I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 452


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“Boom–” Yu Ruoyan punched a Demon Race spy with a punch, and the shock wave that was set off instantly flew the surrounding Demon Race. Then Wang Lan’s figure instantly turned into an afterimage, and several Demonic Generals that were struck upside down by strikes were all blasted again by Yu Ruoyan.

Not to mention Demon Race, the brutal picture, even Wang Lan feels trembling in fear.

Gradually, Wang Lan withdrew his hands. He found that these Demon Races were not bad, but they were a dish in front of Yu Ruoyan. He didn’t need him. Even more how, Wang Lan felt Yu Ruoyan was in a wrong state, a bit dangerous.

“boom~ boom~ ——”

“I’m dripping a kiss… This… what kind of woman is this?” Xu Xiangwen, who was standing by the windows on the second and third floors, couldn’t help but swallow.

Yu Ruoyan is a fast as lightning. Every shot will take away the life of a Demon Race, and this Demon Race spy is extremely dead. All of them are blown by a punch.

This is still because Yu Ruoyan in the hospital has some concerns. If you want to change to a wilderness or a different space, Yu Ruoyan’s martial skill will keep them skeleton doesn’t exist.

Xu Xiangwen believes that Wang Lan is already fierce enough. When he graduated from the third year of high school, he was already invincible in his age when he obtained the title of the strongest senior high school student in the history of Jiang province. Listening to the legend of Wang Lan in these years, Xu Xiangwen firmly believes that no one in the same ridge can mention mention on equal terms with Wang Lan, so it is not shameful to be crushed by Wang Lan.

Even if you know that this woman is known as the peerless Princess Yu Ruoyan of the millennium number one genius, it is only a genius that can only be compared with people, and it cannot be compared with Wang Lan, which cannot be classified as a person.

The scene in front of him broke his cognition, and Yu Ruoyan’s strength far exceeded his imagination. He has seen Star Sea realm, Star Sea realm hitting Star Sea realm is like hammering a walnut, that has never been seen.

“Ruoyun is the only one of the people I know who was caught up by Wang Lan but not thrown away. One year ago Wang Lan said he was not sure than Ruoyun, and a year later Wang Lan said the same. Only Ruoyun can compete with Wang Lan in both innate talent strength.” Jiang Xinyu also only showed his envy and fear for Yu Ruoyan at this time.


A series of explosions sounded, and the originally fierce Demon Race spy was left alone.

The Demon Race spy seemed to be stunned, looking at his compatriots who had turned into green slime. He made a strange move in the next moment.

The finger turns into a sharp bone spur, which rests on his chest, and that is where the energy gem of Demon Race is, equivalent to the role of the human heart.

As a Demon Race, what do you mean to make this self-mutilation threat gesture in front of humans? Yu Ruoyan couldn’t understand it, so he stopped and looked at Demon Race in doubt.

“Wang Lan, stop that crazy girl, otherwise I will die to show you.” The voice of the other party’s Demon Race turned out to be a female voice, but Wang Lan couldn’t help but hear this.

“Don’t you want to know what Yu Family is doing in the dark? Do you think they really want to study the infinite rebirth cells for what awakening medicine? They want to create gods, they want to restore the dynasty!”

“You are…Su Ru? No, you should have replaced Su Ru’s Demon Race…”

“Yu Ruoyan is killing and killing, Yu Family’s plan is to subvert Jade Country. Do you want to know? I can tell you everything.”

Wang Lan looked at Yu Ruoyan’s back and looked at Su Ru in the distance, gently sighed, “Ruoyun, kill it.”


Su Ru’s response was too late, and Yu Ruoyan’s attack had hit her. In an instant, the endless cracks were covered with demons, and the sound of a blast shattered like a crushed balloon.

“Their appearance can prove that Yu Ruohuai’s death has nothing to do with me. Can Yu Family stop?” Wang Lan looked at Yu Ruoyan indifferently asked.

“Well, it should be able to stop.”

“But the fact that my aunt was stabbed cannot prove that it has nothing to do with Yu Family. Even if there is a Demon Race spoiling, Yu Family still has a motivation.”

“Do you still believe me?”

“The premise of trust is what you should know.”


A breeze blew past, and there was a noise in the distance. Heavenly Sword Bureau and Yu Family’s support are here.

“Go, find a place.”

The Demon Race spy has been killed, and now the reinforcements have arrived, and the safety on the aunt’s side should be no problem. Wang Lan hesitated slightly and body flashed followed Yu Ruoyan.

The two did not leave far away, but found a rooftop in the hospital. Yu Ruoyan came to the railing and looked at the distant lights against the breeze.

“I didn’t know that thing. If it’s not your phone call, don’t tell me, even my dad may not know it. Things have to start five years ago.

Five years ago, Kyoto experienced a century-old rainstorm that almost flooded half of Kyoto. After heavy rain, the corner of the Eastern Suburb’s Mausoleum collapsed. As the ancestral tomb of Yu Family, we certainly need to carry out repairs.

The ancestral palace was responsible for repairing the tomb of the emperor. When they repaired the tomb of Jiangshan King, they accidentally found it’s empty in the coffin of Jiangshan King. At that time, the clansman’s house thought that a tomb thief had stolen the tomb. You can imagine how angry we were. “

“I seem to have seen it in the news. During that time, the tomb robbers were severely beaten. It seemed that there were nearly a thousand in one year. Wait. Isn’t the Dongjiao emperor’s tomb the emperor’s tomb? Only the emperor can bury the emperor’s tomb Ah, that King Jiangshan is…”

“Just because the Jiangshan King was too special. The Jiangshan King lived in Martial Emperor and experienced three emperors: German Emperor, Martial Emperor, and Emperor Emperor. The records of the Jiangshan King in the history books have been deleted, except for Yu Family. Few people know about King Jiangshan.

Jiangshan King is the eighth child of Emperor De, who was very clever and innate talent since childhood. Eight-year-old awakening star martial innate talent 30 years old has become invincible. His invincibility is not just invincibility like 5 Emperors, but truly invincibility.

Even when it was said that King Jiangshan had reached the point of half a fairy, he could become a fairy by taking only half a step. “

“Cheng Xian?” Wang Lan asked in surprise.

“Well, it’s a fairy! Because the strength of the Jiangshan King did have reached the level of Immortal God. Unfortunately, when the Jiangshan King was born, the Demon Race had just been repulsed, and the Demon Race attacked him again. It is a pity that he can leave a strong stroke in the Demon Race.

But in Yu Family’s records, there is another thing. Six hundred years ago, Beidi suffered a snow disaster that was rare for a hundred years. The cattle and sheep were frozen to death, and Beidi attacked the whole country. 200,000 Star Martial army threatened the North, and at that time, the Great Jade Dynasty was still in a prosperous scene,

By the time the North Battle Report reached the capital, Bei Di had already reached a position less than 300 li from the capital. The Great Jade Dynasty drove up and down in a mess. On that day, King Jiangshan, who had been closed for many years, came out.

Just said to Martial Emperor that he wanted to try a sword. One man one sword left the capital and headed northwest. That night, the sword energy was 30,000 li and the sword light was cold in 19 Provinces.

On the 2nd day, Jiang Shanwang white clothed Sheng Xue returned, and then closed the death pass, this time he did not go out of the game until Zuo Gu.

On the 2nd day, the front-line battle report came again, and Beidi 200,000 Xingwu Army was all beheaded overnight. Even the four national divisions that had reached the Star Soul Realm were all separated.

Jiangshan King one man one sword, slaughtered Beidi 200,000 Xingwu army, and the 800,000 who came with him, no longer dared to stay in Jade Country for half a moment, even put the robbed money and grain obediently in place and turned away go with. “

“200,000 Xingwu Army? Is it exaggerated?” Wang Lan asked, looking at Yu Ruoyan’s back in shock and smelling the fragrance of her long hair falling down.

“It’s not an exaggeration. In that battle, Bei Disheng was surprised. At the end of the year, no one believed that they would come when the sudden attack, and the mobility was extremely strong. The soldiers pointed directly at the capital.

And at the time Beidi could not survive this winter, when the heavy snow came suddenly, 90% of the cattle and sheep were frozen to death overnight. Afterwards, there are also records in the history books. There is no one in Beidi Prairie, and all of them are starved to death. Horrible person fighting person is common.

Legendary of that battle was attributed to Jade Country’s precautions. Beidi saw no chance to retreat on his own, because of this battle, Martial Emperor was given the posthumous title. But only Yu Family’s heirs knew that there was a Divine Immortal-like figure on the Yu Family ancestor.

Because of this, King Jiangshan can be buried in the mausoleum. “

“When it comes to this, what does it have to do with Yu Family’s secret? Do you want to say that King Jiangshan is still alive? He already has immortality, so you have to study the method of immortality?” Wang Lan asked with a chuckle.

Wang Lan didn’t dare to say that this was impossible, but if the king of Jiangshan was still alive, where would Emperor Rende abdicate and end the dynasty?

“The King Jiangshan is indeed alive.” Yu Ruoyan’s voice was a bit bitter. “Later, the clan family found that the emperor’s mausoleum was indeed not stolen. The items in the tomb were crushed when they collapsed.

Then we found a clue in Jiangshan King’s coffin, which is a secret word left by Jiangshan King, a specific word that only Yu Family inheritance can read. The main idea is that King Jiangshan really wants to break the Immortal Ascension Platform in his later years.

But when he found Immortal Platform, he found that Immortal Path was broken and Immortal Platform was destroyed. Although there is more than one Immortal Platform in the world, King Jiangshan is close to life essence.

Jiangshan Wang’s belief in cultivation during his lifetime is to become an immortal, and he is naturally unwilling to see this scene. He exhausted the cultivation base and tried his best to intercept the Heaven’s Line machine. The heaven machine records that hundreds of years later will help him extend his life. Divine medicine was born.

However, how long can he live a long time after hundreds of years?

Fortunately, there is a road to no one else, there is a winter solstice in Qingcheng, there is a green luan Fire Phoenix Qiming, flowers reopened, and such natural phenomena must have a treasure. After that, he sent people to find a piece of original jade from a source stone. The original jade contained Life Essence Origin, and King Jiangshan self-proclaimed himself in Life Essence Origin and fell into silence.

The clan family was overjoyed to see this suicide note, and then secretly went to Mount Qingcheng to successfully find the original jade. The King Jiangshan is still alive in the original jade.

Just as King Jiangshan has a serious explanation, he can’t turn on the source stone before the divine medicine has been extended. His life span is approaching. If the source stone is forced out of ten breaths, he will die. “

After listening to Yu Ruoyan’s story, Wang Lan was shocked to add.

A monster that has lived for hundreds of years without dying?

“Actually, we have analyzed this original jade. It has an effect to reduce metabolism. Humans did not have the ability to hibernate, but in the original jade, the metabolism will be reduced to almost static. So let’s not freeze 600 It’s not a big problem even if it’s been frozen for six thousand years.”

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