I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 459


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Your product, your product!

The three previous Star Sea environment experts did not think about it in this regard.

Although Sony is notorious, Xiaoyao has made the International Security Committee helpless to see its strength for so many years! Since escaped by Azure Emperor and Flame Emperor more than ten years ago, Sony has been on the Peak Powerhouse list in the heart of the world.

And now, can Wang Lan draw a tie with Sony? Even if it is just a short tie, it almost means that Wang Lan’s strength has reached that point.

The moment he reacted, his four people held breath cold air.

Wang Lan uses the form of Thor to travel freely in a high-pressure environment. Although this is a field made by Sony, it is more suitable for Wang Lan. In high-pressure air, the medium of lightning conduction is everywhere.

Langli Xiao White Dragon compares with fish in the water? What a fucking thing this is.

Under the eyes of the void, Sony’s speed has been put to the slowest. With the Sword Art of the Platinum Gold level, the Sony has no temper. Suddenly caught by Wang Lan everywhere’s attack, he could not withdraw.

“hmph ——”Sony suddenly folded his hands, and the condensed air exploded in an instant.

The loud noise of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry, the dark clouds of the sky spread out in a flash, and the clear sky seems to turn on the eyes of everyone instantly. Wang Lan’s body suddenly flew away, and the terrifying impact seemed to cut Wang Lan’s body like a knife.

Electric light flashes, and suddenly the current stops again.

The arc on Wang Lan’s body gradually faded away, leaving a batch of Phoenix holy cloth in suspension.

The air has become a vacuum, the current in the vacuum environment cannot spread, and Wang Lan cannot maintain the body of Thor.

“Why? Come on? Wasn’t it just fast?” Sony pursed his mouth, and the voice was clearly not from Sony’s mouth, but Wang Lan could hear it clearly.

The vacuum environment not only loses the medium, but also the oxygen. Without oxygen, Wang Lan can’t guarantee whether he can last for five minutes. What’s more terrible is, without Thor’s speed, how would he escape Sony’s attack?

While Wang Lan is still thinking, Sony will not give Wang Lan time to think. In an instant, Sony’s attack struck Wang Lan’s neck, blade light flashed, and the knife fell.

“Boom–” Wang Lan’s body exploded instantly. Wings of the Nether Butterfly Instigator danced.

Seeing this scene, Sony smiled playfully.

“Fifty butterflies…I guess where they will appear in the next moment…” In a moment, Sony’s figure disappeared.

The silhouette of Wang Lan has just stepped out of the void. Sony’s attack has struck. A sword cut through Wang Lan’s waist, but it is the afterimage of Wang Lan left in the sky.

Wang Lan’s body flickered repeatedly, and Sony’s attacks all fell at the moment when Wang Lan appeared. This is when Wang Lan is still in the state of the Butterfly Dance. Once the number of flashes of the Butterfly Dance is used up, it is also when he was beheaded by Sony.

Heart, instantly mentioning the mouth, looking at the sword that was cut from the top of his head.


blade light skimmed, silhouette disappeared by Wang Lan.

“???”Sony’s body freezes, and the familiar space fluctuation is like a ripple on the lake where Wang Lan is located.

“Space Department… Sure enough it is Space Department…” Sony put away Tai Dao, and there was no longer any joke on his face. Space department star martial artist, must die!

Suddenly, Sony lowered his head and looked at Lu Zhao on the ground. Seeing Sony’s gaze projected, Lu Zhao and the others’ heart suddenly blew.

“Not good!”

A coolness rose instantly from the spine, but not yet to the top of the head. Lu Zhao only felt like a flash, and people have been put in the hands of Sony.

“Wang Lan, your space mobility can indeed protect you from death, but can everyone be as dead as you? This person seems to be the major general of the Heavenly Sword Bureau… If you don’t come, I will kill Him.”

“Wang Lan, don’t come! You are not his opponent now, you will be able to kill him in a year. This hatred, you remember to Laozi, when you can kill him in the future, remember to avenge me!”

Luo Zhao’s star force flashed as the words landed.

“Land Bureau! Don’t–” Wang Lan burst out of his eyes, Lu Zhao unexpectedly attempted Self-destruction in order to prevent Wang Lan from appearing under threat.

“Want to die? Not so easy.”


Sony hit Lu Zhao’s chest with a punch, and the star force converging on Lu Zhao’s chest was broken by him.

boom~ boom~ ——

Three consecutive punches, boxing in Lu Zhao’s chest, the top of Lu Zhao’s head instantly condensed into a cluster of star fog, the star fog suddenly shattered, and the Star Palace suddenly dissipated.

Sony’s three punches, abolishing Lu Zhao’s Star Palace. After referring to Major General Heavenly Sword Bureau, the expert in the late Dignified Star Sea realm turned into a waste in a flash.

Sony released Lu Zhao with a sneer, and Lu Zhao’s body fell from a height. A ghost butterfly incited wings to appear beside Lu Zhao, and then landed Zhao disappeared.

Wang Lan appeared again, falling to the zenith of a collapsed building. Holding Lu Zhao in his arms, a chain of life connects Lu Zhao’s body. But… Lu Zhao’s Star Palace has broken, he has become an ordinary person, and the healing martial skill is no longer useful to Lu Zhao.

“Wang Lan…Go! You are more important than the entire city. Do you remember… promised me before the action? Because you have the space to move, I promise you not to die. I promised you to take the action, go away… …”

“Go? Wang Lan, if you dare to go, I will slaughter Suzhou City! I remember Suzhou City has a population of about 10,000,000? There are so many people in such a small city? I don’t know if I can withstand several attacks. What about it?”

“Wang Lan, go!”

“You… damn it!” In an instant, Wang Lan stood up and looked fiercely towards the sky’s Sony.

“Void Purple Eyes!”

In Wang Lan’s eyes, the purple rays of light skyrocketed, and the purple rays of light shone like a sky, and Sony’s face changed slightly, but then he smiled.

“Interesting…it can lock me.”

“Star Divine arrow ——”

Wang Lan pointed his finger directly at the void. Under the lock of the void purple eye, even if Sony is fast, don’t want to escape the lock of the star divine arrow. Wang Lan’s body makes a bow, star force makes an arrow, his left hand slowly accumulates backwards, and a dazzling arrow appears at Wang Lan’s fingertips.


A splitting the air sound exploded.

I thought that Sony would choose to dodge, but didn’t expect Sony is so proud in the void, looking at the arrows shot with solemn eyes.


a light shout, the void in front of Sony instantly solidified.


A crisp sound, several cracks appear out of thin air in the sky, one arrow, half of the arrow body has been submerged in the crack. Once the star divine arrow is shot, it will never look back if it misses the target.

Even if the arrow is still in the sky, it still moves stubbornly, trembling toward the target inch by inch.

Slowly, the arrow completely submerged into the frozen void. Sony complexion greatly changed, hands folded on chest. The solidification of the sky is thicker, and it looks like a huge diamond has condensed in the sky. The star divine arrow still stubbornly broke the diamond, pushing forward inch by inch.

“What is this star martial skill? Interesting!”

Sony looks towards Wang Lan for the first time. Whether it was almost falling miserably in a very easy task before, or after Wang Lan’s Thor body battled him for dozens of rounds, Sony has never regarded Wang Lan as a threat to its opponent.

After all, there are more than a dozen people who can keep up with themselves between Heaven and Earth. Sony wants to kill Wang Lan, as easy as pie. But this arrow, but let Sony re-examine Wang Lan.

Sony, who is locked in skills that can’t dodge, is not unseen. What if you can’t dodge, it’s a big deal.

Can you actually break Sony’s proud Absolute Defense?

The world only knows that Sony has the fastest speed in the world, but who knows that he has the strongest defense in the world? If not, how could he survive Wang Ling’s pursuit?

Under the world, except for Sony, who can bear Flame Emperor’s punch?


It’s a light sound again, Sony’s hand snapped. The solidified space cuts off instantly and then interlaces, but even the distorted star divine arrow is still stubbornly squeezed towards Sony.


Sony shouted violently, the space solidified in front of his chest exploded instantaneously, and the starry sky divine arrow passed by like a stream of light, piercing Sony’s shoulder.

If it were not during the freeze time, the starry divine arrow consumed too much strength and was hit by this arrow. Sony will not die or be disabled.

Sony looked blankly at the blood hole on his shoulder. This time, he was more angry than the wound on his neck. Because the wound on his neck was taken lightly by him, and the wound on his shoulder was the one he resisted with all his strength but eventually remained.

“You damn—”

In an instant, Sony crossed the distance of several hundred meters and appeared beside Wang Lan. Whereas Wang Lan, who just shot the divine arrow of the starry sky, still has the strength to dodge. After a while of blade light, Wang Lan’s head rose into the sky.

The Star Sea environment expert, not far from Lu Zhao, was too late to scream, and saw Wang Lan’s head rushing into the sky.


Jade Country’s hope, which is said to be able to sustain Jade Country’s hope for the next 50 years, is it so broken?

The death of Wang Lan is not only the death of a star martial artist, but also the death of hope in an era.

Although it cannot be said that after Wang Lan, no one inherits Wang Lan’s status. But for now, no one can. Not even Yu Ruoyan.

Yu Ruoyan is Yu Family’s Second Princess, destined to be impossible to be unconditionally trusted by Jade Country. But Wang Lan can…

No one saw that when Wang Lan’s head flew out, a stream of light flew out of Wang Lan’s heart, and no one knew that a diamond-like ball fell in a hidden corner .

The ball rolls down among the sloping tall buildings, and da da da falls to the corner. Suddenly, the bead broke apart, and a flesh of blood flicked and expanded rapidly.

In ten seconds, flesh and blood have turned into a baby, and then the baby grows quickly, less than one minute, a brand-new Wang Lan lying on the floor.

The floor is a bit cold. The people in the building have already been evacuated by Heavenly Sword Bureau. Wang Lan’s eyelids squirmed slightly, slowly opening his eyes.

Putting the body up hard, even with the simple act of standing up, Wang Lan is so hard and so hard.

Avatar is reborn. After rebirth, the body will be as weak as a baby. You must wait for twelve hours to restore battle strength. It was really uncomfortable to use this ability for the first time.

It is not a process of rebirth or uncomfortable after rebirth, but a moment of real death before rebirth.

At the moment when Avatar is reborn, Wang Lan’s consciousness will enter the fetal bead, and the outside Wang Lan is a fleshy body. Wang Lan can clearly feel the feeling of the blade cutting the neck, like the feel of a utility knife cutting open white paper.

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