I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 454


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The underground parking lot of the new hostal building, the practice field that Wang Lan must practice every day. Since Wang Lan’s strength on the Nebula realm, this Practice Field has never been used again.

Below Nebula level can also improve the strength through regular cultivation, but regular cultivation above Nebula level is no longer useful. But today, the desolate Practice Field, a petite silhouette seems to have been Wang Lan’s projection, and it is difficult to flash in the trial field.

Looking at Song Jia, Wang Lan’s own silhouette emerged from his eyes many years ago. At that time, Wang Lan had not yet awakened that innate talent was just an ordinary person. At that time, Huang Feilong was not as kind as he was, and only used tennis instead of attacking.

Think about the age when you were only twelve or three years old. You were beaten by a burly man over 150 pounds with a sandbag fist for more than an hour… Even if you have protective gear, you can’t bear to look straight at it.

“I’m still too kind…to combine body and mind, to move, to move, not to move first, to move. When you see the tennis ball flying, it’s too late to dodge, you should At the moment when I saw the tennis attack, I made an evasion.”

Wang Lan shouted loudly, the tennis whizz in his hand turned into a streamer and shot towards Song Jia. The tennis ball accurately hit Song Jia’s chest, his body flew backwards and hit the isolation rope.


prostrate oneself in admiration, the standard Toad Style gesture style.

“wu wu wu-Brother, you bullied me…” Song Jia cried, how confident he was when he came, how miserable it was at this moment.

“Is this even bullying you? This is just regular training. You have now awakened star martial artist innate talent, the physical data is far more than normal people, and you still have giant innate talent. Seriously, Even the physical foundation of some Star Radiance Realm star martial artist is not as good as you.

When I was trained like this, I was only an ordinary person. If you can’t stand this level, I urge you to write off the Star Martial certificate as soon as possible. Don’t talk about becoming a powerful star martial artist in the future. Words.

Star martial artist’s achievement is 90% hard, 10% is innate talent, no matter how good innate talent is wasted on you. “

“wu wu wu ……” Song Jia still cried with his knees grieved.

“Since this is the case, let’s take a break.” Wang Lan couldn’t finally settle down, sighed said.

“I don’t!” Song Jia shouted with anger.

“So what do you want?”

“Continue to practice!”

“Oh? Ruzi is teachable!” Wang Lan was very satisfied and praised it.

“I don’t have any other ideas, I just want to, I will beat you up one day sooner or later. I’ve never had such a loss since I grew up.” Looking at Song Jia’s pretense to be vicious, but cute Wang Lan’s bubbly expression is very good-natured.

Little child’s temper is just reluctant to lose.

“Brother, although what you said is a combination of body and mind, I can understand what you want to do, but how can you do it? Is there no more gentle and convenient way for you?”

“Do you know what a startle reaction is?” Wang Lan’s mouth smirked slightly.

“What startle response?”

“It’s–” Suddenly Wang Lan’s finger moved a little under Song Jia’s feet, and an arc flashed and spread to Song Jia’s feet instantly. Suddenly, Song Jia’s whole body bounced, and he quit six or seven steps away.

“Brother, what are you doing? It will kill you–“

Fear of thunder and lightning, little children are all born.

“Look, didn’t you hide very fast this time? There are only two situations when a person is frightened, one is frightened and the other is fast dodge. And this state of fast dodge is I’m talking about the combination of body and mind. In that state, do you still have time to consider whether I’m evading or not?

However, when cultivation or fighting, you cannot achieve a combination of body and mind in a state of shock. You need to remember this state, the body is ready to go, but the mind needs to be extremely calm and sober…”

Suddenly, Wang Lan paused for a while, and a reminder sounded from Xiao Ai’s ear, “Wang Lan, Wang Qianfeng is coming.”

“You practice basic movements first, I’ll go as soon as I go.”

At the entrance of the elevator, Wang Lan saw Wang Qianfeng with a dignified complexion, and when he saw Wang Qianfeng’s complexion, he felt a little stunned.

“Wang Lan, I just got the news that the Zhenjiang Palace was slaughtered by the whole family.”

“Zhenjiang Wangfu…I think of it, it is Yu Ruohuai who is the son of Zhenjiang Wangfu… Wait, Uncle Wang, don’t you doubt that I did it?”

“You have been in Suzhou City these days, of course it was impossible that you did it, but the Zhenjiang Wangfu was completely slaughtered, and it can be regarded as the biggest case in the past few decades.” Wang Qianfeng’s face was solemn and Wang Lan was unfathomable mystery.

Wang Lan doesn’t have a crush on Zhenjiang Wangfu. Although the truth is clear now, it was not Yu Family who was stabbed when the aunt was stabbed. But if it wasn’t Yu Ruohuai’s problem, how could Auntie be targeted by Demon Race?

So when I heard the news, Wang Lan had no trouble in his heart. Although he didn’t want to laugh, he felt emotional.

“Zhenjiang Wangfu expert as clouds, a titled powerhouse twelve Star Sea realm experts, were slaughtered in a very short time, and they didn’t even have the time to issue an alarm.

It was only six hours after the Zhenjiang Royal Palace was slaughtered. Although I didn’t see it at the scene, the information has been transmitted. Judging from the traces on the scene, it was done by a single person, and most people were killed without reaction time. “

“Uncle Wang means…send me to check?”

“You go to check? You are not afraid of being swallowed up by Yu Family’s life? This thing has alarmed Azure Emperor. I am here to tell you a lifetime, Demon Race has a big move. This level of expert, the assessment is not in 5 Emperors Below.

And I can’t think of the purpose of extinguishing the Zhenjiang Royal Palace at this time, other than venting my anger? With this level of expert, not many people can prevent the entire Jade Country. “

I heard here that Wang Lan came to comprehended in an instant, “He came to the auntie?” Wang Lan then took the head again, “That’s not right, the whole family of Zhenjiang Wangfu was destroyed. This is not a reminder that we should take precautions early. What? If I changed to Demon Race, the first time should be to assassinate my aunt.”

“I can’t figure it out, Wang Qi’s side…you have to protect yourself.”

“Understood, I took my aunt and I followed closely before sending her to a safe place.”

At the same time, Azure Emperor Yuqing also came to the palace of Zhenjiang, “Is the autopsy report out yet?”

“Come out!” Yu Ruoyan said, holding the folder in his hand. “The injuries on everyone are very strange and terrifying. The eardrum ruptured, the brain was shattered into a paste, all the internal organs were broken, but the epidermis was not. No damage at all.

Therefore, it appears that the Qiqiao bleeds to death, and the most unimaginable thing is that the guards of the Zhenjiang Royal Palace seemed unable to move. “

“Can’t move?”

“Yes! A few Star Sea experts have apparently responded, at least realizing that there is an enemy attack, but no counterattack was made until they were killed.

The murderer seems to be entering from the front door, and then killing when seeing someone, killing until killing all the way to the backyard. The whole Zhenjiang Royal Palace does not leave a living mouth. “

“Azure Emperor, the person who started is too ruthless, since ancient times, killing is not overwhelming, and destroying whole family heavens cannot tolerate. Even in the period of the emperor, the previous emperors have never given the order of the Nine Clan, But now, this whole family slaughter happened in my Yu Family clan.

This matter is not only a debt of blood must be paid in blood, but also tenfold repayment. You said, what should we do? “

“Uncle grandfather, who is the murderer who has not landed yet, even if a debt of blood must be paid in blood, must someone be found?” Yu Ruoyan frowned unable to bear said.

“There are not many people who have conflicts with the Zhenjiang Royal Mansion, but there is only one person who dares to the Zhenjiang Royal Mansion and can do this to the Zhenjiang Royal Mansion. Who is the murderer, do we still need to find it?”

“Oh? What Uncle wants to say is…” Yuqing eyebrow raised, asking in doubt.

“Who else can be besides Flame Emperor? Flame Emperor behaves arrogantly, does not succumb to others, and has done a lot of extraordinary things in the past. She has always been reckless, and this time the younger sister has suffered such a big loss. The younger sister killed the whole family of Zhenjiang Wangfu in her early days and she could do it.

The Zhenjiang King’s House is of great strength, and they can prevent them from sending out an alarm from start to finish. In Jade Country, there are only five. Not Flame Emperor, can it still be Emperor Xuan, Hades, and Bai Emperor? “

“Flame Emperor? impossible!” Azure Emperor shook his head on the spot and denied, “Flame Emperor’s shot, there must be a raging sun.”

“Azure Emperor, now you say it’s her, that’s her! If she wants to say no, then find out that the real murderer proves not her.”

After hearing this, Yu Ruoyan suddenly turned black, “Uncle grandfather, do you still want to provoke conflicts on purpose? Do you have to make Jade Country mess up all of you?”

“The chaos of the chaotic country! But we can’t just eat it at this loss. Using this as an excuse, it’s the purpose to return some benefits. Furthermore, it’s not too much for them to do this in Jade Country. Well, if it’s not, it’s the experts that Jade Country secretly cultivated. Don’t think I don’t know, there is a list of dark swords in the first hand.”

“Uncle really doesn’t know who it is, or is the understood deliberately splashing dirty water?” Azure Emperor stared at the old man who was talking.

“Although I don’t know who it is, it’s never out of this range! Azure Emperor wants to say that it’s not a Jade Country domestic person? That’s interesting, how did foreign experts at this level come to Jade Country? Also For thousands of miles to slaughter the whole family of Zhenjiang Wangfu?”

“Uncle, if you could be a bird of paradise for decades under the International Security Council and you can still live and dance in a wind and rain, is there no point card? The person who started it did not conceal it, his name is Sony.”

“Sony? Host nation?”

“No, although he called this name, he has never been in the host nation. You don’t even know him? It seems…you haven’t cared about people and things in the world for a long time.

The Sonic, Sony, the fastest person in the world, is also a number one expert known as Bird of Paradise. Ten years ago, Wang Ling and I joined forces to chase him down. After a month of chasing, she let her escape. This shows how hard this person is. “

“People of paradise? What do birds of paradise do to deal with Zhenjiang Royal Palace?”

“Bird of paradise is the enemy of the whole world, it is not surprising that he deals with anyone. Moreover, paradise is a human traitor organization, they call Demon Race as Divine Race, this kind of thing needs to ask them why?”

“Ruoyun, you are wrong.” Azure Emperor shook the head. “Did you notice the eyes of Yuxu Zuo?”

“Eyes?” Yu Ruoyan looked towards Yu Xuzuo, who had already lost his life on the throne. Although he was dead, his eyes were still open. Suddenly Yu Ruoyan complexion changed, “His eyes are loose, he was insane when he died?”

“Demon Race has not yet given up, he got the news of the original jade from Yuxu Zuo. This time the original jade escort, I will send it personally.”

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