and there was a strong huge might that destroyed a building.

Even if Auntie Jiang Xinyu was around them, they would still threaten Auntie if the building collapsed.

Wang Lan flashed in an instant, crossed the space and came to the front of the building, the void pressed down, “Yellow Springs Bone Token.”

“boom~ boom~ ——”

One after another The gate of Yellow Springs, which is 20 meters high, rises from the ground, not only blocking the front of the independent small building, but also encircling the entire small garden area.

It seemed to be a thunderbolt on a sunny day, awakening the inpatient department. The originally quiet in-patient department suddenly shook the silhouette. There are also many doctors on duty, nurses ran out of the building of the inpatient department, and saw the towering Ghost Sect standing in front of them, and the paralysis under each and everyone was lying on the ground.

Even if the hospital is a channel of Yin-Yang two sectors, there is no need to really appear the gates of hell?


Three beams of light hit three gates in an instant, but even if the Demon Race spy’s strength is improved, it is not a little bit worse than Wang Lan, who has steadily reached the titled powerhouse strength at the moment.

After all of this, Wang Lan’s mouth slightly smiled, body flashed, and the person has been disappeared.

The battle strength of Demon Race is not weak. They are natural Soldiers. No matter if it is melee or elemental attack, the same level of Demon Race is far superior to the human race. But these advantages are too small in front of geniuses such as Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan, and their strengths have long surpassed their peers.

No matter how strong the Bone Armor is, it can’t stop the sword that is attached to the sword glow, and the powerful star martial skill can’t stop Yu Ruoyan’s furious punch.

“It’s you, it’s you who almost provoke the irreconcilable battle between Yu Family and Wang Lan, and more importantly, you have reduced my trust in Wang Lan’s heart, so you should all die!”

With this resentment qi, Yu Ruoyan’s attack became wilder.

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