I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 456


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“en?” Wang Lan’s eyes suddenly flicked, and he turned back to make a mute gesture to Auntie and Song Jia.

“Wang Lan, an unknown person sneaked into the building? Do you want to turn on the defense mode?” Xiao Ai’s voice also suddenly sounded at this time.

“Auntie, you and Jiajia stay in the room, I will go back as soon as I go.” Wang Lan’s voice fell to the ground, and the person was already disappeared into the floor.

“Boss, I have arrived at the new hostal building. Rest assured, we will not miss any corner. Um, yes! Guaranteed to complete the task.”

Wang Lan was lurking under the corridor floor, listening to the footsteps in the distance walking slowly. As the footsteps approached, it seemed that someone was calling the outside world.

“Simu, are we too shocked to walk in like this?”

“Amazing? No? Right, what do you shrink behind me? You weren’t so timid before.”

“Is this my timid? This is Wang Lan’s home.” When the other person mentioned Wang Lan’s name, his voice shook slightly and his tone was full of fear.

“What are you afraid of? Wang Lan is not at home now.”

“Although I knew I was not at home, I thought at the time when he was in Suzhou City, how many brethren were planted in his hand, I felt guilty. I don’t know how this bastard did it, and it was so well hidden , But he was still killed by each and everyone. He has been in the realm for more than a hundred years and misses home.”

“Do you just miss home? I also think, don’t talk nonsense, as long as you destroy the materials of the Awakening Elixir, we will do a great job, a small leader will not be able to run away. When the army of the mother star comes, we will Can return.”

“Even Wang Qi’s home has no awakening remedy. It shouldn’t be in Wang Lan’s home?”

“Who knows? But for the sake of insurance. The awakening agent can awaken all human beings. This threat is too great for our family and must be completely eliminated. The group of bastards in Qin’an City, such a big thing, don’t tell us in advance… …With our help, they won’t be wiped out so easily.”

“Don’t complain, we are not parallel to each other, this is a rule.”

Hearing here, Wang Lan also confirmed the identity and purpose of the two Demon Race spies. In an instant, it seemed that the ghost generally rose from the ground, and the top secret appeared behind the two.

Palmlessly patted on the shoulders of the two.

“What do you do on my shoulder?”

“No, I am full and holding your shoulder?”

In an instant, the two people shook and turned around their necks with difficulty. The necks of the two Demon Races are really peculiar, and they can rotate 180 degrees directly. When I saw Wang Lan’s sneering expression, my pale face turned green.


The arc lights up in Wang Lan’s palm and instantly turns into an electric current flowing within the two Demon Race’s within the body. Demon Race shakes off its disguise gradually and becomes the original Demon Race.

The appearance of the low-level Demon Race is very disgusting. The octopus head bears a humanoid body, or the crocodile head bears a duck-like body.

Suddenly, Wang Lan felt the star forces of the two Demon Races violently rippling and rushed straight to his head.

“Want Self-destruction?” Wang Lan coldly shouted, the current radiated by both hands converged into a grid.

“Seal me!”

Compared to Demon Race, the bird of paradise approach is very ruthless. Every bird of paradise has a spell in its mind. As long as it is invaded or attempts to reveal a secret, the spell immediately starts to explode. Demon Race didn’t engrave the technique in his own head, but Demon Race was very strong.

70 years after the war, Heavenly Sword Bureau caught the Demon Race not one thousand or eight hundred, but never caught a live mouth. Demon Race chooses Self-destruction as soon as it decides to escape without hope.

This is also related to the social structure of Demon Race. Demon Race is just like a bee. It has a clear identity and positioning at birth. What to do, has been dead since birth. But their positioning is not determined by inheritance. Low-level Demon Race, it is also possible to give birth to the high-level child.

If it wasn’t for Wang Lan’s strength, the seal technique was applied when the two Demon Races didn’t respond, and even if it was a second slower, it might be possible for the two Demon Races to complete Self-destruction.

Release your hands and the two Demon Races fall to the ground like two dead fish. And at this moment, a rapid brake sound rang at the door of the new hostal building.

Wang Lan brought two Demon Races to take home, and threw it directly in the living room.

Sister Ai and Song Jia, who were observing through the door gap, slowly pushed open the door. When they saw the two Demon Races at first glance, they could not help but shrink slightly and gave a quick exclaim.

“This is the legendary Demon Race?” Song Jia came to the two Demon Races curiously after being frightened. The extend the hand pointed to the Demon Race staring at the eyes of the dead fish.

“How come there is such a creature? It is completely incompatible with the evolutionary law of biological…”

“The existence of the Demon Race itself violates the laws of science, and it doesn’t matter what style it develops. These two goods think that the aunt has been killed, and come here to find the research materials of the awakening agent to destroy. I don’t want to think about it. , Even if the research materials are left, they will be sent to the national database long ago. How could they stay at home?”

“Wang Lan, Colonel Wang Qianfeng is here.”

The elevator door was opened, and I saw two Demon Race Wang Qianfeng lying on the floor of the living room. I was shocked for a while, “What is this… what happened?”

I immediately looked at Wang Qi and Song Jia sitting on the sofa with concern, and my suspended heart was really put back in my stomach.

“Uncle Wang, it is an expert! The plane hit the star martial skill, and it is definitely super S-Rank star martial skill. Fortunately, I set a spatial coordinate at home, otherwise even I am powerless to defend himself even more how Auntie.”

“According to your strength, the person who shot is…”

“Beyond my existence, strength and Azure Emperor. They are one level. I also escaped successfully in the last half second, but so many brothers on the plane…”

Thinking back to the dozen cute faces on the plane, Wang Lan felt like a stone was blocked.

“I also just got the information that the killer of Zhenjiang Wangfu should be the number one wanted bird of paradise Sonic. This is a person who has a headache for the International Security Committee. I came to Jade Country more than ten years ago when Azure Emperor and Your mother teamed up and chased him down for more than a month or let him run away.”


“Well, he is known as the fastest man in the world. Innate Ability is to control the air. He can do supersonic speed ten times the speed of movement, which can instantly create a vacuum within a kilometer.

This is a terrifying figure. He had slaughtered a city with a population of 3,000,000 twenty years ago. “

“One person slaughtered a city?” When Wang Qianfeng heard the words, Wang Qi immediately issued a cry out in surprise.

“Just destroyed a city, and there were no more than 3,000,000 people actually slaughtered. But the number of deaths at least exceeded 500,000. This is a real demon. The meaning above is to see if you can guarantee Wang Qi’s safety. Can’t destroy him?”

Wang Lan looked at Wang Qianfeng in surprise. Did I just say this in vain? The murderer’s strength is no less than 5 Emperors, you say see if you can destroy him? Are you sure you want to send it?

After understanding Wang Lan’s eyes, Wang Qianfeng was a little embarrassed, “Am I asking too? And Azure Emperor has arrived in Modu. If possible, Azure Emperor will come to assist. Of course, it doesn’t matter if he can’t kill him, It’s okay to get out of Jade Country.”

After talking about the two Demon Race spies who looked like dead fish on the ground, “Are you rewarded by escaping from death?”

“The two Demon Race spies thought me and my aunt were killed, so I swaggered to find the awakening potion, and don’t give it away.”

“Living?” Wang Qianfeng’s eyes changed suddenly.

I caught the live Demon Race spy three times in the last 70 years as far as he knew, and every time something dug out of the head of the Demon Race spy shocked the whole country. Pull out the radish to bring out the mud, basically a city’s Demon Race spy network can’t run.

“Is the spirit imprinted?”

“Not yet, do it now.”

As a result, Wang Lan protruded out of the palm, and a Demon Race spy was sucked into Wang Lan’s palm, and the palm of his hand clasped Demon Race’s head. After a burst of star force, the green star force waved out.

After a long time, Wang Lan let go of the Demon Race spy, who had become an idiot, and slapped his head on the other spy.

About ten minutes before Wang Lan opened his eyes.

The reason why it takes so long is mainly because Demon Race spy has too much experience. They were all selected to stay when Demon Race retired. Don’t look at them, they are just the strength of the fish in Nebula, but in the realm of Demon Race, their real strength is all the powerhouse of Peak Sea.

From the heads of the two Demon Race spies, Wang Lan not only got the location of the residual spy network in Suzhou City, but also got the secret that Wang Lan didn’t dare to guess before.

These secrets are not secrets for Demon Race, but for the human race, at least Wang Lan does not know that they should be deliberately concealed by the United Nations.

Why is Demon Race coming to the human world suppressed by laws? The law is not Heaven and Earth Law, but the law of man-made. About 10,000 years ago, there were Divine Race and Celestial Court in the human world.

Demon Race also has Demon God Clan. The two lower Demon Races in the first world battle must not be known, but he knew a little bit. Demon God was exiled by Divine Race into the chaos of time and space, perhaps all to the edge of the universe.

The Divine Race also suffered from casualties, leaving only a few ancient gods. The rule of law is the handwriting of several ancient great gods God of Earth Gaia in the west, Lady Queen of the Earth in the east and the will of the earth to merge with the will of the earth.

This is the last resort they can do to protect the human race. After fusion with the will of the earth, the solar system will be hidden in the starry sky. From any lifeform or civilization outside of space, the solar system cannot be found near the Sky Blue Star.

And on Sky Blue Star, any non-human life strength will be suppressed, the more powerful the suppression, the more severe. This is also the reason why the human race cultivation civilization has gradually declined for countless years, and the human race seems to be able to slam in front of the powerful Demon Race.

Another mystery has also been answered. Why did Demon Race repeatedly invade the human race, but it seems that it always closes at the critical time, giving people a feeling of cutting leeks.

Also because of the existence of these two Divine Races. The two ancient gods will merge with the will of the planet. They will not shoot until the danger of the human race annihilation, and the Demon Race Demon God is not exiled. The will will be slaughtered.

So simply cut the leek, the little by little destroys the inheritance of the civilization of the human race, and waits until the Demon God returns and annihilates the human race in one fell swoop.

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