I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 457


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In addition to this information, there is an important piece of information that Wang Lan had to spend so long to check. That is the last six months, the suppression of the law is weakening.

The human race may not feel obvious, but it is too obvious for Demon Race. The strength of naked eye becomes stronger, this feeling is too cool.

“Wang Lan, how is it? What’s the harvest?” Wang Qianfeng asked impatiently.

“Since the previous year’s Suzhou City Demon Race spy Wang Lan was swept away by us, we have not regained our vitality in the past two years. It was only half a year ago that a spy leader code-name disc was airborne.

It took six months for the disc to integrate the Suzhou City Demon Race spy network, and only 40 spies were able to be contacted, all of which were asleep. This guy happened to be the man brought by the dish, so I happened to know the 40 lists.

The spy who assassinated the aunt this time is not a local spy in Suzhou City. It was Qin’an who followed Yu Ruohuai. It wasn’t until that night that they completely wiped out the Suzhou City spy team until they knew what was happening. “

“Whether they did it or not, as long as it is a Demon Race spy, damn it.”

“He only knows the codes and names of the 40 spies, who is where he is not clear, so we still need to investigate.” Wang Lan said, turning on the computer.

Type dozens of names in computer commands, and then search through Xiaoai’s cloud computing capabilities. About half an hour later, the calculation results appeared, and 40 names appeared with a list of more than 100 identities.

“Most of them are not sure, there are two to three options, so these people need to be further identified.”

“Where is the spy’s headquarters?”

“In the Baixiang District, a chess and card room is a transportation station set up by Demon Race.” After Wang Lan clicked, a photo taken by road surveillance appeared in front of everyone.

“Send Wang Qi and Jiajia to the Heavenly Sword Bureau, they did such a big thing for us today, and they will be a surprise tonight.”

In the car from Wang Qianfeng, the team set off again to Heavenly Sword Bureau. Although there are only 40 sleeping spies, Wang Lan has compiled more than 100 lists. But for Heavenly Sword Bureau who would rather catch the wrong one than let it go, this is not a problem.

Can the next screening be continued at Heavenly Sword Bureau?

The night was slowly coming, and a convoy of convoys slowly drove into Demon Capital Star Martial collage and entered the warehouse of Demon Capital Star Martial collage. The door opened, and Azure Emperor Yu Qing came off the car with a serious face. Looking at the silver-haired old man standing in the front of the crowd, Yu Qing quickly stepped forward.

“Elder Di! Why are you here in person?”

Elder Di should have retired from World War I a year ago. Burning out the blood that can only bloom once in a lifetime, Elder Di’s body has become worse and worse. Fortunately, Elder Di has always paid attention to health, and the previous foundation is still there, it seems to be more spirited than other 70-80 years old elderly people.

“The legendary King Jiangshan, how can I not look up? How are you doing? Is it peace and security?”

“I have been vigilant all the way, and Sony is not stupid and did not take the shot.” Although Yuqing’s expression is elegant, his words reveal strong self-confidence.

“Sony didn’t dare to shoot Yuan Yu, so he went to Suzhou City. This afternoon, Wang Qi’s plane had just taken off, and he was blown up by Sony before he flew over Suzhou City.”

“What? Then Wang Qi Young Lady he…”

“Wang Qi is fine, but fortunately Wang Lan sent her personally and rescued them at the critical moment with instant movement. But the seventeen soldiers who participated in the escort…”

Yu Qing’s brows are slightly frowned, “Can Baidi Xingdi Xuandi draw his hand?”

“For the time being, I can’t pull my shot. Although Wang Lan’s strength is not bad, there is still a big gap compared to Sony. Sony’s purpose is very clear. , Soon Sony will know that Wang Qi is fine, he will soon make another shot.”

“I can only go to Suzhou City once.” Yu Qing said solemnly.

“Who did you go to protect the original jade?”

“Think of a way, I don’t believe the bird of paradise can stare at us with no opportunity.”

Suzhou City, the night is coming.

Originally, Wang Lan’s task was to guard the aunt, but considering that there would be Sony, the speed of sound, Wang Lan had to participate in the operation. Although the mouth says that Sony is powerful, Wang Lan is not an opponent. But not opponents can still play a few.

Wang Lan is now in Peak River Star Peak, and his normal strength is not under the titled powerhouse. And if Phoenix Form is turned on, the Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness form has half-step battle strength of the star soul, and the Phoenix Form can save life.

And Wang Lan also left coordinates in the Heavenly Sword Bureau to ensure that Heavenly Sword Bureau can rush back in time when it receives the attack.

Wang Lan and Lu Zhao, together with several Star Sea experts transferred from Jin City, raided the Demon Race spy headquarters, and the rest of the staff arrested the suspect list.

The night is still bustling and full of light. On the streets, people are busy, people come and go.

In the silence, hidden in the unremarkable chess room outside the remote old campus of Baixiang District, the citizens slowly evacuated. In order not to beat the grass to scare the snake, all Suzhou City guards dress up in plain clothes and even disguise themselves as pedestrians of all kinds.

The chess room is not open today, but the interior of the chess room flashes. The swaying lights illuminate these silhouettes, the lights sway, and the projections on the walls are scary and strange.

Suddenly, a breeze blew in, and the curtain swayed slightly. One silhouette appeared strangely in the room. The man was wearing black tight clothes, and the clothes were tightly attached to his skin, even with a tight hood on his head, leaving only two cold eyes.

silhouette I saw a group of demons dancing around without any discomfort, and a low voice buzzed, “I have sent a secret message for ten times in a row, asking me to come over… what?”

“Mr. Sony, I just got the information, Wang Qi not at all died.” said a senior Demon Race headed low.

“Impossible! I watched Wang Qi get on the plane, the plane was destroyed by me, and no one on the plane would survive.”

“We have absolute confidence in Mr. Sony’s strength, but please take a look at this.” Demon Race took out a stack of photos, and Sony took it for a look, with a stunned flash in his eyes.

In the photo, Wang Lan, Wang Qi and Song Jia took the Heavenly Sword Bureau car and drove away.

At first glance, Sony thought it was a photo of this afternoon’s Heavenly Sword Bureau escorting them to the airport. The time shown on the photo was 3:30 in the afternoon. Sony clearly remembered that the plane took off at three o’clock.

“Mr. Sony, please be assured that the time of the photo is absolutely real. Although I don’t know the reason, the three Wang Qi did not die. Perhaps they did not board the plane at all. The plane that took off today is just a temptation.”

“Impossible is temptation.” Sony’s low replied, remembering the moment when he shot down the plane, he sensed a wave of Space Attribute’s star force fluctuations.

As speeders, they are more sensitive to space fluctuations than others. Even a trace of space fluctuation will be sensed. It was just that my own attack caused a tear in the space, so I didn’t care.

“Space Department?” Sony’s eyes suddenly became cold.

Sony can confidently say that there is no one faster than him in the world today. No, he can proudly say that no one can keep up with his speed. The powerhouse of twelve star souls in the world, his speed is the first gear, the first gear of unique and unmatched.

Because he scorns the speed of the heroes, he can do as one pleases to go anywhere. Whether it is Jade Country or White Eagle nation, he can make no secret of his identity. What can you find? Who can stop me?

But Sony knows that if there is a star martial artist in the space department, he will be worried. The only thing that can restrain him is his time and space attribute.

No matter how fast you are, it will take time to catch up with the light. But the space system can ignore the distance, and the time system can ignore the time.

“Is the bird of paradise Must Kill List second?” Killing intent emerged in Sony’s eyes, “Then please die.”

The words fell, and Sony body flashed disappeared without a trace.

The dozen Demon Race spies present were slightly surprised. Disappear without a trace when I came, so silent when I went?

And less than three seconds after Sony disappeared, the Demon Race spy suddenly became alert.

“Not good ——”

“Thunder lock banned–” shout out loudly as if the sound of thunderbolt sounded.

Demon Race The spy is fully opened in an imposing manner, and with a bang, the chess room becomes a disapeared smoke. When seven or eight Demon Race senior spies rushed out of the chess room to see the ensuing lineup, the face instantly changes was pale.

What is the Divine Immortal lineup? Four Star Sea environment experts, five or six Star River environment experts, and an unknown number of Heavenly Sword Bureau agents surround them to form an inescapable net ban.

inescapable net.

“Mr. Sony! Save us–” The disc cry out in surprise, with the emoji package estimated to be the first to save me!

But after waiting for a few seconds, the surroundings were still empty. At the speed of the Sonic, they could take them away in an instant if they wanted to save them. There is only one reason for not appearing, Sony will not save.

“Commander, will it be Sony…”

“Impossible, Jade Country can’t wait to smash Sony to pieces, but he won’t save us. We are not the same as Bird of Paradise after all.”

“No matter, fight with them, for Divine Race–“

A Demon Race spy rushed forward, his voice still echoing in space, and a star of martial skill had fallen on him with precision. With a bang, the body burst open instantly.

“Turtles in a group of urns, are you not obediently surrender?”

“Kill—” Demon Race fierce and unafraid of death is notorious, and it still charges the landing Zhao even knowing it is mortal. Seeing this, Lu Zhao no longer made the extravagant hope of catching alive.

The star force surged all over the body, and launched the super S-Rank compound star martial skill with two Star Sea experts from Jin City.


Super-range star martial skill When the sky hits seven Demon Races, the Demon Race silhouette freezes in the light curtain, and in a flash, seven fireworks explode in the air. With sufficient preparation, the Demon Race catching a turtle in a jar did not resist.

The mind was slightly relaxed, and suddenly a strong crisis hit Lu Zhao’s heart.

Lu Zhao turned around like lightning, and the void behind him was slightly twisted. In the twist, a silhouette like a ghost seemed like a faintly discernible reflection in the water.

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