I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 455


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Within a few days, Wang Lan almost protected the younger sister closely, even the Heavenly Sword Bureau even ate and drank through layers of inspection to ensure that no problems were sent to Wang Lan’s home.

Finally, it’s time to send my aunt to the Western Military Region Reserve. This time the escort was double escort from Heavenly Sword Bureau and the military.

At Wang Lan’s new hostal building, 17 off-road vehicles are parked, all of which are bullet-proof and anti-explosive military vehicles. In each car, there are two people who are about the same size as aunt Jiajia. For this escort, Heavenly Sword Bureau and the Military Department have done their best.

Jiajia, who was always active in the car, also seemed extremely nervous. It’s not that I’m afraid that there will be any assassination in a while, but that the situation in front of her makes her not nervous. Even if there is nothing, looking at such a serious protection, it feels like something will happen.

The convoy drove smoothly to the airport, to live together in harmony along the way. There are a lot of pedestrians standing on the sidelines. In the end, who can actually enjoy such a high-standard escort, I haven’t heard of No. 1 coming to Suzhou City for inspection?

At the airport, the entire airport was temporarily closed for an hour, and all passengers except for the staff in the airport were emptied. A team of soldiers with live ammunition lined up neatly standing on either side of a small plane.

The convoy arrived and all the soldiers stood upright.

The door in the middle opens, and Wang Lan takes the lead to get off, and then opens the door to let Auntie and Jiajia get off. Wang Lan immediately opened the trunk, which was full of luggage.

“Ms. Wang Qi, this time going to the 70th military base in the west 70, escorted by the Northwest War Zone Black Tiger Star Wute Brigade, White Tiger Independent Squad.” A soldier who stared at the colonel’s badge on his shoulder came Wang Qi reports before the Salute.

Such aunt has never experienced this kind of scene, and suddenly feels at a loss.

“It’s hard!” Wang Lan came carrying the luggage and said softly with a smile, “Don’t be so serious, it’s natural.”

The other person’s eyes flicked towards Wang Lan’s shoulder badge, and a surprise flashed in his eyes. For such a young university, the Star Sea powerhouse in front of me has never heard of it, never heard of it.

The baggage handling was completed, Wang Lan followed Wang Qi and took Song Jia’s hand to board the plane. The escort was originally the Heavenly Sword Bureau and the Star Martial army in the Northwest Military Region, but the staff sent by the Heavenly Sword Bureau was Wang Lan.

It’s not that Heavenly Sword Bureau doesn’t take it seriously, but if a Wang Lan can’t guarantee safety, Heavenly Sword Bureau brothers will be useless no matter how much they come. Boarding the plane, Song Jia looked out the window curiously. Looking at the warriors sitting straight around him, his head shrank back and returned his curious gaze.

“Don’t be nervous, relax.” Auntie comfortably patted Song Jia’s hand.

“I’m not nervous, but I’m a little bit afraid… Do I live in this environment in the future? Is it too depressed? Brother, you are also a soldier, why don’t you look like a soldier?”

“What you said…I can’t hear whether it’s good or bad.”

“That…Wang Qi Court Academecian…” Suddenly, there was a whispering cry around me. A spirited guy with a dark face, the smile on his face was a bit reluctant.

“Hello, is there anything wrong?”

“Wang Qi Court Academecian… Are you the scientist who invented the gene-editing formula and made life potions?” The pair of adoring eyes, the bright Wang Qi felt a little dazzling.

“The gene editing formula was invented by my husband, but the life medicine was made by me. I am a researcher, and the name scientist is a bit unbearable.”

“no no no, you are amazing. Don’t look at you as an ordinary person, but it is more powerful than our entire Star Martial army. We only kill a few beasts and kill Demon Race to save a few people. Millions and tens of millions of people.”

“Wang Qi Court Academecian, it is our pleasure to escort you, can you sign me a name?”

“I also want, Wang Qi Court Academecian, can you write a sentence for my daughter? It is to encourage her to study hard to stand out…”

“Pay attention to discipline!” Captain Captain suddenly shouted sharply, “The plane is about to take off…”

The atmosphere that just thawed suddenly became serious and old-fashioned again.

“Wait for takeoff…Wang Qi Court Academecian, I also want a signature.” The colonel leader broke the score in a second, and Wang Lan and Song Jia looked stunned, and after Song Jia reacted, pu chi laughed.

The plane vibrated slightly. The feeling of climbing was very peculiar. I felt like I was going to flip up, and there was a clear feeling of rushing into the sky. Through the glass around him, Wang Lan clearly saw that the Suzhou City below was gradually moving away.

The weather today is very clear, and the blue sky is exceptionally clear. At the airport, Wang Qianfeng looked up at the plane that had flown into the sky, and his heart that had been suspended was finally put down.

The plane took off, this time the escort mission was completed perfectly. In the volley of Jade Country, there is absolutely no such thing as supporting the country of Bing Xue. The plane should land safely?

Slowly, the plane entered a steady flight, and the aunt was too busy handing them photos and autographs. Jiajia, who was flying for the first time, was particularly excited, holding Wang Lan’s finger at her feet, “Look, that’s Chenghu, so small! I used to think it was big.”

While everyone was very relaxed, Wang Lan’s heart suddenly seemed to be twisted, and his heart string was instantly stretched straight. Too late to hesitate, Wang Lan held Song Jia with his left hand, and the right hand grabbed the aunt’s arm.


Cry out in surprise came from the cab, the sound hadn’t had time to dissipate, the two drivers in the cab instantly flying ash annihilation. Then the plane seemed to hit an invisible wall and collapsed and twisted in front.


A burst of fire exploded in the sky. Wang Qianfeng, who had just turned around and was about to get into the car, turned around instantly as if he had been pierced with a needle, and the scene in front of him broke his eyes.

The original direction of the plane’s flight, but now there was only a flare of fire.

After checking it countless times, I wish I could scan every part of the plane and it exploded into the air?

The plane exploded in the air, and even the star martial artist in the Star Sea environment must be hit hard. After only a few seconds, Wang Qianfeng uttered a roar in an instant, “Go to save people, save people–“

A wave of ripples wafted in Wang Lan’s room. In an instant, Wang Lan Song Jia and Wang Qi three appeared in the room. Wang Qi is also holding a pen and writing on a notebook.

At this instant, the vision has changed, and everything has changed.

“What’s the matter?” Auntie looked around with a dazed face. Isn’t this room Wang Wang’s room?

“Is the memory of taking an airplane an illusion?”

“Brother, what’s wrong? How are we? Come back?”

Wang Lan at the moment is supporting his body with sweat. Space Phoenix Form is not unlimited space movement, with the consumption of Space Power, the greater the physical strength of instant movement.

This is like a battery. It is full of power when it is full, but it is more difficult to climb the slope when only half of the battery is left. Over the past year, Wang Lan has used instant mobility to defuse the crisis several times, but with the increase in the number of uses, Space Power has also drastically consumed.

“Brother? What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine.” Wang Lan had recovered for a while, and stood up to the window sill, thinking back to the horrible picture.

That is definitely a star martial skill, and a star martial skill at the star soul level. If Wang Lan’s reaction was a little slower, he and his aunt will die.

This is not a plane bomb nor a missile attack. If the plane is simply disintegrated, Wang Lan can still protect the safety of Auntie and Jiajia, but for this martial skill, Wang Lan can only use Avatar to regenerate to avoid a disaster.

This kind of expert… is Demon Race? Or Yu Family? It should be Demon Race, Yu Ruoyan has made it very clear, and it is in the Yu Family’s interest that the aunt is alive. Is this person the one who slaughtered the palace of Zhenjiang?

Wang Qianfeng is going crazy, driving in person, and the horsepower is maximized. The off-road vehicle is generally driven by the car he races on the road.

“ding ding dong dong ——”

The mobile phone rang, Wang Qianfeng’s irritated frowned, “Who is calling this time, did you know that something happened so quickly? You answered it for me.” Wang Qianfeng faced Xu Shiyun shouted around him.

Xu Shiyun was also so frightened that he pulled out his mobile phone from Wang Qianfeng’s inner pocket, and the whole person bounced on the spot when he saw the phone number.

“I fuck!”

“Fuck you, who?”

“Is Wang Lan -“

“Squeak–” Wang Qianfeng slammed on the brakes, and the dozens of cars immediately behind him suddenly made an emergency brake. Before the brakes quickly changed lanes, it was almost the scene of a tragic accident.

But Wang Qianfeng can’t take care of anything, and quickly connected the phone, “Wang Lan, are you still alive? How about Wang Qi?”

“Uncle Wang, my aunt and Jiajia are very good.”

“Where are you? I will pick you up immediately.”

“In the home of the new hostal building.”


Wang Qianfeng was silent for three seconds, and then it came back, “Are you sure?”

“Ok! Uncle Wang, the attack on the plane is not a plane bomb, but a star martial artist… except the three of us on the plane, it may not be able to survive.”

“Don’t say it first, I’ll be here soon, and I’ll talk when I get there.”

Turning around in situ, I don’t care if I was driving against the cultivation. Fourteen vehicles rushed into the elevated lane and rushed towards the urban area of ​​Suzhou City.

While luck survived, Wang Lan did not dare to relax. The expert who attacked the plane was Wang Lan. Even if his strength was fully open, he was not sure about the existence of countermeasures.

And Wang Lan can’t guarantee whether the other party knows that he has escaped a catastrophe. If it is understood, it’s inevitable to chase it down.

The time passes by one minute and one second, and after half an hour, there is a calm and tranquil surrounding. Within a few seconds after the plane exploded, the news had swept through high-level mobile phones like a hurricane and tsunami.

Wang Qianfeng’s mobile phone has received at least twenty missed calls within a few seconds of Wang Qianfeng talking with Wang Lan.

“Wang Qianfeng, what the hell is going on? Didn’t you say that the inspection has been done?” The first person to call Wang Qianfeng was Lu Zhao. As soon as the phone is connected, the accountability of assaulting the face is assaults the senses.

“Secretary, first of all, Ms. Wang Qi is now safe, Wang Lan kept Ms. Wang Qi and Song Jia, and I have to see Wang Lan to know the specific situation. I am now rushing to the location of Wang Lan.”

“Are you sure? Are you sure you are not hypnotizing yourself?”

“Wang Lan just called me and I dare to use the head guarantee. Land Bureau, you are now reporting safety to the relevant department, I have no time to deal with it, please.”

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