I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 461

Even if we don’t bear it, but who made her even invent the awakening potion? If everyone can awaken the star martial artist in the future, will we still be alive? So, this Wang Qi must die. “

“Wang Qi is now by my side, come here if you have the courage.”

“Guess where I am?” Suddenly, Sony asked with a chuckle.

“What do you want to do? I warn you not to mess up.”

“I’m in Modu Skypark now, so many people…” Sony’s joking sneer sound instantly suppressed the atmosphere in the car to the extreme.

“The people of Jade Country are really very good. People in many countries in the world have the luxury of even having enough to eat. Why can Jade Country, which has 20% of the world’s population, be so happy? There is such a splendid big city , Is there something you can’t eat?

They still have the conditions to go to the amusement park to ride a roller coaster and play bungee jumping? do you know? Many people can only do roller coaster and bungee jumping once in a lifetime.

Everyone is human and lives in this sinful world. Do you think it is fair? Azure Emperor, I will give you ten minutes, ten minutes invite you to fight on top of the sky. If you don’t come, I’ve seen it in the skyscraper, there are 100,000 people to say less… they will all die. “

The voice fell to the ground, which hung up the phone for convenience.

The beep sounds as if the heart stopped beating and died.

“Sir Azure Emperor, follow the plan we planned yesterday.” Wang Lan in the back seat suddenly said with a chuckle.

“Just ask you.” Azure Emperor smiled lightly on his face, pushed open the door, and got off the car.

body flashed, people have rushed into the void and rushed towards the direction of the skyscraper. Wang Lan also pushed the door to get off, Song Jia hurriedly grabbed Wang Lan’s clothing corner.

“Relax, it’s okay. This method of Sony has long been expected by my brother. Azure Emperor and I promised to let him die in Jade Country.”

“Everything is careful!” Wang Qi solemnly addressed Wang Lan warned repeatedly, “Return safely.”

Wang Lan laughed, body flashed, and instantly disappeared.

Sony will threaten Azure Emperor with the lives of innocent people. As early as Wang Lan’s guess, this is the only way for Sony to turn Azure Emperor away. Without Wang Lan, Azure Emperor will absolutely ignore it. Nothing is more important than escorting Wang Qi and Yuan Yu to the Safety Sector. But with Wang Lan, the lives of innocent people and Sony, Wang Lan said that I want everything.

Wang Lan’s space movement can restrain Sony’s speed, Azure Emperor’s damage output can kill Sony’s life, the combination of the two, Sony will definitely die.

But Wang Lan’s spatial coordinates have an unavoidable characteristic, he can only set the coordinates at a fixed spatial location. This coordinate is an absolute coordinate rather than a relative coordinate.

The relative coordinates can be relative to the item. Set the coordinate to an item. The item can move wherever the item is, but the absolute coordinate can only be in this place. Even if the entire continent is moved away, his position of the instantaneous shift can only be Is a coordinate point in space.

Therefore, an absolute coordinate must be fixed on Sony to achieve a perfect kill. This problem previously puzzled Wang Lan for a long time. But after Azure Emperor came up with a quickwood cone, the problem solved instantly.

The wooden cone is called Blue Sky, and it is the Star Palace Divine Item left by the ancient civilization. Blue sky wood self becomes a space, is the material that does not belong to this world space. Because of this, this object is the best magic weapon for sneak attack, and no matter how strong the powerhouse cannot sense the existence of the empty wood.

Because Aoki has only one finger, Wang Lan sets the coordinates on Aoki to make an absolute coordinate.

Although the space power of Wang Lan within the body becomes extremely scarce after multiple consumptions, three teleports can still be achieved.

Azure Emperor and Wang Lan drove to the skyland in a bright and dark way, Azure Emperor was bright and Wang Lan was dark. Even if Sony wanted to break his head, Wang Lan, who was cut off the head by himself, did not die?

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