I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 453


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“This is Yu Family’s real plan?”

“Yes, so it is impossible to assassinate Ms. Wang Qi. For Yu Family, success is at the door. As long as you get the medicine that can produce longevity cells, you can successfully resurrect the king of the mountains, what awakening medicine, what control ordinary. The awakening of person is not important.”

“Now Chen Youting is dead.” Wang Lan said leisurely.

“Yeah, Chen Youting is dead. Only Wang Qi is able to make the potion of longevity. Yu Family is even more impossible to let her have an accident.”

“It’s late, go back.”

“What are you going to do?” Yu Ruoyan turned to look at Wang Lan microsaid with a slight smile.

“In the past few years, I have always been plot against people, but didn’t expect you to be against you today… Even if there is no Demon Race spy, you will tell me this secret? “

“Why do you see it?” Yu Ruoyan raised his head stubbornly.

“If I don’t say that, then you have to report to No.1, as Yu Family Young Sect Master, you will find it hard to do after revealing Yu Family’s biggest secret? It’s not easy to find a balance. It’s up to me to say that you can stay out of it, maybe you can still echo a few times during the clan meeting that I was not a thing.”

“pu chi ——” Yu Ruoyan covered his mouth and smiled, “Are you afraid that Yu Family’s people will be flustered and exasperated to trouble you?”

“Does he dare? I also like to see them wanting to dump me but nothing but helplessness. Okay, this is not what you told me, but the Demon Race spy called Su Ru told Mine.

Tell me this secret or for provoking civil disturbance in Jade Country. So no matter what, I have done just and honorable. “

“many thanks.”

“Should be.”

Both of them flashed and disappeared into the rooftop in an instant. The Demon Race spy was annihilated by the whole army, and the aunt was stabbed. Finally, the dust settled. All this is a conspiracy of Demon Race.

Yu Family’s people spent five years of hard work, seeing the cooked duck flying, the gas is definitely angry, but no matter how angry, they can only endure, can’t throw the pot on Wang Lan’s head.

Wang Qi was stabbed, Wang Lan tracked down the real murderer as it should be by rights, blame Yu Family for not controlling it tightly, and letting the Demon Race spy hang around. Even if Yu Ruohuai’s mouth is not strong, can such a confidential matter be left to outsiders to do?

“Congratulations to the host for cracking the Demon Race spy conspiracy, rewarding EXP 800,000 and 10,000 skill points.”

“Congratulations to the host for resolving a civil disturbance in Jade Country, rewarding EXP 1,000,000 and skill points of 20,000–“

The two messages pop up at the same time, and Wang Lan’s mood suddenly becomes relaxed and happy.

Although the threat of Demon Race seems to come to an end, for the safety of her aunt Wang Lan is almost closely following her. Until the aunt’s body was completely recovered.

In less than ten days, the aunt who was mortally wounded in her body had no trouble moving.

Wang Lan Jiang Xinyu and the others found a restaurant for the sister-in-law to discharge the hospital today. Looking at the happy children in front of him, the smile on Wang Qi’s face has never faded.

“Aunt Wang, congratulations on your recovery and discharge. There will always be a blessing after death. I wish Aunt Wang’s endless blessing and endless enjoyment.” Jiang Xinchen said sweetly and slyly beside Wang Qi.

“Your child’s mouth is so sweet, I hope you all can be safe, and your safety is my blessing. speaking of which, so many of me are ordinary persons. I thought I was awakened by this injection The potion can awaken the star martial artist… It seems that what I think is too beautiful.”

“Auntie, don’t you say that the awakening medicine is unlikely to be successful at one time? Need long-term injection?” Wang Lan asked doubtfully.

“This is just my optimistic guess. There is another possibility that this medicine can only be injected once, and the second injection will be useless. Forget it, let’s study this thing later, let’s eat first.”

A group of star martial artists, so the picture of eating is needless to say. Although everyone eats pretty, but the amount of food usually scares children.

“By the way, the first document is down, and I may have to leave.” Wang Qi said suddenly when the meal was about the same.

“Leave?” Wang Lan’s chopsticks paused, “Where did he leave?”

“The above is for my safety considerations, which means that I go to work in the Military Region Research Institute. Although I don’t think it is necessary, after all, it is the No. 1 document. I can’t refuse it. Most of the time in the future, I will be back in the Safety Sector.”

“Ah? Where are you going? What should I do when you leave?” Song Jia exclaimed, almost crying.

“Of course you went with mother. I don’t know where to go. I only know it is in the west.”

“Auntie now not only masters the technology of genetic medicine, the most important thing is to master the technology of awakening medicine. The genetic medicine is only used to cure diseases, even if the Xingwu toxin vaccine is only for Xingwu toxin, the awakening medicine This thing is too intriguing.

Star martial family is okay, but the Demon Race spy can treat her aunt as a thorn in her eyes. In fact, I am also considering this issue. To the importance of my aunt, Suzhou City’s environmental protection has been unable to meet the requirements. “

“Western, I heard there was a deserted deserted area over there…” Song Jia said unhappy with his face poking at the cake in front of him.

“Who said, you are all old Huang, and Jade Country shouted the Western Development for so many years. Do you think you shouted? Which one of the main cities in the west is worse than Suzhou City?”

“Then it might as well be in Suzhou City.”

“Relax, since the above arrangement will take care of your life, it will definitely not make your life boring. But Auntie, what did you plan to learn about Jiajia last time?”

“Originally I planned to send Wudang Mountain, but didn’t expect this to happen. I was protected, and my weakness is left to you and Jiajia. I am at ease with you, so Jiajia should You can’t go to Wudang Mountain anymore.”


“Oye, you are the leader. I reacted with the leader yesterday, and I promised to choose a suitable teacher for you.”

Yu Ruoyan stayed in Suzhou City after her sister was discharged from the hospital. When Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu went back to the new hostal building arm in arm, they saw Yu Ruoyan leaning on the pole at the door of the new hostal building from a distance.

“Uh? Why are you waiting for us here, why not call me?”

“Knowing that you are celebrating Ms. Wang Qi’s discharge from the hospital, I’m inconvenient to disturb.” Yu Ruoyan raised her eyebrows and looked at the greasy look of the two of them. “Did you both feel so fearless when you arrived in Suzhou City?”

“When we are just and honorable in love, how do we say there is no fear?” Wang Lan deflated, came to the door, and the automatic door suddenly opened.

The three of them took the elevator straight up to the top floor. “Sit anywhere, just be your own home.”

“I’m going back.” Yu Ruoyan said directly after sitting down.

“It’s almost time to calculate, when?”

“The plane this afternoon.”

“Last time, you didn’t squeak before you left, wait until we know you are getting off the plane. How come you say goodbye today? What are you panic about?” The relationship between Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan has already reached now. At the point of casual loss, Jiang Xinyu has been living in a dormitory with Yu Ruoyan for many years, but it is finally separated by an invisible wall.

“Yeah, I didn’t say goodbye last time, because I know that even if I don’t say goodbye, you won’t be really angry. But at this time, even if I specifically say goodbye, you might not really care.”

“Can you not be so sad? Didn’t I say it’s gone?”

“Really passed?” Yu Ruoyan looked at Wang Lan seriously. “Don’t you blame me a little bit?”

“Yu Family is Yu Family, you are you, I don’t like Yu Family, but you are a friend I agree with. How could it be easy to get rid of all the births and deaths we have experienced for so many years because of these things?


The mind is really complicated, not refreshing at all. After all, it’s still a woman after all! But Ruoyun, I have always regarded you as a brother. “

“cough cough cough…” A bite of juice poured into the throat, and almost did not let Yu Ruoyan spray out.

“Okay, I know your skin. The first order came down, and Yu Family unconditionally handed over King Jiangshan.”

“Have you agreed?”

“Can there be any reason not to agree? How can he not allow the agent to resurrect Jiangshan Wang in the hands of others? In this matter, the state will not retreat in a bit, so if you don’t pay it, you have to pay it.

The Longevity Elixir is allowed to continue research, but it will not be given to Jiangshan King, and when the country has the final say. After all, Demon Race has already begun to stir. One more King of the Mountains will have more battle strength. “

“The country intends to put King Jiangshan there?”

“It should be a place with Ms. Wang Qi. The highest level of security, the highest level of confidentiality, and even the security level of No. 1 are inferior to that place.”

An hour later, Yu Ruoyan stood up, “I’m gone.”

“We send you…”

“No, you have worked hard for many days, I will not delay your happy time. My car is waiting for me downstairs, no need to deliver it. If fated will meet again.” Yu Ruoyan waved his hand and turned to enter the elevator, As soon as the elevator doors closed, an inexplicable sadness flooded Yu Ruoyan’s heart.

This time event, after all, made a scar between her and Wang Lan.

Suzhou City Airport is less than 10% of Modu Airport, and most are domestic flights.

Yu Ruoyan had just bought the ticket and was about to go to the terminal, when the phone rang suddenly. Yu Ruoyan answered the phone, “Hey, Dad! Just sold out the ticket…what?”

The town of Jiang City, Southern King Palace, built by the river, covers an area of ​​five square kilometers. It is a slightly preserved ancient building in Jade Country. It is also the residence of the Yu Family Zhenjiang Wang family.

But today, the heavy dark clouds shrouded the sky of the Zhenjiang Wangfu, and the luxury cars were parked outside the Zhenjiang Wangfu. At this moment, more people are coming continuously.

“Two Princess is here–“

In Zhenjiang Wangfu, one person suddenly said in a low voice, all the young and old in the house walked out of the gate of Wangfu together, looking at Yu Ruoyan who was approaching slightly bowed.

“What’s going on? Have you checked?” Yu Ruoyan asked lowly before coming to the old man in front.

“It was done by an expert! And this expert is beyond our imagination! Old man estimates that this person’s strength is not under Azure Emperor.”

“Is it Demon Race?”

“Not like, but more like a star martial artist, Princess, will it be killing the chicken to warn the monkey?”

“Do you think the Zhenjiang King’s Mansion is a chicken? That’s one of our Yu Family Six Great Sects!” Yu Ruoyan drank sorrowfully, “This is not something I can handle anymore, so I will call Give Uncle, let Uncle make his own shot.”

Hearing this, the young and old in front of him suddenly looked happy.

Yu Family is the only one who can make Azure Emperor move, only Yu Ruoyan.

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