I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 458


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A sly smile appeared in Lu Zhao’s eyes, the illusory shadow was clearly wearing a hood, but his mouth seemed to split open until it was torn to the cheek.

The illusory shadow gently put out a breath, a long spear of azure hit Lu Zhao’s chest instantly. With Lu Zhao’s cultivation base in the late stage of Star Sea, he could not evade.

“I’m going to die–“

“Holy Shield!”

Suddenly, a holy shield appeared in front of Lu Zhao. The long spear of azure instantly hit the holy shield. The air was slightly rippling and flickering past.


The Holy Shield exploded, and Long Spear was stalled for a moment and whistled past again. Almost rubbing Zhao Zhao’s cheek disappeared into the void. I haven’t had time to avoid a catastrophe.


A loud noise, the aftermath of horrifying energy swept through, and a powerful shock wave swept through the four Star Sea experts in the frozen sky.

“pu ——”

“pu ——”

With four mouthful of blood squirting out, the four Star Sea realm in the sky flew away instantly. At the same time, the surrounding buildings under the thunderbolt blockade also collapsed and shattered in an instant.

A dark silhouette floats quietly in the void, and the whole body is filled with repressive evil spirits. Holding a long knife with an ivory handle in his arms, he gazed at Wang Lan with a complexion of gloomy.

At this moment, Wang Lan has put on Phoenix holy cloth, silver’s cloak is dancing in the wind, his left hand is the holy shield, and the right hand cuts the knife. A bright red flame spewed all over the body, and the phoenix heraldry of her eyebrows was as red as morning sun, as bright as blood.

In the face of Sony, Wang Lan had to start the strongest fighting form at the beginning. This man, who can escape after Mother and Azure Emperor teamed up, can explain the problem.

“You are finally willing to show up!” Sony’s eerie voice sounded, “Is there any need to keep the whole body?”

“Bloom! Sword of Light!”

“Boom–” The Soul Chopper is broken into a two-meter lightsaber. Looking at Wang Lan’s Soul Chopper, Sony’s eyes show a hint of curiosity and a little greed.

Although I have not grown up in host nation, my love for knives seems to be imprinted in the bones. There are such magical Star Palace Divine Item?

“Dragon Emperor Form!”

The vigorous star force spewed out, and a golden dragon revolved around Wang Lan’s body. Two dragon horns grew rapidly from Wang Lan’s forehead.

Phoenix Form’s mimic form allows Wang Lan to exhibit Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness alone. Although the formidable power is not as strong as when it was joined with Yu Ruoyan, it is not much different.

“It’s enough to toss!” Sony coldly shouted, instantly flashing body flashed into Wang Lan’s chest as if turning into a ghost.

If Phoenix Form only stayed at the level of the titled powerhouse before, then Wang Lan’s strength under Dragon Emperor Form has already set foot on the realm of the half-step star soul.

Sony is interested in watching a ants leaping in front of them to survive, but once the ants have the ability to injure themselves, he impatiently wants to slap and die.

Broken figure, turned into countless colorful butterflies flying.

Sony frowned, “Give me!”

Butterfly butterflies are still dancing lightly and gracefully, and each time they instigate their wings, they will disappear for a moment. Once again, there was a butterfly that was several meters away, and Sony looked solemnly at the dancing lightly and gracefully around him.

“My space solidification has no effect, is it a space star martial skill? No, if it is a space star martial skill, I should be able to detect the space fluctuation.” Sony looked seriously towards the flashing ghost butterfly around .

Suddenly, a silhouette of Wang Lan appears, and at the moment of appearance, the sword of light stabs Sony very quickly. As fast as Wang Lan’s sword will be. But pure light has no offensive power, and only by converting light into a sword can it be lethal.

However, even Sony can avoid the speed of light?

No, not to avoid it, but the light is refracted. When the light pierced in front of Sony, it instantly refracted. Wang Lan’s attack did not fall on Sony, but Sony’s attack fell instantly.

Quick! Faster than Wang Lan imagined.

Quickly, Wang Lan’s instant star martial skill is too late to be displayed.

“pu chi ——”

The screen freezes, and Sony leans sideways against Wang Lan’s chest. right hand palm, tightly holding the handle of the long knife. A long knife pierced Wang Lan’s chest, and the sword protruded from the back to pick Wang Lan over the tip of the knife.

“Tick and Tick…”

Blood dripped from the tip of the knife like a broken thread.

“Wang Lan ——” Lu Zhao, who had just drilled out of the ruins, saw a scene in front of him, and his eyes suddenly split.

When looking at Wang Lan who was picked on the knife, Sony’s eyes showed a hint of pleasure.

“It was probably ten years ago…No, it might be twelve years ago. A crazy woman chased me for a month. That month, I didn’t sleep one minute, and I didn’t eat a bite of food.

That month was the most difficult day of my life. I even suspected that I was living in hell. Even if I ran out of Jade Country, the crazy lady still pursued it.

Finally, I jumped into the seabed, and the crazy lady was blazing with flames, and she was not good at water warfare, which made me spend a difficult day. I heard you are her son? The crazy girl wants to know that you died in my hands today, will you regret letting me escape my life? “

“Of course I don’t regret it…because you keep me for killing–”


An afterimage crossed the sky, and a beam of light passed the afterimage.

Sony’s body suddenly retreated when Wang Lan opened his mouth. The sword of light crossed Sony’s cheek, and the sword glow of Haoyang blazed out easily to cut the neck of Sony, leaving a bloody wound.

Sony shook extend the hand and stroked his neck. When he saw the bright red blood on his hand, his face became pale like paper.

Almost, almost. If it weren’t for the subconsciously making evasive movements by nature, it was just falling miserably in a very easy task.

Sony can to move unhindered in the whole world, the five great countries come and go freely. Even if he was chased and killed in the hands of Jade Country Azure Emperor Flame Emperor for a month, he did not encounter the matter of almost being killed.

Is it careless? No, definitely not careless. But this person is too weird to use common sense to describe it.

Suddenly, Sony’s eyes suddenly became sharp. In front of Wang Lan, the blood wound on his chest was disappeared in the blink of an eye. Wang Lan looked down at the Phoenix holy cloth broken in his chest, and there was also deep fear in his eyes.

The strength of Phoenix holy cloth has already surpassed the metal known to mankind. This metal will never exist in the natural world of Sky Blue Star. The magic metal that can withstand the high temperature of 30,000 degrees without deformation, and can withstand the impact of armor-piercing projectiles without breaking, can’t even stop Sony’s light knife.

Although I have long known that Phoenix holy cloth encounters an expert of 5 Emperors level, the protective power is not obvious, and it can be pierced by Sony as a piece of paper, which also makes Wang Lan feel cold.

Fortunately, Wang Lan also has self-healing Innate Ability. After many upgrades, it has been Great Accomplishment. Now the self-healing has reached the point where it can grow quickly even if half of the body is destroyed.

“hahaha…” Suddenly, a distant burst of laughter broke out from Sony in the distance, “You are fine! I thought that the world is not invincible, but there must be no one to take my life. , But I almost died in your hands. The lion beats the rabbit and also exerts its full strength. If you are not careful, you will die.”

The voice fell to the ground, and a wave of ripples suddenly ripped from Sony’s body. In a flash, Heaven and Earth condensed, and the terrifying air pressure was like a big hand holding Wang Lan’s body tightly.

Wang Lan’s figure burst into an instant and turned into a flying butterfly. Nether Butterfly is between real and false and between life and death. It seems to be real, but reality is unreal. So even if the space freezes can still instigate wings and shift positions.

Wang Lan’s figure appeared instantly when a ghost butterfly appeared 100 meters away. However, the frozen air still strikes. This is not a single star martial skill, but a scope star martial skill. Within a few kilometers, the space solidified.

Sony is like a smoke, and instantly turns into an Azure Dragon. The dragon appeared and had hit Wang Lan.


A shrill chirp sounded, and Azure Dragon seemed to be hit by a thunderbolt. The faucet hit the thunderbolt and exploded an arc in the void. Azure Dragon passed by, gradually disappearing, and a silhouette stood in the sky.

Sony looked back suspiciously. The first blow succeeded. He thought Wang Lan could never avoid 2nd Strike, and his 2nd Strike was also aimed at Wang Lan’s throat.

One knife passed, the head was separated, and the end was perfect.

But at this time, Wang Lan not only avoided it, his speed even kept up with his speed. how can that be? If Wang Lan has this ability, can he be penetrated by a stroke before?

The surrounding sky, thunder roared, and countless electro-optical flashes in the condensed air.

Thunderbolt cannot move in a vacuum, but it can run quickly in condensed water vapor. As long as there is a conductive medium, Wang Lan’s Thor form can be transformed into lightning.

It’s not that Sony couldn’t think of this, but that he has never seen such a beautiful body of Thor in several decades. Wang Lan, however, can think of a solution in a flash.

The dance of the underworld butterfly can successfully avoid Sony’s this move, but the weak spot of the underworld’s dance under Sony’s speed is also invisible. Although it is not attacked, it can be seen in the direction of the flash of the butterfly.

At the speed of Sony, he can catch up with the knife at the instant Wang Lan flashes out.

So Wang Lan would rather use the unskilled Thunder God’s body than the dance of the Nether Butterfly. But unexpectedly, the Thor’s body is surprisingly easy to use in the solidified air.

Especially, after the air condenses, the water vapor also condenses a lot. The combination of Thor and the water demon combined with the speed of Sony. Seeing this scene, Wang Lan was overjoyed.

Void Purple Eyes, open!


A thunder exploded in Sony’s ear, and a silhouette of the arc cut off Sony’s head.

Sony instantly turned into a clear shadow, and his figure was instantly disappeared.

“Boom-Boom -“

Lu Zhao, who fell to the ground, tilted his head and stretched his neck to look at the sky. The remaining three Star Sea experts came to Lu Zhao with difficulty.

“Director Lu… is the sky fighting or chasing?”

“Should be fighting! The speed is too fast to see at all, and even the star force perception can’t be sensed. Now I hope Wang Lan can hold it longer and Azure Emperor will arrive soon.”

“This Wang Lan…I remember that he only went to high school three years ago, and his strength was only Star Radiance Realm. Trifling has grown to such a terrible level in two years. From his righteous throne, it is not expected Is it far?”

“Sony’s strength…but not under 5 Emperors.”

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