I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 460


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Sony looked at the body of Wang Lan at his feet, and a twisted pleasure lifted his head. Slowly came to the edge of Wang Lan’s head, kicked Wang Lan’s head away.

“In those days, you chased me like a dog. Laozi didn’t dare step into Jade Country for ten years. Today, I took your son’s head as a ball. Have you never thought about it? hahaha… …The next one is the life of your younger sister.”

Speaking, body flashed came to Lu Zhao. Lu Zhao was seriously injured and comatose at the moment. Sony slapped Lu Zhao on the palm of his head to wake him up.

“Major General, look at my eyes–“

Although spiritual marking is a compulsory subject in Jade Country, it is not the case abroad. Especially for organizations like Bird of Paradise, their education system is inherently deformed. For the purpose of pursuing the greatest battle strength, it is a waste of time to engrave this thing like spirit.

Even if there is a need, can someone in the organization master it? Unfortunately, Sony is not one of them. Not to mention spiritual engraving, Sony’s mathematics, physics and chemistry are not as good as those of Jade Country’s elementary school students. However, Sony also has its own unique skills of torture. The host nation-born Sony has an innate talent for Illusion Technique.

His Illusion Technique allows a Star Sea expert to fall into absolute resistance and be completely hypnotized. Therefore, Lu Zhao, whose Star Palace has been abolished at this moment, cannot naturally resist Sony’s Illusion Technique.

“Tell me, where is Wang Qi?”

“I don’t know…”

“en?” Sony looked at Lu Zhao coldly, and looked at his loose eyes with doubt, “Who knows Wang Qi’s whereabouts?”

“Only Wang Lan knows…”

“Grass!” Sony’s unable to bear burst out, don’t look over at the corpse not far away, “Fuck, you should have tortured and slaughtered him…damn it!”

“wu wu wu ——”

Suddenly, in the sky passed a bleak wind. Sony’s body trembled violently and immediately dropped Lu Zhao’s body into a green shadow disappeared. A few seconds after Sony disappeared, a ripple appeared in the void, and Azure Emperor stepped out of the void and slowly fell from the sky.

At first glance, I saw a mess around me, and at second glance, I saw Wang Lan’s body in the ruins.

In a flash, a chill rose from behind.

Wang Lan is dead? Wang Lan actually died?

Azure Emperor froze for a whole number of seconds.

For people like Azure Emperor, the mood has already reached the point of being round and flawless. Even if a big accident appears in front of him, it is difficult to shake his heart. But Wang Lan made Azure Emperor chill.

star martial artist from the moment of awakening, destined to be associated with death. No matter who it is, it is possible to die. Even as strong as Flame Emperor and as strong as Azure Emperor, I have experienced many life and death lines.

The ones who survived are the emperor of Taoism, and more of them died in the process of prosecution. Anyone can die, anyone can die, but the death of Wang Lan alone makes Azure Emperor unacceptable.

After 5 Emperors, only Wang Lan stands out.

Yu Ruoyan is very good, even her future achievements will not be worse than Azure Emperor, but she can not become Legendary. Legendary, this is a very mysterious thing. Is a kind of luck, is the protagonist of an era. Yu Ruoyan is not, but Wang Lan must be.

It can be seen from Wang Lan’s awakening experience since his awakening that his surging forward with great momentum in just two or three years. Once Legendary dies, an era will be dim. Therefore, Yu Qing thought that Suzhou City must have suffered heavy losses, but did not expect Wang Lan to actually die in this battle.

Azure Emperor slowly came to Wang Lan’s body, carefully held Wang Lan’s head, and gently walked towards Wang Lan’s body.

“Sony… this time, don’t you want to run out…”

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ——

Suddenly, a buzzing sound reminded me that the corpse in front of me suddenly shivered. This scene is terrifying. If you want to change an ordinary person, you will be scared and run when you see this scene. And will shout loudly while running-scam!

Suddenly, the Phoenix holy cloth on Wang Lan’s body detached from the corpse, then turned into a streamer, and rushed towards the collapsed building not far away. Amidst Yuqing’s consternation, he was wrapped in a silhouette.

The cloak of silver turned into a pair of wings and flew over with a fan. The three Star Martial artists who guarded Landing Zhao stared blankly at the approaching Wang Lan.

“Sir Azure Emperor, you are here…” Wang Lan smiled like a teenager, “You are going to be a little late, I may really be desperate.”

Azure Emperor deep in one’s heart at the moment, just want to say a word, monster looks at the sword——

Wang Lan’s body is at his feet. Are you blatantly transformed in front of me?

Seeing Azure Emperor’s doubts, Wang Lan quickly explained, “Sir Azure Emperor, this is my Bloodline innate talent, Avatar is reborn. You also know that my Innate Ability is self-healing. The general injury, as long as it is not After being killed in an instant, I can heal myself quickly.

But the head is cut and there is no way out, but then a new ability is awakened, which can condense a fetal bead within the body, and can shoot the fetal bead when facing a fatal threat, so that the bead is again A new me was born again. “

“Rebirth from a drop of Blood?” Hear Azure Emperor’s face suddenly change here.

Rebirth from a drop of Blood is the ancient god Divine Ability, and must also be the most powerful god Divine Ability. I heard that they can say that the divine blood spilled to get life again, it can be described as a life and death transition, endless life.

“Not yet? Now is to transfer life source Essence essence to rebirth, leaving a body. There is a long section of the road from the real Rebirth from a drop of Blood.”

How dare you think…

Azure Emperor looked at the teenager in front of him, and couldn’t help but sigh. Rebirth from a drop of Blood is the ancient god Divine Ability, if you really can achieve Rebirth from a drop of Blood, then you are not far from becoming a god. But these all are afterwards. Now that Wang Lan is not dead, the haze in front of him is naturally disappeared.

“Sir Azure Emperor, Sir Azure Emperor -“

“What’s the matter?”

“Our fleet was attacked by the powerhouse, the escort fleet was completely destroyed on the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, and all the escorts were killed.”

“Did they really hit this idea? I am understood, what is the direction of Sony now?”

“Magic Capital!”

After hanging up the newsletter, Azure Emperor patted Wang Lan’s shoulder gently, “What about your aunt?”

“Azure Emperor follow me.”

Lu Zhao does not know where the little aunt is. This time Wang Lan’s strategy is to hide from the top. In the thinking of normal people, it must be that the higher the level, the more secrets are known, but Wang Lan does the opposite.

The little aunt was actually hidden by Wang Lan in the underground training space of Heavenly Sword Bureau. Only Xu Shiyun and them knew this, even Lu Qiang and Wang Qianfeng did not know about it. The aunt is just an ordinary person, who is impossible to go to a different space.

But Jiang Xinyu’s company has been researching Xingwu bracelets, and already has a trial type. The reason why it has not been mass-produced and listed is mainly because the cost is too high. Jiang’s group will only launch it after compressing the cost. But Jiang Xinyu had no problem getting a bracelet.

Before the action tonight, Jiang Xinyu and Wang Qi were hiding in a different space, even if Sony wanted to break his head.

“Wang Lan…What about this?” A Heavenly Sword Bureau brother asked Wang Lan, carrying Wang Lan’s body.

Well…the words look a little bit infiltrating.

“Burn it, it’s useless. Put it on the ground, let me do it, how can I feel that you are being whip corpse.” A Extreme Hot light emitted, ignited his body, at tens of thousands of degrees Under the extreme hot light, the body was quickly burned to ashes.

Going back to Heavenly Sword Bureau, with Azure Emperor, everyone’s mood has become much easier. At about nine o’clock that night, a SF express was slowly delivered to the entrance of Heavenly Sword Bureau. Wang Lan followed Azure Emperor curiously and came to the front. In a diamond-like energy hood, a piece of pure and flawless original jade appeared as if it could shine independently in the car.

“Sir Azure Emperor, brilliant! Use a dedicated escort team to escort the fake original jade, but hide the real original jade in the ordinary courier. Unless Sony has the ability to check everything from Modu to Suzhou City A container truck, otherwise it is impossible to find where the real original jade is.” When he saw the original jade, Wang Lan thought of Azure Emperor’s strategy.

“This strategy is not a brilliant. Sony must also think of it. Sony has his speed advantage, and we have our information resource advantage. But this Sony really can not let him arrogant.” Azure Emperor mouth Speaking of Sony, there was an uncomfortable expression of eating flies on his face.

“Wait for Yuan Yu and Wang Qi Young Lady to be served, the Emperor Xuan Emperor should be able to empty his hands, hmph hmph hmph!”

“Sir Azure Emperor, I heard that you played with Sony more than ten years ago?”

“twelve years ago, Sony came to Jade Country to steal the secret data of our Big Dipper system. In order to obtain the confidential data, more than ten national treasure-level scientists were killed.

My mother and you were ordered to strangle him. That Sony, the real battle strength is not our opponent. If Sony does not run, any of us can kill him within five minutes. But he was going to run, and both of us could not take him together.

His speed can ignore the obstacles, even if he is locked in the iron box with a gauge, he can escape without difficulty. That month, your mother and I chased him incessantly, but in the end he fled into the Atlantic.

In the next three years, I have never heard of him again. In the last twelve years, he has never dared to step into Jade Country. “

“It’s a psychological shadow for Sony.”

“Maybe! Now that Wang Qi Young Lady and Yuan Yu meet together, I will be able to protect myself, and if I want to come to Sony, I dare not take the sneak attack again.”

In the evening, under the escort of Heavenly Sword Bureau, Aunt Wang Lan and Grandiose went to the magic capital. This time, I will not fly to the Safety Sector, but will be escorted by the team.

Sure enough, the convoy with Azure Emperor was safe all the way, and arrived safely at Demon Capital Star Martial collage around 11pm.

On the other side, in one of the underground secret rooms in the magic capital, a blonde beauty carefully pinched the suture to sew the wound on Sony’s neck.

Sony is not unable to let the medical star martial artist treat him with injuries, but the person is in Jade Country and he cannot find a person who can treat him. I think I am dignified the bird of paradise number one expert, but it has been reduced to the point of using this original method to treat injuries…

For a long time, Sony stood up and looked at the band-aid on his neck again with a hint of pleasure.

“Flame Emperor, I killed your son. I don’t know if you’re angry now and you want to shatter my corpse? I really want to see how you are heartbroken… Think about it People are excited.”

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